Other Tales and Emephera

A Night On Thundera

It had been a pretty boring day in the Cat's Lair, Panthro had to admit. In fact, he mused, it had been a boring month. Not a single one of the usual emergencies had come up. No invasions from the Mutants, not a sound from Mummra. It made him very suspicious, and when he got suspicious, he got tense. It was the sort of thing that made him wish for Cheetara.

"How's the watch?" Cheetara asked, answering his wish from the door behind.

Panthro shifted his massive bulk around in the oversized command chair and said, "Pretty boring. Nothing exciting happening outside. How was your survey?"

"Same thing," Cheetara admitted. "I went as far as the Robearburble's camp. Nothing new happening there." She walked over to him and slowly began to rub his shoulders. "You're tense," she said in that deep and husky voice she always used.

"Ah, I get this way. I'm worried."

"What is there to worry about?"

"It's too quiet," Panthro replied.

"Can I help you with your tensions?" Cheetara asked. "Maybe you could help me with mine."

"What sort of tensions have you got?" Panthro asked.

"All sorts of tensions," Cheetara said.

"Should I call Tigra?" Panthro asked.

"I'd like that," Cheetara replied. "See you in the gymnasium ten past the hour."

"I'll be there," Panthro replied, feeling less tense already. But more anxious.

"What are we doing here? You know they don't like us to be out after dark," Wilycat complained as Wilykit led their flyboards over a ridge.

"I want to try something new," Wilykit said. "Something I saw Cheetara doing."

"What?" Wilycat asked.

"You'll see."

"I see you two have started without me," Tigra said in his strong and confident voice.

"Well, we didn't want to stand around and get bored," Panthro said.

"I see." And see he did. Tigra noted that Panthro had done an excellent job of tying Cheetara spread-eagled to the upper pair of the set of uneven bars. She was secure, yet her feet were squarely settled on the gynasium mat. And this time, he noted, Panthro had removed the lower bar. The last time they'd tried this, he'd bumped his head on it. "Shall I start with the usual?"

"Please," Cheetara said, breathless and deep.

Tigra walked up to her and stared her in the eyes. "Maybe I won't." He smiled. Of all the Thundercats, Tigra was the only one who was really capable of a menacing smile. And he was good at it.

"Please," Cheetara repeated.

"In good time, my dear Cheetara. How does it feel, fastest of us all, swiftest on Thundera, to be restrained? To be held hand and foot, unable to move?"

"Please," Cheetara begged. "The whip, Tigra. Please. I need it. Give it to me."

Tigra smiled and reached back into his belt for the powerwhip he carried with him everywhere, his special weapon. She wriggled against her restraints, and it pleased him to actually see her fighting. He took a few steps back and cracked the whip in the air, once. "It seems to be ready," he said. He leaned over to Panthro and said, "Make sure to watch her closely. One wrong move..."

Panthro nodded. Tigra walked around behind her, where her back was fully exposed to him. He smiled.

"Hey," Wilycat said, "It's our old starship. Why are you bringing us here?"

"Because," Wilykit said testily, landing her board on the large rock to the left of the main airlock. She jumped off and walked over to the door. "Come on."

Wilycat shook his head and said "I don't like this."

"You'll like it," Wilykit replied, turning on her electric torch. "Trust me." She led him through the corridors to the crew cabins, shoving aside one of the unpowered doors.

"Hey," Wilycat said, "Why are we in Liono's room?"

"Because he had the biggest bed, silly."

"I still don't know what you're planning."

"Come here," Wilykit said.


"And take off your clothes."

"WHAT?" Wilycat complained.

"Oh come on, Wilycat! We never wore clothes until Jagua made us those armored uniforms. Take them off."

"But that was years ago!" Wilycat exclaimed.

"That's the point," Wilykit said. "I want to see something."

"Okay, but only if you take off yours too."

"That's a deal," Wilykit replied, eagerly stripping off her uniform and tossing it too the floor. Wilycat was a little slower in removing his own.

Naked, he looked a little skinny, but then he was only fifteen, and he was on the same exercise regimen all the Thundercats were. They never knew when an enemy might strike out at them.

Wilykit, on the other hand, was actually growing quite nicely, her small breasts budding out only slightly. She smiled at her brother and said "Come here and sit down."

Wilycat walked nervously over to his sister. He sat down on the old and dusty bed, and when he did she grabbed him by the shoulders and threw him down. "Hey!" he shouted again. Wilykit threw her leg over his supine form, straddling him.

"Now I gotcha!" she said.

"Mummra?" Wilycat's eyes were wild with fear. She had even convinced him to leave his powerpills over there on the floor!

"No, not Mummra, silly," Wilykit said. "Just me. I wanna try something."

"Wha...What?" he stammered.

"I saw Cheetara doing this to Tigra, and I wondered why." She slid down his body slowly, reaching his crotch. His cock was shrivled and retracted into it's prepuce with fear. She nibbled at it gently with her lips, sliding along the length she felt within his Thunderan sheath.

"Wilykit..." Wilycat breathed deeply. "What are you doing?"

"Does it hurt?" She asked, looking up along the length of his body.

"Well, no," he admitted.

"Then let's keep trying."

Tigra flexed his arm a couple of times. This wasn't combat, and there was no reason for him to throw out his shoulder while he was having a good time. He took careful aim, and with one easy motion brought the whip down on Cheetara's naked back. She moaned.

The whip, made of an elastic memory-polymer, retracted to its hand-held size. He watched as Cheetara writhed against her bonds, burning with her desire. This was how she liked her whippings, one at a time.

He struck her again. She groaned in pain, fighting the ropes with her speed. The metal bars of the gym set quivered with her force. She liked every single slash to burn against her, then fade away, before he put a new one to her.

He lashed out again. Her groan was louder, more intense, sharper. Over her shoulder he could see Panthro watching them intently, a small smile on his face, his huge penis, erect and obvious out of it's sheath, the purple head almost as fascinating to him as Cheetara's writhing.

He struck again. She screamed, a soft and silent scream. When the whip retracted he sniffed at it, checking for blood. The last thing he wanted to do was draw blood, at least for now. There was none, and he smiled, watching her writhe before making his decision. He looked down at her firm and well-rounded ass.

The whip fell again.

The Lord of the Thundercats turned restlessly in his bed. Although Liono knew that Tigra had soundproofed the gymnasium as much as possible, his Thunderan ears could easily hear the sounds of the activity downstairs, even through the stone of the Cat's Lair.

"I'm just not going to get any sleep tonight," he said to himself, and with that he rose and wandered down to the kitchen to pour himself a tall glass of burblefruit juice. He sat at the kitchen table and put the glass down in front of him, untouched. He put his head in his hands and stared at it, feeling depressed.

He heard the door open behind him, and with a little surprise turned around to see Snarf standing there. "You're up late," Snarf said in that chiding voice he always used when Liono was doing something wrong.

"I know, Snarf. I don't care." He turned back to staring at the glass of juice.

"Liono? What's wrong?"

"Nothing, Snarf."

"Come on, Liono, you can tell ol' Snarf. It's the others, isn't it?"

"I don't understand, Snarf. They go and play like that, and I... I'm just not interested."

"Awww," Snarf said, jumping up with an assist from his tail. He landed square on his chair and joined Liono in resting his head in his hands, only he was staring at his young charge, not the juice. "Come on, Liono, you're supposed to be a grown-up now."

"I know, Snarf, but it doesn't help that I grew up while I was asleep." Liono's face grew long and tired. "I never got to learn all those games. I guess even Wilycat and Wilykit will be playing them soon."

"Sooner than you think," Snarf agreed.

"Besides," Liono said, "There's really nobody I would want to play games with, not games like that."

"What about, oh, Mara?" Snarf said, recalling one of the pretty young females from the Tree People.

"No, nobody there. Nobody I really trust, Snarf."

"Not even ol' Snarf?"

"Well of course I trust you, Snarf."

"Then why don't you play some of them with me?" Snarf asked, tilting his head to the side.

"You mean, you... and me...?"

"Sure, Liono. Why not?"

"Well, I mean... I never expected... you keep telling me you're getting too old, Snarf. And I couldn't ask you to..."

Snarf bounded out of his chair and into Liono's lap. Even at 41 kilos, Snarf's weight was nothing to Liono, the strongest of the Thundercats. Snarf put his paws to Liono's chest and said, "Your old buddy Snarf used to have quite a reputation, Liono. Even Thunderans knew they were no match for ol' Snarf, not even in bed, snarf, snarf, snarf!"

Liono laughed and said, "Okay, Snarf, let's go and see what you can teach me."

Wilycat lay back against the bed and put his hands on his sister's head, feeling it bob up and down over his cock. He shuddered gently, the new and incredible sensations washing over him making it impossible to speak.

Wilykit's mouth felt hot as she licked over him, sometimes down the furred foreskin to suck on his balls before she worked her way back up and swallowed his smooth spear in one huge gulp. Wilycat wondered why she wasn't choking.

Wilykit wondered the same thing. Her brother's cock was pretty big, but everytime it slid down her throat she actually felt comfortable with it there. She closed her eyes and concentrated, wondering if he would scream like Tigra did.

Wilycat felt a tightness in his chest working its way down to his groin, a strange tightness he couldn't remember ever feeling before. He worried about it, but it was growing and his sister's mouth felt so good he couldn't tell her about it. It wound up, like a spring, in his belly and his balls, and he could feel it building and building and he knew it was going to explode. And when it did he screamed, his whole body shaking, trying to force himself deeper into her mouth.

And then it was over. It had felt... He couldn't remember how it had felt. All he knew was that he wanted to feel it again, soon. Not right away, but soon.

"Wilykit?" he said, raising his head slowly.

"Yeah?" she asked. He saw that she was licking at her mouth slowly, as if she had a funny taste there.

"What happened?"

"I don't know. You taste salty when you did that."

"What did you do?"

"I sucked on your thing, like I saw Cheetara doing to Tigra. And you screamed like he did. Did you like it?"

"Yes!" he said.

The whip fell again and again, faster now, although Tigra was still deliberately pulling his shots, so as not to stress and break Cheetara's skin. He wanted her to be in good shape, because tonight he and Panthro were going to queen her, and he didn't want her to be messy when they did. She was screaming wholeheartedly now, her body almost a blur in her unconcious, hyperspeed struggle with the ropes.

The whip fell once more.

"You could start by taking off your clothes," Snarf said. Liono blushed a little and slowly removed his costume, putting aside the Eye of Thundera and the Claw-Sheild. With the years of habit Snarf had instilled in him he carefully folded his clothes and put them on the chair. Then he sat down on the bed. "Lie down," Snarf directed, hopping up on the bed next to Liono.

Snarf looked up along the bed at Liono, assessing him. He was gorgeous, even for a Thunderan, and Snarf had little trouble finding the body of his young charge thrilling to look at. But more importantly, Snarf thought of his task as educational, personal, and, he admitted to himself, loving.

Snarf walked up the bed on all fours to Liono's shoulders and sat back on his tail. "Just close your eyes, Liono," he said.

Liono obeyed. "What... what are you going to do?"

"You'll see," Snarf replied. He reached out with a paw and touched Liono on the neck slowly. "Easy," Snarf said, his voice dropping down to that deeper tone he got when he was concerned. With slow, easy strokes he ran his paw along Liono's chest, feeling the mass of muscles tense as he did so. He almost didn't notice the small "snarfs" he was humming under his breath as he touched Liono. "Relax."

"It's so hard, Snarf!" Liono protested.

"I know, Liono, but you said you trusted ol' Snarf."

Liono didn't answer as Snarf touched his nipples slowly. Snarf smiled when he heard Liono's sigh of pleasure. As he worked his way down further, he had to take small steps along the way to compensate for having such a small body.

Snarf leaned over and with an easy motion of his head brushed his soft, thick beard along Liono's belly, turning finally to kiss Liono's navel. Liono giggled a little at the tickling sensation. Snarf smiled and moved a little further down, to just where the opening of Liono's foreskin lay against his belly. Snarf had to admit that even with his experience, Liono's looked like a formidable penis.

Snarf stroked along the length of Liono's foreskin, slowly and gently nibbling with his small teeth, and it grew firm quickly. Snarf smiled as he ran his tongue along the length of it, tasting it. It had been a long time since he'd had a cock to play with, and he wanted to take his time with it.

"How does it feel, Liono?"

"I can't say, Snarf. Feels... good. Weird, but good."

"Well, I did it for you, so you should do it for me," Wilykit said.

"I don't know..." Wilycat said.

"Come on. Please?" Wilykit said, spreading her legs slightly.

"But you don't have anything sticking out that I could suck on."

"Just lick me," Wilykit said, "and we'll see what happens."

Wilycat leaned over, looking at the dark patch of fur between his sister's legs. He kissed her there, once, gently, not at all sure of what he was looking for. Wilykit spread her legs a little further, and the scent of her pussy wafted over his nostrils. It was a funny smell, but not unpleasant, and he decided it was worth staying for. But when he pulled back to take a good look, he saw her pussy had opened, looking pink and wet. He wondered what he should do, but decided to just try licking her again.

As his tongue slid up into her, she moaned. "Did I hurt you?" he asked.

"No, Wilycat," she replied. "It felt good. Do it again?"

He replied, licking against her lips, feeling the smooth texture with his tongue. She tasted really good!

"A little higher, and harder," she said. He followed her directions, figuring she knew better than he did. Actually, she was acting the way he thought he had when she was sucking on him. Maybe he could make her scream, too. And considering how good it had felt, he owed her that.

Tigra slid the whip back into his belt. Cheetara hung from her bonds, exhausted and sweaty. He walked up to her and said, "Well, little speedster, how do you feel?"

"Wonderful," she said. Panthro stepped in front if her and said "You put on a good show, Cheetara. Are you ready for us?"

"Ready as I'll ever be," she breathed. "Are you really both going to do me?"

"That's what we agreed on last time," Tigra said.

"Then I'm ready." Panthro nodded and with a quick swipe of his claws freed her hands, catching her as she fell forward. Tigra crouched down and freed her feet as well. Panthro easily carried her to the mat and laid her down on her back. He pulled out his nunchukau that he always carried and unhooked them, so that they were two seperate clubs. He put the blue one aside. "You know that I tinker with these," he said, "and I found a good use for Thundranium recently." He turned the base of the red one, and it began to hum quietly. Tigra walked over and knelt where Cheetara lay and Panthro sat.

Panthro touched the nunchuk to Cheetara's thigh, slowly stroking along her short fur to her cunt, sliding the cat's-claw image carved into the end against her mons. She moaned and parted her legs, and Panthro easily slid the 'chuk against her clitors. Cheetara went berserk; only her exhaustion kept her from buzzing at speed with the vibrating club. Panthro slowly eased it against her opening, and it slid into her. He pressed upwards with it, trying to get both her clit and her hole involved, but that didn't seem likely, so he slid the 'chuk out and began teasing her clit with it again. He was so intent he almost didn't notice Tigra feeding his cock to Cheetara's lips.

Snarf looked down at Liono's cock with a measure of satisfaction. It had grown to it's full length, and he had been right... it was substantial. He ran his tongue along it's full length, coating it with his saliva. When he was sure it was wet enough, he carefully walked up onto Liono's belly and stepped back, placing his feet on Liono's hips. "Snarf, what?"

"Careful, Liono, you'll push me off and I'll fall, snarf!" Snarf protested. "Take it easy." Snarf reached down and grabbed Liono's manhood in his paw, pointing it up and against his ass. With slow tension he pressed downwards, feeling Liono's cock enter him, open him up again. It had been so long that Snarf actually felt some pain, and Liono certainly was bigger than Ocelandro. Or Jagua, for that matter!

But as he felt it enter him the pain faded, replaced with the familiar and wonderful sensations going on within him. He leaned over and put his forepaws on Liono's chest, easing himself down until all of Liono's cock was imbedded within him. And then he slowly began stroking, back and forth.

"A little harder, Wilycat!" Wilykit moaned, her body shaking with every lick. Wilycat was having fun! It sure was great to make his sister moan like this.

He licked harder, like she'd asked. He'd found this one little spot at the very top of her pussy, this little pink and white thing, that made her go crazy, and it was working like a charm.

Panthro lay down on his back, his hard cock lying along his belly. "Come on, Cheetara," Tigra said, encouraging her.

"I'm ready," she said. She rose and straddled Panthro, looking down at his broad chest. She put her hands there, teasing his top pair of nipples. Behind her, she felt Tigra's fingers opening her cunt the way Panthro's vibrating nunchuk had, and she felt as they trailed back over her asshole, getting it slick as well. "All clear," he said in a cheerful voice.

She smiled and reached down, much as Snarf was doing to Liono upstairs (although these three couldn't know that) and slid down onto Panthro's cock, feeling it stretch the walls of her vagina the way only it did. She leaned all the way over, so that her ass was in the air, giving Tigra a really clear look at Panthro's handsome cock thrusting slowly in and out of her as he pushed up with his hips.

Tigra knelt down between Panthro's legs and aimed his cock at her tiny, exposed asshole. It had been weeks since he'd last taken her dark rear passage and this was the first time he'd invited Panthro along. He pushed gently, parting it with only a slight force. "Harder," she breathed.

"I might hurt you," Tigra replied evenly.

"I don't care. I want it now!" Cheetara said.

Tigra smiled and pressed down hard. His cock slid into her, his hips nearly slamming against her furred buttocks. She groaned in pain, and he complied with her feelings, fucking her asshole mercilessly from behind.

"Yes!" Cheetara shouted, "Fuck me, Tigra, fuck me hard!" Inside her, he could feel the wonderful length of Panthro's dick pressing against his, seperated by a thin wall of her flesh. The sensation turned him on, although he envied her the feeling of fulfillement. If only the could get Liono to join them, maybe someday he could feel two cocks sliding inside him as well.

Panthro reached up and held her shoulders, holding her so he had more room to thrust himself. Although Tigra was doing such a good job of pushing that he didn't have to do any work to receive pleasure. But he wanted to.

"Oh, Snarf," Liono breathed. "I never beleived anything could feel so good!"

"Feels good to me too, Liono," Snarf said. He smiled gently when he felt Liono returning the thrusts. The boy was learning. "Let's turn over. Old Snarf doesn't want to do all the work."

"What do you mean, Snarf?"

Snarf pulled himself off of Liono's thick penis and rolled to the side, onto his back. He parted his short legs and laid his tail flat against the bed, pushing his hips up to expose his anus. "Slide it in, Liono."

Liono looked down at his old nursemaid. "If it's what you want, Snarf," Liono replied, straddling Snarf's tail and aiming his cock at the proferred opening. With an easy thrust he slid in, burying himself to the hilt.

Snarf let out a soft "Rrrrraaawwwhhh..." of pleasure. "That's it, Liono," he said as Liono began thrusting. "Good boy!"

"Don't stop, Wilycat, whatever you do," Wilykit moaned, her voice becoming even more high pitched, if that was possible. As if he wanted to stop! This was far too much fun!

He licked at her pussy with enthusiasim, teasing that little spot he had found, that little place that was driving her into a frenzy. She was quivering, her fingers on his head and holding him in place.

"Don't stop, don't stop," she breathed, "Harder, please!"

Wilycat wanted to give more, but he was already reaching his limits. He was giving her all he could, and he hoped it would be enough.

Apparently, it was. Wilykit suddenly stopped all moving, coming to a frozen pause, and then let out a long and soulful moan, quaking and bucking against his mouth. "YesYesYesYes!" she screamed. He gave her a few more licks and then looked up, her juices dripping from his chin.

"Did you like that?" he asked.

"Of course I liked it silly!" she shouted, throwing her arms around him. Wilycat started to feel a little uncomfortable being this close to his sister, but eventually she let him go. "We should get back," she said. "They'll start to miss us."

Wilycat nodded. He rose from the old bed and recovered his costume.

"Harder!" Cheetara begged. Tigra was merciless, slamming into her tight little butt without pause, ravishing her with all the strength only a true Thundercat has. Panthro had his huge meaty hands on her hips, holding her in place as he counterthrusted against her cunt, filling that hole simultaneously. Cheetara whipped her head back and forth with feverish intensity. "More!" she begged.

Tigra felt the intensity in his testicles, in his legs and groin. The feeling of Panthro's dramatically thick cockhead sliding along the length of his own dick combined with the exquisite satiny tightness of Cheetara's asshole conspired to drive him over the edge, and it was doing an excellent job.

With a roar that was pure animal, he jetted loose inside her, pounding her guts with his piston, filling her with his seed. The sounds of his climax were enough for Panthro, who let out an equally loud roar of his own pleasure, his body thrusting upwards into Cheetara with its own needs.

And the three of them collapsed, Tigra rolling to the right and off of them, onto the mat with a thud. He began laughing.

"What's so funny?" Cheetara asked.

"Nothing!" Tigra replied. "That was great!"

"So," Panthro asked. "Still tense, or did we loosen your bones for ya?"

Cheetara looked down at him and hugged him close. "You two always do good for me."

Liono was approaching his own orgasm, his first with someone else, and Snarf could see it. Because of their size differences, Snarf's head was close to Liono's chest, and he could just reach up and kiss Liono's nipples. He gave up after a while, simply enjoying the enthusiasm the young Lord of the Thundercats gave to his first fuck.

Snarf was in ecstacy. It had been too long since he had been on the receiving end of a good, long fuck, and this was definitely one of the best. He was almost surprised at the time it was taking Liono to come, since inexperienced kids usually came fast. Then again, Liono wasn't a kid anymore.

"Snarf, I feel strange."

"Don't stop, Liono, let it happen," he encouraged. He wanted to watch Liono come, to see the body above him shake with pleasure. "That's m'boy, snarf, snarf, snarf!" he said.

Liono's thrusts became even faster, more urgent. Snarf could see that the point of no return was behind Liono, that it was only a matter of time. Liono groaned, panting as his cock pushed into Snarf so hard that Snarf had to grip the sheets to hold himself in place. Snarf leaned back and closed his eyes, and with a sudden playful inspiration bent his tail and slid it down the cleft of Liono's thrusting buttocks, teasing and just barely threatening Liono's own virgin asshole. The threat was all Liono needed. A third roar echoed through the halls of the Lair of the Thundercats as Liono came, thrusting once, twice more before finally stopping, looking down at his nursemaid. Snarf looked up at Liono and said, "That was perfect!"

"Did I do well, Snarf?"

"You were perfect, Liono! Snarf!" Snarf rolled over on all fours and walked up next to Liono, lying down by his shoulder and curling up next to him. He chuckled gently.

"What's so funny, Snarf?"

"I haven't slept by you since you were five, Liono."

"Do you think you should tonight?"

"Of course I think I should tonight. I want to cuddle with you all night long."

"I'm glad, Snarf."