The Journal Entries

Seren, Urim 19, 06120

Sterlings: Signatory Realizations

Polly stood to one edge of the crowd, listening to each speaker in turn have her five or ten minutes at the podium, congratulating either themselves or their counterparts on the other side of the negotiations for their success. The treaties had been signed and now copies were off to the Free Worlds for a ratification that was almost guaranteed. A few days earlier Dove had pointed out the obvious: if the Federated Free Worlds of the Goddess and Her Prophet Jehanne Sterling rejected the treaty, almost nobody from the first mission was going home.

She had already met Dove and her beautiful twins, experiencing a terrific stab of envy as she watched them go again. There had been something oddly held back about Dove, although she and her boys had laughed and joked and acted with the ebullience she'd always seen, and it hadn't been until they'd walked off that the oddity had registered completely. Dove had been wearing a necklace with a single, glass bead. Dove was pregnant.

Dove had finally and truly gone completely native. She had a Corridor-registered private consulting firm that apparently raked in cash, and now she was going to have a baby with a pseudo-gestalt of two biorobot males. The little girl from Sparta was breaking out of her shell in a very serious way. Polly wondered if Dove's mothers would ever accept her decision. They probably would. Dove was going to make them grandmothers.

Rhiane and Ilonca were getting married at the Embassy next week, now that it was officially an embassy and not merely an office building where the Sterling contingent was holed up during negotiations. Saul and Khrystyne had left the planet to visit Terra together.

"How's my Polly?"

It was Zia. She looked deliciously dangerous in her sharp guardswoman uniform. Polly felt her dick stir with low desire. "I'm okay," Polly said. "I guess all of this makes me feel like I should be doing something more than just sitting here, being a pretty face for San Txema. Are you off duty?"

"Yes, now," Zia said. Polly recognized the look in her eyes. She was reading something off her podd.

A soft and feminine voice spoke in Quen, then Anglic, then Francaise. "Gentle Fen," it said, "The fireworks will begin in five minutes. Please make your way to the balconies if you wish to watch."

Polly put down her plate of food and rose to go, but Zia grabbed her arm and held her back. "Don't," Zia said.

"Don't you want to watch the fireworks?" Polly asked.

"I want a different kind of fireworks. Come with me."

Polly glanced around. Palace security gave Zia only a casual glance as they made their way from the vast dining hall to one of the elevators. "Where are we going?"

Zia said, "To a different balcony. One with a little more privacy." The doors closed behind them and Zia pushed Polly up against the wall, bent to kiss her. Polly gave Zia a hungered response driven by her desperate need to feel attached, to feel something more than just horny. It had become more pronounced in recent weeks. It always went away after a few minutes, but it was something that nibbled at Polly's attention whenever she thought of her relationship with Zia outside of the bedroom-- or the bathroom, or the kitchen floor, or behind the bushes, or wherever it was they were having sex at that moment.

The anxiety withered as her erection grew, and Zia's hand reached down between Polly's legs and stroked at her massive, beautiful shaft of dick. "You're ready," Zia said.

"I can't help it," Polly said. "You make me ready."

"Heh." The doors opened. Zia led Polly down a short hallway, then pushed open another door marked in pure llerkin, a language Polly did not know. Her glasses supplied a translation: Security Personnel Only. In some sense, Zia qualified.

Zia stepped out into the open air and Polly followed. "Wow! Where are we?"

"This is the Noble Skybridge," Zia said. "I've checked with Reeds. It's abandoned tonight. They don't actually need personal security in the palace, not since the coup attempt five thousand years ago, and everyone will be downstairs at the party." Zia pointed. Many floors below the completely open skybridge Polly could see everyone on the oceanside open courtyard behind the palace, strung with happy lights of celebration and the bright colors of Free Worlders, llerkin, Pendorian, and Terran revelers. The crowd faced the sea, waiting for the fireworks. Somewhere down there, Ilonca danced with Rhiane, and Dove and the twins comported themselves with a seriousness they never showed in private. Polly ached to have that kind of satisfaction and fulfillment. The primary religion of llerkin had been a variety of sun-worship, and the summer solstice was a day of wild celebrations. This Midsummer celebration was wilder than usual because the Terrans and the Pendorians were fronting for something bigger: celebrating the signing of the Free Worlds Unification Treaty. Peaceful co-existence, an exchange of both medical and technological advances, economic interdependence, everything. Governmental sovereignty was a given because of the distance between their spheres of influence, and Tempany was still dickering over terms of citizen recognition to non-organics within the Free Worlds, but everything else was more or less settled. The Free Worlds were going to get TRT. The Pendorians would get a new source of stories. The llerkin would get a new economy with which to interact. There would be new "verges," and as the reporter L'Xine had put it, "The verges are where everything interesting happens."

The sun had gone down and the partying began in earnest. Despite being sun-worshippers, the llerkin appreciated that interesting things happened in the dark, and on this solstice night the fleeting nature of the darkness provided an excuse for frenzy. All of the species were just far too civilized and formal to admit it out loud. "I didn't even know we were allowed up here."

"We aren't," Zia said. "I am." She grabbed Polly's hand and led it to her dress. She wore a design with a strategic overlap in the front, a fashion made possible only by the Pendorians, and slipped Polly's hand between sheets of fabric until Polly's hand brushed skin. Polly fingers reached Zia's thighs and guided her hand to Zia's crotch. She smiled. "You're not wearing panties."

"I almost never do anymore," Zia said. "Not around you. Why should I?"

They stood close, and Polly smiled, getting down onto her knees before Zia's dress, parting the fabric with her hands. She planted a kiss on Zia's hairless pussy and Zia sighed. Polly looked up. "Is it safe to do this here?"

"No," Zia admitted. "Probably nobody's going to come." The warm summer wind still blew hard this high in the air, in that space between the Ziggurat of the Kingdom and the Ziggurat of the Nobility, an uncovered bridge of cement, its copper railings shining in the moonlit dark.

"You are," Polly said, and Zia laughed. Polly pressed her mouth against Zia's pussy and licked and kissed her way into that leaking sweetness. Her laughter turned soft, then loud.

"I don't want this, Polly," Zia said. "I want your dick."

"I know. You have to wait." Polly pressed her mouth harder against Zia's pussy and Zia's groans became louder and louder. "Oh, Polly, Polly, fuh... yah... Gonna come, Polly. Gonna come on your tongue. Gonna... Yah!" Zia's voice slipped up three octaves, sounding like a motor starting as she climaxed.

The fireworks show began mildly. A few pops and bangs in the air. Polly imagined that the llerkin were probably capable of much more powerful things. So was she. She stood up even as Zia whipped around, leaned against the rails and with one hand pulled up her dress to expose her pussy and ass to Polly's eyes. "Fuck me, Polly. I know your dick is ready. Stick it right in here." She lay her chest against the railing and with both hands pulled open the lips of her pussy. "Right there, Polly."

"Don't you think we've been doing this a bit much, Zia?"

"I can't help myself with you, Polly. What's wrong?" Zia said. "Don't you want to?"

"I guess I am hard," Polly said.

"You can take me any way you... you like, Polly."

"You mean in your ass," Polly said. She stroked Zia's asscheeks with the palm of her hand, enjoying the show.

"Yes," Zia gasped. "Any way you want." She bent her legs enough for Polly to get in behind her.

Polly pressed the head of her dick against Zia's asshole. "You do it, Zia. You move your hips. You take it in."

Zia pressed back until the head of Polly's dick slipped in. She held it there, then slid back and forth just a centimeter, making little noises of pleasure. "You like it there?" Polly said.

"Yeah, right there. At my anus. That's where I like it."

"Then what if I do this?" Polly said, slamming her dick deep into Zia's asshole. Zia let out a squeal that might have been pain, and Polly felt a hot trickle down her legs.

"I'm sorry," Zia groaned. "I peed. I couldn't help it."

"I remember the last time that happened. In the garden. I didn't care then. I don't care now!" Polly grabbed Zia's hips and gave her a dozen hard thrusts, then pulled out.

"Polly! Please!"

But Polly ignored Zia's cry and instead bent down. She slipped a finger into Zia's asshole, then two. "You're so loose back here. I remember the first time, it was so tight."

"That's because your dick is so big.".

"Have I ruined you for another?" Polly said. "If I did, then I'm sorry."

"No!" Zia said. "No, never ruined me." Polly slipped her fingers out and bent down. She no longer cared how perverse she was, it barely flitted through her consciousness the concern her mothers might have shown, as she pressed her mouth to Zia's asshole and licked and rimmed her way around. Zia made sounds Polly had never heard before, high-pitched squeals of unbelieving ecstasy. "Never, Polly, because that hole exists only for you, from now on, only for you forever!"

Polly's mouth slipped down to Zia's clitoris again, and she licked at the bold, hard pearl of Zia's pleasure until Zia was shaking and screaming, "Gonna come again! Gonna come again! Goddess, Polly, give me your dick, I wanna come with your dick!" She turned her head to look back and Polly, her fingers holding one asscheek, clawing at the flesh, a display of lewdness that Polly thought could only come from the cold, reserved Zia Tau.

Polly stood up and slipped her dick back into Zia's asshole. She heard more explosions in the distance as the fireworks show grew. Zia arched her back in a display of pure, animal desire. "Yes, I want your dick, always want your dick!"

"You have it now," Polly said, again holding on to Zia's pelvis and fucking her hard. "You really have it."

"Yes, yes, hard, hard, fuck me, Polly, with that big dick of yours, fuck me."

Firework illuminated the two figures on the bridge. The warm flesh of Zia's asshole was so hot it almost burned around Polly's dick. "You really like this," Polly said.

"Yes, yes!" Zia said. "Goddess, I want your dick, and only your dick, forever and ever! Fuck my ass, Polly, fuck me!"

Polly could feel the force boiling up within her. Like every time with Zia, it was going to be good, but this time, she could feel, it was growing inside her like a storm, a tornado, and Polly feared that it would break loose and wreak havoc but there was no stopping it. Her lust was an atomic bomb, the charges lit, the compression stage underway. "I'm coming, Zia!"

"Yes, yes!" Zia cried. "My whole body wants..."

Polly's climax tore through her, threatened to blow her up, blow them both away. Their voices combined in a scream of pure, overwhelmed lust that shattered the air and only the ongoing, roaring finale of fireworks show kept them from being heard thirty floors below.

Polly's limbs shook with the aftermath of the best climax of her short existence. Her arms trembled as she slid out of Zia's ass, as her dick fell out in a brief rush of come and flopped to point to the ground. "Zia?" she said.

Zia had collapsed in a heap, her body curled up in ball wedged against the wall. "Zia?" Polly dropped down to her knees. "Zia?"

"Polly..." Zia was staring at her. Her eyes were huge, reflecting the last light of fading fireworks and the llerkin moon overhead. "I... Goddess, I... I... " Her mouth worked around a word, as if it were stuck in her throat, her lips open and closing around a single sound, 'ai... m....' Tears rose in her eyes. She violently twisted her gaze away from Polly, sobbed loudly and rose, running, for the door.

"Zia!" Polly cried out, reaching out to grab her as she went by. She missed, fell to the ground. The security door slammed shut.

Polly closed her eyes, squeezing out the tears that threatened there on the edges of her vision. "Zia," she whispered. She turned over and leaned up against the wall where Zia had been cowering just a moment before. She had never known Zia to cower, to sob, to cry. Zia just didn't do those things. She found her underwear next to her. She grabbed it and shoved it into her pocket. Looking left and right, she swore. She was alone. "How am I going to get off this bridge?"

A light blinked in her glasses. It said, "Just take the elevator."

"Thanks, Reeds," she said, recalling the palace's AI name.

"No problem," the words in her glasses responded. "Take care of yourself."

"I'll don't know how," Polly said. "But I'll try."