You don't frighten me, Muse.

Hey, Elf," Muse said.


"How would the military treat Bastet? Does the knowledge that, so far, medicine has failed to find a way to extend their lifespans beyond 45 while everyone else is living to 70 affect the way people treat them? What's their relationship in the US with the gay community? How about with the black community, since they were both emancipated by Lincoln? Are prostitution laws in the Yowlerverse more or less strict because of them? Since Bastet males and females don't generally get along together, what is the basis of Bastet familial arrangements? Different states have different ideas about racial harmonization with abandoned infants and with foster kids: how do they treat Bastet foster kids, if there are any? Are there any Bastet politicians? What's the split among religious communities with regard to the Bastet? Are there any special social programs for Bastet? They'd congregate in cities even more than gay people do, would they have their own ghettos? What are the more popular insults humans use against Bastet, and vice versa? What has the porn industry done with the Bastet in the past twenty years? Any Bastet at the top of any corporations? Noteable Bastet newscasters? How do insurance companies treat Bastet? Since the Bastet were maintained by legal conventions in sexually suggestive indentured servitude in many states up until the start of World War 2, does the kink community have any special angst about Bastet in their midst? What does the range of Bastet civil rights activists look like? Are there Bastet terrorists? Back-to-Tanganyika types? What happened to the Tanganyika tribe after 1901? How do different Asian and Arabic cultures view the Bastet? What about Europe? Are there any unusual steps taken when a Bastet shows up in an ER? What happened to German Bastet during WW2?"

I stared at her, goggle-eyed. She giggled. I said, "Muse, that's not fair!"

"What? You need to answer these questions if you're gonna keep writing Bastet stories."

"But not all at once!"

Earlier: I'm gonna send her a memo, I really am...

Later: My Baby! My Baby!