The Journal Entries

Anar, Ring 20, 06119

Sterlings: Provocation

The door to his cabin rang. Saul glanced up, furious at the interruption, even more furious when he realized who it must be. He opened the door. Khrystyne stood there. He reined in his anger as he said, "Come in."

Khrystyne looked appropriately abashed as she entered. The door closed behind her. "I'm sorry, Saul. I got caught up in something at the office and I... I forgot."

"How can you forget, girl?" he snapped. "You have your padd."

"I don't wear it in Sterling Country!"

"Don't you have your communicator?" He pointed to the pocket where he knew she kept it. "Doesn't it have alarms, clocks, calendars, things like that? Good grief, girl, I told you that I was going to have dinner ready at two! I made a quiche. Do you have any idea how disgusting one of those gets after it cools? The fat congeals in pockets throughout the souffle' and it tastes awful. I wanted to do something special for you, show you that I could cook with confidence, and you messed the whole thing up!"

"I'm sorry, Saul! Really, I didn't mean it."

"Well, it's too late now," he said, sighing. It was hard for him to stay mad at her. She was the third Sterling Y he had dated, and the first who kept coming back. That was something he liked about her. Their lovemaking was a little routine, but at least it was happening.

"Are you still mad at me?"

"A little," he said.


Saul stared at her. Was that disappointment he heard in her voice? Was she disappointed because he was still angry, or because he was only "a little" angry? "Ah, screw dinner. I know places that'll take us all night." He grabbed Khrystyne by the arm. "By this time, girl, you and I would have been boffing our brains out." He led her toward the bedroom. Although her steps were hesitant, she didn't provide resistance or give voice to any. He pulled her into the bedroom, pushed the door shut with more force than usual, then pushed her up against it, kissing her hard.

Khrystyne gave a muffled groan as his leg pushed between her thighs. Saul could feel her cock stiffen at his provocation and thought that maybe he had found out Khrystyne's secret. What was turning her on, though? Aggression, the threat of more, or what?

Even as he kissed her full, beautiful lips Saul knew that he might well have been in over his head. He was not a particularly aggressive man and he certainly had no sadistic streak to speak of. But with a beautiful woman-- even a woman with a cock, a Sterling Y-- moaning against his mouth as he pushed her hard against the wall, Saul was willing to do what he must to convince her to stay around.

Khrystyne's soft whimper as Saul pulled away from her told him that he had found a secret of some kind. "Girl, saying 'sorry' is just the beginning."

Khrystyne looked earnestly frightened as Saul unzipped his fly and tugged his own cock out into the open. He grabbed her hand and led it to his erection . "Do you want that?" he said.

"Yes," she moaned. "I want you."

"And I want you, Khrystyne. But I don't like it when my dinner plans get ruined because you're too busy to think."

She nodded, the smiling version of Khrystyne returning briefly. "I can make it up to you," she said.


She knelt down until she was facing his erection, then closed her eyes and opened her mouth, sliding her lips along the head of his cock, pushing back on the foreskin and making him groan with lust. He hadn't anticipated being turned on himself by the kind of aggressive back-and-forth they seemed to be building together and he didn't know if he could keep it going for long. But Khrystyne, for all her inexperience and youth, was a fusion-powered rocket in bed once she got going.

And she was going. Saul groaned again as her mouth worked on his cock, her tongue slithering along the underside, her teeth scraping in just the right way. He wasn't a particularly large man in that area but he also didn't care. He was grateful that Khrystyne had learned to take all of it into her mouth but right now he had no desire to come that way. He knew that if he did he would be waiting at least half an hour if not more for what he really wanted. He was not a heavily modified man.

He grabbed her under her arms and pulled her up, kissing her. The taste of his own sweat was on her tongue and he liked that. "Let's get naked."

They peeled off their clothes as fast as physics might allow then Saul led her to his bedroom, neatly pushing her down to the bed before he jumped onto her. He felt her erection against his belly, and his own cock pushed down somewhere between her thighs, down into the crack of her ass. "You think you'd like a fuck, hmm?"

"Uh-huh," Khrystyne said softly. "Yes, Saul. You can have whatever you want. I'm sorry that I messed up your plans."

"Hmm. I think I will." He turned her over onto her stomach and looked at the rise and curve of her beautiful butt. That was one of the other things he liked about Sterling Y's. They had the kind of butt a woman should have. For that matter, even their units looked completely feminine. Not soft or weak, but feminine. The way a woman's cock should have looked, if they'd been born with one. The lack of a scrotum added to the effect. The curious banana shape, thicker in the middle and tapering at both ends, also fascinated him.

He parted her buttocks with his hands and looked down at the inviting, surprisingly pink wrinkled opening of her ass. He kissed her butt then slathered his tongue against her hole. Saul was old enough and man enough to cease being dainty with analingus. He let his tongue flit around the creases and flexures of her asshole, making her whole body twist with pleasure and pulling the moans out of her that he wanted to hear, before he plunged his tongue into her. She went rigid with even that tiny penetration and he knew he had something to look forward to when he finally got around to fucking her properly.

When he had her asshole appropriately spit-soaked and her whole body writhing, he sat up and dribbled lube from a bottle on his bedstand down into the crack of her pretty ass. He slipped a finger in through the pool of slick, clear liquid to her asshole and then into her body. She closed around him tightly and he smiled. "You like that, huh?"

"Yes, oh yes," she groaned. He slipped his finger deeper into her until it was buried all the way up to the first knuckle. Saul had to admit to himself that he got off on the risk of fucking a primitive this way, of knowing that there was always the possibility of his being soiled. It was much less common among Pendorians, who could always ensure via SDisk that the risk was non-existent. But Khrystyne was clean, as far as one finger could tell. He slipped a second finger into her asshole. "You're loosening up nicely," he said.

"You do that to me," she groaned. "Goddess, Saul, fuck me?"

"I'll do just what you want," he agreed. He straddled her thighs and aimed his cock down. "You want this inside, eh?"

"Yes, fill me, fuck me, make me take it like..."

"Like a man?"

"No! Like a Y!" Khrystyne's whine was plaintive, desperate. Saul pressed the head of his cock against her asshole. He pressed inward and felt himself sink into Khrystyne's guts, felt his cock pry its way deeper into the dark, twisted mystery of her primitive body. She was so hot inside, so smooth, so perfectly sweet, a deep, oily pool of hunger and desire. The tight grip of her asshole pleased him, and the almost textureless touch of the flesh inside gliding along the sensitive head of his cock made him shiver. After the sucking she had given him earlier, he doubted he would last long. Which was actually fine with him: she was still a primitive, and lacked any engineering which would make this pleasurable if he lasted too a long time.

He bounced off her ass, pushing himself deep with each downthrust. Khrystyne made gasping noises with each hard shove, and Saul could see her hands buried under her waist, trying to reach her cock and play with it, trying to give her the other stimulation she wanted. He hoped she got it but he didn't make any moves to help. He was too busy enjoying her surrender, her willingness. He could feel the way her asshole twitched as he withdrew, and he loved the heat of her buttocks when his hips came down to meet them.

It would not last long and he knew it. She began pushing back with each thrust, meeting him halfway, the impact resounding deep in his bones, and when he came it was with a triumphal shout of acknowledgement. He had gotten what he had come for.

He slipped out of her and she flipped over instantly, her hand on her cock, masturbating it with determination as she pushed herself toward her own climax. Saul couldn't bear to not help her. He lowered his head and nuzzled at the base of her cock, sucking and licking and avoiding getting punched in the nose by her furiously flying fist.

Khrystyne's own incoherent gasp of pleasure was accompanied by a satisfying, sticky mass of semen shot across her belly and up onto her breasts. "Grief, girl," Saul said, chuckling as he licked at the droplets left on the tip of her cock. "Have you been saving it up for me?"

She groaned. "Not deliberately," she said. "Just... wanted to wait until you did it." Her hands strayed onto her belly, smearing his come across her skin. "That was... different."


She nodded. He noticed for the first time that she was still wearing her eyeglasses, the dataglasses that all of the Sterlings wore outside of Sterling Country. "Yeah. I'd like to try something like that again."

He laughed. "Maybe you'll get your wish."

She smiled at him. It made him laugh and he said, "Come on. If you want more, I'll need protein. We can't eat what I've got, but there are a few restaurants down on the B deck that are open all night."

"I can't go like this," she said. "I'm a mess."

"Then let's get you cleaned up."

After a fast shower together they went to a place with the name "Simple Food." It was certainly comfortable, and much of it short-order fried. "Why here?" Khrystyne said.

Saul shrugged. "At this hour it's hard to find anything more complicated than this." He dipped his bread into a puddle of oil on a centerpiece plate and took a bite. "Khrystyne, can I ask you a question?" he said. He knew it sounded like the setup to a serious conversation. In a way it was.

She shrugged. "Sure."

"What is it with Ys? You're the third one I've dated and you all seem so... neurotic. I'm sorry, but there's no other way to put it."

Khrystyne sighed. "Saul, when Pendorians are starting to have sex, do they ever go through a period when they're innocent? When they're just exploring and they don't know anything about sex and love and stuff, or do your parents just give it all to you when you're five years old and when puberty hits you're ready for it?"

Saul laughed. "My universe is a lot like yours, Khrystyne. We go through those awkward stages too. It doesn't matter how much you know up here, it's all about experiences." He tapped at his temple.

She said, "When I was eleven years old, my mothers sent me off to summer camp. I think they wanted a time when they could be themselves and not have me around. Summer camp is this place where lots of mothers send their girls. The girls get to do all manner of athletic and fun things, and they're watched over by a cadre of women who've only recently graduated from school and need work and, maybe, a little experience in dealing with kids. They're going to have their own someday."

"I can picture it," Saul said.

"When I went, hormones were hitting me hard. That's the other thing about summer camp." She took a sip from her drink. "It's really a taboo to reveal your sex in front of others. All of our beds were bunked, but we had nets over each one that let you change without showing your neighbor what you were. They kept the bugs out at night, too. You've got all these girls whipped by their hormones, and the rules are telling them desperately to keep their hands to themselves.

"Even though it's against the rules, Ys still do it. We have our own ways, and they change constantly. The color and arm you wear a bracelet, or the kind of fabric you wear on a necklace, or if you draw a green circle around one finger, like a ring of ink." She played with the middle finger of her left hand briefly, and Saul could see the memory arise within her. "We want to know who the others are. And sometimes we sneak away and..."

Saul nodded. "You go play the way kids will."

"Yes, exactly! I had a girlfriend names Sheedi, and we snuck out one day and went and hid in this big wooden building where we had a stage and seats and they would give us speeches and we did a simple play and all that. It was pretty run down, all the paint peeling. It was cold, too. And Sheedi and I went and hid behind the stage when the building was empty and she reached down and touched my cock and I touched hers. It was so exciting, so different. I don't know what I was doing. We tried it a couple of times. I even tried kissing hers."

"Someone caught you."

"One of the counsellors, looking for someone else. She just looked kind of sad when she saw us. She took us up to the camp head. She lived in a big building down by the soccer field. She was an older woman who would lead us all in grace at each meal and would preside over church services on Sunday and all that.

"And she lectured us for an hour. She quoted to us from the Book of the Body about how we were too young, that as Ys we had a special duty, a special responsibility given to us by the Goddess and the Founders, to learn to control those instincts within us that made us Ys, that made us want to be aggressive and masculine and forceful.

"The Sterling Project is about creating a standard of womanhood and making everyone live it. About relating and communication and consensus. Accomplishment is a byproduct. That's a stated goal of the project.

"The funny thing is..." She stopped and reached out and took his hand. "The funny thing is, Saul, she was so wrong. The camp head. There's nothing masculine about... me." She looked down at the table. "Like lots of Ys, I wish I wasn't a Y."

Saul said, "I spoke with Rhiane Rho the other day. She believes that the Pendorians will be more welcoming to the Ys than even your own culture. It seems to be a big topic of discussion among your upper-up types right now."

"She's probably right," Khrystyne said. "My culture views the existence of Ys-- did you know we only make up a quarter of the population?" Saul nodded. "We're a necessity. A necessary evil. A source of sperm to provide for the next generation." She squeezed his hand. "You think I'm something else."

"I think you're a beautiful girl," Saul breathed. "Aye, I'm as queer as a pink duck, and I like weird things like you and your girlish mind and your beautiful cock all at the same time. And I think that most of the Corridor will think that the existence of your beauty will be a welcome addition to all the other beauty we've got."

"See? Oh, Saul, can I keep you?"

Saul took a deep breath. "We can only try. I can't promise I'm what you want, Khrystyne. Some of what you want might be more that I can give. But I will try," he said.