New stories: A dweam within a dweam!

As you may have noticed, suddenly there's an entry on the "Coming Soon!" portion ofthe sidebar.  Yes, there are new stories coming soon, every two weeks on Monday.  The current queue is deep until January 5, 2009, at which point I'd better have something new to post or y'all are gonna be mad at me.  And you'll have to wait until Monday to get the last Kaede & Eshi story.

What you're getting, for the next few months, is the archive of stuff I'd played with on and off throughout the years, including an Arc that really didn't go anywhere entitled 'A Century of Solitude.'  You'll get to meet Tainee and Bambi, deal with a starship screensaver's strange, erotic dreams, meet a sad virginal ghost and a very pissed-off demigoddess.  To give you an idea of where this stuff is coming from, the story about three months from now, We'll Always Have..., was first written in 1994.

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