The Journal Entries

Anar, Hiss 20, 06119

Sterlings: Polly's Conscience

"When are you next on duty?" Polly said.

"Less than an hour." Zia Tau sat next to Polly in the small military lounge at the border of the Sterling Autonomous Zone, a modest room with orange industrial carpeting, cheap folding tables and vending machines. Polly tapped gently on the phone in her pocket and hoped it would stay as silent today as it had all week.

"Come with me, then."

Zia obediently stood and followed Polly out the door and down the hallway. Polly gestured toward a bathroom. "In," she said. Polly locked the door behind them. She tackled the much taller Zia, pushing her back into the room until she tripped over a toilet and sat down on the seat. "I want you."

"Whenever you want," Zia said. It had become their ritual, something Zia said every time they got together. Polly didn't mind. It made her happy.

"Stand. Turn," Polly said. She pushed Zia forward roughly, and the other woman's hand slapped the tiles. "There," Polly said. She stood so much shorter than Zia she had no chance of fucking the other girl here but she didn't care. What she was about to do didn't require fucking. Not yet. She grabbed the hem of Zia's skirt and pulled it up, bunching it and shoving it into the waistband.

"I got you something."

"What?" Zia said.

"You'll see. Or feel." She reached into her pocket and pulled out the strand of beads. She had found Zia's "toy shop" where the Pendorians would sell you just about any device you could imagine for sex and pleasure. What she had found and seen there had shocked her at first, but the femTindal who ran the place seemed not at all surprised to see her, nor concerned with her lack of knowledge. She had gently guided Polly through a list of choices until they had settled on a collection of beads on a "string" that moulded to each bead. The fem had explained that the moulding presented no sharp angles that might be uncomfortable. At the end, a T-shaped piece with a ring prevented the entire strand from disappearing up into whatever orifice Polly chose to shove it. It was a pretty thing, each bead a swirl of pink and white, looking much like a small child's toy.

"I haven't played with your asshole yet," Polly said. "And I want to." She pulled down Zia's panties, admired Zia's ass. It was a beautiful curve, and her hand played across Zia's smooth skin. Her thumb reached between Zia's cheeks and played with the tiny sphincter, teasing it. Her ass twitched under her touch. Zia whispered something incoherent.

"I'm going to put these in," Polly said.


"You'll know in a second." Polly groped in her pocket for the small packet she had also found, tore off the tip with her teeth, and let the stuff inside dribble down onto the strand. She placed the first small bead against Zia's asshole and pushed it gently in.

"Nnng..." Zia grunted softly.

"It's not going in," Polly said. She pushed a little harder and was surprised as it seemed to pop into Zia's body. "There. That's one."

"Huh... huh... How many?" Zia asked.

"Count." Polly slid the second bead, then the third. She was fascinated by the way Zia's asshole seemed to resist, then suddenly reach out and pull the bead in at the last moment. Zia's emotional reticence did not extend to her voice, and each time one of the spheres slid into her she would moan aloud. The fourth and fifth were just as easy. The T-mount slipped up against Zia's hole and sat there, the ring dangling, just big enough for one of Polly's fingers.

"Five," Zia said softly.

"Good," Polly said. "Turn around."

Zia turned, and Polly gestured with one hand for her to sit on the toilet seat. "Pull the front of your skirt up."

Zia leaned against the back wall of the stall, her legs held together at the knees by panties stretched to the limit. Polly stepped on the stretched cloth with her booted foot and pushed. Zia's legs splayed open. "Like... like this?"

Polly nodded. The little ring was visible below Zia's open pussy, her wet lips glistened at Polly and begged for attention. Polly pushed her own skirt down to the floor, freeing her dick. She touched Zia's pussy, her fingers slipping and gripping on the inner labia. "You're so pretty down here, Zia. And wet." Polly had not yet figured out why if she was the one doing the coercing was Zia always so wet and ready for her?

"Is this what you want?"

Polly leaned down, her dick nosing its way against Zia's sweet pussy. She slipped in and the two of them sighed together. Their bodies met in that tiny stall, slapped up against one another, and Polly took her fill of Zia's flesh, the slippery, warm body surrounding her dick like nothing she could ever remember. For Polly, this was what sex was supposed to be like: completely without inhibitions, without restraint. She was fucking her way into this beautiful, strange girl with the perverse, shaven pussy. Neither one of them held anything back.

"I... I feel them," Zia said. "Goddess, I feel them!" Her voice got loud enough Polly worried that they might attract attention, but she could hardly stop now. She braced her hands on the tank of the toilet and fucked at Zia hard, her dick solid and throbbing and demanding, pleasure with every stroke filling her until she came with a brief, wonderful moan.

Zia's eyes were closed with a strange, delighted look that Polly had seen there often. And once on Rhiane's face. "Zia?"

"Do you want more?"

Polly grinned even as her dick slipped out of Zia's pussy. "No, not now."

"The beads?"

Polly considered a nasty idea. "Do you think you could survive with them in?"

Zia said, "If you wish."

"Then do that," Polly said. "I'll come find you in four hours."

"Hey," Rhiane said as Polly sat down next to her. "Where've you been the past month?"

Polly was pleased to see her ex-roommate. Rhiane and Ilonca had been exceptionally busy recently with something Tempany was putting together for their arrival on Pendor. She hadn't run into either casually in a while. It was only her being on-call and her desire to be here, where Zia would find her, that had led her to this break room. "Working. Playing. Why?"

Rhiane shrugged. "I was just wondering. You didn't come to the Freyday get-together at the Cafe'. I thought maybe you'd found a girlfriend or something."

Polly looked at her. "Or something."

"Or something?" Rhiane leaned closer. "Did you find another Pendorian?"

"No," Polly said. "No, nothing like that. No, I'm not dating anyone right now. Just very busy."

"Oooh," Rhiane said slowly. "What kind of busy could you be?"

"The usual kind," Polly said, becoming annoyed. Part of her annoyance she saved for herself. She couldn't just come out and tell Rhiane what she was doing. Looking at Rhiane's lovely face with her snaggletooth and her black, spiky hair, Polly felt the guilt of her past month roll into her. Zia didn't have a social life, but that didn't give Polly the right to seal Zia's alienation further by manipulating and controlling her.

She wasn't just committing blackmail; what she was doing verged on rape.

Zia's original transgression hadn't even been criminal, merely perverse. Commander San Txema's exhortations that her crew control themselves on this trip and not fall into any Pendorian "carnal abuses" had merely been the excuse Polly had used. Instead of rescuing Zia from the presumed downward spiral, Polly had joined her. Now both of them were trapped. Polly had gone to the "toy shop" and picked up a number of things that were definite signs of depravity. If there was a search of her cabin her career in the Navy would be doomed. Zia's too.

"Polly. Hello?" Rhiane was waving a hand in front of her face. "Come in, Polly?"

Polly shook herself, frowning. "Sorry. I was just thinking."

"Some thinking," Rhiane said. "Ilonca says I do that all the time. What's going on in there?"

"Just... thinking. Okay?" She took a deep breath and sighed.

"Whatever's going on in your life, it must be some big deal," Rhiane said. "You'll let me know?"

Polly nodded, knowing full well she would never keep that promise. Her phone beeped, and she saw that Zia would be getting off duty in five minutes. "I have to go."

"Can I tag along?"

Polly looked. It was almost too much to ask. She had wanted Rhiane, a short time ago. They had even slept together once. "No, not this time. I... I need a little privacy."

"Okay," Rhiane said. "Don't be a stranger, okay?"

"I'll try," Polly replied. She stood and walked to the door. "See you around, roomie."

Rhiane gave her a smile. Polly let the door slide closed behind her, sighed with secret relief, then hurried to the hallway where Zia would pass. She leaned against the wall, trying to be non-chalant.

Zia appeared around the corner, moving fast. When she saw Polly she broke into a run. Her hand closed on Polly's wrist and she hauled the smaller woman around the corner and into Civilian Conference Room Four, where they had first talked, where they had first done it. Where Polly had made her first transgression. "What?"

Zia locked the door behind her and threw Polly to the ground, then pounced on top of her. "This... this thing. It's too much. Too much. Goddess, Polly, I need you. This thing. I need your dick. I need it now."

Polly was too shocked to respond. She hadn't expected this kind of reaction out of Zia but she wasn't about to complain. Her dick was already hard. Zia's hand massaged her erection through her skirt. "You're ready, right? Good, so am I." Zia pulled her skirt up over her head and pulled one leg of her panties to the side. "Your dick. Right here. Right now. Please!"

Polly could hardly believe her ears. She had planned to tell Zia that she was ending this charade, but now Zia was demanding sex of her. Her dick responded to Zia's pleas the only way it knew how. "Hurry," Zia said. "Hurry!"

Polly reached down between her legs and twisted her own skirt. Zia grabbed through the opening and Polly's dick flew out, flopping up against her belly. Zia grabbed it and aimed it at her pussy, sliding down onto it. "Oh, Prophet, yes. Your dick... so good. The best. The best thing!" Zia humped herself against Polly's body, riding Polly's dick hard as the two of them fucked on the floor of the conference room. Polly reached up and grabbed Zia's large breasts through the fabric of her uniform shirt. Polly could feel her dick throbbing hard, could feel every square millimeter of Zia's pussy around her.

Polly wanted more, and she took it. They rolled over until they were back in the position they had first fucked in, Zia on the floor, one leg lifted between Polly's breasts and over her shoulder, their bodies slamming together. Polly liked fucking Zia this way; they had done it many times over the past four weeks in this position. It was one of their favorites.

But Zia had more demands. "Play with my anus, Polly. Play with it. Those things... those balls. They're making me crazy!"

Polly pulled out. "Let's do it doggy-style then."

Zia was all too willing. She got onto her knees and Polly looked down upon the most beautiful sight she'd ever seen: Zia Tau bent over, her chest to the ground, her naked pussy lifted high to Polly's sight. There, exposed, was Zia's asshole just obscured by the pink mount of the strand of beads. Polly took up position and slipped her dick into Zia's pussy, feeling the warmth and wetness surround her, feeling the beads ripple along the length of her dick as she passed them one by one on the other side of a thin membrane of Zia's flesh. They both moaned loudly.

Polly played with the ring at the end of the mount, pulling it out just a little bit with each thrust. Zia grunted, "Yeah, yeah. Please. Foo... fuh... fuck me, Polly. Fuck me harder!" Polly tried to do as she asked, pushing her way into Zia's body with demanding shoves. "I can feel them. I can feel them. So good. Gonna come, I'm gonna come, Polly."

"I am... I am too!" Polly grabbed Zia's hip with one hand while she tugged at the beads with the other.

"No, wait... just need a little more, Polly!"

Polly was beating at Zia's body, her hips slamming against Zia's buttocks, making bare ripples in Zia's taught, athletic flesh as her dick slammed repeatedly into Zia's slick, tight pussy. Zia grunted and moaned, "Gonna come... gonna come... the beads! They're..."

The beads seemed to shoot out of Zia's ass as she came with a loud, voiceless gasp that shuddered through her. They bounced off Polly's stomach and fell to the floor. Polly came then too, surprised and overwhelmed, too ecstatic to hold back and too pleasured to want to. She could feel her dick pulsing its jets into Zia's sweet, warm pussy. With a grunt, the two of them collapsed to the floor, their clothes strewn about them, the two of the gasping for air. "Fuck," Zia said softly. "That was the best."

Polly found herself nuzzling the back of Zia's head, playing with the short, clean blond hair. She shook herself, came to her senses. "I'm sorry, Zia."

"For what?" Zia breathed against the carpet.

"For making you do all those things. For all the things I've done to you. I won't ask you to do them anymore."

"But..." Zia seemed baffled. Polly grew even more confused when Zia turned over, her mouth turned down with sorrow. "Polly... Don't tell me you hated doing those things, Polly. Did you... hate it?"

"No, it's not what we did... it's just... I used the threat of exposing you to make you do those things against your will."

Zia stared at her, and then began to softly laugh, shaking her head. "Did I ever tell you that I was against it? I've been looking for someone like you for a long time, Polly. I've been enjoying it. Your discovering my vibrator was like a gift. It gave me an excuse to call you."

"Oh." Polly looked away.

"Polly," Zia said softly. "Do you hate me now? Because I wanted it?"

Polly was too confused to know what to say. She had never been blackmailing Zia all along. Zia had thought this was a consensual relationship. They were both running the risk of exposure. They were in this together.

Damn if the sex wasn't great. Polly looked up. "No, I don't hate you."

"Then... it's okay? If we keep going, right?" Zia leaned forward. In a low and sultry voice she said, "I know. Let's do everything together. We're both perverts. You thought you were blackmailing me? I'm gonna blackmail you, Polly. I'm not gonna let you go until we've done absolutely everything!"

Polly laughed, relieved, happy, but also a little scared. Was Zia serious? What did she mean by "absolutely everything?" Zia tossed Polly her skirt. "Get dressed. I don't want you to get too far behind."

"Where are we going?" Polly asked.

"My cabin. Dove's not home right now."

"Who's Dove?"

"My roommate."

Polly followed the strange, perverted girl home.