New Story! 'Polly's Conscience!'

A new Journal Entry, boys and girls. Journal Entry 264 / 06119: Polly's Conscience continues the saga of Polly & Zia, now with guilt!

It's gonna be another fifteen episodes or so before Zia learns just what her promise means. *Cackle*

Hey, I did a 1000 words on Caprice Starr this morning! And polished chapter one of A Pleasing Shape. I may go back and revise chapter one of Caprice before I'm finished; I've had some good ideas about what to do with it which I no longer want to lose, and I'm in no danger of losing the denoument at this point (since it's so far away). I've stopped freaking out about tweaking opening chapters and "finishing the damned first draft" as Anne Lamott puts it. Instead, I lose my confidence if I'm not convinced that the foundation of the story is solid. And I've found I do finish stories where I've allowed myself to revise the beginning to my satisfaction before proceeding into the middle.

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