The Journal Entries

Elenya, Ring 12, 06119

Sterlings: Height

Zia Tau pushed Polly back into the gymnasium storage room. There among the cluttered bins of balls and the tossed-together frames of volleyball nets, the smell of leather and old rope, she knelt in front of Polly and unzipped the front of Polly's uniform trousers. "Goddess, your dick is so beautiful," she breathed.

Polly laughed. "Is it only my dick you love me for?"

Zia didn't respond with words. Instead, she closed her mouth around Polly's dick and slid it as deep as she could. Polly had long known she was bigger than the average Y but Zia took that attention to a whole different level. What Zia wanted from her other than sex Polly could hardly imagine, but for the time being both of them were content to have a relationship where they had sex at least once a day and three or four times when they had the time. Zia's mouth was the second most wonderful thing Polly had ever felt, even if Zia could only take about three-quarters of her dick before gagging.

She slid her mouth back and forth on Polly's dick only long enough to get the other girl as hard as stone then stood. "You're hard and ready, huh?" she said. "Come on, Polly. Fuck me." She leaned over a low pommel horse, her legs spread, her dress pulled up. She wore no panties. "Do it."

Polly slipped behind Zia and aimed her dick upward. She grabbed Zia's ass and tried to pull herself upward, but Zia was just too tall. She stood up on her toes. "Zia," she said, her voice disappointed. "I can't reach. You know that."

"Come on, Polly!"

"I can't. You're... you're too tall. There's not enough room for us to..."

Zia swore and turned around, her eyes dark, glaring. Finally, she turned her mouth into a half-smile and said, "Get dressed."

Polly did as ordered. That's what it felt like: an order. She was just as upset as Zia was, but she had this sudden tearing feeling, as if maybe they had found the point in their relationship-- if that's what anyone could call this thing she and Zia had-- where they had to break up. Where they didn't connect. In this case, literally.

Zia had already left the storage room when Polly stepped out into the unoccupied general purpose gym with its wooden basketball floor and stacks of blue exercise mats against one wall. Zia was nowhere to be seen. "Damn," she swore. A sense of loss welled up in her chest, impending tears.

As she walked out the double doors, Zia was waiting for her. She grabbed Polly with one arm wide around her neck. "Come here," she said.

"Ow! Zia!"

Zia reached down and grabbed Polly's wrist. "Come with me."

"Zia! Please, I'm sorry... I was... I couldn't keep my balance."

"Just shut up, Polly, and come on."

"Where are we going?"

"My cabin."

It was only a few turns and corridors away. When they walked in, Zia's roommate Dove was sitting on the couch in the living room watching something on the big screen most rooms possessed. Dove tore off the headphones she had been wearing and stood. "Zia, what?"

But Zia ignored her as she hauled Polly into her own sleeping quarters. Polly had met Dove San Cioni several times in the month and a half she and Zia had been fucking (she couldn't call it "dating"), and she had come to understand that Zia was supposed to be rooming with Dove as some kind of overseer for Dove's parents. Dove was one of the civilians who made up the bulk of the Sterling contingent, and that a civvy had ended up rooming with an MP told Polly that whatever was going on, Dove's mothers had to have some serious pull to make it happen. Zia had dropped the 'San' from her name deliberately, but she was still a Spartan, like Dove.

Polly sat on the bed. The door closed behind Zia, and Polly turned her attention to her lover. "Stand up," Zia said. "Take off your padd."

Polly had almost forgotten the eyeglasses she-- and almost every Sterling on board-- now wore. The "head-mounted padd" provided subtitles for all the conversations she had with Pendorians and often added subtle cues to navigating the Pendorian portions of the ship. The pair she had been given had been stylish, but generically so. Zia's were smaller, rectangular, and quite obviously chosen for their looks. Polly took hers off and put them in her pocket. "You're scaring me, Zia."

Zia reached up and put her hands on each side of Polly's head. Polly's eyes closed instinctively. Nothing happened for a few seconds and then she felt Zia's mouth on hers. It stayed there, and her own lips parted to touch Zia's lips, her tongue. Zia held her in that embrace. Polly could feel the cold, hard edge of Zia's glasses against her cheek, but Zia's mouth, her breath was so warm against Polly's face that she kept her eyes closed and she sighed.

It was the first time they had kissed.

Polly's mind whirled and started adding up the numbers: it had been three weeks since their confessional moment in the conference room. It had been a month before that when Polly and Zia had had their first misunderstanding, the one that had led them to have sex in the first place. Polly could remember only two days where they hadn't gotten together and had sex. And they'd made up for those by doing it three, maybe four times the day afterward. At a minimum they'd fucked fifty times, probably more like sixty times, and this was their first kiss.

Zia let her go. "Do you hate being kissed by a freak?"

"You're not a freak."

"But I am. The prophet's engineers made us short. Even 'tall' Sterlings are shorter than the average Pendorian or Terran human. I'm taller than many of them. I'm so tall I can't kiss you normally. Or anyone else."

"Is that why you want to fuck so much?"

"No," Zia said, and she smiled that small, reserved smile she seemed to save only for Polly. "I like to fuck because it feels good. It feels good when I do it with you." She pulled her blouse up over her head. "I found you. I only want to do it with you, Polly. I want to kiss you, and I want to get on top, and have you do it from behind, and in front, and blow you and have you eat me and maybe sixty-nine-- although maybe we're not the right sizes for that." She approached Polly, backed her up against the wide bed set into a nook between the wall and a closet. "I want to jerk you off, and watch you masturbate, and I'll do the same things for you." She pushed Polly down to the mattress. "I want to do all of those things... with you."

Her breasts, which were scaled well to her frame, comfortable and large, hovered at the edge of Polly's vision. They were beautiful, and Polly wanted to mash her own breasts against them. Zia said, "Polly? Do you want those things too?"

"Yes." She grabbed Zia and pulled her down, took one of Zia's nipples into her mouth. Around that mouthful of tit she managed to say, "I want to do them with you, too."

"Ahh," Zia said.

The heat that had learned to rise between them had returned. Polly filled her mouth with Zia's breast, her tongue slathering the nipple until her drool leaked down the side of her cheek. She had forgotten how to be fastidious, had become careless about sweat and spit and her come and Zia's juices. Their bodies became slick with sweat easily, they slid against one another as Polly's mouth slipped from one breast to the other, her hard dick rocking against Zia's thighs. "I want you, Zia."

Zia pushed herself down and gave Polly their second kiss. This time they were messy, their mouths wrestling, missing lips and coming back once more, noses battering each other, groaning and gasping, filling the room with the sounds of their passion.

Zia suddenly let go, and Polly fell back against the bed. Zia knelt over her, and with her fingers opened the lips of her pussy. "Look, Polly. Do you see how wet you make me? Just your kisses, your mouth on my tits and I'm so wet."

Polly looked up, gasping. She could see the thin, almost clear fluid dripping off Zia's labia. "I... I see it."

"You want to put your dick in there, don't you?"


Zia grinned and lowered herself over Polly's dick. "Let me aim," Polly said.

"Do it." Polly positioned her dick and Zia's slid over it.

"Goddess, it feels like you just suck me in," Polly gasped.

"Ha.. uh... fuh, you feel good, Polly. So good." She pushed herself down all the way. "Eek, too... no, not too much. Fuck..."

Polly was in ecstasy already, and Zia was rising and falling with real power, real demand. She squeezed around Polly's dick. "Don't, Zia! Do that and you'll make me come too soon!"

"I can't help it... So amazing. So amazing. You fill me up so much, Polly." Her pussy made its own slurping noises as she fucked herself on Polly's hard dick.

"Zia," Polly gasped. "I'm going to come!"

"Come for me, Polly. Let me see your face when you come." Polly couldn't control her climax, not when Zia was so hot, so enthusiastic, so unreserved in bed, and she came with a loud groan, jetting come into Zia with such force she thought she might have levitated off the bed. "Aahhhh," Zia sighed. "So good."

Polly's dick fell out of her pussy as the taller girl dropped to the side of the bed beside her. "You're amazing, Polly." She smiled again, then fell forward for another kiss. "You can do it again, right?" Her hand played with Polly's dick, which had only softened a little bit since the end of their fuck.

"Probably," Polly said. That was the other thing Polly had discovered: she frequently could have sex three or four times in a row. Y's weren't supposed to be like that. It made her wonder if maybe the Pendorians had slipped something into the water supply. The more paranoid types among the military had ordered monitoring of the water and the air, but the Pendorians surely knew a lot more about slipping things past those monitors than the Sterlings could ever imagine. Then again, Polly thought maybe she was the freak and not Zia.

Zia pushed herself up and leaned against the wall opposite Polly. She reached down and with two fingers pulled open her pussy to show Polly the frothy, slimy mess they had made. "Do it, Polly." Polly's dick surged, and she crawled over Zia. "Don't even think, Polly. Just do it. Just fuck me."

Polly slipped back into Zia's pussy. "Yeah," Zia moaned. Polly lay on Zia's chest, her head between Zia's breasts, as her hips beat steadily at Zia's, her dick sliding in and out of Zia's slick hole. "Yes, Polly, more..."

"Like that?"

"Yes, like that. Oh, I'm gonna come. Gonna come again. Gonna... yes, yes, oh Goddess yes I'm coming!" Zia's body thrashed hard as she came. The sight exhilarated Polly, made her own desire rage within her. Her dick twitched with immanent release, but it took a little longer. "Goddess, Polly, give me everything!"

It took longer than the first time but finally Polly did, both of them moaning with satisfaction as she did.

"Ahhh..." Zia sighed as Polly straightened up. Zia reached with a free hand and caressed Polly's breasts. She smiled. Polly eased away for a moment. "Need to clean up."

There was a stack of folded handtowels, little ones, by the side of the bed. Polly had gotten used to seeing them there. She took one and proceeded to wipe her dick off with it. It seemed more sensitive than usual. She handed one to Zia. "Thanks," the taller woman said, wiping herself down between her thighs. She sighed and leaned against the bed. "I know I'm too tall. But I don't let that bother me, Polly. I don't care. As long as I'm doing it with you, Polly, it's good."


"Yeah," Zia said. "As long as you've got a big dick, I'm happy."

"Is that all?" Polly tried to sound hurt.

Zia laughed and pushed Polly down to the bed once more. "Just kidding. I'm happy for lots of other reasons too." She kissed Polly once more, this time gently, casually. She said, "I don't think I'd mind if we did that when other people are watching."

Dove stood outside the door to Zia's sleeping quarters and listened to the two women inside going at it, her stomach churning with something that might have been revulsion. It might have been irrepressible curiosity. She thought she knew enough about sex but she had never imagined anything like what she heard going on in that room: the thumps, the moans, the shrieks, the laughter. The laughter especially bothered her. Zia never laughed anytime else.

She had never known Zia to be anything other than the uptight, aloof military police officer that she had always been, a perfect Spartan in so many ways. Whatever Zia was doing right now, she was being neither uptight or aloof. She caught snatches of their conversation, heard them using words Zia would never have used in front of her.

Whatever Zia and Polly-- who Dove knew was a Y, it was hard to miss that no matter how pretty she was-- were doing in there, it wasn't quite about love, but it was a close approximation.

The thumps emerging from Zia's room resumed. Dove had been shocked by Pendorian dissolution much more than any of the Athenians or the oh-so-cosmopolitan Minervans like Polly's friend Ilonca, and again when she had realized that Zia was falling into that corruption.

And yet, even as she listened, as she heard them moan and laugh, she felt the confused envy deep down in her soul. What they were doing in there possessed her: Polly, being Y, had a penis and was using her penis on Zia, and Zia seemed to be enjoying it, even demanding it. That didn't seem possible. Dove had dated a few women in a perfunctory way. She didn't know if any of them had been Ys, the dates had never gotten that far. It just seemed so gross, really, the idea of letting someone put a part of their body into yours. There had to be a better way of enjoying yourself: if not a better way at least a different way.

She just didn't know enough to make a comparison.