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How to read The Journal Entries:

A lot of people upon encountering the Journal Entries for the first time make the mistake of reading episode one and proceeding from there. Don't do that. Most people, upon encountering a new soap opera or telenovela, would hardly wish to go all the way back to the first episodes from 1959 and catch up on the whole story.

Instead, try to follow up on one or more story arcs. An arc is a collection of stories around a unifying theme, usually a main character but not always. The most popular arc is Travelogue , a 12-episode arc that follows Nickolai, a young man visiting the strange new world of Pendor for the first time, and how meets and falls in love with a young woman there.

My favorite arc at the moment is Dreamteam Calamities, which follows the series' original main character, Ken Shardik, as he deals with four biological robots recently discarded by an ungrateful owner. The arc is short and mostly pure pornography, but in the course of it characters deal with issues of free will, self-realization, and all the other wonderfully messy emotional stuff that makes us all human. The first episode is M/M, but the rest are all M/F or F/F.

The most recent arc – and one that was surprisingly popular – was Misuko & Linia, which is a fun series if you happen to like lesbians, robots, lesbian robots, and fantasies about waking up in the 50th century.

Other arcs include Sterlings, a work for futanari fans, and Embassy Tales, which is all about Terra and Pendor's first few years of getting along. If you visit the Journal Entries home page and press 'Toggle Arcs,' you can see all of them in order.

A note: I don't pull many punches and I don't have many inhibitions when it comes to writing. There are gay, lesbian, straight, kinky, even sadomasochistic stories strewn through the series without a real concern for the reader's delicate sensibilities. Some of these have been drawn from real life. I'm also unashamedly furry, and have human/alien couplings wherever and whenever I felt like writing one.

Enjoy reading them.  I enjoyed writing them!

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