The Journal Entries

Aldea, Narquel 16, 06119

Sterlings: Polly And Tere

Polly wasn't nearly as drunk as she had been the last time she'd found herself in this bar. She stirred her drink and thought that maybe she should find Rhiane and talk to her. Or Ilonca. Ilonca would be full of wisdom. She always was. Polly wanted to tell someone how she was feeling, wanted to talk about it, get the help one woman could give another.

There was just one person she couldn't talk to.

Polly pushed herself up off the stool. She was still drunk, but this time she could walk and talk for herself. She had decided that becoming an alcoholic was a career limiting move she didn't need to take. She headed for the bathroom.

She bumped into a body coming the other direction in the hallway. "Excuse me," said a woman's voice. Polly looked up to see a human face, red lips, black hair, and professionally painted eyes. She didn't recognize the woman, which meant that she was probably part of the Pendorian crew. That was hardly surprising: there were only a few hundred of her own people on board, and three thousand aliens of every shape, size and color imaginable. Except she was the alien: it was their ship.

"Hey, you're one of those..." The woman looked closely at Polly, spotted the earring, and smiled. "Sterlings, aren't you?"

Polly nodded. The Pendorians had tried hard to call them "Free Worlders," but the popular name of "Sterling" had stuck instead. The woman reached out and touched her cheek, startling her. "Don't go away, okay?"

Polly went back to her barstool, and a few minutes later the woman sat down next to her. "Hi there," she said, her Francaise precise and impeccable. At least that meant she wouldn't have to view this woman as a movie with subtitles scrawling across the bottom of her glasses. "I hope you're having a good time on our ship."

"Do you care?" Polly said.

"Only a little. What's wrong with you, darling?"

Polly couldn't tell if the "darling" was cute or bothersome. "Nothing's wrong with me."

"You look like someone who could use something other than a drink." The woman reached out and touched her again, on her earlobe where her blue earring sat. "That means you're a Y, doesn't it?"

Polly nodded. "Yes." She had to admit the other woman was quite beautiful in a strange, sharp sort of way. Since she was a Pendorian, she was definitely going to be an X. "What are you looking for, anyway?"

The other woman shrugged. "Tere."

"Excuse me?"

"It's my name. Tere. As for what I'm looking for, I don't know. Maybe a little action. Satisfaction."

"Of your curiosity, I suppose?"

"That, too," Tere said. "What's your name?"

"Polly." She looked Tere up and down. Tere wore a red shirt unbuttoned down far enough that it showed Tere's large breasts, her skin one shade above coal black and skin textured to flawless adulthood. Her legs were encased in black pants that showed dancing muscles, running muscles. Polly felt the familiar, hungry flood of lust in her jawline and her groin. When she brought her gaze back up, Tere was smiling at her. "Like it?"

Polly nodded.

"Good," Tere said. She grabbed Polly by the wrist. "Let's go."

Polly allowed herself to be taken from the bar, waving to the bartender with brief disorientation before she was in the hallways of the Einstein's Canvas and Tere slipped an arm through hers. They turned a corner into one of the narrower hallways where the Pendorian residencies kept. Tere pushed her up against the wall. "Oh, I like you." She kissed Polly.

Polly's lust-filled confusion continued. Why hadn't she felt so hungry with Saul? What had happened that day? Why was this happening now? She opened her mouth and struck out her tongue to Tere's in a desperate bid for attention, an acknowledgment that she was a Y and she belonged with Xs. She grabbed Tere by the biceps, pulled her close. One hand slipped along Tere's body to her ass, pressing their bodies together, letting the other woman feel the hardness between Polly's legs. She wanted Tere to know how badly she was wanted. "Mmmm," Tere said as they parted, a little dribble of spit-- hers, Polly's, it didn't matter-- on her chin. She wiped it with the back of her hand. "I'm definitely going to like you. Come on. My cabin's right down here."

Tere's cabin was a palatial suite, bigger even than Saul's. She wondered if there was some kind of ranking or if the AIs just gave people what they asked for. She had heard a story that there was an entire second crew on board the Canvas living in an extradimensional space called a "Realm", where notions of volume were as arbitrary as the SDisks made notions of distance. She would have to see it to believe it, she supposed.

Tere made her supposing go away. Tere stripped off her own shirt, not even bothering with the buttons, and turned to face Polly. Polly's breath came in hard as she stared at Tere's beautiful tits, which wobbled with almost unnatural firmness, sweet dark brown slopes that ended in large nipples of vibrant red and then curved under and towards her body with geometric precision. She looked like a painting. Thinking of geometry made Polly think of Rhiane, her mathematically inclined ex-roommate.

She was distracted. She needed to pay attention to Tere. It should have been impossible not to, as Tere was almost unnaturally beautiful. "You like me?"

"Yes," Polly said. She stripped off her own jacket and blouse, then doffed her socks and skirt just as quickly. The two women collided in midair, Polly's cock thwacking against Tere's thighs. Tere accompanied her soft but predatory laugh with a fumbling, fondling grasp at Polly's erection. "Oooh. Pretty big for a girl. Very big, for a girl. Is this natural?"

Polly nodded, and blushed. She had been told that too often to deny it. She wondered if she should act as if it were true. She wondered what acting like it was true would mean.

Tere's grasp around her cock was stronger now, stroking her determinedly. Polly groaned. She didn't want to come quite yet and she was sure that Tere wanted more of her than a handjob. She pulled her hips away. Tere led her to the bed, pulled her down. "Damn, you're a beautiful girl. Amazing that you're such a great guy, too."

Polly giggled. She had never thought of herself as a guy. She certainly wasn't. She was a woman, but she was also a Y. Saul had convinced her that it was okay to be both. "Do you want to fuck me?" Tere asked.


"Sure," Tere said. "Just do it."

Polly and Tere eased into a simple missionary position. Tere helped her aim her cock downwards. It took a few thrusts to get her cock coated in Tere's juices but soon she had sunk her cock deep into Tere's pussy. It was a strange, raw sensation, of lust and pleasure and unconscious demands from her body for more of the same. She felt Tere's pussy close around her and she fucked Tere without really knowing why. They were having at each others body as if there were no other reason to be in bed together.

"Wait," Tere said. "Like this." She slithered out from underneath Polly's body and turned over, putting her ass up in the air and exposing herself for Polly. Polly had never actually had sex with anyone in this position and it took her a moment to figure out where she should put her cock, but once she slipped in she understood the pleasure in it. She fell forward slightly, gripped Tere's hips and bashed away at the woman underneath her. Her cock slipped in and out.

"Unh, you're big," Tere gasped. "More, more, yeah." Polly grinned at Tere's enthusiasm, gripped her ass harder and found the rhythm that let her bounce off the other woman's beautiful ass. Polly drove herself into Tere like a piston, like a jackhammer out to break concrete. Tere was growling. "Yeah, like that."

Goddess, Tere's moans were making her hotter. She wanted to give this woman the ride of her life, and she was willing to strain her heart to do it. The two of them locked into battle, one riding hard, the other ridden. Tere moaned incoherently. Polly felt her orgasm build inside the boiler of her chest, only to come out as a stream, a jet, a rocket of pleasure and come shot deep into Tere's pussy with a loud groan of her own, "Yeah, yeah, yes!" She grabbed Tere's hips one last time and shoved herself hard into the woman's willing body, extracting from her the last shards of pleasure she could stand before even her cock was too sensitive.

"Haa," Tere said, flipping over onto her back again. "You're pretty good for a girl."

Polly smiled awkwardly. Tere, unlike Saul, was not inviting in a post-coital sort of way. She seemed as hard as ever, and Polly nodded even as she sat on the bed, wondering what she should do next. Tere pawed at her hand briefly. "Thanks, Polly. You were fun. Just what I needed."

Polly nodded. "Will you... want to do this again?"

"You are built too much like a girl. Don't get me wrong, you were good. I'm just not interested in doing it twice. No, I'm satisfied."

Polly closed her eyes. She wasn't satisfied. She wasn't happy with the used feeling she got from Tere. Wasn't she supposed to be the user, the one who used other people, the one with the cock, with the manhood? Maybe Tere was right, she was built too much like a woman. The thought made her sad. "Thanks, then," she said, making up her mind. "I guess I'll get my clothes."

"Don't be mad."

"I'm not," Polly said, not entirely sure that was the truth. "I just wanted more."

"Let me give you some advice," Tere said, turning over on the bed. "Don't think of anything as permanent. We're immortal. You will be too, soon. You can't expect to hold onto anyone, or anything, forever."

"All I want," Polly said, "Is for someone to stay around long enough."

Tere seemed surprised. "For what?"

"I don't know."

Tere nodded, but offered nothing more. Polly dressed quickly, then leaned over and gave Tere a brief kiss. "Thanks," she said. "It was fun."

"You're welcome." Polly meant that part, at any rate.