The Journal Entries

Seren, Narrin 01, 06120

Sterlings: Midpoints

"Are you both out of your minds?" Khrystyne glanced back and forth between Zia Tau and Saul, watching the two of them eye each other with curious blandness. She looked over at Polly. "You planned this, didn't you? What is it, Polly? Some kind of revenge fantasy?"

Polly spread her hands defensively. "Believe me, I had nothing to do with this. Zia brought it up that she wanted to try something new and different, and I joked about inviting Saul."

"You did set it up!"

"I was kidding!" Polly said. "I didn't think she'd take me seriously. You should have seen the look she got on her face when I did it. It was the scariest thing I've ever seen."

"There is no way I'm letting you do this, Saul."

"What makes you think you have a say in the matter, girl?" Saul said. Khrystyne looked at him, eyes wide. "If you want, you can come observe, but I'm intrigued enough by the idea, Ms. Tau, to be willing. And you flatter me if you think I'm your man."

Zia gave him that pure, cool smile that only she knew how to deliver. "Polly's recommendation was convincing enough."

"Hey!" Polly said. "I said I was kidding. Got it? A joke?"

"I'm not," Zia said, nodding to Saul. "Come on, Polly. Let's go."

"Saul! Saul!" Khrystyne got up from the table. "Dammit, listen to me!" Still complaining and whining, she followed them out of the restaurant and down the hallway.

Polly ran ahead of the little clutch to join Zia. "You're not serious about letting her stay, are you?"

"Yes, I am."

"If I have to listen to that whiny voice the whole night I'm never going to be able to get it up, Zia."

"You'll manage," Zia said. "Your dick has never failed me before. Besides, Saul says he has an idea."

"Saul has an idea? I thought you asked me to arrange this meeting. I didn't know you'd talked to Saul before this."

Zia, playing the guardswoman to the hilt, looked back and made sure that Saul and Khrystyne were still arguing before speaking further. "Your friend Rhiane is an excellent source of information and contacts. That's what she does, right?"

Polly nodded, momentarily bewildered by the mention of her old infatuation. "But what...?"

"You'll see," she said in her straightforward manner.

"You make me nervous when you say that," Polly said. "And if we're really going to make room for four, we can't do it in your sleeping cabin, now, can we? I mean, we didn't really have room in there when it was just you, me, and Dove."

"We'll use the couch again. Dove is going be to... out for the evening. She has a date."

"Really? Anyone I know?"

"A Pendorian fem. She said her name was Zoeya."

Polly shook her head. That wasn't a name she recognized. She was still surprised by the way Dove had tried to seduce her, and then had become very friendly afterward. It was as if the experience she had had with Zia and Polly had broken open the Spartan barriers and Dove now could give voice to her wants. She didn't want Polly because Polly was already taken. But she now said she wanted a lover and would prefer a Y.

They passed by the guards into Sterling Country. The guards knew better than to give Saul a hard time, but recently they had become much more cautious about recording who entered and left. The Pendorians had faked up ID cards anyway, although they looked real enough. When Polly had asked him about them, he said, "We have a design team on the planet Discovery that does nothing but keep the records, papers, sigils and symbols of the Corridor up-to-date. The llerkin insist that the Pendorians have a national identity."

They reached the cabin that Zia shared with Dove San Cioni. "Polly, take your clothes off," Zia said. "Saul?"

Saul nodded. Next to the kitchen nook was a small table with four wooden chairs. Saul walked over to the table, picked up one of the chairs and turned it around to face the open room. "Khrystyne, come here."

"Saul, please don't do this."

"You didn't have to come. I'm not your servant and you're not my purpose, love. I'm not doing this to hurt you, I'm doing this because I want to. You didn't have to come to the meeting at the restaurant, either."

"When you told me you were meeting Polly and Zia, how could I not want to come?"

"You exert self control," Saul said with a grin. "Sit."

Khrystyne looked across the room. Polly was standing there, looking confused but still beautiful, her hair falling down across her shoulders in a most unmilitary look. With long hair Polly was even prettier than usual, although she had been truly hot with the military cut she had originally worn. Khrystyne felt her own cock get hard at the sight, even before her eyes slunk down the length of Polly's body to where Polly's cock lay, bent down under its own weight. Khrystyne had been Polly's first lover when they had both been assigned to the Medical Frigate Bones for a routine trip to the hinterlands and an engineering refit, and she remembered seeing Polly's cock, so much larger than her own, and being intimidated. She had been glad at the time that Polly wasn't much into fucking.

But Saul had taught her the value of a skilled fuck, and now she wished that she could try Polly out one last time and maybe find out what it was like be fucked by someone as massive as Polly. She was also under the impression that Polly had gained a lot of experience and skill herself under Tau's tutelege.

She sat down as Saul had indicated. "Close your eyes," he said. She did, blocking out the sight of Polly and Saul. An unkempt worry welled inside her, a sense that she was about to get much more than she had planned on seeing this evening. "Open your mouth." She did as asked.

Strong hands gripped her wrists at the same time something large was shoved between her teeth. She felt a strap go around the back of her head even as cool wrappings enveloped her wrists. She tried to object but the only thing she could say was "Unh. UuunUnh!"

"There," Saul said, stepping back to examine his handwork. "Aye, girl, you look good like that. A little silence now and then is a beautiful thing."

Khrystyne's anger grew, and she struggled against the bonds that held her to the chair. "She does look good like that, doesn't she?" Tau said from behind her. She turned her head and looked up. "That gag is to keep you from talking too much. It has plenty of holes in it so you can breathe. The Pendorian at the shop told me that you might drool a lot, so keep your head forward."

Khrystyne grunted against the gag, moaning angrily. There was nothing she could do but watch.

Polly was already naked, and she watched now as Tau took off her own skirt as if she were tossing aside a napkin. Polly eyed Tau's large breasts and long-- very long-- body, with its trim, muscular abdomen and powerful, athletic thighs, and she knew envy. She wasn't sure who she envied more, Polly or Tau: both of them were insanely lucky to have each other.

Why didn't they know that?

Polly pushed herself off the couch and approached the now naked Zia even as Saul started taking off his own clothes. Zia grinned and looked down at Polly's quickly hardening dick, took it into her hand and stroked the length of it. Polly shivered at the now familiar, still incredible sensation. "Goddess, Zia."

"You're ready to go, right?"

"Right," Polly said. "Will she be okay?" She inclined her head to Khrystine.

"Yeah." Zia reached over the couch and grabbed the bottle of lubricant she had bought from the Pendorians. They had "graduated" from the single-use pearls that she had originally brought back to her cabin. Zia and Polly had tried a couple of different formulations before they had found one they liked. She dribbled some of the fluid over Polly's cock, then turned around. "Into my ass, Polly."

Polly smiled. Zia asked for sodomy more than occasionally. Not as often as the straightforward fucking they both liked three or four times a day, but often enough. She sat down on the back of the couch, nosed the head of her cock between Zia's asscheeks while guiding the other woman with a hand on her hip, and slowly her cock found its new home deep within Zia's ass. Zia pushed herself down with a grunt and her cheeks mashed down against Polly's hips. "There," she said. "Look, Saul." She reached down between her legs and held open her pussy to Saul's watchful eyes. "Polly's dick is buried so deep inside my anus. Would you like to join her dick inside me? I think you would."

Saul smiled but he also showed surprise. His cock was rock hard, jutting out from his squat muscular body. "Grief, woman, you don't mess around, do you?"

"No. A good fuck is all I care about. Polly's giving it to me. How about you?"

Saul wore the fashion that the Sterlings had come to recognize as definitively masculine: heavy cotton pants dyed blue, boots, a flannel shirt, suspenders to keep the pants up, and a leather vest. It was his signature look, a combination of everything masculine in his wear and he liked it that way, but most other mascs on board achieved some manner of similarity in cut and fabric. Polly couldn't see how he took his pants off but kept the boots on, but that's what he had managed as he approached the two of them.

Zia was rocking gently. Polly could feel her cock striking one wall of Zia's insides, then the other, back and forth in the dark, forbidden chamber of Zia's body. She liked it in there. Her dick certainly liked it in there. It was one of those places she never wanted to leave.

"Your dick is so good already," Zia said. "What do you say, Saul?"

"Aye, Polly's got a great dick." He knelt down in front of Zia, his eyes locked onto where Polly's cock and Zia's ass melded together into a single, molded point of sexual excess.

"Yeah, it is. It makes me come just by being where it is," Zia said, her voice airy and breathless. "In fact, it... " Zia pushed herself down onto Polly's cock in three hard thrusts. Polly grunted with the effort as Zia pushed back, tossing her head up. "I came," Zia gasped. She smiled.

"Don't get up then," Saul said, and he applied his mouth to Zia's pussy.

Zia moaned softly. "I don't do that to you," Polly said.

"You don't have to. All I want is your dick," Zia said as she shivered hard against Saul's mouth. "Your dick makes me come all the time. Why would I want anything else?"

"Because it's different."

"It won't be... hah!... hah... better..." Her body shivered around Saul's mouth once, twice, again. Polly could feel Zia's body twitching around her cock. "Now, Saul, get inside me."

Saul stood up, and Zia spread her legs around him. He grinned as his cock slipped into her pussy. Polly felt his cock slide in next to hers, only the thin membranes of the two different channels separating them. Zia groaned. "I feel so full, it's unbelievable!"

Saul's hands gripped her thighs, his large, muscular hands indenting her flesh even as his cock slid in and out of her. "Yes, yes, Saul, Polly. I'm going to come again, I am!"

Polly was barely moving but already she could feel her climax coming on. Her cock felt ready to explode. She could feel the desire building inside her, feel the pressure from within. She heard Khrystyne's protesting groans from the other side of the room. She held onto Zia's sides with both hands, felt her and Saul working together, added her own thrusts when she could. She felt Saul's cock sliding back and forth through the thin tissues and she regretted momentarily never letting him fuck her. The regret passed and she let the ecstasy of the moment build and build until Zia was screaming, "Yes, yes, I feel it, I feel it all the way up into my belly, you're both making me so full, so very full!" She came again, her body shuddering around Polly's cock.

Polly was stunned as Saul backed away, smiling, sweat streaking down his chin. "You're not too bad, Miss Tau." Only Zia had come. Neither of them had reached release.

Zia just nodded, then glanced across the room. "I think it's time we did what you came here for, Saul." Polly looked up and saw that Khrystyne had managed to get free of the chair, then tripped forward and was lying face down on the floor, struggling to get her knees underneath herself. With her wrists tied behind her back and her ankles lashed together, Khrystyne was going to have a hard time going anywhere.

Saul turned to Khrystyne and said, "Yes, I think it is."

"What?" Polly said. "What's going on?"

Zia said, "I asked Saul for a threesome. Saul asked me for something else."


"To give Khrystyne the time of her life. And you'll like it, too, won't you, Khrystyne?"

Khrystyne looked up, tears in her eyes. Saul walked over and said, "What do you say, Khrystyne? Rule number one?"

Khrystyne nodded. "Yes?" Saul asked. "Yes what? Yes you want to invoke rule number one?" Khrystyne suddenly shook her head. "Yes you want to stay and see this through?" Khrystyne nodded. Saul held his hand out to Zia. "Knife."

Polly was shocked as Zia reached down into the crumpled pile of her skirt and pulled out a hunter's folding knife. Saul snapped it open with an alarming amount of skill. He reached into the collar at the back of Khrystyne's blouse and slit it down to the waist, the tearing sound loud against Khrystyne's soft panting. With equal skill he sliced his way through the edge of her skirt. He cut her free of her clothing, leaving the scraps of it on the ground. "Oh, Khrystyne, you are so beautiful."

His cock showed life as he walked around Khrystyne. With his hands, he pulled her up into a kneeling position. "That's not going to work," he said, and with the knife cut the bond at her ankles. "Better." He reached between her legs and fondled her cock. "Aye, I called this one right, eh?" He aimed his cock directly at Khrystyne's asshole. "You're ready for it, aren't you?"

"Mmm, hmm," Khrystyne said. There were tears coming down her eyes but she made no effort to stop Saul as he slid into her ass in one fast thrust, buried himself against her until his hips were crushing down her buttocks.

"You're so hot, girl, so fucking hot." He groaned as he poked at her butt, fucking her hard. Polly could hardly believe what she was watching. She knew this wasn't where Saul had wanted to take her than night, so this must have been something he wanted to do for Khrystyne. Khrystyne held her head to the ground and writhed against Saul's assault, but neither tried to stop the other, and both of them kept their end of the game going. Saul kept quiet and Polly and Zia both watched.

Saul looked up. "Give her more," he said.

The beast in Zia grinned at the suggestion. "Come on, Polly." They walked around that bucking, heaving mass of flesh on their living room floor, the smell of sodomy and sweat hovering over Saul and Khrystyne. Zia touched the buckle of the gag in Khrystyne's mouth and it fell to the rug with a wet thud, a thick stream of spit following it. "Give your old girlfriend your cock."

"But it was just..."

"Do it."

Polly knelt in front of Khrystyne, lifted the girl by her shoulders up onto her thighs, and presented her cock to Khrystyne's mouth. "I'm sorry, Khrys," she whispered. But Khrystyne surprised her by opening wide and taking nearly half of Polly's dick in one deep swallow. Polly gasped. Zia rested against Polly's back, her fingers slipping down Polly's skin. Polly thought about resisting for a moment, then shrugged.

Khrystyne's mouth around her cock was so good, so warm, so perfect that nothing could have distracted her from it, or so she thought, until she felt Zia's fingers slipping into her asshole, touching her inside. She moaned. "That makes you hot, doesn't it?" Zia said. "You like that?"

Polly turned her head to kiss Zia, and Zia returned the request with interest. The four of them coalesced into a single, unstoppable heap of lust and desire, a machine of ferocious rhythms designed for outrageous pleasures, moans bouncing off the walls coming from voices lost in their own moments. Khrystyne's battered body took the assault from front and rear without ever giving any sign of surrender. When Saul finally shouted out an incoherent groan of finality Polly and Khrystyne joined him, Khrystyne's cock jetting come onto the floor even as Polly refilled her from one end and Saul from the other.

They all collapsed onto the floor, Khrystyne rolling over onto her side. She started laughing, laughing hard as if she'd lost all control over herself. Between gasps of laughter she managed to say, "Will one... of you... please cut me loose!"

Saul went to her side with the knife again, but Zia beat him to it with a simple touch on the side of the bands of shiny material that held her hands together. Khrystyne suddenly grabbed Saul and held onto him, her laughter dissolving into sobs. For the next ten minutes or so, she alternated between hysterical laughter and tears, and Polly watched with both awe and sympathy that anyone could feel anything that deeply.

Saul comforted Khrystyne while Zia lounged in the kitchen nook, drinking something with a straw. Khrystyne calmed down enough to accept a glass of water from Polly. "Thanks. Sorry, I don't know what happened."

"Aye, but I do," Saul said. "Don't worry about it. We'll figure out what it means later."

Khrystyne nodded. "I trust you, Saul."

"I know you do, girl. I know you do." He pulled her close and kissed her.

Zia stood over them. "Neither you nor Polly came inside me," she said. "I missed out on that. I was kind of thinking, if you've both recovered enough, that we could do that."

"I'd hate to be remiss in my duties," Saul said. "But I think Khrystyne has had enough."

"Who said Khrystyne would be doing anything but watching?"

"That's not what I meant--" Saul said.

"No, it's okay, Saul," Khrystyne said. "You go ahead. I think I'd like to watch how Polly and Zia do it."

Zia nodded. Polly walked over, looking at Saul with a curious expression. "Don't worry, Polly, girl. I won't take her from you. Or you from her."

"Just... let's do this."

Zia fell to her knees before them with a loud, inelegant thud. She reached up with her hands and took each cock in her hands. "Polly's a bit bigger than you are, Saul."

"There are Pendorians with bigger dicks," Saul said, "but Polly's is about the biggest I've ever seen on a human being that was the original equipment."

"They're shaped differently. Yours is bulgy, with veins and... colors."

"Aye, Ys have dicks that look like they belong to girls," Saul said. "That's one of the reasons I like them so much."

"I just like Polly's because it's big. And she's already hard." Zia leaned down and licked at Polly's dick, then took it into her mouth.

Polly watched, goggle-eyed as Zia swallowed the length of her dick down her throat. She had always thought of herself as being too big for that, but Zia had learned how. Polly shuddered, her whole body suddenly filled with physical lust and desire. "Not so hard, Zia! You know that makes me come too soon!"

Zia back off and eyed Saul's dick. "Yours is pretty good-looking anyway, Saul." She looked up. "This is my first time with a dick other than Polly's. And my first time with a masc." She looked at Saul's cock, then suddenly swallowed it just as readily as she had Polly's. Saul grunted, swore. His body trembled hard, and suddenly he groaned out loud, "Unh... sorry!"

"You came so soon," Zia said, backing off. The last shot of Saul's come hit her on the chin and breasts, and she wiped it off with her fingers and stuck them in her mouth. "Mmm, sticky, nasty, good stuff."

"Sorry, I don't know what happened," Saul said. "A few minutes is all I need."

"Come with me, both of you." She walked over to the couch, sat on it with her legs spread open, facing the video screen. "Saul showed me the error of my ways, Polly. Lick me."

Polly nodded, smiling. She leaned down and put her face into Zia's pussy, licking at the hard clitoris that presented itself to her. Zia moaned. "That's so good, Polly. Concentrate more on my clitoris. You, play with my breasts. Play with my nipples."

Saul took the request with enthusiasm, his meaty hands grabbing Zia's large breasts and rolling the nipples between his thumb and forefingers. Zia gasped as Polly's tongue slipped deeper into her pussy, between her labia and up to her clitoris. "My clitoris feels so strange, so heavy when you do that. Lick me, Polly. Lick me harder!"

"But..." Polly looked up. "Do you really want to come this way?"

"I don't care. It won't stop me from coming again when you fuck me," she gasped. Polly nodded and pressed her mouth to Zia's pussy again, flicking at the drum-taut, excited flesh that seemed to stretch out to try and reach her tongue. Polly pressed her lips to Zia's bare pussy. Two months ago, she had been shocked, almost horrified, that Zia would have shaved her pubic hair so completely and competently. Now it was just the way Zia was and Polly couldn't imagine what she would have looked like with a thick patch of hair about her nether lips. The bare, smooth touch of it was heavenly and Polly knew that she would be asking this of any future lovers.

Even as she doubled her attentions on Zia's pussy, felt the initial shudders of Zia's climax, and looked up to see Saul nibbling on Zia's neck and his hands making deep furrows in her breasts, a small part of her mind nagged at her: would there ever be others? Would anyone ever be as good, as exciting, or as completely uninhibited as Zia Tau?

She didn't know, and Zia's suddenly squeal of delight and her almost stereotypical cry of "I came!" erased all thoughts from her mind. Zia collapsed against the couch, but only for a brief moment before she rose, pushed Saul back against the cushions, and straddled his thighs. She looked down at him. "Yours is the second dick I've ever had inside me," she said to him.

"Wouldn't you rather Polly and I trade places? So you can face her?" Saul asked.

"No," Zia said. "No, she gets my anus." She turned around and smiled at Polly. "She always gets my anus. Don't you?" Polly nodded, grinning, but feeling curiously shy at the same time. Zia's open praise and willingness made her self-conscious. "But Saul has a nice dick, Polly. It's stretching my pussy, and making me hot. So hot. I need your dick, Polly. I need your dick to fill me up completely. Hurry, Polly. I need you to stick your dick inside me."

Polly didn't need to be asked twice. The stepped up to Zia, bent her knees just enough, and slid her hard dick up Zia's still sloppy, still greasy asshole. "Going inside me," Zia gasped, her voice low and guttural. "Two dicks... inside me." Polly gave a thrust, then another.

Zia groaned and Saul did as well. He said, "I feel you in there, Polly. Grief, girl, I can feel your cock inside her."

"No," Zia groaned. "That's not her. I think that's me. I think you're both rearranging my insides with your dicks! That's it, Polly, plunge your dick into me." She bent her head over Saul's shoulder, moaning. "My pussy feels so good. My ass, my ass feels so good. I'm burning up, I'm so hot!"

Polly knew that Zia was vocal. She liked to talk, even shout, during sex. Right now her obscene monologue was the hottest Polly had ever heard and it wrapped around her head the way Zia's hot, smooth, sweet asshole wrapped around her dick. She pummeled at Zia's ass. It drove her to heights of pleasure she couldn't have imagined, and she cried, "I'm gonna come, Zia!"

"Not yet," Zia shouted. "Wait, wait!"

"I... I can't..." Polly beat against the shore of Zia's ass harder, with more demands. She could feel her come boiling up from deep inside her body, from where Ys hid their balls from sight, and she knew that she was going to come. She bit her lower lip hard, trying to hold it off, succeeded only in delaying it by a few strokes. That was apparently enough. Zia's stream of gutter blessings broke off, she tossed her head back and opened her eyes and mouth in the widest, loudest shout Polly had ever heard from her, "I'm coming!"

Polly came too, jetting her come deep into Zia's ass. She heard an incoherent grunt she'd heard before, felt alternating pulses within Zia's body and she knew that Saul was jetting his load of come into Zia's pussy at the same time.

Somehow, they managed a few more desperate aftershock jitters against one another, and then the three of them rolled away from each other to lie on the couch, Polly and Saul splayed left and right around Zia's body, which sprawled across the cushions and the back of the couch. Her tall, lanky body momentarily seemed to occupy even more space than usual, but Polly blinked a few times and Zia was once again Zia, gasping and moaning. "Ohhh," Zia said, lifting her head. "That was so good."

The door to the apartment opened. "Goddess fucking forget it!" Dove's voice broke the moment.

"What are you doing here?" Zia said, blinking, looking up. Polly and Saul turned over on the couch and Khrystyne, who had watched the proceedings, retreated behind the bar that separated the kitchen nook from the living room.

"The bitch flung me off!" Dove's hands convulsively flexed open and closed. "Four days. Four fucking days of leading me on before we worked up the courage to get into bed, and when we did she told me that she had been expecting a Y!" She whirled on Polly. "It's all your fault!"


"You and every other Y in Sterling Country! You're what they're expecting when the meet a Sterling out there! They seem forget that Xs make up three-quarters of the Sterlings around here, and dammit I want to fuck."

"Don't expect anything from me," Polly said. "Zia's used me up."

"Ah, you'll be ready to go in just a few minutes," Zia said. "You always are." Zia looked around. "If you just need to get laid this second, Dove, you could always do Khrystyne over there."

Dove cast a glance where the blond woman was hiding behind the bar. "Are you an X or a Y?"

"A... A Y," Khrystyne squeaked. She looked to Saul for guidance, but he just gave her a grin, shrugging and waving one open hand in Dove's direction.

"Doesn't matter. Right now, I want sex. Which is also your fault, Polly." She said to Khrsytyne, "Come here."

Khrystyne obeyed, walking over to where Dove was standing. Khrystyne was just a few centimeters taller, but then she fell readily to her knees, sat down, and lifted Dove's skirt. Dove laughed heartily as Khrystyne's head disappeared underneath, and she put her hands on the billowed lump under her skirt. "Oh, yes," Dove moaned softly. "Goddess, yes, your tongue. What's your name?"

"Her name is Khrystyne," Saul said.

"Ohh, Khrystyne," Dove said. "Yes, lick there. Right there." Nobody else in the room could see what was happening under that skirt but it didn't really matter. The results were obvious to everyone watching as Dove held Khrystyne's head, heard the slurping and gasps for breath coming from underneath that skirt, and then the final, shocking shudder as Dove came once. "Don't stop!" she shouted. She didn't let Khrystyne out until she had come two more times, and by then Saul and Polly were already nursing fresh erections.

Khrystyne fell away, panting, even as Dove crumpled to the floor beside her. "Goddess, that was good," Dove said. "But... goddess, it smells so much of sex in here. All kinds of sex. It smells like Zia and Polly times ten."

Polly giggled, a sound she hated making because it seemed so immature and unlike her. She made her way to the kitchen to get herself something to drink. She wasn't sure where Zia had gone.

Saul had come over to crouch down next to Khrystyne, but Dove's hand reached out and grabbed him by the scrotum. "I know why the founders rebuilt the Y reproductive system. These are way too tempting a target."

"That's uncomfortable, Miss."

"Look, I set out tonight to fuck a Pendorian. Do you wanna be it, or what?"

Polly could see Saul considering his options, then shrugged. "Who am I to refuse a beautiful lady?" He held out his hand, and she took it. Saul led her to the couch, where he proceeded to lick and caress her body in ways that were probably new and gentle to Dove. Polly momentarily found herself missing that kind of touch, and she wondered if she would ever trade the great sex she was having with Zia for that kind of affectionate attention. The laughter and moans coming from the couch told her that Saul was doing his level best to be the gentle lover he had been with her even as he worked his way into a position to fuck Dove senseless.

Khrystyne got up. "Saul, I decided not to argue when you..."

Polly saw Zia come up behind Khrystyne, and her eyes widened as she saw what Zia was wearing. She knew Zia had gone to the Pendorian sex store several times over the two months they had been dating, but she had no idea that Zia had bought a dildo that fit the harness she already owned. In some abstract sense she knew that such things existed, but talking about them in the mature, morally aligned Free Worlds was about as commonplace as discussing one's favorite nuclear weapon. Polly had accepted that she was perverse, and she knew it, and she didn't regret it. She and Zia were harming no one with their activities.

Zia grabbed Khrystyne, wrapping one strong arm around her waist and, with the other, unerringly guiding the dildo into Khrystyne's ass. "What are you doing!" Khrystyne yelped as Zia's "dick" slid all the way into her.

"Shutting you up. Keeping you occupied so you'll let Saul do his business."

"Take it out! Pull it out right now!"

"But your dick is so hard," Zia said. "Polly, why don't you show Khrystyne what you've learned?"

Polly approached, cautiously. Khrystyne was still flailing, but she wasn't trying to stop Zia any more than she had really tried to stop them from ravishing her earlier that evening. Khrystyne's dick was solidly in the air, and Polly knelt down in front of Khrystyne and took the other girl's dick into her mouth. Khrystyne's dick was nowhere near as large as her own, and Polly had no trouble sliding her tongue along the sweet, silken length of it. Khrystyne's moans told Polly when she found the special places along her dick that she liked to have touched most, and Polly learned to be passive and let that dick slide in and out of her mouth even as Zia slowly fucked Khrystyne from behind. When she had dated Khrystyne the furthest they had ever gotten was masturbating together, and this was about as different as Terra from Minerva.

But a good difference. Polly had never considered herself good at dick-sucking. It wasn't something she had practiced and with Zia practice simply wasn't possible. Until now, when Zia had discovered a way to become something like a Y. And had learned that there were Ys who wanted to be treated like Xs. She slipped her mouth over the head of Khrystyne's cock, letting the sweet, pink flesh of the other girl's head glide along her tongue. She struggled to keep her teeth out of the way, especially when Khrystyne herself struggled in response to Zia's slow thrusting.

Khrystyne moaned loudly, this new twin assault on her senses overwhelming her even as Polly slipped a hand between her thighs and touched the stretched skin of her asshole, felt the soft material of the dildo sliding in and out, and got her fingers greasy with the lubricant Zia used for sex. Polly kept her eyes open, watching the convulsing, feminine belly before her eyes as Khrystyne's cock slid back and forth within her mouth. Khrystyne tasted good, in a way Polly had never experienced before and regretting never experiencing the first time she and Khrystyne had been an item. Behind her, Polly heard the moans of sexual ecstasy rising from Saul and Dove, heard Dove cry out in pleasure.

Khrystyne's hands were in her hair, and probably full of lubricant and Goddess knew what else, but Polly didn't care. They were all going to need baths after this anyway. Khrystyne moaned loudly, Zia's thrusts became harder, and then her hands on Polly's head were pushing away. "No, Polly. I liked you, but I... Stand up." Polly sat back, amazed, as Khrystyne gripped her shoulders, holding her as a way of keeping steady, as Zia, that feral gleam crashing out of her eyes, fucked Khrystyne's ass. Khrystyne shuddered, moaned. "Yes," she whispered. "Goddess, I'm gonna come from a cock in my ass. I'm gonna come from cock... yes!" Her body shook and a small, thick blob of semen dribbled from her dick onto the floor. Khrystyne fell forward and Polly caught her. "Oh, that was wonderful!"

Polly watched as Saul and Dove completed their own wild coupling on the couch. Saul really did look out of place, the only Pendorian masc in the room, his rough, chunky body so different from the smooth, feminine forms surrounding him. Saul might have thought of this room a kind of paradise, or so Polly thought until she remembered with clarity that Saul liked mascs just as much as he did women.

Polly grabbed the unfinished glass of water she had left on the counter, draining it in one gulp. Saul and Dove sat on the floor, looking at one another, laughing. Polly smiled. People should laugh after that kind of madness. Saul said, "I think, girl, that you and I should take a shower."

Dove nodded, then giggled. "I've done it with a masc! Wow. Yes, I think we all need a shower. What do you think, Zia?"

"Yes," Zia agreed, her cool and restrained persona falling back into place. The need agreed upon, they negotiated for who would go first. Saul and Khrystyne won: they had other places to go.

When they were in the bath, from the sounds of things they had a lot of talking to do. And more, as the loud thumping and Saul's own cry of release that came later told them. When they came out, both looked tired, but they both smiled. "Thank you for your help, Miss Tau," Saul said with a bow and grace.

Zia nodded. "Thank you," she said. Saul and Khrystyne left, and Dove, Zia, and Polly all went to use the shower themselves.

Dove relaxed against the wall as the water cascaded down her body. Polly admired the way the water slid over her lovely breasts, which were smaller even than Polly's, but still nice to stare at. Dove sighed. "That was good. Not what I expected, but... good. I just want something more... mine." She grinned. "I'm tired of sponging off the relationships you and Polly have."

Polly said, "I'm sure you'll find someone reliable soon. But why did you go looking for a Pendorian?"

Dove shrugged. "I don't know. I guess I just wanted something familiar, so I tried to find a fem, and I wanted someone who wouldn't go tattling back to my mothers."

"No matter what happens," Zia said, "your mothers will find out. It may not matter much by the time we get back. The Free Worlds will be changed when we return. Besides, you're an adult, Dove. Your mothers don't rule your life." She saw the look in Dove's eyes. "I didn't tell anyone anything. I don't have to. The senators, Tempany, San Txema, even Butler will have their own eyes and ears everywhere and they'll know. Gossip travels fast. And at least two of them share the air with your mothers."

Dove sighed. "I guess you're right. I just... " She walked over to Polly, reached out and took Polly's hands. "I know part of the reason why Zia keeps you. You are a very wonderful lover, Polly. I want someone as good as you, but... with a lot more free time."

Polly grinned. "Thanks, Dove." Polly felt her cock swell slightly at the compliment and the touch of Dove's hands in hers. "I hope you find her. Or him!"

"It probably won't be a 'him'. Saul was an interesting thing to try and to look at, but..."

Polly nodded. For many of the Sterlings, the debate about whether or not mascs were aesthetically pleasing still raged, with more proponents on the 'no' side than on the 'yes' side. Whether that was a cultural condition or genetics was also the subject of much barroom-level debate, the kind that rarely led to resolution. A few women liked the way mascs looked, a few more found the very idea of mascs intellectually interesting but in practice unsatisfying, and most were simply attracted to other women. That was the way the Founders had designed things, and it seemed to be working.

Dove got out and dried off while Zia and Polly washed each other. After she left, Polly looked up at the tall and beautiful Zia, her large breasts before Polly's eyes. She felt her cock harden further, and Zia grinned. "You're good for one more, right?"

Polly felt the familiar lust grow in her heart even as her cock swelled to its full length, standing out from her body. She was no longer embarrasses by it. She closed her hand around it. "Does this answer that question."

"Come here, then," Zia said, leaning back against the wall of the bath stall, bending her knees and leaving her pussy open to Polly's eyes. Polly stepped up and slipped her cock into Zia's pussy with a single, familiar thrust. "Your dick is the best."


"Everyone thinks so. I think so. Fuck me, Polly. Fuck me hard." Polly grabbed Zia's hips and began to pound at her, repeatedly slamming in and out of her pussy with all the strength she had left. Zia's usual sexual patter dropped down to a low, groaning murmur that seemed to be without any content, without coherency, without anything but guttural wishes for Polly to fuck her, for Polly to use her dick to fuck her forever and never stop. Polly could feel the envelope of Zia's pussy around her dick, felt the grasping, hungry need of Zia's body for her dick, and as she slipped back and forth she felt the thrill of each and every millimeter of Zia's body asking for more and more of her. It felt so good, Zia felt so good. Zia came twice before Polly finally unloaded deep into her pussy.

She stepped back, and Zia nodded, shuddering as the last signs of ecstasy ebbed within her. "Still the best," Zia said. She used the loose showerhead to rinse herself out, then handed it to Polly.

When they stumbled out into the living room, Polly looked about for her clothes. She was so tired she could barely blink her eyes fast enough to clear them and find the clothes, but she managed to pick out her underwear dangling off one edge of the couch. She reached for it but Zia grabbed her hand. "You can stay here tonight, right?"

Polly glanced up. They had often fucked late into the evening, but rarely had Zia asked her to stay the night. This was as close as Zia got to asking, yet somehow she made even the most innocuous question sound like an order. Polly considered for a moment, then nodded. "Good," Zia said, and walked away, her ass wiggling as she walked. Polly watched that lovely ass drift along with the rest of Zia Tau into the bedroom, and she followed.

To her surprise, despite being so close to Zia, despite the dark, despite even the obvious impending resurrection of her dick one more time, both of them fell asleep before they could couple one more time.