Pluck me!

I spent my study time this morning writing a series of Plucker toolchains for various Usenet and storiesonline outputs. One of the neat features of plucker is its ability to bundle a whole collection of chapters, books, or series into a series of pages, like web pages, that you can then distribute or upload as a single Palm Database Block (PDB) file. This allows you to arrange your collections as a heirarchy, rather than as a flat library, which was one of the problems with CSpotRun.

It's not perfect but it's getting there. I'm using AFT to convert stories to html, since it's very smart and very tolerant of the shenanigans of most Usenet authors, myself included, and I've written a tool called mkpluckindex that will take a list of AFT'd stories and create a Plucker "landing page" for them.

I have chosen my test subject well. I now carry Noriko's Demon in my pocket.

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