The Journal Entries

Noren, Narrin 09, 06120

Sterlings: New Worlds

When Rhiane awoke, one wall of her room was ablaze with a new kind of light, one she hadn't seen in the past few months. She turned over in her bed and looked up. She had once said she wanted to see space going by, and Thia had indulged her by making one wall into a window. For weeks the view had been artificially generated, a view of the universe as if one could see through the veil that separated space from the hyperspaces. Rhiane had done the math in her head-- that was one of her specialities after all-- and determined that Thia's representation was good enough.

But now the view was not of stars racing past, but of a planet. A big planet, blue, green, and white, with patches of brown and yellow, a beautiful world. A sun shone down upon it, a touch smaller and whiter than the sun of Athena, but it obviously kept this world alive and vibrant. She felt Ilonca shift beside her through the mattress, turn over, prop herself up on an elbow. "That's llerkin?"

"I think so," Rhiane said. "I thought we weren't supposed to be arriving planetside until late afternoon."

"Maybe it is late afternoon," Ilonca replied. She came close and kissed Rhiane's shoulders, leaving little love trails up the back of her neck.

Rhiane giggled, putting her head down to give Ilonca's mouth better access. "If it is, my padd would be screaming and Tempany would be calling for my head in a box right about now."

"Mmmm," Ilonca said. "Is that the best reasoning you've got, mathematician?"

"It's the only reasoning I've got," Rhiane said, her breath thick with pleasure. "All of my reasoning faculties right now are being devastated by an evil woman from my boss's stewarding staff."

"Evil woman," Ilonca mouthed against Rhiane's skin. "Evil indeed." Her free hand slipped up Rhiane's ass and along her flanks. Goosebumps erupted in her wake. Rhiane sighed happily. "We should team up to stop her before she--"

She was interrupted by Rhiane's full-size padd. Rhiane giggled again, then groped for the rectangle of plastic on her bedstand. She tapped the 'No Visuals' button, saw that it was indeed Ambassador Tempany. "Yes?"

"Rhiane. Oh, thank Goddess. Did I wake you?"

"It's okay, Ambassador."

"Oh, good. I need your skills within the hour. Is Ilonca there?" Rhiane was shocked into silence. Tempany had been the soul of tradition on this ship. It was not uncommon for two women to sleep with each other but it was definitely uncommon for someone as aristocratic and conservative as Tempany to acknowledge it.

Ilonca fell back on the bed. "Yes, Ambassador, I'm here."

"Good. I'll need you too."

"We'll be there," Rhiane finally said. "Give each of us time to shower."

"By the way, we have received word from the surface that the Pendorians have sent a special contingent to meet us here at llerkin, as have the Terrans." Rhiane glanced back at Ilonca, who shook her head. "The Shardiks are attending."

"What?" Both women said it at once. "I'm expected to serve dinner for Kennet Shardik?" Ilonca said.

"I do not know that you personally will be asked to serve him, Ilonca, but yes, he will be attending the formal dinner at the Castle, along with the Queen Mother Anlestin and her grandson Celiantin. As the head steward of this party, your duty will be to co-ordinate with one Tona Rycis Three, presently the head steward at the Royal Palace."

Rhiane wanted to ask if the number meant anything like it did on Athena, but she was sure she would have an opportunity to ask later. "We'll meet at your office in one hour, Ambassador."

"Thank you. Good morning, ladies."

Ilonca worked her mouth as if she had eaten something disagreeable. "Well, that was a surprise."

Rhiane nodded. "Let's take a shower."

"Okay," Ilonca said, tossing the covers aside. Rhiane felt a tiny quiver inside as she watched Ilonca rise from the bed, stretch her beautiful body in all its loveliness. Ilonca smiled at Rhiane's open admiration. "I should look at you the same way."

Rhiane blushed, hard. They had only been living together for two months and Rhiane still had not adjusted to the notion that Ilonca thought she was pretty and nice to look at. Ilonca stepped around the bed still gloriously naked, took Rhiane's hand and led her to the bath. Water already cascaded from the ceiling, and they stepped into its warm embrace even as they stepped into each other's. Rhiane nestled her head against Ilonca's shoulders. "I love you," she said gently.

She felt Ilonca stiffen against her. "Do you mean that?"

"Yes," Rhiane said. "I didn't mean to say it like that. It just... came out."

Ilonca smiled at her. "Then I guess I have to say it too. I love you, Rhiane." The water cascaded down their joined bodies, hands around each other. Ilonca moved back just enough to see Rhiane's eyes, then kissed her gently. Rhiane's soft moan of pleasure told her that she had guess right as to Rhiane's second wish of the morning. "Goddess, what did I ever do to deserve you, Rhiane?"

"I don't know," Rhiane said. "Maybe you didn't do anything. Maybe I'm the one who got lucky."

Ilonca smiled. "I could help you get lucky."

Rhiane laughed. "I bet you could." She felt Ilonca's fingers against her thighs, and she parted her legs, allowing Ilonca's fingers into her secret cloud of dark tangles, felt those skilled fingers brush up against her skin. "Goddess, you make me feel so wanted."

Ilonca loomed over her, pushed her up against the wall of the shower as the warm rain continued to flow over their naked bodies. "You just want to feel wanted. I'm just encouraging you." She kissed Rhiane again, and her fingers played between Rhiane's nether lips, delving deep, playing with the thin lips of Rhiane's pussy, until finally her fingers closed in on Rhiane's pearl and stroked at it, soft and sure and experienced, until Rhiane felt the pleasure of climax flow through her, following the water down her body, a blush that started at her face and radiated down to her feet, through her.

Ilonca was smiling as she blinked her eyes open. "You're beautiful." She kissed Ilonca's neck, her breasts, kissing each in turn before falling to her knees.

"Rhiane," Ilonca said. "We only have an hour."

"Will this take that long?" Rhiane said, and pressed her mouth up against Ilonca's mound.

"No.... no it won't. I wish we had time that it... could!" She moaned softly, reached down and held open her pussy so Rhiane's tongue could reach deeper. "Right there, beloved, oh..." She ceased speaking as Rhiane's tongue whirled around her clit. She shuddered. Rhiane loved this woman, she loved her for who she was. She loved what she could do to her. She loved everything about her. Her neck ached gently and her tongue grew tired before Ilonca's body began those soft, initial shudders. Rhiane knew she was going to come. Ilonca's body jerked, relaxed, then tensed in every fiber, her mouth agape with the familiar surprise, and she moaned, a soft convulsion rippling through her as climaxed around Rhiane's mouth.

"Goddess, beloved," she said, sliding down to join Rhiane on the floor of the shower. "The things you do to me."

"You make me go asymptotic, beloved."

Ilonca laughed, and kissed Rhiane. "Silly mathematician."

"We'd better wash up for sure," Rhiane said. "Wouldn't want to be late for Tempany." She giggled. "Or her honor guard."

Polly turned over in bed. Something was odd, something that made the soldier in her tweak for a moment. "Do you hear that?"

Zia said, "Hear what, Polly? Oh." She immediately grasped what was happening. She pulled down her padd from the bedstand and began reading it. "We've reached llerkin."


"That's what it says." She gestured, and the small wall screen lit up to show the shipboard news handler. The news page was busier than usual, as now it had not only the shipboard news to display but also that of an entire solar system, plus whatever late news had arrived through the narrow tangled bandwidth distributions that existed between the solar systems. Polly read it with fascination. The most interesting articles were those from llerkin itself, welcoming the new Free World colonists back to the Corridor.

Polly laughed. "But the Corridor isn't where we left. We left Earth. And that's really where we should go."

"The Ambassador and the Commander will make sure we get there," Zia said. She turned over and cuddled Polly, her hard and substantive body a presence to be reckoned with. Polly responded with the same hard and casual thrill she always did. Zia's fingers crept between her buttocks, caressing her asshole. "We should celebrate, Polly. Maybe I should take your virginity here?"

Polly gasped. Zia's attack was direct and straightforward, and yet somehow the common fear of pain wasn't there. "I'm not... a virgin."

"You're not?" Zia said, sounding disappointed. "Who got there first?"

"A girl," Zia said. "A Y, a long time ago."

"That's too bad," Zia said. "Since you did it then, I guess you didn't like it? You never talked about it." Zia's fingers were playing around her wrinkled hole. She was gentle and convincing, which surprised Polly because Zia usually had no notion of foreplay. "But I've put fingers up there. You get as hard as granite when that happens. And if you're tired, it also helps you come. Especially when I touch that spot behind your dick."

Polly groaned gently as Zia slid a finger up into Polly's asshole. It slid in easily and Polly looked over Zia's shoulder to see a bottle of sex grease, a different kind from the usual ones they used, lying on the counter. "You were planning this, weren't you?"

"Never go into bed unprepared," Zia said, low and serious. That one finger invaded Polly deeper.

Polly had never thought of herself as inviolable. She was after all a woman and her mental wiring was half ready to have a dick inside her. Unfortunately, that half was wrapped around body parts she didn't have. Equally unfortunate was the discovery every Y made that anal sex usually hurt or at the very least was downright uncomfortable. But Zia was touching all of the right places. She studied sex, made a science of it, wanted to hit all of its high points in order and never seemed to let her personal feelings get in the way. Oh, she had feelings: whenever the sex got good she would let them go in a cascade of dirty language, blissful moans and desperate cries for more. Polly was even convinced that in her own way Zia liked her. She recalled what Zia had said the night they had seduced Dove-- or Dove had seduced them, depending upon how one looked at it. She put her head down against the bed and said to Zia, "If you want my ass... I'm still yours, Zia. And you're still mine. As long as we both remember that, this'll be fine."

Zia kissed the back of Polly's neck. "Then you're going to be fine with this." Polly felt Zia slip her finger out, and then the touch of warmed lubricant against her anus, and then something bigger. "This wasn't for Khrystyne. It's for you. It's almost sad that it lost its virginity to someone other than you, Polly. Almost as sad as that you lost it first to someone else." Zia pressed inward, and Polly struggled to relax, her body's defenses at war with her desire. Zia's hand slid around her waist and grabbed her dick, and Polly sagged against the strong, long body of Zia Tau, her asshole relaxing just enough that Zia's "dick" slipped into her. It should have hurt. It didn't. If anything, it felt... "nice." Not a word Polly would have used with Zia.

Zia stroked at Polly's dick with one hand while she slipped the rubbery dildo in and out with her hips. "It's like I have a dick and I'm finally getting to fuck my sweet Polly," Zia whispered. She was big enough that she could wrap herself around Polly sightly and look Polly in the eyes.

"Yeah," Polly said. "Nothing 'like' about it." Goddess, it actually felt good. Zia had her so turned on anything would have felt good at this point. She couldn't believe that she was enjoying being fucked. It was such a weird moment: no Y she knew admitted to liking it. Except Khrystyne. Polly was. That dick sliding in and out of her asshole was soft and flexible, maybe moreso than a real dick, maybe that was the secret. Zia sure seemed to know how to wield it. "I'm gonna come, Zia. I'm gonna come from your dick!"

"Come, Polly. Shoot your come. I wanna see your dick shoot." Her hand stroked Polly's hard dick, sliding back and forth over the lube-slickened skin. Polly shuddered. It always took her so long to come from someone else masturbating her, longer than fucking, or sucking, and definitely longer than her doing it herself. But Zia had learned how to do it with enough skill that Polly felt herself shaking with need quick and hard. The dick in her her ass was convincing, too, in ways that Zia's hand by itself couldn't have been. "Goddess, Zia, fuck me, fuck me hard!"

The position was awkward, side-by-side, but Zia had the athleticism it took to deliver on Polly's demand. She gasped her trademark, "Fuh, fuh, fuh..." as her hips slammed against Polly's ass, pushed hard. Polly felt that dick sliding against her prostate, she felt the way her anus pulled and distorted with each thrust. She moaned as ripples surged within her belly, the muscles all funnelling her desire down to a single moment, that inevitable moment. They reached her dick and she came hard, groaning, shooting come all over the sheets.

Zia gasped. "You came."

"You helped."

Zia's hand stroked the base of Polly's dick gently. She tried not to touch the head which was always too sensitive for direct play after climax. Polly stayed hard, and Zia slipped out from behind her and knelt over that dick. Zia touched the clasps on the harness and it fell away. Without asking, she impaled herself on it, moaning. "Your dick is always so great," she moaned. "The perfect dick." She placed her hands next to Polly's shoulders, looked down at the woman underneath her. She stroked herself along its length demandingly, and Polly went with her, adored letting Zia have her way, as long as Zia paid attention to her, fucked her, let her fuck back. She pressed up even as Zia pushed down, and the two of them reached again for the heights of pleasure. "I came, I came!" Zia said. Polly knew that meant a lot to Zia, but it also meant little: she would keep going until Polly came, until she had Polly's semen bubbling out of her pussy.

Zia groaned as she came again. Polly enjoyed watching Zia's large breasts bounce when she was on top like this. She could feel the sucking, demanding muscles of Zia's pussy trying hard to coax her come out of her. Polly moaned hard as she came, and Zia arched her back with a soft cry of "Yes!" when she saw Polly's climax. "Yes, I have Polly's dick, and Polly's come."

Polly grinned. "Zia, you're just trying to wear me out."

"That was only two this morning, Polly. You'll be ready to go for more in just a few minutes, huh?"

Polly nodded. "Probably." She tackled Zia suddenly, feeling oddly powerful with the other woman. Her dick had sagged just a bit and as she slipped between Zia's thighs desire rushed to her cock. The head nosed its way between Zia's sloppy labia and the length became rigid by the time she had hit bottom. "Like that."

"Good, Polly. Fuck me. Fuck me with that beautiful dick of yours!" Polly gave what Zia wanted. If nothing else, the past two months with Zia Tau had given Polly abdominal muscles that must have marked her as a Y, capable of pounding away at a pussy for an hour or more without rest. Zia's sweet, hairless pussy was a glidepath of pure pleasure and she followed it down, down, she gave up everything she had to Zia's pleasure. "I love when you don't think about it. Fuck me. Fuh, fuh... yah... fuh, fuck me Polly!"

Polly laughed and repeatedly rammed her dick into Zia's pussy, felt that warm pussy tremble at her presence, at her strength, and she gasped as she came again, surprisingly quickly.

They eased back to the bed. Three was a good start to the day. There would be more. They both knew it. Zia turned over. "I'm gonna do you in the ass again. Soon."

Polly blushed. She had liked that. It had been so dirty, so perverse. It had made her whole body tremble with sensations she had never experienced before, ones that she counted as good. "Pervert. Goddess, but I want you to."

"Good. Let's eat." Zia got out of bed with her perfunctory grace and walked out into the living room. Polly followed her, feeling momentarily awkward. "Where's Dove?"

"I don't know. She was at the dinner last night. She was seated with Ash and Arwen, the two boys who were pestering Rhiane last week."

Polly looked up at Zia. "You don't think she... ?"

Zai lifted a glass of orange juice to her mouth, drank deeply. "She's been looking for a Y. They're probably as close as Pendorians get."

"Oh, Goddess," Polly said. "Where is she now?"

Dove awoke to the sensation of the bed purring softly to itself. She shifted slightly and an arm draped across her shoulder, sliding down briefly to nestle her breast in its grasp. She suppressed the instinct to make a sudden move long enough to recall what had happened the night before

She eased from out of his grasp, and saw that his brother was cuddled up behind him. Naked, there was very little about them that suggested the femininity she had seen in them the night before. The sharp curves of shoulders, lean planes of hips, and long length of legs, all added up to show a body shape with which Dove had no familiarity, but which still registered somewhere deep down in her soul. They created their sweet appearance with their clothes, she realized, and maybe some very strategic makeup that had come off in the night. They were adorable boys, but they were most definitely boys.

Last night returned in vivid color. She had completely surrendered to them, given herself up. In turn, they had had their way with her, giving the kind of passionate embraces that she had always dreamed existed. The twins had unstoppable libidos that made her think of Zia and Polly and the way they were always doing it, whenever there was a spare second, anywhere. She recalled feeling last night as if she might lose her mind at any moment, as if her mind might be taken over by pleasure and just stay there forever, as if desire were the only thing she would ever want again. She recalled telling them that she wanted them to stay.

One of the boys woke and smiled at her. The other followed close behind. "Good morning, Dove," said the first as he lunged, kissing her on the mouth. They tumbled backwards, her arms and legs flailing in the air as she went down. His kiss started at her lips and streaked right down to her groin, a deep fire of suggestion that planted itself in her belly and warmed her all the way through. The other was already beside her, kissing her shoulders. She wanted to warn them off but they had already mastered her weak points. She shivered as they kissed her and their hands slid over her body. She was stale and sticky and they were too but nobody seemed to mind as she felt herself get wet.

Hands reached and grabbed her thighs and guided her down to a waiting mouth that surrounded her pussy, and a tongue dove into that viscid mess between her legs. "You guys are so unfair!" she moaned.

"It's what we are for you, Dove." The one not licking her pussy kissed her again, and she tilted her head up and wrapped her arms around his neck and held him, her body being licked at both ends by tongues that desired her, wanted her. She moaned hard against their suggestive mouths. She wondered if the one below felt it as surely as the one above, their tongues meeting in reverent congress, their bodies pouring lust into one another.

Goddess, she was already dissolving into their desire. It wasn't enough that they liked her and wanted her, that she had their complete attention. They threatened to consume her, to make her no more. His skin was against her belly, his mouth against her lips, his hands around her back, his hands pressed to her ass, his mouth surrounded her clitoris. The orgasm that tore through her and made her cry out was not like the ones from the night before. It was a bolt of pure lightning on the coldest of nights, taking her from sleepy sensuality to wide-awake lust in the nonstop wet, sticky touch of mouths and hands. She held on, just held on and prayed that they would never stop, that they would lust after her forever, that she would feel their warmth long after the Free Worlds and the Corridor had established channels and relationships and merged into an indistinguishable mass of men and women, Xs and Ys, furries and skinnies and scalies.

They laid her down onto the bed as if laying down flowers on an altar, and as one got between her thighs she asked, "Which one are you?"

"Ash," he said. "But it never matters." He slipped inside her and she remembered: his was the longer, skinnier dick. She liked the way it reached deep, touching parts of her his brother couldn't reach, but then Arwen's dick was only slightly shorter but much thicker, stretching her and filling her in perverse, obscene ways. Ash's dick slid in and out with crazed urgency. "I'm gonna come," he breathed.

"Yes, yes, your turn," she gasped. Arwen was behind him, his arms around his brother's back, holding him, kissing Ash's neck. That was another signature that separated them, but if that was it, there wasn't enough to tell them apart. She wanted to keep both of them. Goddess, his dick touched her so deeply, disappeared, returned. She couldn't explain why she wanted him. She just did.

Ash came with a shout of joy, his eyes glistening with a strange glee, and then Arwen took his place. To her surprise, he rolled her over onto her belly, pulled her onto her knees, and shoved his meaty dick into her, demanding that she let him in. She groaned as his hips pressed against her ass. He grabbed her by the waist and began to fuck her, hard, fast, and she clutched at the sheets and held on. The pleasure was more than her body could hold and she thrashed even as Ash slipped in front of her and presented his dick, only slightly drooping from his climax, to her eyes. She grabbed it and wrapped her mouth around it, incapable of doing anything else. She was between two beautiful Ys, two dicks, two mascs, and she would be happy being there forever. The boys laughed and played and when Arwen came it was half a cry, half a giggle.

They fell apart, the three of them, and she lost track of which was which. It didn't matter anymore. "You two... if you keep that up, you two will wear me out," she said.

"People don't wear out," one said. "But if you need a break..." He rolled over her and pounced on his brother. She watched, wide-eyed, as they rolled into a circle, mouth on dick, dick in mouth, each sucking the other, a closed circuit of joyful desire that went round and round, making dizzy and wet. She crawled closer to watch as each boy's head bobbed on the spit-glossy dick of the other, drool soaking into the furred, happy bed, slurping noise and grunts of effort and ecstasy commingling in their throats. Finally one let go, gasping "All right, all right, you win!" and leaning back as the other sucked harder, longer, and suddenly the "loser" came with a gasp, the other coughing on the influx of semen. They traded places, the loser now going down on the winner until they had both tasted each other's come. Both collapsed on the bed, giggling, and gestured to Dove to join them. She was soon surrounded once more, skin against her back and her belly, arms embracing her, warm breathing over her shoulders, soft murmurs of desire and affection. She felt as if they were devoted to her. She knew it couldn't last.

As she felt their warm bodies against her, responsibility arose within her. She still had a duty to her teammates and her country. She got up, ignoring their soft pleas, and pulled her padd on over her eyes. Not only was it late in the morning, but the ship was docked over llerkin already. "We're here!"


Dove recalled her promise to Taborah, and her obligation to the firm, and her duty to her mothers. She felt it profoundly, innately. "We've arrived at llerkin. Look, boys, I really can't stay, I can't. I've got a job, and friends, and they're probably wondering where I am, and I was supposed to meet them for landing. I've got to go."

"Dove!" one said. "What about... staying?"

"I'll think about it," she said, pulling her dress on over her disheveled hair. She shoved her feet into her shoes as fast as she could, found her jacket, and left them behind in the room with the Fixer bed. She left them behind, hearing them call out her name.

She was doing the right thing, she said to herself. The lounge was empty. She found an SDisk and took it back to the Concourse. She was doing the right thing. That explained why her heart ached so.