The Star Kingdom of Arendelle

Chapter 21: Come on Come on Come on

Elsa's heart was racing as Anna led her into the bedroom. She hadn't expected it to be this easy. Or this hard.

There had never been anyone on Arendelle toward whom she felt the kind of desires she felt toward Anna. On Arendelle, she'd always been Princess Elsa, and then Queen Elsa in Regency, and then she'd been Queen Elsa of Arendelle, Defender of the Faith, Overseer of the Lands, The Sustenance of all Civilization. She grimaced. First Anton had really been into the whole titles thing. Only Kai, Gerda and her parents had ever just called her "Elsa" with comfort and love in their voice. Even Meke, whom Elsa had privileged to use her Christian name without prompting, did so knowing the privilege could be revoked. She could revoke the privilege from Anna, too. But then Anna would just... leave.

Her stomach flopped. Were you supposed to feel so nervous it verged on nausea your first time? "Elsa?"

"I'm sorry," she said. She lifted her eyes to look into Anna's. "I just haven't ever done anything like this before. I didn't know how. Every love story I've ever read said there had to be this kind of communion between people, some intimate communication that told the lovers they were right for each other. But none of them ever showed how it's done. None, until you did."

"I did?" Anna said.

"Yes. You do it with your mouth."

"Oh!" Anna approached, reached up and put her hand next to Elsa's cheek. "May I?" Elsa nodded slowly, and then she felt Anna's fingertips on her face and her heartbeat grew impossibly louder. Anna had touched her face. Her face. It was so intimate, so precious, so lovely, those warm hands so close to her eyes, her lips. Doctors had probed her, maids had decorated her, but nothing could have prepared her for the feel of a lover's hands. Could either heart stand this much abuse? Anna said, "Like this." She closed the distance between them.

Elsa felt the touch of Anna's lips against hers and that touch drove any other thought from her mind. Anna was pressing herself up against Elsa, gently, demandingly, one arm easing around Elsa's back to pull her closer, one knee sliding between Elsa's legs, not even obviously, immediately sexual but just seeking out a few more square millimeters of contact. Elsa's queasy feeling spiked into trembling, delirious tension. She sighed into Anna's pull, their lips gliding hers against Anna's, and then Anna opened her mouth slightly and Elsa felt Anna's tongue against her lips. Her body knew how to kiss, her body enjoyed kissing, her whole self loved kissing Anna.

Elsa's face flushed as she realized that whimper had come from her. Her body felt airy, light, full of a new and beautiful energy. She gently pushed Anna far enough away to look down into Anna's glistening hazel eyes. "No, I mean with your voice."

With little more than a breath Anna said, "That too. Elsa, you can say what you want with more than words. Right now, I'm going to use my words because, because I can, and because I've wanted you since the moment I saw you. I didn't want to go there, I really didn't want to go there, I had too much to do, and my loyalty to my queen and my kingdom mean so much to me, but you haunted me, Elsa, a vision of you followed me around whenever I closed my eyes. It wasn't because you were a Queen, I mean, really, Arendelle is a small place compared to Manticore or Earth, but, God, something about you..." She trailed off as if pleading Elsa to understand.

"And something about you," Elsa said. "I was lonely. I treasured you. A stranger from afar, who's professional and personal care of my person were so different, it was so new. I wanted you, too."

They were still standing, still holding one another, still close. Anna had to crane her neck to look into Elsa's eyes. "If you know me for a long time, will it stop being new and fresh?"

"I don't know. Maybe." She shrugged, spreading her arms at her side like small wings. "Does it matter?"

"Not right now, it doesn't," Anna said. "I want it to." She grabbed Elsa's hand again and pulled the other woman along again. Elsa let herself be taken easily, and Anna laughed as they fell side-by-side onto the massive bed with its coral sheets and red foot sash. "Oh, Elsa, I..."


Anna kissed her instead.

Elsa soon immersed herself in the study of lips and teeth and tongues. She thought she was starting to understand it-- she certainly enjoyed it!-- when Anna's strong hand on her shoulder pushed her over onto her back, and Anna's body rested on top of hers, holding her down. Anna's left knee was between her legs, stretching the material of her dress, and this time Anna was deliberately pressing that knee against her sex. Anna said, "This is so much better. I don't have to stand on my tiptoes to kiss you."

Elsa's eyes widened, but then she smiled. "Kiss me all you want." She wasn't prepared for how she felt when Anna's body lay entirely atop hers. She'd never felt the full weight of a human being pressed against her like this. Olaf had walked across her a few times but she hadn't paid him much mind. That was just Olaf being Olaf. She'd read that cats did that, apparently treecats did the same. Anna was a different experience entirely, a lusty, desiring woman holding her down, kissing her, touching her body with license and licentiousness. Anna's hair swirled against Elsa's cheeks as it fell around the two of them. Anna moved to brush it back behind her ear but Elsa reached up and stopped her wrist. "Leave it," she said. "I want everything."

"Even my hair in your eyes?" Anna's voice was breathless.

"Everything," Elsa said. "Because if I don't get everything tonight, I'll... I'll probably never trust myself to ask for anything ever again."

"Oh, Elsa." Anna kissed Elsa's chin, her throat, kissing along the stretch of Elsa's jaw until it reached her earlobe. Elsa had never considered ears sexy, but Anna's mouth on hers made her reconsider. Elsa couldn't imagine how all those sensations from Anna's teeth running along the rim of her ear seemed to reach down to her thighs, how the strange, how loud sounds of Anna's wet tongue in the nooks and crannies of her earlobe could possibly be so bewitching, and when Anna closed her lips around her earlobe Elsa's sex convulsed and gushed forth a wetness that should have embarrassed her.

Anna kissed everywhere she could reach with Elsa's dress still on: ears, forehead, lips, chin, neck, shoulders, lips again. Elsa soaked in every moment of Anna's attention. She realized guiltily that she wasn't doing anything but soaking and let her hands roam Anna's back and arms. "Anna."


"Take this off." She tugged at one of Anna's sleeves.

Anna hestitated, then grinned. She pushed herself up until she was kneeling, finally brushed the hair back, unbuttoned the first few buttons before tossing both the blouse and fine, silken undershirt over her head and onto the floor. "Claire will kill me."

Elsa's eyes drank in Anna's almost bare torso. Anna's breasts were not large, and her fleshtone bra was only slightly more than a formality. Her belly was flat and athletic, as were her arms. Elsa said, "I won't tell her."

"She'll know anyway. She always does." Anna started to fall forward, but caught herself with her arm and pushed back up. "Wait."

Elsa almost protested as Anna rose and walked toward the door, but Anna only orbited the room once, turning off all the lights except the one on her bedstand, and that last one she turned down low. It gave Elsa an eyefull of Anna's lean, toned body with its butterscotch skin and long auburn hair. The way her heart pounded, the way her breath caught was the final confirmation of everything she had ever suspected: women were what aroused her. It didn't confirm Anna's rightness as a partner in life, but at that moment Anna was exactly what Elsa wanted in bed. Anna still had her pants on, and Elsa yearned to see what else was hidden under that fabric. Anna said, "That's better. Too much light."

"I still want to be able to see you," Elsa said.

"Can you?"


"Good." Anna returned to the bed, lying down next to Elsa, snuggling close to her, one hand loosely running over Elsa's belly and chest. "You still have your dress on."

"I can't take it off if you don't let me up."

Anna rolled half-away, then got back onto her knees. "Let me help you," she said, and Elsa heard in Anna's voice notes of desire she'd never before known or believed she would comprehend. She hiked the dress up to her waist, and then knelt in front of Anna, and the other woman's fingers curled under the edge of the dress and lifted it, up over her belly, her breasts, her arms, her head. Elsa had servants who had helped her dress time and again, but never had anyone been this close to her, this meaningfully radiant in her presence.

And then she was, well, not naked, but close. She still had her few underclothes on. Anna faced her, reached behind herself and with almost contemptuous ease snapped off her bra and tossed it aside. Anna's breasts weren't very large at all but they were beautiful, and now that Elsa could see Anna's body from her forehead to her underwear, she felt herself cringe inwardly. The scars from her injuries were still prominent, a white map of pain and tragedy spidering out from between Anna's breasts. "Sorry." She looked away.

"For what?" Anna said, reaching up. Her fingers caressed Elsa's chin. "I shouldn't have... I'm sorry. I shouldn't have pulled you in here like that."

"I wanted this. I didn't say 'no,'" Elsa said, turning back to look at Anna. "Did I say 'no?'"

"You didn't say 'yes,' either."

"Anna, I trust you to hear my 'no' if I have to say it." Even as Anna's eyes widened with delight Elsa leaned forward, playfully tackling the other woman and sending the two of them across the bed again. They giggled together and Elsa said, "I promise I'll hear yours if you need it."

"Elsa..." Anna sighed. "Wow. You get it. I believe you."

Elsa stopped and touched Anna's chest, between her breasts. She touched the ragged central scar, as big around as a teacup, surrounded by the starburst of new skin. "Does it hurt?"

"Not anymore," Anna said. "Your people do good work. Doctor Whelan says I can do regen when I get back home. A couple months of it, and I'll have my normal skin tone back."

"It's very beautiful," Elsa said. "Your skin, I mean. Not the scar. But... Every other redhead I know is so light-skinned."

Anna smiled. "My maternal grandmother is from Cinnamon. It's a colony on the other side of Solarian space. It's not part of the League, though. She says they had to do a little gene therapy to adapt to the world, something about the star's frequency. I never bothered to look it up. But everyone got red hair no matter what their skin color." She pulled on a soft curl of it. "It's pretty dominant now."

"I still think you're beautiful." It was Elsa's turn to kiss Anna, to figure out how to kiss, where to kiss, what to kiss. Anna's skin was soft and pliant and it was a privilege to be allowed to kiss this beautiful woman all over. She smelled wonderful, a little like strawberries and cinnamon herself, and she tasted-- Elsa couldn't put a world to it. It wasn't a taste so much as a texture. Smooth, delightful, filling her soul. She returned again and again to Anna's lips, their tongues touching, their mouths caressing one to another.

"Are you sure you've never done this before?" Anna said. "Because you kiss really well."

"I do?"

"Yes. Some people just stick their tongue in, like they own the place and want to look around. You... you mean it."

"As do you," Elsa said. She felt a hand reach around her back, and with a simple twist of her wrist Anna unhooked her bra. "Let me," Elsa said, straightening up to pull the thing off her arms. The bra joined all their other clothes on the floor.

"Elsa, wow," Anna breathed. "If you think I'm beautiful, you're beautifuller. I mean, not fuller, you don't look...."

Elsa laughed. "I think I understand." She looked down "I... I never knew what that meant before."

"How could you possibly not know?"

Elsa pitched forward, one hand next to Anna's head, holding herself up to look down at Anna's wondering expression. "Everyone wants something from me, Anna. Everyone I know. You... you don't."

"But I do," Anna said, reaching up to touch Elsa's face again, her fingers tickling the superfine hairs of Elsa's cheek. "I want you to be happy."

Elsa wasn't sure how Anna shifted her weight to make her fall over, or how she again found herself lying on her back with Anna on top, but when Anna's lips touched hers and started to make their slow journey down her neck, kissing her left shoulder and following the curve of her breast around until she was curling inward toward one nipple, it ceased to matter anymore. Anna's mouth closed on that nipple, sucked and nibbled gently, and Elsa fell further. "I never knew it could be this good."

Anna giggled and pushed herself up until Elsa was looking up at her, staring at her with a stunned, worshipful gaze. "Didn't you say you'd read a lot of romance novels?"

"I thought they were... exaggerating."

"Depends on who you are," Anna said, kissing Elsa's long neck, retracing her earlier attack on Elsa's ears, then back down her shoulders. Anna said, "Stories aren't the best way to learn about lovemaking either," leaving kisses on her chest, "I mean, they always show a straight line, the same routine," kisses on her belly, "but real love isn't like that," kisses just above her mound in the tangle of her pubic hair, "cause you don't only just have one bite of dessert, right," as Anna's mouth dodged to put kisses on her thigh, "and hey, that's not a bad metaphor for me," nibbles at Elsa's knee.

Elsa giggled. Anna's clumsy attempt at metaphor earlier came to mind, and she giggled even louder. "Anna DuVar, stop it. You're making me laugh."

"Yup. Did you think this was supposed to be serious?" Anna's hands encased one of Elsa's feet and picked it up, carrying it to her lips like a delicate glass slipper. "Now, if I do this," she said, and raked her teeth gently across the sole of Elsa's foot. Bolts of sensation, stronger than anything she'd experienced yet, shot up Elsa's body into her mind. She gasped, her body twisting as if trying to get away. "Oh, good," Anna's voice came, muffled from Elsa's foot. "Let me try that again."

Anna's tongue and teeth played with Elsa's foot and then up her toes. Elsa could only writhe and gasp at the intense sensations, laughing even as tears filled her eyes. "Anna, stop! That tickles!"

Anna let her foot go immediately and it fell onto the soft comforter with an audible poof. "Was that too much?"

"I don't, I don't know," Elsa said. "It was a lot. It was... I don't know."

"You said 'stop.' So I did." She cuddled up next to Elsa. "You're very communicative, Elsa. You tell me exactly what you want."

"I don't see how that's possible. I don't know what I want."

"Maybe you don't up here." Anna said, touching Elsa's forehead gently with one finger, "But you do in here." She touched the space between Elsa's breasts. "You know how to tell me you like something, and you know when to tell me to stop. That's all you really need." She kissed Elsa's cheek softly.

"I like you," Elsa said. She cringed. She sounded like the was twelve again.

"Mmmm. I'm glad." Anna kissed Elsa. "But it's okay to laugh, Elsa. It's important. There's nothing sillier than two naked people laying naked and vulnerable next to each other, trying to get past all this, you know, skin and stuff," as Anna gestured down the length of their entwined bodies, "to get inside each other's souls." Elsa's eyes met Anna's, and she felt Anna shiver slightly. "God, you really are good at the eye sex thing."

"'Eye sex thing?'" Elsa said, giggling. "Is that some weird practice too filthy to cover in a romance novel?"

"No, it's just the way you, um, the way you look at me. I swear, after the first or second meeting with you, every time we locked eyes I got a little wet in the underwear department." Anna's hands started to trace new, arcane patterns on Elsa's belly and chest.

"Me too. I thought it was just me," Elsa breathed.

"Definitely not," Anna said, kissing Elsa's shoulder, one knee sliding over Elsa's leg until it was resting against Elsa's sex as Anna rose up once more to kiss Elsa's chest, exploring down the sweet valley between her breasts and dipping her tongue into the dry hollow of her navel. Elsa knew beyond any doubt where Anna was going now.

Before she knew what she was doing, Elsa was biting on her own hand. She was terrified of what Anna might find down there, if there was anything wrong or strange or just unattractive. Anna's mouth eased down over her mound and into the fine hairs that covered her nether lips, Her tongue poked and slipped between them, sliding over Elsa's clitoris so quickly Elsa gasped. "Sorry," Anna said. "Too strong?"

"Just... surprising."

"Mmm," was all Anna said. Her hands pressed against Elsa's thighs, pushing them apart. Elsa bit on her finger harder, but Anna only sighed contentedly, kissing Elsa's thighs, her cheeks brushing against Elsa's sex. Elsa held her bearth. She had dreamed of this moment for weeks, ever since she'd met Anna. Now she was almost embarassed about it. What if she was weird down there? "How do you get your pubic hair so soft?" Anna murmured.

"It was always like this?" Elsa squeaked. "Is it... wrong?"

"It's wonderful," Anna said, kissing at her Elsa's lower lips. Elsa thought she was gushing with wetness, but Anna only dipped her tongue down low, startling Elsa as she felt something probe under her sex, halfway between her one opening and that darker orifice. Then the tongue slid up anong her slit, parting her lips and exposing every last of Elsa's pink secrets to Anna's eyes. But Anna wasn't looking anymore. Her mouth was fully on Elsa's sex, her tongue deep into the crevice, sliding up and up until it hovered over Elsa's clitoris, then circling it with lazy, delicate, expert strokes that never quite got too close, until finally she did.

Elsa wasn't sure how it happened. Anna's tongue simply seemed to be on her clitoris when it had to be, feather-light and so skilled, circling gently, incessantly. Anna always seemed to know when to stop, to kiss her elsewhere, down low, or on her thigh, or in that delicate juncture between her leg and her sex, before sliding back up and circling her clit again. Elsa heard whimpering sounds before she realized she was making them. Anna's tongue was everywhere, her mouth was everywhere.

"Elsa?" Elsa could barely think straight. "Elsa," Anna said, more insistently.

"Uh... yes?"

"Can I put a finger inside you?"

"Wait... what... yes, yes..." And then she felt it, the touch of Anna's firm fingers on her lower lips, seeking deeper and deeper into her opening, then inside her, an invasion of pleasure that only heightened as Anna's tongue went back to its insistent play over her clitoris. Anna wasn't just touching her anymore, Anna was inside her. It was too much, too much. Her pleasure rose up to overwhelm her, her whole body grew tense, muscles pulling against each other, desperate for release but with nowhere to go. In any other setting this would have been agony. Not with Anna. When Anna's finger pressed up inside her, Elsa's whole belly was aglow with ecstasy.

Elsa's mind went white, went blind, went away as she came, her body shuddering and shivering. Animal whines escaped her lips as she came. She thrashed against the bed until every muscle was exhausted, until her body was paralyzed with the shock of pleasure, until Anna backed away, slipped that one finger out of her, and slid back up the bed to nuzzle Elsa's neck and cuddle against her.

"Elsa," Anna whispered softly. "Are you okay?"

"Oh, Anna, I'm going to be more than okay. That was so good."

"I should go slower next time?"

Elsa looked up at the ceiling. Like the rest of Anna's apartment, it was painted in a soft pink color. She closed her eyes. "I hope there is a next time."

"I do too. You are so... so communicative!"

Elsa giggled. It seemed a strange compliment, but the way Anna said it, it was definitely a compliment. She blushed and turned away. "But I didn't say anything."

"Sure you did," Anna said, still kissing her neck and shoulder. It felt a little like Anna was being possessive. If it was Anna, Elsa was willing to be possessed. "You said yes when I asked you, and you promised me you would say 'no' if you had to, and of course I'd have honored it if you had to, like when I was tickling your foot, and you moaned so well, you moved so well, you told me everything I needed to know, and... " She snuggled closer. "You're amazing."

Elsa pushed herself up. She look down at the incredible woman now lying next to her, that magnificent red hair now splayed about her pillow like a halo. "No, I have an amazing teacher. Who has to teach me more. Whoa." She felt light-headed, and lay down next to Anna. "Sorry. I... I guess the wine, and what you just did to me, and the heat, maybe..."

"Maybe we should just cuddle for a while?"

"But I might fall asleep! You--"

"Will still be here in the morning," Anna said. "I promise."

"Very well," Elsa said. "If you say so."

Anna kissed Elsa's cheek. Elsa wanted to turn her head and get more of those kisses, but she was tired enough not to protest when Anna cuddled up next to her. "You're already falling, Elsa," Anna whispered. "I can see it. Goodnight, beautiful."

Falling, yes. "Mmm. Goodnight, Anna."