The Star Kingdom of Arendelle

Chapter 22: Lantern Lights

Flynn had only a momentary glance around Rapunzel's lantern-lit bedroom before she hauled him in and threw him down onto the bed. "Whoa... ulp!"

She giggled and sat down next to him. "That's better," she said, her voice cheerful.

"Rapunzel, are you sure you want to do this?" Flynn said. She had changed radiantly in the moments as they had walked toward the bedroom, as if they were moving from a realm she didn't understand into one that she did.

"Nov that you've said yes?" She reached over and put a hand on his stomach. "Yes."

He had to admire that kind of forthrightness. He pushed himself up onto his elbows. "Then come here." She did, leaning down to kiss him, and the two of them flumped down onto the bed, his hands around her back, her hands around his head, their lips meeting in an early and enthusiastic kiss. She was certainly one of the smallest women he'd ever held. Maybe that was a factor of how his own love life had progressed; he'd mostly dated women well within his age range, and everyone seemed to thicken out a little as they got older. He mused that Rapunzel was barely within his so-called 'creep rule' range, as his peers so tactlessly put it during his college years, but if Anna felt okay seducing (or was she being seduced by?) Elsa, he should have felt comfortable with the worldly, charming, youthful Rapunzel. Then again, maybe the 'creep rule' was different for lesbians.

His mind was wandering. Bad sign this early in the evening. He doubled his efforts toward kissing Rapunzel, to let his hands roam her body, at least the safe parts for now: her head, her shoulders, her back. All the way down to just where he guessed her tailbone might be. God, she was beautiful even through all that clothing.

His brain told him about a lack of oxygen. He broke away, gasping, and Rapunzel took a huge breath of her own. "Wow," she said. "You're good at that. Wait." She reached over to the edge of her bed. On the wall was a large switch that reminded Flynn of a heavy circuit breaker. She flipped it. "There," she said.

"Security?" he asked.

"Something like that." She sighed and took off her gloves, fiddling with a dial to drop the lantern lights low. She lay back down next to him, looking into his eyes. "Where were we? Oh yes. The kissing part. I liked that."

"Then let's do more." He rolled over until he was on top of her, their lips crushed together. Her little tongue flickered against his like a flame, and he tasted some of her more tender flesh under his tongue. She was so delightful he hoped he was worthy of her. A partner as fine as Rapunzel deserved all the attention and reverence he could muster.

His hands found the strings of her broad corset. It didn't bind her curves, but then it didn't need to for a women of such proportions. The pink wrap over the white blouse was just for decoration. The strings that held it together were hooked, not looped; once he had one worked free, the corset fell apart and they rolled briefly to take it off. Rapunzel started to take off her blouse but Flynn stopped her with one hand. "Not yet," he said.

"No?" Her eyes lifted to his, wondering. "Is something wrong?"

"What? No. I just... want us to enjoy this." He put his hand against her cheek and guided the two of them together. She shivered under his hand, and her kisses were filled with sighs of pleasure. His hand left her cheek and trailed down her neck as he listened to her, read her pleasure and memorized where his hands touched when she shook, or moaned, or sighed. "You do seem to enjoy it."

She pulled back, her expression puzzled. "Aren't you... excited, Flynn?"

"What? Very!"

"But..." Her face grew even more confused as she sat back up. "You're going so slowly."

"Is that bad?" He sat up next to her.

"No, no, it's... it's amazing! It's wonderful!"

"Now I really do think I should challenge your previous paramours to some kind of brawl." He reached out his left hand to touch her face, and she tilted her head against his hand, just to feel the pressure more directly. "Rapunzel" he said, gesturing with his right in a loop to indicate the whole room, "Tonight will end. These pleasures don't last forever. The more time we take the longer we hold off the bitter that always comes with the sweet. This might be our only night together. We should make it last. You deserve that."

"Oh, Flynn!" she said, throwing herself into his arms and hugging him. "It will not be our last night together. Not if you think that way." Her kiss was impassioned, her weight something he could easily handle. Her hands were creeping into his shirt, touching and sampling his skin, and he liked that. The quality of women he'd dated had improved as he'd gotten older of course, but many were still passive, still expecting him to know all the tricks and do all the work. That Rapunzel was already after him, that she had her own curiosity and desire to slake, was a good sign.

But if she was after his body, he ought to let her have more of it. He wriggled free of her until he could push up and kneel over her, pulling the shirt over his head and dropping it over the side of the bed. "Better?" he asked.

"Much," she said. "You're a good-looking man, Flynn."

"Well, you're a gorgeous woman, Rapunzel. No one could deny that."

Her hands reached up to touch his trousers, his prominent bulge already apparent through the thin, formal material. "I see that you are quite excited. I wonder what we'll do with this, hmm?"

"Oh, we'll get to it eventually."

"Well, if you're half-naked, then..." This time he didn't move to stop her as she took the blouse off. Like the corset, it was tied in the back and slipped off her shoulders easily. He admired her. Her breasts were small and symmetrical, lovely champagne cups that cried out for his touch. The sprinkling of freckles across her nose-- a characteristic she shared with her cousin, he noted-- was mirrored by a similar light dusting right across her collarbones, a constellation of orange-brown stars on a pale pink sky.

It took a lot of willpower not to reach out and caress her directly. He sidled up next to her, their torsos meeting side-to-side, sharing their body heat directly for the first time as they resumed their kisses. "God, Flynn, you are the most patient man."

"Mmm," he said as he pushed her down. "You're going to make me lose..."



"My hair."

"Oh." He shifted and let her push those insanely long tresses out from underneath herself. "I guess we should be careful. You have habits for dealing with it. I don't." She nodded. "As I was saying, your beauty is going to make me lose my patience fast."

She giggled as he kissed her chin, her neck, her breast. He closed on one nipple using his upper teeth and lower lip, nipping gently, and Rapunzel gasped, her hands in his hair. "Oh, Flynn, you do that good." Correcting her grammar would have ruined the mood, so instead he nipped her again. She moaned softly. "God, that goes right between my legs," she said.

He kissed her ribs, her belly, enjoying every taste of her as he got down to her waistline. "I think it's time we took this off," he said.

"Yes." She helped him push off the skirt, underwear and socks going with it. His eyes followed the retreating clothes off her dainty feet, then ran back up the length of her long legs to the junction of her hips and her pubic hair. It was a very dark brown. He resisted commenting. Rapunzel looked great, and if he wasn't automatically attracted to blondes, he was definitely attracted to Rapunzel. Her pubic hair was also quite soft, softer perhaps than the blonde, heavy strands strewn across the bed, a reversal from the usual pattern. It was delightful. "Nothing wrong, I hope?" she said.

"Oh, no. I'm just admiring." He inhaled deeply. "You smell delicious."

"Are you going to eat me, Doctor Fitzhubert?"

"Only in the best way possible." He kissed her mound, his tongue reaching out to flick at her warm, lust-heavy lips, and she moaned as she opened her legs slightly. "Thank you," he said as he settled down between her legs.

Rapunzel's outer lips had swelled with lust, and a thin, glistening stream that dribbled from the lower half and down the beautiful curves of her buttocks greeted his eye. "In the best way possible," he said, before reaching in and licking her sweetness. His tongue parted her lips, found her clit. She trembled slightly, her hands still in his hair, and she seemed to be guiding him into place.

"Oh, yes," she moaned. "So much better."

"Better," he said as he kissed and licked. He hadn't done this in a while, but it wasn't a skill he was likely to forget. He licked and nuzzled at her clitoris until she was gasping, her body winding tighter. One hand slipped out of his hair and reached down between her legs, holding her inner lips apart and her hood up. "There," she said.

"Ah." He licked directly at her little nub, his tongue flickering back and forth. Her legs trembled, little body-quakes that heralded the coming explosion, and then her whole body went rigid and she shook, once, hard, as loud explosive gasps told him everything was all right. Her hands were both back in his hair, holding him in place, demanding that he finish the job, give her another one. Well, he was a gentlemen and he did his best until she said, "Stop... too much. Too sensitive."


"You have nothing to be sorry about, Flynn." She was staring at him, her expression wild, her body covered in a fine sheen of lust-scented sweat. "Right now, anything you did to me would be... perfect. Get inside me."

"I have to finish..." He shut up and shucked his own clothes, his cock springing out like a wild animal released from a cage. Her eyes took it in, widening slightly, but then she smiled. "I hope you're not disappointed, princess."

"In this?" she said, grabbing it with her hands.


"Nope. It looks like it's exactly the right size."

"Then..." He knelt between her legs. "Let's see if it's a good fit." He slipped into her already wet sex, and the two of them sighed together. Then giggled together.

"Like a glass slipper," she said.

Flynn didn't know that expression, but it didn't seem to matter. She was warm and willing, and when he moved her eyes lit up and she smiled, throwing her arms around his neck. "Oh, Flynn."

Flynn had the curse of being self-conscious about his bedroom skills. As he made love to the incredibly giving woman underneath him, he tried not to monitor his own reactions too closely, but it still seemed to take him a long time for his body to wind up, for the pleasure to finally reach out and snuff self-doubt. He and Rapunzel locked eyes more than once during their impassioned moments. Her face was aglow with pleasure, her eyes wide and welcoming. Then the moments came where the pressure is his groin became too much to ignore, and he thrust hard inside her, striving for that moment. When he reached it he was rolled into his own ecstasy as he finally came inside Rapunzel's welcoming body, his own loud, satisfied groan ringing in his own ears.

"Oh, god, Flynn, oh, god..." Rapunzel was whispering, loudly, in his ear as he lay down beside her. He imagined he could see the heat rising off their, visible as steam in the air conditioned coolth of the palace. She rolled up close to him, her body against his, and he managed to place one climax-weakened paw on her waist.


"So much, so good, so much..." She kissed his shoulder, then his neck, then her lips found his and this time the kiss was almost better than anything before. "So want you again."

Flynn didn't ask what she had experienced while he'd been inside her. He was old enough to know that it didn't matter as long as the woman said she was satisfied. If Rapunzel wanted a repeat engagement, she was clearly satisfied. "I'm afraid, my princess, that we may have to wait until I recharge. Men are like that, you know."

"I know," she said. She giggled. "In the morning?"

"You really like me that much?"

"You have no idea, Flynn Fitzhubert." Her eyes were wide, and he should have been alarmed at the predatory, possessive gleam in them. He wasn't. He could stand to look at Rapunzel's face wanting him that much. "You have no idea."

"Maybe I do." He reached up and kissed her again.