The Journal Entries

Noren, Ring 21, 06119

Sterlings: Seductrice

Dove's second-guessing halted as the door chimed. She had situated herself in the same place where she had always sat, watching at first dramas from home, and lately Pendorian-- or "Corridian" as they seemed to say-- histories and documentaries, now that she had learned enough of the language. She had decided that if she was going to understand the Pendorians she should know more than her bosses about where they came from and what they valued. She wanted to understand their incentives.

"Come in," she shouted even as anxiety reached down and tugged on her stomach. Pollyanna San Tarvo entered the room and looked around, somewhat puzzled. Dove was still holding her headphones in her hand as if she'd just taken them off. "What's up?"

"Isn't Zia here?"

Dove tried to look confused. "No, Zia went to karate practice." Zia had discovered a karate class down in Border Realm Park, the massive greenspace that occupied the "basement" of their starship, and she had chosen to join them from time to time for exercise and recreation. She was much more athletic than Polly-- at least, outside of the bedroom-- and the combative sport appealed to her martial nature in a way Dove didn't understand.

Polly nodded. "But..." She pulled out the note she had found slipped under her door. "I found this note slipped under my door. I'm sure it said right now. It's on AZ time.

"Well, maybe she'll be back soon. She left a while ago. Why don't you sit down and wait?" Dove patted the couch.

"Uh... " She knew what Polly must be thinking: Dove was in some ways the strangest part of Polly's strange relationship with Zia. Dove was Zia's roommate, a native of Sparta like Polly, and a child of both a powerful politician and a significant religious leader. Dove herself held only a Chartered Accountant Certificate and was attached to the HonorAthena private financial interest that had finagled a seat on this mission. Her parents had managed somehow to arrange for her to have a member of the Military Police, and a Spartan, to watch over her. Dove wondered if Polly was anxious about her. Polly was, after all, sleeping with Dove's watchdog, a woman whose sexual appetite was varied, enormous and precise: Zia liked lots of different things, as often as humanly possible, and she had so far expressed no interest in doing it with anyone other than Polly.

Dove wondered if maybe she had overdone showing her distaste for their activity. Spartans were not known for their openness to intimacy. Their appreciation of the private athleticism of lovemaking was less than complete. But as she sat next to Polly she let her bathrobe fall open more than was considerate or proper. Polly looked away, blushing slightly. "I'm sorry," Dove said, closing it again. "But I would have thought by now that you'd be used to seeing something like that."

"I'm not, that is..." Polly stammered, her head still turned to look at the far wall. Which is why she didn't see Dove's hand reach down onto her skirt. "Guh... what are... ?"

"What does it feel like?" Dove said. "Goddess, it is huge."

Polly grabbed by the wrist and pushed her away. "What do you think you're doing?"

Dove leaped up onto the couch, her legs tucked under her, ready to pounce onto Polly as if to eat her. "Hey, Polly, I know you and Zia try to do it when I'm not here, but you both can't control yourselves and you both know that I wear the headphones because I'm tired of listening to the thumping and the moaning and the shouting." Polly blushed attractively. "I wanna know. Do you want to do it with me?"

"But, I'm..."

"You've done it with Zia. I've never done it before. What's wrong? Do you not like me?"

"No, it's not that, it's just..."

"Are you afraid Zia might find out? I won't tell her. Besides, Polly, are you sure you want your friends Ilonca and Rhiane to know about this?" She reached into the broad pocket on the side of her robe and pulled out the strand of beads on a string. Polly's eyes widened when she saw it. "I bet they'd love to know where this has been. It's been in you. I bet it's even been in Zia."

Polly's eyes went wide. "Where did you find that?"

"It's a good thing I know where to find medical gloves. I don't understand how you two can go at it with all the bodily fluids floating around. And you're a medtech. I followed you and Zia down into the Border Realm Park and watched you two that night you both got soaking wet. After Zia went to bed I snuck back down to the park and recovered it. She dropped it on the ground while you were having sex with her. I've washed it since I got home. I've been saving it. I'm not sure what to do with it." She leaned closer to Polly. "Would you show me?"

Polly shied away from Dove's approach, trying to sink deeper into the couch. "What would your mothers say?"

"They'd probably try to swallow the seas if they heard about this," Dove whispered.

"Dove, I don't, I mean..."

Dove was just about to complete her pounce when the door opened. "Dammit, roommie, what the fuck do you think you're doing?"

"Zia?" Both Polly and Dove looked up. Dove stammered, said, "I'm trying to have a little sex here?"

"With my girlfriend!"

Dove felt her anger flare up. She had worked so hard to get to this point, why was Zia interrupting her now? "So? Both of you are so perverted, I didn't think she'd mind! Besides, it's just sex, isn't it? You said it's not a big deal!"

"It is too a big deal. It's my big deal! Polly, are you okay?"

"Yeah, but... I mean, you don't think that I... ?"

Zia gave Polly her feral grin. "No, you're not that kind of girl, even if you are a Y. What did she... Oh." Her eyes fell on the strand of beads lying on the couch, then narrowed as she turned them to Dove. "You were the one watching us in the park."

"You knew there was someone there?" Polly said.

"You said there was."

"I said I thought there might be someone there. I didn't know for sure. You did?"

"She wasn't quiet enough." Zia stared across the room at Dove. "Look, if you want to fuck, why don't you go find yourself your own Y? Why grab mine behind my back like that?"

"Because Ys are hard to find when your mother is the Opra of Santorini and the Pendorians are taking them all! I'm twenty-seven years old and I've never had a girlfriend! You two were doing it night and day, I figured..."

"What? That Polly would be easy?" Zia said.

Dove laughed. "Yeah! Something like that. I'd like to have sex before I get old and die, you know. Wait, 'behind your back'? Are you saying that if I had just asked you would have accepted?"

"Fine with me."

Dove stared at her. Polly did too, then put her hand to her forehead. She said, "I should have guessed you would have said something like that."

Zia said, "As long as I'm here. I've been wanting to try a threesome."

Polly's attempt to look abashed failed. "You knew what I was when you agreed to this," Zia said.

"Sure, I'll do it. Pervert."

"Yes," Zia said, grinning. "So long as you have no problem with it, Dove."

"Uh..." Dove said. Her brain spun from the mental whiplash. She had had no idea what would happen after Polly said yes. Well, now she had said 'yes.' "I didn't agree to this."

"You were willing a second ago," Zia said, aloof and direct, the way she always was. She took off the athletic pants she still wore, dropping them to the ground and kicking off her sneakers before pulling her shirt over her head. Her large, prominent breasts wobbled before Dove's shocked eyes. "You've seen me naked before when I came out of the shower. You've always known I was an X. I don't think your mothers would have let you room with a Y, after all."

Dove stared. "But that was just for a second. I didn't think you'd ever take off your clothes just like that."

"Why not?" she said. "I always have for Polly. Haven't I?"

Polly grinned eagerly. Dove knew that Polly and Zia were always having sex but she had never known which one was the initiator. After the incident in the park she thought that Polly had been the one pushing Zia, but now she knew that Zia pushed back just as hard. They were both what they had said to one another: perverts.

Dove's resolve hardened. "Fine! If the two of you are going to be that way, I can too." She tossed off her bathrobe.

"Then come over here," Zia said. She gestured, and Polly sat down. Dove found herself standing in front of the couch, facing Polly, staring down Polly's dick. Zia was holding it up and away from Polly's body, pointing it at Dove. It looked so big it frightened her. "There's no way that'll fit in my body," Dove said.

"It fits in mine," Zia said. "It fits in mine very well."

Dove looked. Zia was a strong, unnaturally tall woman. Dove in contrast was quite small even for a woman from Sparta. "I'm still not sure, but... okay, then," Dove said. She got on the couch to face Polly. "I don't know..."

"I don't either," Polly said. She looked up at Zia. "Are you sure you're okay with this?"

"Well, yeah," Zia said calmly, "You're still mine. And I'm still yours. As long as we both remember that, this'll be fine."

Dove lowered herself onto Polly's erect dick. Dove felt the tip of Polly's dick against her nether lips and gasped. Zia had even provided extra lubricant. It made perfect sense to Dove that the Pendorians would invent and provide body-friendly lubrication designed to enhance the sexual act, and it also made sense that Zia and Polly would know where to get it. Dove had not even been aware that such a thing existed until Zia brought some back from her bedroom. Now it glistened from the tip of Polly's dick, that dick that awaited her.

This was not how she had imagined losing her virginity. Not that Sterlings really had "virginity" in the standard sense-- the Founders had had the wisdom to do away with the most painful aspect of that particular ritual. Still, eliminating one source of discomfort didn't mean that this was going to be easy for her. The blunt head of Polly's dick nuzzled up against her pussy. She put her hands on Polly's shoulders. "It's not going in."

Zia snorted what might have been her characteristic laugh. Dove glared at her. Zia said, "Just lower your hips. Right, like that." Dove pressed down and felt the head of Polly's dick slip. She felt her body open, shudder, felt the invasion of Polly's dick into her body. The way her opening stretched around the head of Polly's dick was new to her, she had no way of recognizing it for what it was other than intellectual. She had never actually inserted anything in there before that caused her insides to stretch or shift.

"It... I took it."

Zia said, "No, you took a little bit of it. You have to take all of it."

"All of it?" Polly said. "But it's so big."

"Trust me, it fits," Polly said.

"She's bigger than me," Dove whined.

"Not down there," Zia said. "A woman's height has nothing to do the size of her vagina."

"Don't get technical on me," Dove said.

"That's what it is."

Polly moved her hips slightly, trying to get a little deeper into Dove. Dove looked down at her, her eyes widened. "What are you doing?"

"Being a Y." Polly smiled, glancing back and forth between Dove and Zia.

"Let me, let me," Dove said. She tried to push down, but Polly's dick seemed so huge. She didn't believe it possible that she would get all of it into her.

She shifted uncomfortably on the couch, and her leg fell between two cushions. "Aah, no!" she managed to cry as she pitched forward, dropped down onto Polly's lap. A lot more of Polly's dick suddenly penetrated her, filled her in a strange, uncomfortable new way. "My goddess, my goddess," she breathed. "I can't believe it all went in like that. It went in. It's so huge, it's so hot, it's too much. I think I want to stop. I want..."

"You can take it, roomie," Zia said with a gentleness she rarely showed. "You can."


"You can take it," Polly said. "Let me try moving."

"O... Okay." Dove recovered herself enough to get her legs back on the couch cushions, square where she could balance herself. Polly began thrusting gently, slowly. She felt the head of Polly's dick reaching, reaching. "It's going deeper? It's going deeper. There's more?"

"A little bit more."

Dove relaxed her arms and fell against Polly, her small breasts mashed against Polly's. She touched her forehead to the edge of the couch over Polly's shoulder and just let the other woman do what she could. "She's so small," Polly said to Zia. "Like Rhiane. Maybe even smaller."

"I guess compared to me, she's new at this. She must be really tight."

"She is!"

"I guess you like her better than you like me now, huh?"

Polly shook her head. "No, you're right. I'm yours, Zia."

"Good. Then why don't you just start fucking her the way she wants."

"No, please," Dove said. Between her thighs she felt something between an ache and a burn, along with a feeling of fullness that was utterly unlike any other sensation she had ever felt. "It... it hurts a little."

"That'll pass," Zia said, looking feral once more. "That's why women want this a second and a third and a fourth time. Because there's no pain after the first time. Look down, Dove. Look at Polly's dick. Do you see it going in and out of you?"

Dove could feel it, but it wasn't until she did a slow withdrawal that seemed to take forever that she realized just how big Polly was, just how much she had taken. "Goddess, I can't believe, I can't believe I had all of that inside me." She reached down with her hands and caressed the length of Polly's dick with her fingers. "That was inside me."

"It wants to go back inside you," Polly said. She popped another of those little plastic balls that had the lubricant over her dick, dripping more onto the head. "That'll make it easier."

Dove nodded. She positioned it back against her opening. She knew where it was now, could find it by touch. She eased herself down onto Polly's dick and slipped over it. It wasn't as difficult this time, and she slowly pushed her way onto as much of it as she had had last time. Her body shook, and Dove didn't know if it was with surprise, outrage, or ecstasy. It didn't feel like ecstasy. "I took all of it, I took all of it!"

"Good. Now move your hips the way you want. It'll start to feel better."

"By myself? I..." She tried. She slipped up and down. The discomfort passed and became negligible, imperceptible, passed entirely. The feeling became mechanical, but not unpleasant. She began to concentrate on it. She could not deny the way her body responded to the repeated invasion of Polly's dick, even if she herself was causing it by the motion of her own hips.

"It's great, isn't it?" Zia said. "Polly's dick."

"I can't believe such a huge thing... it feels... it feels good."

"I told you it would," Zia said. Polly's hands rested on Dove's hips. She leaned back on the couch, and Zia kissed her gently. Dove envied them, even if the kiss didn't seem so romantic as it should.

That feeling inside her was growing now, and it was nice, better than nice, it was wonderful. She pumped herself on Polly's dick. Polly looked up and said, "If you keep doing that, I'll come."

"Not yet, you can't," Dove said. "Goddess, this is good. Good, oh, I'm..." She gasped , her head fell forward. "I think I came. I'm pretty sure I did. It was..."

Polly moaned. She had lost control of her hips and began pushing upward against Dove's pussy, pressing her dick into Dove over and over. Dove exclaimed, "Oh, goddess, I'm going to come again. I am, I..."

Polly groaned and slammed upward, sliding in and out of Dove with the uncivil demands of her chromosomes, and Dove gasped and cried out again with the same ecstatic joy she had moments before. "Goddess, I think I feel your come inside me, filling me, it's so warm, so... so wonderful. Goddess, I'm... !"

Zia laughed as Dove fell against Polly, the two of them gasping for air, the two of them spent, at least for this round. Dove knew that Zia and Polly frequently did it more than once. Polly's ability to have sex again and again was as anomalous and outrageous as Zia's hunger for it. As she looked down at Polly, she saw open-faced surprise and embarrassment. Polly laughed. "I can't believe that."

"Fucked an Opra's daughter?"

"Took your virginity, too," Polly said.

"Goddess, I need a bath," Dove said.

"Are you that ready to wash Polly off your skin?" Zia asked.

"No, it's... " Dove looked down at Polly. "No, I just feel... sweaty. Messy."

"Sex is messy," Polly said. "But it's nice."

"Yeah," Dove said. She rose, suddenly aware that Polly's dick was still inside her and still mostly hard. It fell out as she stood up, a gush of fluid following it. "I think it would be really bad if I became pregnant from a soldier."

Polly nodded. "I'm dutched. It's not likely you can become pregnant from me."

"That's good because I'm not," Dove said. "I guess I should look into it."

"Yes," Zia said. "Especially if you liked it." She stood up. "I'll go draw a bath."

The Pendorians had given them a huge bathroom with an equally huge bathtub. The water didn't flow in from a spout but seeped in through thousands of tiny outlets in the floor, filling from the bottom without a ripple. "You can't make a decent bubble bath that way," Dove said as Zia got into the tub. She gestured to Dove, who looked at her curiously, then got in next to her. "Polly? There's still room for one more."

Polly's dick was half-hard, dangling from between her legs, looking intimidating to Dove's eyes once more as she carefully stepped into the tub. Dove said, "I still can't believe I took that whole thing."

"But you liked it, didn't you?" Zia said.

"Yeah," she said. "Does this mean I'm a pervert like you guys?"

"You get to decide that," Polly said.

Dove stepped out of the tub, stood under the shower, let the warm soapy water from the head cascade over her before sponging off. "Hey, Polly?" Dove said, her voice softening. "Did you like it? Was I, um, good? How was I?"

"It was... great. Yeah." Polly didn't sound convincing. She sounded embarassed.

"Great, huh?" Dove stepped out of the rinse, walked over to where Polly sat on the edge of the tub. "In that case, do you wanna do it again?"

"What?" Zia said. "Oh, no, Dove. Her next turn is with me!"

"Zia! You get her all the time!"

"And you're not convincing her that she should go elsewhere!"

The two of them turned to face each other, then both looked up as the door to the bathroom closed. "Polly!" Zia shouted. "Don't you dare run away! Polly!"

The two women dried off and found Polly in the minuscule kitchen nook, which served mostly as a place to store snacks and beverages, eating a handful of mixed nuts. "Where did you go?"

"You two were going to settle that without me," Polly said. "And I wanted something to eat."

"Are you ready to do it again?" Zia asked.

Polly laughed. "Always, for you."

"Then come on!" Zia said, grabbing her arm. "You too, Dove. You get to see how it's really done." She led Polly into the bedroom they shared, and Polly pulled out of her grip and pushed Zia back against the bed. She fell without even a grunt, and opened her legs. They were so blunt and objective about it, so straightforward. It was like watching animals mate. Maybe that's what it was.

But they seemed to enjoy it. Zia's usual heavy demeanor disappeared as Polly fucked her, and she laughed at one point, gasped at others. They were both foul-mouthed. Polly said, "You really love my dick, don't you, Zia?"

"Yes, yes, I love your dick. I love the way you fuck, Polly. Give me that big dick." They talked like they belonged in a dirty movie. Dove realized that all their coarse language worked on her, too. She sat on the edge of the bed and touched her nipples and reached down to her clit and masturbated with all the energy she knew she had, reaching for climax even as Polly and Zia came on the other side of the bed.

Zia smiled. "Polly will be ready in a minute or two to do it again, won't you, girl?"

Polly nodded, her hair falling in front of her face. She had a wild grin, and her eyes glinted with lust. "Do you still want to do it again, Dove?"

Dove nodded, even if she wasn't sure she wanted to be trapped in a small cage with these two creatures. They were acquaintances of hers, friends or so she hoped, but they were also both simple and complicated. Dove could understand the sex part, especially now that she had felt it herself. That was simple. She couldn't understand what else kept them together. Zia had never given any indication that she felt anything, not on an emotional level, other than a sense of honor and duty to her community. They way she presented herself to the world was flat and affectless, aloof and reserved. Dove had known she and Polly had been having sex, but now that Dove had watched it she understood the two of them even less. Were they friends? Did they have a relationship? Did Zia feel anything for Polly? What did Polly feel?

Dove also knew that she couldn't resist wanting Polly's dick again, that she wanted to feel what Polly's dick could do for her. She looked at the lean, feminine body, and that smooth club with its pretty pink head rising from between her strong thighs, and she knew she would enjoy having Polly fuck her again.

"While you wait," Zia said. "Try this." She held out a small purple... thing that just covered the palm of her hand.. It was vaguely diamond shaped, floppy and vaguely gelatinous, like a children's toy. "Squeeze it."

Dove reached out and took it. It jiggled in her hand, and when she squeezed the thickest part, it suddenly came to life, buzzing in her hand. "Yikes!"

"Don't drop it!" Zia said suddenly. "Hold it. Now, press it to your clitoris."

Polly laughed. "You're so technical, Zia."

Dove watched the purple thing warily as her hand carried it down to her thighs. It tickled as the edges of it brushed against her skin, and then the leading softly rounded edge of it touched her labia and her body instantly grasped what it was for. This was what that one book had meant about a "vibrator." "It makes sense that you would have one of these."

"I have three," Zia said calmly. "Try pressing it harder. Move it around until it's in exactly the right place."

"Where's that?"

"It's different on every woman. You'll know it when you find it."

"I bet," Dove said. The thing was effective. She pressed it against her pussy and the powerful oscillations jolted through her like being hit with a hose, knocking her back against the wall. "Goddess," she breathed.

"If you do it too much, it's too much," Polly said.

"Do Ys have something like this?"

"I don't think so," Polly said. "We just have fucking."

"If you squeeze it again, it gets stronger?"

"Stronger?" Dove squeaked even as she tried it. "Oh, Goddess!"

Zia's chuckle was as dark as ever. Dove shuddered as she came once. She was unwilling to put it down because she could already feel a second one building inside her. It washed over her hard. "Unnh," she groaned aloud. A third, and a fourth. They were taking longer to arrive, and seemed harder to reach. "Goddess, goddess," she breathed.

She felt something touch her thigh, and she opened her eyes to see Polly smiling at her. Polly's fingers slipped into her pussy, curled upwards around... something... and Dove came again. Her cries of pleasure were so loud she was glad nobody out in the living room was there to hear her. She squeezed the thing again and it turned off. "Only two speeds," Zia said.

"Probably... probably for the best," Dove gasped. "If there had been anything stronger, I would probably have come apart at the seams."

Zia grinned and took the vibrator back from her. "I think Polly's ready to go now, don't you?"

Polly looked both abashed and eager, an expression few X's could have managed after puberty. Dove couldn't quite manage the same level of abandon that Zia had shown, but she scooted down out of her sitting position to lie on the bed. Polly slipped between her legs, her dick between them. "You'll let me know if I'm going too hard or fast, right?"

"I will," Dove reassured her.

Polly's dick slipped into Dove's pussy without a hint of resistance, and the two of them merged into a single being. Polly's breasts slapped against Dove's as her hips slid back and forth. Dove felt Polly's dick as a presence, as a pleasure, as a thing of beauty and ecstasy as Polly's expression lost all control, her mouth open, her hair flying, that wild, ferine light returning to her eyes. Dove learned that she could be released, turned loose and made into a monster of pleasure like Zia or Polly.

Their exhalations collided in midair, arms grasped, bodies struck, and Dove came and came again. She opened her eyes in shock, her mind losing track of time, place, everything but the feel of Polly's hair against her face, Polly's breasts against her own, Polly's hips against her thighs, Polly's dick deep within her pussy. Polly came suddenly, a loud groan in Dove's ears and she felt that glorious dick jet its charge inside her.

Dove lay there, letting reality come back to her, not willing quite yet to come back herself. She wanted this moment to stay with her, she wanted to float on the bliss that Polly had given her, the warmth between her thighs, the pleasure that was still coursing through her. Then the bed she lay upon began to rock, gently and first and then more energetically, and she couldn't believe that Polly and Zia were at it again. "Don't you guys ever stop?" she said.

She could imagine wanting that pleasure. She could imagine even wanting it soon. But immediately? Again? Polly's ability to keep going, to stay hard and fuck often and vigorously was impressive. To the best of Dove's limited knowledge Ys weren't supposed to be like that. Maybe Polly had gotten some modifications from the Pendorians.

She watched them, impressed by their strength and ardor. "You two are going to wear yourselves out," she said, but they ignored her. They were lost in their own little worlds. She realized that it probably was plural, that they weren't really sharing in any sense, just taking from each other what the other one offered. Dove wondered if they gave a little or a lot. Zia probably gave only little a more in bed as she did in life.

Polly gasped again as she came, and Zia sagged against the bed, satisfied, smiling. They lay together, but if there was any intimacy between them Dove missed it. Zia lifted her head and whispered something to Polly, who glanced over at Dove with a look that made Dove worry, and then the two of them unslithered like one giant, menacing reptile and crawled towards Dove. "What?" she asked.

"I want to watch Polly eat you," Zia said.

Polly licked her lips, and Dove looked up. "I don't know if I can come again."

"You're an X. Of course you can," Zia said. "Polly will even show you how." Zia gestured to Dove that she should scoot down, lifting her pussy up to their eyes. She had never thought of her pussy as especially beautiful and now that it was in full view of Zia and Polly she wondered what they thought of it, especially now as it bubbled over with Polly's come.

But Polly didn't seem to care either way, lowering her mouth to Dove's pussy. She laughed. "I've gotten used to Zia. She shaves her pussy. It's the most perverted thing I know about her."

Zia "hmph'd" gently. "You'll get to see a perverted thing or two." And then Polly's mouth was on Dove's pussy. It was warm and wet and gentle in a way neither the vibrator nor Polly's dick had been, and Dove sighed. Polly's tongue made her feel relaxed and loved. Someone was putting her mouth down there, touching Dove's pussy with her tongue, taking in the taste and flavor and smell of Dove's core. It was the sweetest thing Dove had ever felt, that amazing touch of Polly's tongue against her pussy. It was like the feeling she had had after Polly had fucked her, only it seemed to last a long time. She closed her eyes and lay back, just letting Polly do whatever it was. She felt fingers slip into her pussy, winced slightly at the new soreness of it, then relaxed into the gentleness of Polly's flickering tongue between her messy, sodden lips.

She came again, this time in a strangely gentle way, as if a warm, red tide of pleasure swept over her outsides and only rustled at her spirit. It felt nice. She wanted to do it again, but Polly lifted her head. "I don't do that with you very often, do I, Zia?"

Zia shrugged. "I like your dick better," she said. "But I think my roommate liked your tongue, didn't you, Dove?"

"Mmm," Dove sighed. She reached down and touched the lips of her pussy. "You're good at that, Polly." Polly grinned.

After a few minutes, Dove said, "I'm thirsty. I'm gonna go get something to drink. Can I get either of you something?"

Zia shook her head. Polly said, "I'm fine, thanks." Dove nodded and wandered out into the living room, leaving Polly and Zia alone.

Polly glanced over at Zia, and the tall, reserved woman was looking at her with a gently worried expression. "Zia?"

"Polly!" Zia fell upon her, holding her down to the bed.

"You guys at it again?" Dove's voice came from the living room. Polly heard the video screen flick on.

"Zia?" Polly said. "Are you okay?"

"Never mind that," Zia said. Her hands groped down for Polly's dick, which was unusually flaccid. Then again, she'd already fucked both Zia and Dove a total of four times in the past three hours. "You're good to go again, aren't you?"

"Probably," Polly said. "Ow, hey, don't squeeze it so hard!" Polly looked up. "Really, Zia, is something wrong?"

Zia didn't respond. "It's nothing," she said, then leaned down and licked her tongue along the length of Polly's dick. It flopped against her lips, but already it was growing hard. Polly could feel the warmth and solidity flowing back into it.

"I probably won't be able to get hard for a while."

"You can. Goddess, your dick is such a temptation. I bet I can get you hard now." Polly started as she felt Zia's finger at her asshole, and then it slipped in, helped by generous doses of Zia's spit and the sticky residue of sex and lubricant left all over Polly's crotch.

"That's not fair!" Polly wailed even as Zia's fingers found her prostate.

"It worked," Zia said calmly. "See? You're all hard now." Her tongue lashed out and played with it. "Such a beautiful dick. So honest. It gets hard because it likes pussy. It likes fucking." She put her mouth around the head, sucked hard but briefly, sending Polly's mind spinning. "When I tease it like this, it doesn't take long to become hard."

She took Polly's dick halfway into her mouth, backed off, looked down as if concentrating, and then in one long swallow took the full length of Polly's dick down her throat, down until Polly felt herself surrounded by the tightness of Zia's throat, her mouth, her incredible tongue. "Zia! Goddess, if you want to fuck me, this is not the way to do it! You're going too hard, too fast! I'm gonna... I can't, I, I'm going to come! Unh!" She felt her climax as almost involuntary, as if Zia had sucked it out of her, taken it from her against her will, but Zia's warm, sweet mouth was at the base of her cock and each pulse of whatever come Polly had left was going straight down Zia's throat.

Zia pulled off of Polly's cock with a voiced gasp, a trail of spittle and semen on her chin. She covered her mouth as if she might get sick, coughed once, twice. "Goddess, I came again," Polly gasped.

Zia reached down to Polly's dick once more and with one finger wiped a droplet of come that still waited there at the tip. She put it to her lips, her eyes closed. Polly's eyes widened: for a moment, Zia was not just the strong, demanding woman she had always been. for a moment, Polly had seen Zia as beautiful.

"You're still hard," Zia said. "Bet you can do one more."

Polly nodded. "I seem to be able around you."

"The front is plenty full," Zia said. She turned around, on her knees, and reached between her legs. The ooze of sex was everywhere between her thighs as she reached up past her vulva to touch her asshole. "This time, use this one instead. Come inside my anus, Polly."

"But... we've never done that. Are you sure? I mean, sure, I'd like to but..."

"You're worrying that you're too big, aren't you?" Polly watched, astounded, as Zia slipped two fingers into her small opening. "I've been masturbating back there a lot. My anus gets me hot."

"Those beads just weren't enough, huh?" Polly said.

"Come on, Polly. You can't wait to get your cock in there, can you? So go on. Stick it in!"

Polly took Zia's fingers away from her ass, then slipped in one, two fingers of her own. "Yes, yes," Zia gasped. "Goddess, my anus feels so good." Polly knelt behind Zia and lowered her cock to point at Zia's asshole. She pressed in, and the head seemed to slip right in as if it belonged there, as if it had always belonged there. "Yes!" Zia cried out suddenly. "Yes, oh yes, my anus feels so good, so good!"

"Goddess, I knew it would be tight, but..."

"Polly's dick. Your sweet, big dick. Take it slow, okay?"

Polly slipped almost all the way out, then back in. "It feels so different from your usual place," she said.

"Slow, Polly, slow."

Polly did as she was told, but she still probed deeper into Zia's ass, deeper until the base of her cock was pressed up against Zia's curves. "It went in," Zia gasped. "It went in. Your dick went in."

"You like it in your ass, don't you?"

"My ass feels so good, so good when you fuh... fuck me like that. Yes, Polly, fuck me in the ass!" Polly grabbed Zia's hips with both hands and began a careful, measured pace in and out of Zia's asshole. She felt the slippery smooth feel of Zia's ass around her cock, could feel Zia's body twitching with the demands of her fucking.

Zia thrashed under her weight, made growling noises along with her obscene vocabulary of demands. Polly grinned and increased the pressure. "So hard," Zia whispered. "You fuck me so hard. I can feel your dick all the way up into my belly. I can feel it, Polly. Fuck me, fuck, fuck, oh yes..."

Polly slipped out suddenly. Zia turned around, snapping like an alligator, "Why did you pull it out?"

It had happened by accident, but Polly knew better than to tell her that. She re-aimed and shoved her dick right back into Zia's ass. "Ahhh," Zia groaned.

"You're the one who wants it in your ass, you perverted woman you," Polly gasped. "I'd better make sure it stays there until I shoot, right?"

"Yes, yes!" Zia shouted.

"Every time I push into you, I can feel your entire body tense up around me," Polly whispered. "I'm gonna fuck your ass until I come."

"Yes, yes," Zia whimpered. It was a sound so unique to Polly's experience that when she looked up she saw Dove standing in the doorway, mouth agape. She smiled and looked back down at the thrashing, desperate Zia. "Fuck my anus. Plunge in me, over and over and over, Polly!"

"Does it really feel that good?" It did to Polly. Zia's inside were so moltenly warm and caressing that if she hadn't already come so much earlier that evening she would have climaxed by now.

"Yes, yes, my anus feel so good, my anus."

"Do you play with it?" Polly said, teasing her.

"Yes, with my fingers, yes!"

"You don't use one of the vibrators?"

"Some... sometimes!" Zia's gasps where coming hard and fast. "The medium one. To get... ready... for you! And I play with my clitoris, too!"

"Like this?" Polly reached under Zia and slid her fingers over Zia's slimy pussy, finding the hard nub. It had always been large when she had touched it. Polly realized with a start that, in truth she had never licked Zia's pussy. They'd always had other plans. Zia whimpered and nodded. "Which is better?" Polly said.

"Your dick is better, Polly! Oh, fuck, your dick is better!" Zia's voice reached octaves Polly had never head before. "I want you to come inside me, Polly! I want you to fuck me so hard, I want you to fuck me so hard!"

Polly grabbed Zia's buttocks and slammed into her. Zia's gasp was loud, almost painful, but Polly knew it was what she wanted as she bucked hard against Zia's ass, her cock passing in and out of the swollen asshole, watching as it expanded and contracted around the length of her cock. "I'm going to come, Zia," she groaned.

"Yes, come, fill me with your come! My anus, my ass is on fire for your come, Polly! Fill me up!"

Those summoning words were all Polly needed and she came with one last pounded thrust against Zia's ass, inside Zia's ass, shouting out one final time as she poured the last droplets of her lust into Zia's willing, waiting backside.

Zia collapsed to the bed, huddled, curled up, pulling off Polly's dick, her head wrapped in her arms, her body convulsing with pleasure or pain or something else entirely, Polly couldn't tell. Polly was actively worried for a moment, but then the thrashing passed and Zia was still.

She groaned. "Oh, fuck. That was the best yet." She looked up at Polly, and Polly could see something in her expression. If that was the best yet, Polly wondered why she looked... disappointed. She smiled. "You can stay the night if you want, Polly. I don't think Dove will mind." She looked up at the door where their onlooker stood.

Dove shook her head. "Don't care," she said. "Just keep it quiet, okay?"

Zia looked away, then the half-smile, the "I know something you don't know" smile, the face with which Zia seemed to tolerate the world, returned. "Yeah, I think we can manage."

"G'night, then," Dove said. She let the door close.

"Did you want to take another bath?" Polly said.

"No. In the morning, maybe."

In the morning, they had more sex again, this time in the traditional manner. When they came out, Dove shook her head. "Where you guys get the energy before breakfast I'll never know."