Welcome to the new, improved site

Welcome to the new Pendorwright site. We moved in about a month ago, but are only now starting down the road to a new and improved deployment for the Journal Entries and all of the other stories that you'll find here. The old site's about four years old and qualifies as busted. I've always wanted to do a lot more with the site than what you've seen so far, and now I finally have the time and skills with which to do it.

I'll be adding search capabilities and both plain text and PalmDoc versions of most of the content within the next month or so. The PDF collections for printing will take a little longer. I'm also hoping to categorize the stories according to arcs, so those of you who want to read only the Kitty stories, or the Aaden stories, or those featuring dragons, will be able to read what you want. I still encourage you to read everything-- my ego demands no less!-- but I also recognize the value in giving people what they want.

I hope you like the new site.

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