The Journal Entries

Elenya, Ring 18, 06119

Sterlings: Gardens of Delight

Dove was in her bedroom when she heard Pollyanna San Tarvo's voice. She peeked her head out long enough to see Zia, her roommate, drag Polly into the other bedroom and shut the door. She glanced at the clock: it was 22:10 AZ Time.

Since those two had gone public Dove had expected the frequency of their trysts would go down. She expected Zia to do the sensible thing for a Spartan woman. Instead, the assignations had increased until they had thrown off the pretense of hiding their gross intimacies from Dove. Polly was coming over before Zia went on duty, and then when she came off, and staying late into the night, both of them oblivious to the way their shouts and groans kept Dove in a constant state of awareness, annoyance, and envy.

Dove had become quite the voyeuse. She would stand next to the door as often as she dared, listening to the two of them rut like beasts. She disliked most the smell that would exhale from Zia's room when one of them came to get a drink from the kitchen, both of them oblivious to the way their sweat and the odor of other things they did collected before wafting out into the living room. Dove could hardly believe they enjoyed breathing that cloying, fecund, suggestive air. She tried to signal her discomfort by wearing headphones while watching language lessons and dramas on the living room video screen. Whenever the door closed again she immediately discarded the headphones.

She crept up to the door and listened. She knew she should stop, should do something else. She should be studying. She should be preparing to help her firm succeed when she reached llerkin. She had a responsibility to her peerwomen. She heard Polly say, "You want me to use this? But I've never--"

"Yes. And then you're going to take a walk with me."


"You'll see. Now, turn around. You put these in last time. Now it's my turn." Silence for a few moments. "One of these pearls might help, huh?" More silence. She heard Polly grunt momentarily. "Count. Like you made me."

"Two," Polly said. "Three. Four. Zia, I don't... Unhh... Five."

"Good. Pull your skirt down and let's go."

Dove scurried for the couch and pulled her headphones on just in time. The volume she left at zero.

"Where are we going?" Polly asked as Zia led the way out the door. Polly's walk was different, more cautious, more hesitant.

"Borderrealm Park."


Dove didn't hear Zia's answer as the door to the cabin closed behind them. She didn't need to. Zia's unquestionable answer would be: "Yes, now."

Dove didn't know where Borderrealm Park might be, but she knew it wasn't anywhere in Sterling Country. She reached for the keyboard she used to access the Pendorian's database and queried the ship's public locations registry.

She had mis-heard. Border Realm Park was three words, not two. The registry described it as a natural garden, filled with winding paths that offered both the beauty of nature and a bit of privacy, as well as providing an interface along the "southern" wall for face-to-face visitations with the citizens of Einstein's Realm, that strange virtual world inhabited by more people than could fit on the ship itself. Dove didn't know if she believed the stories the Pendorians told about there being another dimension to the whole ship inhabited by tens of thousands or if the Pendorians were just playing with the Sterlings.

But now she knew where to go. G deck.

After two months, it was time she left Sterling Country. Impulsively, she got up and walked to the borderland, showed her ID to one of the guards, then walked out into the Concourse, the wide strip of public space bordered on all sides by display windows and storefront doors, most closed at this hour, the lights down low. It was the middle of the night for the Pendorians as well. Some of the doors stood open and music of all kinds poured forth from them: jazz, electronica, even a waltz. She walked past them, her eyes wide. She had no idea where to go, and she lacked one of those eyeglasses things, those PADDs, that let people navigate the Pendorian parts of the ship without asking for help. There were SDisks in the corner of the Concourse. She had used these before. She stepped on one. "Take me to Border Realm Park, please."

The world blinked, became dark, became wet. It was raining.

"Dammit!" She hadn't anticipated that it would be raining inside a starship. Didn't these people know about sprinklers? Maybe this was the sprinkler system and Zia had chosen a bad night.

Or had Zia planned on the dark and the rain? Her roommate had a damnable devious streak to her, but why would Zia want to come here at this time? Where could they be?

If the SDisk had dropped her off here, she assumed that it was the same SDisk that had dropped off Polly and Zia. They couldn't have gone far.

The garden's ceiling looked to be an entire sky away, the leafy growth pervasive and varied, the walkway real concrete bordered by a wooden railing that was intended to keep her from falling into a stream. She had expected to come out in a corner of the garden, but this SDisk seemed to have dropped her right in the middle. On the other side of the stream she saw more vegetation, but even in the dim starlight (fake starlight, she had to remind herself) she could see that the garden went on for some distance. If that was illusion, it was a convincing one.

Cursing, Dove took to the pathway. Satisfying her curiosity shouldn't have meant getting soaked. Fat, warm drops fell on her head and burst with gravity. Her eyes adjusted to the darkness. It wasn't quite black: there was even a moon overhead. Maybe it was always there.

She walked on, listening, looking. Leaves reached out and stroked her cheeks, leaving wet streaks she wiped away. She heard a rustle through the rain. "Zia," said a loud whisper. "I think someone's out there."

Dove crouched down, hid behind some bushes, her heart loud in her chest. She was sure they would hear it. Zia said, "In that case, don't make any noise."

"Zia, don't. Oh, Goddess, Zia... stop it."

"Why?" Dove moved slowly, silently. Through the leaves and the bushes and falling rain she could see Polly pushed up against a tree and Zia looming over her. Zia kissed Polly, one hand sliding up Polly's shirt to tease at her breasts. "You were walking funny when I brought you in here."

"That's your fault. It's those... things."

"These things?" Zia's other hand plunged into the waistband of Polly's skirt, reached behind. Dove couldn't see what Zia was doing, but Polly groaned loudly.

"I thought you were trying to stay quiet," Zia said.

"I can't when you do that!"

"Is it these things?"

"Stop it!" Polly hissed.

Zia knelt down in front of Polly, reached through a slit in Polly skirt and suddenly twisted it to the front. Dove nearly gasped as she saw Polly's dick flop out, solid, hard... huge. Zia said, "You keep saying you want to stop, but your dick says you're lying." Zia slipped her mouth around the softly flared head of Polly's dick. She managed to gobble about half of it before she was forced to stop by where it was thickest, then slipped off of it. "I'm going to take all of your dick, Polly."

"Do you think you... Zia! Don't tug on it."

Whatever the "it" was, it wasn't Polly's dick, and Dove couldn't see what Zia was doing with her other hand. Dove was barely able to breathe as she watched Zia push herself against Polly's dick, flex her mouth and her jaw, and suddenly all of Polly's dick disappeared into her throat. There was no way she could have fit it all into her mouth; some of it had to be going down her throat. Why didn't Zia gag?

Zia's body convulsed, and then she slowly eased away from the full length of Polly's dick. Polly's head tossed back and forth, groaning, as Zia seemed to again and again swallow the whole of Polly's dick. Dove's hands slipped inside the waist of her skirt, down past her underwear. She had never touched herself before but she understood the principle. She swallowed hard as her fingers intercepted the wet furrow of her own pussy, slid over her clitoris. She couldn't stop herself.

Zia released Polly's dick. Dove was amazed at the size of it. She hadn't imagined that the penis would be so big. Was Polly just an oddity in her own way, like Zia was with her height?

Zia was licking the length of Polly's dick, and her other hand reached once more around Polly's waist. "Zia, stop!"

"I bet you'll like this," Zia said, looking up to watch Polly's face. Dove saw her arm move downward slowly.

Polly clamped her hand over her mouth and a gush of white fluid shot out of her dick. Dove could hear Polly's high-pitched whine even through those fingers. The jet of semen landed on the ground over Zia's shoulder, then Polly slowly collapsed against the base of the tree, bent over, head hanging down between her knees. "Wow. To think you came from having your ass teased like that," Zia said. An odd strand of pale beads dangled from her index finger. Dove knew Polly was a Y, so that meant the beads had been in... She tried not to think too much about it. "You shot so hard. Did it really feel so good?" Zia leaned down, kissed Polly's forehead. "You're such a pervert, Polly."

Polly looked up, grinned at her. "You're a pervert, too, Zia."

"Yeah, I am." She stood up and offered a hand. Polly took it, allowing herself to be pulled into a standing position. "And now I want your perverted dick inside me. I want you to rub your tits all over my perverted body and fuck me with that big, perverted dick." She tossed her skirt, then leaned back against the same tree that Polly had been using. She had to bend her knees quite a bit to be low enough that Polly could reach, but that didn't slow them down. Dove was nearly horrified: they were both so oblivious to their own degeneracy they made jokes about it. Yet she couldn't let go her fascination. She should stop watching. Her mothers would have been aghast to know that Dove was even seeing something like this. It was obvious to Dove that Polly and Zia had been practicing this position for a while now.

Polly got between Zia's thighs and positioned herself. Dove could see it as she aimed, but then the action disappeared between Zia's thighs. She watched them, Polly banging herself against Zia's body, Zia juddering back and forth against the tree. "Fuh, fuh, yah!" Zia said.

"You're getting loud," Polly said.

"I wonder why?" Zia said. "It's not like I can help it. Your dick... your dick inside me makes me loud. When I was on duty, I took a ten-minute break to the head and... I took out the purple thing. I couldn't help that." Zia's voice came in beats, in time to Polly's thrusts. "I was thinking about you, Polly. About you, and your dick. I just couldn't hold on until now."

Polly laughed and began to fuck Zia harder. "Goddess, I'm gonna come," Zia said. "I'm gonna..."


"Come!" Zia groaned, her head thrown back, the smile on her face more broad and honest than any Dove had ever seen, the laughter and release so evident that the pleasure Dove was giving herself reached deep within and she came, too. Dove fought the horror of thinking that her very first climax should be watching them.

Polly slowed down. "Goddess, I think... I think my pee let go. I think I peed on us," Zia said.

"I felt that warmth. So?" Polly said.

"No, wait!" Zia said. "Didn't you hear what was just said?"

"We're messy. Will this make it any worse?" She jabbed at Zia several times, hard.

Zia moaned. "Too much, too much... Wait, wait."

"Not yet. I haven't come yet," Polly said. "I was telling you to stop with the beads. This time it's your turn."

"Oh... no... hah... hah... Polly!" Zia was gasping. But she wasn't fighting. Dove could hardly believe what she was watching. Shouldn't Polly have stopped? Isn't that what 'No' meant? If Zia was right, weren't they just being too gross? Zia seemed to sag, to just accept it, but her hands held Polly's arms as Polly battered her body, used her, fucked her harder and harder.

"Zia, I'm... I'm almost... I'm gonna come. Is it okay?"

"Yes," Zia moaned. "Yes, yes, fill me up. Give me your come, Polly. Give it to me! Come inside me!" Dove watched, aroused and disgusted beyond comprehending, as Polly groaned loudly and slammed herself against Zia's body, throwing her arms around Zia's torso as she came.

"Goddess," Zia sighed.

Zia collapsed to the ground the same way Polly had earlier. She looked up, rain dripping from her hair, but Dove thought that maybe some of those drops on her face were tears.

"Okay?" Polly said, falling to her knees beside Zia.

"Amazing. The best. Always." She kissed Polly gently, using her hands to guide them together. Dove could see they were both satisfied with the outcome, whatever it was they had done.

The rain grew harder and louder. Dove quietly eased herself over to the walkway, then ran as fast as she could up the path back to the SDisk. "Take me home."

The guards only gave her wet blouse half a glance as she tore back to her cabin. She dumped her clothes into the laundry basket in her sleeping quarters, then plunged into the shower as quickly as she could manage.

They weren't back when she left the bath. She pulled her hair over with a towel and wrapped a bathrobe around herself, plunking herself down in front of the screen and pulling up a documentary from her collection of bookmarks.

Zia returned without Polly ten minutes into the show. "Goddess, you're soaked!" Water still dripped off Zia's hair and vest.

"We went to the garden. It started to rain."

"How's your girlfriend?"

Zia paused. It was no longer a secret that she and Polly were "dating," but only Dove really knew the extent of their relationship. She hoped Zia didn't know how much she knew. "Good," Zia said.

"Have you and she... you know... done it, yet?"

"Yes," Zia said. "It's no big deal. But you know that already, right?"

Dove wondered which 'that' Zia referred to. "Yeah."

"Good night, Dove."

"'Night, Zia." She watched as Zia closed the door to her sleeping quarters, and then leaned back against the couch, biting her lower lip. She knew that it was a big deal: at least, it was apparently a very big deal to Zia and Polly. She was twenty-seven years old, still a virgin, and she didn't know what kind of big deal it was.

It was time to get it over with. Time to find out.

She knew just the pervert to ask.