New Bastet story: Backlots

Backlots, the latest Yowler story, is out.  It's a bit of a coming-of-age story, one of those small-scale shocks that those of us of the male persuasion sometimes have to deal with when we're young and just figuring out where all the parts go.  It's fairly intense, although it's sexual content is low.  (At least, it was fairly intense for me to write, although it is not biographical.)    M/F, mostly masturbation and voyuerism.

I seem to have missed the announcement from last month.  In case you missed it, Club Boys was much more my usual speed: M/M, consensual sex, flogging in a public space, a fair touch of intensity and confession.  It also has the "why Seattlites seem so fucked in the head sometimes" scene.

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