The painter's house is never painted, the cobbler's children go without shoes

I have completely revamped the story sites (do people still call them minisites?), and completely done away with the Django-based application that drove them.

There are no new stories in the Journal Entries or anything else yet, although I have included a bit of fanfic I wrote a few years back and only put up on Archive Of Our Own, but I figured it was time to bring it home.

The big change here is simple: The stories are readable on your phone! For years, the site was not at all responsive or adaptive. Now it is. Now you can read your Elf-generated erotica, whatever your bent, from anywhere on the planet. Even better, "swipe left" and "swipe right" are now mapped to "next story" and "previous story," which is kinda awesome.

Equally importantly, the Bastet stories are now readable. For the longest time, there was something wrong with the CSS and I couldn't fix it. I finally decided to chuck it and go with a fairly consistent theme-and-variation framework.

Back-end changes which might require notice: The back-end is now written entirely in Hy, leveraging several libraries for Markdown-to-HTML translation and Jinja for producing the final templatized table-of-contents and stories. This eliminates a whole database of problems. Every story now carries its own metadata header that describes what series it belongs to, if there are arcs (Aimee and Visit To Pyu Rika are separate "arcs", as is The Mystic Treefort, basically limited-length subseries), and where in the sort order it belongs.

Still unfixed: The footer is ugly. I'm working on it. I want to put contrast controls on the page, as well as Schema markings (you won't see those) that tell Google what these stories are.

And now that I have control back from my unmaintained story engine, maybe I'll finally get a few more stories up.

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