The Journal Entries

Seren, Nenim 01, 06120

Sterlings: Deprived and Desperate

Dove staggered out of the bedroom, her legs wobbly, her body humming with the pleasures inflicted upon her by the two beautiful young men she could hear somewhere behind her. She heard sounds of slobbering, of gasping. She didn't even need to turn around to see that at least one of them had his mouth wrapped around the dick of the other.

"Great Prophet! Is that the time?" She spotted the clock in the kitchen. The smaller hand hovered around seven. She ran across the room and lunged for her clothes, pulling them on without care or precision.

"Dove?" The twins stood in the doorway.

She whirled and pointed. "Boys, this is insane. I can't do this anymore."

"What?" Both said it at once.

"I can't keep coming here night after night, going home and getting four hours of sleep, and maintain my duties at the office! I have a responsibility to those people!"

"Dove, but what about..."

"I love you guys. Really." She could see the hurt in their faces. "But I need a break. I'm never going to get anything done in my life if I spend all of it having sex, guys. I'll come over for dinner, but... I am calling a, what do you call it, a moratorium on sex."

"No! You can't!" Both of them tried to rush her but she held up her hands, and Dove knew they would respect her. They both looked downcast. "Don't expect us not to have any," one said.

"I don't. But..." She gestured down the length of her dress. "I just feel like I'm going to wear out."

"But people don't wear out." "You're not bored with it, are you?"

"Goddess, no," Dove said, already regretting her words. She wanted to get back into bed with them this moment. She just knew that she could not. "I just... I'm tired of being tired at work."

"Work they don't even like you at," one of the said.

They shared a common long-term memory between them, creating something between individuality and a gestalt, but they had their individual moments. Arwen wouldn't have said that. "Ash," she said, "Honor and responsibility aren't about what other people think. It's about what I think. As long as I made a promise to HonorAthena, I'm going to keep it."

"That's why we love you," he said. The other said, "Yeah, really."

She grinned. "Goddess, I love you guys too. Now, let me go. I need to get to bed! This is going to be our busiest week yet." They hugged her and, true to their natures, let her go without a fuss. She had the distinct impression that she would not be having the last word.

Monday, she dragged at the office even as Jayl's demands piled higher and higher on her Pendorian-supplied terminal. She called the boys and met them for dinner at a restaurant. She knew that she would never have been able to resist their temptations if she had gone back to their home.

Tuesday, the contrast was as vibrant as the day. She had caught a full ten hours of sleep the night before, the first time she had succeeded in doing so in the past two weeks. She hammered at Jayl's list, digesting data and tossing off abstracts. She had worried that she was falling far behind Sabienne and Taborah, but by the end of the day she had passed them and made significant headway into the peripheral research projects list, handing Jayl about a half-dozen interesting "take a look" entries. The boys took her out again.

Wednesday, Dove had cleared Jayl's list and taken some off the "Maybe/Someday/Someone" queue set up for whichever analyst grabbed them first. A hand landed on her shoulder. "Someone is bright eyed." She looked up. Sabienne stood over her, holding a cup of coffee in her hand.

"Yeah!" Dove said. "I'm finally getting enough sleep."

"Did you break up with your Pendorian girlfriend then?"


"Am I wrong? Tabs said something about you going out with a Pendorian."

Dove stared at her. Part of her was still registering shock that Taborah or Jaylene hadn't told the other women at the office everything. About how she was sleeping with mascs, two of them, at the same time. "We... weren't even dating in the first place, so I don't see how I could have had a break up."

"Oh. Well, if you weren't getting enough sleep... Not dating? Maybe you were just, what do the Pendorians call it? Sex friends? There's another phrase, but I won't use it." Dove thought even as she recalled the word 'fuckbuddy.' It wasn't strong enough for what she felt for the twins. "I mean, usually when you're not getting enough sleep, it's either too much stress or too much sex. Of all of us, you seem to be the least stressed out so I just thought it might be the other. I was dating a Y for a while, and she was always trying to talk me into the bedroom." Sabienne took another sip from her mug.

Dove nodded. "I guess. I was getting at most four hours of sleep a night, and sometimes only two. Everything was getting kinda fuzzy in the daytime. I like them, but they're really overwhelming."

Sabienne nearly choked on her coffee. "'They'?"

Dove put a hand over her mouth. Sabienne stared at her then shrugged, smiling just a little. "It's none of my business. It makes you happy, I guess." Dove's face grew hot. "Still, you're the one who gets to make the decisions, right? You get to decide when it feels good."

Dove nodded. "It's not the deciding that's the problem." Dreamy memories of the twins' touch blissed her skin and whispers of their desire graced her ears. She blushed harder. She needed not to be distracted like this. "I guess I could..."

Sabienne patted her on the shoulder. "You're a grown woman from a mature culture. You should be able to put any Pendorian in her place, right?"

"Right," Dove said, wishing that this conversation had never happened. She knew that the moment Sabienne had a chance she was going to go discuss the word 'they' with Taborah, Taborah would spill her secrets, and Dove would be the laughingstock of the company. Not that she cared. They needed her. She could whip through data acquisition reports at about ten times the speed of the other two analysts, and they all knew it.

She wanted to show them, in fact, just how good she was. She sent an email to Ash and Arwen telling them that she wasn't going to be coming over that night. She had work to do, much apologies, she felt bad, but that was that. She managed to keep memories of them at bay long enough for the office to shut down. Even Jayl left, leaving Dove alone in the darkened office, the glow of four monitor frames lighting up in front of her padds.

It amazed Dove that ordinary human brains were capable of so much discernment when they were up against AIs and intelligence-enhanced individuals, but none of that seemed to matter when it came to teasing out the trends. There was an element of perception that depended upon your being like the environment that drove you, a member of the same 'toposophic sphere' as those who spent money, and those who created wealth. And ordinary, non-enhanced and low-enhanced humans seemed to be capable of creating a lot of wealth. There were numerous weaknesses in the system, places where trends existed to be exploited. She could have fixed so many of them with just a phone call, but fixing them wasn't her job. Instead, she pointed them out to Jayl, who could trend them into the future, find the weak points where they could be leveraged either short or full and exploited for cash. Thanks to the sale of the media and real estate funds, sales Dove had initiated, they had the cash to do it. Jayl was going to be a very wealthy woman when her replacement showed up, and Dove was looking forward to the bonus in her basket come Harvest Days.

Dinner was delivered in a white paper bag.

She worked long into the night, pausing only to refill her water bottle. She found the kind of underplanned endeavors that seemed to be commonplace among ordinary humans in three transportation companies, one agricultural interest (she had thought that they were all AI operated, and was pleased to see how many had human producer/planners), six media firms (she loved those, they seemed so odd) and four "hard" manufacturers (companies that made things, not just software).

She might have discovered a serious weakness in the distribution and marketing of celeriomedia products (those media products made by people living in Realms that bubbled up into the real world). After an hour of investigation she found that particular network so baffling she took off her padd, put her head down on the desk and closed her eyes to shut off the light of the monitors. She wanted to think without all the distraction. Dove had developed a head for handling this kind of thinking, but when it came to celerionomics there was just so much of it.

Dove cried out, her body shivering, her head jerking up. "Wha, huh, fuh, wha...?" She looked around. The office was still empty and she was still alone. Her body was hot. She squirmed in her chair, her crotch wet. "Prophet." Her nipples rubbed against the material of her blouse, and she reached down into the crease of her skirt. Her hand found slippery wetness. She stood up and touched the chair with her other hand. It had not soaked through to the upholstery. "Thank the Goddess," she sighed.

Little fragments of the arousing dream drifted back to her. The boys had been there, or maybe it had been just their dicks, curiously disembodied, but she had had both of them inside her, like that one time, or maybe in her dream one had been in her pussy and one her ass, something she had never considered and never allowed the boys to try. She squirmed as she stood up, more aroused than she could ever recall. Goddess, she wanted both boys right now.

"I can't tell them that," she said. "Definitely can't tell them. But I can't just stay like this." She looked around, grabbed her coat.

The office complex was on the 46th floor of an older, almost empty office building. Like all economies, llerkin ran on a growth-and-take-profit cycle, and the latter was now running out the end of its course, leaving many office buildings half-full or less. Dove walked down the hallway to an empty room, it's soft plasticine construction and rounded edges where walls, floors, and ceiling met almost womblike. She wondered if the llerkin built the interiors to order by bringing in materials, or if they just grew them in place, or if these brown walls just exuded whatever was needed. She knew that the empty spaces were nothing like the wood and gypsum-filled offices she had known back home. The only light came from the active city of Thiole' outside the big floor-to-ceiling windows.

She closed the door behind herself, then panicked and tested to make sure she could open it again and get out. The door was not locked. She crept over to one of the support beams, sitting behind it so she couldn't be seen from the windows. The only sound she heard came from the breath of the ventilation system, louder in the empty space where no structures were installed to absorb the vibrations it made. "I can't believe I've come to this. It's like I'm an addict. I've been a pervert all along. It's all Zia's fault!" That wasn't true. She had rushed headlong into this and Goddess, when she was having sex, nothing else mattered. It was the most wonderful thing she knew. The boys knew how to make it perfect. She pulled up her skirt and parted her legs just enough to reach between her thighs. She pulled aside the panel of her dampened underwear, touched her clitoris and gasped at the roll of pleasure. "Goddess, I'm like a diamond down there."

She had never quite mastered the art of masturbation. Not that she had had much time or reason. She had not given it much thought before learning just how much energy Polly and Zia put into sex, and afterward she had been busy, first with Polly, then trying to get Zoeya before giving up, and then days later with the twins. The twins. The Dekan twins, she reminded herself, now that she had a last name for them. Ash and Arwen Dekan.

Trying to do with her fingers what either could do with his tongue did not come easily to Dove. She played with her clitoris, dipping her fingers into her pussy for wetness. "Goddess, I want to come," she breathed, her eyes closed. "Goddess, I need to come. I need to come." She slipped the other hand down between her legs, slipping fingers into her pussy. Without even thinking, the other hand slid down deeper, touching her other opening, even sliding into it up to the first knuckle. "Good, so good, but Goddess, please, let me come. It's not enough. Goddess, I want to come." She pressed her eyes shut, clenched her jaw so hard the trembling rumbled in her ears. She had managed to come a few times before by masturbation, but it just was not working now. "I need something more... Come, come, let me come... Goddess, I need them. I need, I need, I need their dicks."


Dove shrieked. Two figures stood outlined in the doorway by the night lights from the hallway. She knew who they were. They wore the most beautifully cut, gleaming silken dresses with designs she could not quite discern in the dark. "What are you doing here?"

"We worried about you," one said casually. The other gave a mischievous chuckle. "You've never gassed us off like that before. Especially when we thought you might like to see our new dresses." He raised his arms to show it off. "And also," the other said, "We thought you might be ready to reconsider your suspension." He slowly lifted the hem of his dress. His dick pushed up behind the thin elastic of his panties, the head proud against his soft, brown skin.

Dove whimpered as he tossed the dress aside. The other repeated the gestured. "Now that there's dick here, Dove, what will you do?"

She lunged for one of the boys, grabbed him, wrapped her mouth around the sweet head of his cock. Her mouth watered with a hunger that she would not have believed was human. He jerked back, surprised at her ferocity even as her hands scrabbled for the side of his panties, pulling them down until his dick bobbed free even as she already struggled to get it into her mouth. "Stand still!" she gasped, grabbed it, put her mouth around it, slid down until he was in the back of her throat.

"Ohhh," he sighed. "She has become better than you are."

The other laughed. "Wow, you really were starved for dick, weren't you, Dove?"

She tore herself away from the one boy long enough to dive down on the other, making him hiss with pleasure. His dick filled her mouth, yet her hunger remained unabated. It wasn't her mouth that wanted dick. It was the rest of her body. It was down in her soul that the demand for them lived, desired. She looked up at them. "Goddess... Arwen, Ash, fuck me."

"Fuck you?" one said. They reached down and grabbed, carried her toward one of the windows. "Wait! What are you doing!" She looked down, horrified. The entire city was spread out before her. She was as horny as she could ever imagine. One yanked her skirt off, leaving her blouse. He pressed her up against the glass. "We were thinking, maybe we should do you right here, in front of the entire world. Never know when someone might see you."

"Don't, don't," Dove whimpered, but she already knew this was a lost cause. She would do anything to have the boys inside her, both of them at once if they wanted. She squirmed against the glass, felt its cool touch through her blouse against her breasts, experienced the slick touch on her thighs. She reached down, tried to play with herself again. If they wanted to do this to her, she would do it back to them. She turned, pressing her butt up to the glass. "If that's what you both want, let's do it."

They took sides, one each to the left and the right, and their hands were tearing off her blouse, tossing it and her narrow ribbon tie across the room. She caught a glimpse of the tie dropping to the ground and indulged a moment of despair: if she needed their attentions this bad could she ever balance her love life and her career, or would both flutter to the ground in disappointment like that ribbon? She whimpered. She couldn't deny how happy they made her in the moment, how well they succeeded at pleasing her, at tearing her away from the humdrum straitjacket existence she had been living. Their hands caressed her skin like the whispers she had dreamed and all thoughts of resistance melted. "The whole city might see. You're so pale, Dove, I bet you show up beautifully against the darkness."

"I don't care," she whimpered, her whole body shivering with expectant desire. Her hands batted at their dicks, found them. "I bet you guys have been keeping each other busy."

"We want you there, too," one said, hissing as her hand wrapped around the pipe of warm flesh between his legs. She felt a hand caress her butt. "You need to get fucked, don't you?"

"Uh-huh," Dove said, fighting hard to maintain a tiny shred of her own self-control.

He pressed closer, his chest against her shoulder. The other boy mirrored his actions on her other side. Dove was drowning in desire. "You want our dicks inside you. Do you want it in your pussy, or your ass?"

Dove whimpered. "I don't care. Goddess, I just need you."

Laughing once more, they fell to the ground, dragging her down with them before the vast pane of glass. She was pulled on top of one of them, the channels of desire within her body lighting up with an ecstasy of promises as a bare chest pressed against her and she tasted his breath against her face. For three days she had missed this kind of attention and there was no reason she should have denied it to herself. She sobbed in her throat as the other's hands touched her pussy and then guided his brother's dick into her. "Yes," she cried deep within her throat. "Yes." She felt it slide into her, come to rest deep and perfect and sweet, her pussy drum-taut about it thickness.

The other laughed and slipped in behind her. She feared the feel of his cock in her ass, it would hurt, didn't care. She would do anything at this point to keep them both in her life and in her body. But he didn't invade her, not quite. Instead, his mouth touched against her ass, kissing her butt before he eased his way down to her asshole. She whimpered, her body fighting the twin impulses of desire and disgust. She knew that Zia and Polly had done this all the time, but she couldn't shake off her own instincts. It felt so good, Prophet bless that boy and his tongue. She moaned, and then his mouth left her hole and left a trail up her back, making her shiver. She knew, by the one way she reliably knew, which was which. It was Arwen inside her, Ash behind.

She looked down, and Arwen smiled at her. She shifted her hips, taking more, then less, then more of him again. They both sighed with pleasure. She loved the strange, hydraulic pressure inside her pussy as his cock pumped in and out of her. She moaned again, but it was her cock to take, her pleasure to enjoy. Ash's hands stroked her back and she wanted more of him. She gestured wildly behind herself for him to come around, and when he did she kissed his mouth, his chest, all the while maintaining a steady rhythm on Arwen's beautiful dick. She dropped down to the thin patch of pubic hair that hovered above Ash's dick, little more than a decorative mustache, and she slid her mouth along the length of his beautiful, hard shaft, taking the head into her mouth, taking it to the back of her throat without a moment's pause or a hint of distress. "Wow," he breathed. "She really is good at that."

"Mmm," his brother agreed. "She seems to enjoy it too."

"Uh-huh," he said. Dove nodded her head, bobbing on his cock, fucking his brother with her pussy. She was full of dick, where she wanted to be all the time, every night. Tears of joy fell across her cheeks as she wrapped her arms around Ash's butt and held onto him. All three of them groaned and whimpered as they all cast off any restraint at all.

Ash came first, his semen flooding her mouth. He always seemed to make so much of it. When he pulled away another shot of come jetted into the air and fell across the floor. Dove came second, and Arwen was only a few lovely thrusts behind him as he swamped her pussy with his own slippery load.

Arwen remained inside, middling-hard, even as Ash crawled around behind her. She wondered if now he might try and slide into her ass. Instead, the meat of his cock pressed down on his brother's, and with a wiggle from all three of them both dicks slipped into her pussy. "So big," she gasped.

"But you've softened up for us so wonderfully," Arwen said, looking up at her. "We love you, Dove. You're so beautiful. We mean it when we want you forever."

She nodded, crying, sobbing with release, with pleasure. She had to admit that she wanted them too. Ash began a gentle rocking, a soft thrusting within the tight, desirous space of her body. She let them fuck her the way they wanted, Ash and Arwen, two pistons in her chamber, both firing with soft abandon within her. "Yes, yes," she cried, "Yes, yes!" It was too much, all too much, this much dedication and attention and love being poured into her, it was like being a Goddess, like having worshippers, and she yielded to their supplication and she came again and again under their ravishements.

They slowed down, stopped, when it was obvious to all three that she couldn't take anymore. Her whole body ached with the effort: it was late and she was not well-fed. She collapsed into Arwen's arms as Ash took a seat beside her, crossed-legged and beaming. "You're wonderful!" he said.

She nodded, not sure if she was just accepting his compliment or trying to return it. Perhaps a bit of both. She could not quite get the words out, but looked up into his sweet, handsome face and she wanted another kiss. She gave it to Arwen. He sighed his appreciation.

"You sneaky, evil girls. Did Dzun help you set this up?"

"No, really," Ash said, giggling at what they called her "pronoun trouble". "We came looking for you. We thought that you'd need some care and attention after working so hard for three days." "We tried to call your phone but you didn't answer, and when we asked Dzun where you were she said your padd was still at your office. You didn't ask that your location be suppressed."

She nodded. "I'll remember that next time I take a sabbatical from you two."

"Will there be a next time?"

She sighed. "I meant what I said Sunday night, Arwen. I can't survive on four hours a night, so I can't stay up all night fucking. You guys don't have full-time jobs like I do." She was getting cold, she realized. This room was cool without bodies to warm it and clothes to protect her.

Arwen said, "There must be some way you can make it work, Dove. You'll kill yourself trying to survive in the market cycle as a mere human being." "And we want you for other things, not just your ability to make money."

Dove nodded, feeling a little depressed. Most of the time they were good at making her happy. If only they could help her find a way out of the impossibility of her situation. "I need to get home."

"Yeah," Ash said. "If you want to get six hours, you need to leave now."

"Thanks for letting me know."

He tapped the frame of his padd, which somehow had managed to stay on through all of the action. Dove turned over, found her skirt, pulled it on, then found the rest of her outfit. She glanced at the window. They were too far away from other buildings for anyone to have seen her, and a tiny splinter of her being was disappointed. "Goddess, forgive your daughter for being a pervert."

The boys stepped up to her. "We forgive you," they both said. "If She won't." "But She will. We trust Her." "Just like we trust you."

She stared at them. They'd been reading from the Poems of the Prophet since meeting her. She smiled and said, "I trust you guys, too. C'mon, take me home."