The Journal Entries

Seren, Narnya 07, 01364


I threw myself onto the bed, letting the comforter console me with its satisfying whumph. I let out a loud breath through tight lips. "Something go wrong?" Aaden asked.

I hadn't noticed him or Wish sitting out on the porch, a Go board between them. I was glad for their company. They both knew I'd gone out for the evening with a friend. "Eh," I grunted. "I really like Hawse, but..."


"It didn't work. We're going to stay just friends."

Wish pouted briefly, concern and puzzlement and a touch of frustration. Hawse, a high-level commander type at D'Tangent Ring Defense with a surprisingly carefree attitude toward his partners had seemed just my type, at least for a casual relationship. He wasn't awed by me, and he was certainly pretty. Vulpins often were. "What didn't work?"

"His cock." It came out as a long sigh of frustration, envy, and regret.

Now it was Aaden's turn to look confused. "He is bigger than I am."

"It's not always a size thing. Remember Chaucer?"

Aaden's hesitation involved recall. "A Felinzi you dated, a long time ago. Yes, I remember him." He had better. There was a bit of jealousy there. Chaucer had been very pretty, and Aaden's the one who usually goes for the pretty boys. But in my past there was Nishipo, and then there was Christopher, also a long story between us, that had taught me to appreciate pretty men as much as I did butchier mels. Mels like Aaden.

"He wasn't bigger than you are, and I had the same problem with him. It didn't matter what angle he came at, something about the shape of his cock just hurt." I rubbed my pelvis just above my pubic hair. "Hawse was the same way. Something about that shape, the arrowhead glans and fat knot behind it, just doesn't work for me." I made suggestive shapes in the air, which made Wish smile.

"I didn't think it could be a size problem," Aaden said. "I will never suspect a size problem with you. Not after Gabriel."

I smiled. Now that was a dreamy memory. "Well, Hawse was about four centimeters longer than Gabriel, and I don't have great depth. But that wasn't it. Even with only half of him in, my ass didn't want him there anymore."

"Wait," Wish said. "Who's Gabriel?"

I smiled at Aaden. "Maybe we should invite him to a picnic?"

"Maybe we should."

A week later, I looked out over the Spinward Ocean while the cooking went on behind me. In the back of my head, the surface lace I'd chosen to have implanted this season was tracking Gabriel's recent appearance at Shipping Disk S111.

Wish was under the broad pavilion set up near the cliff-side, just to the right of the crack that led to the old Lagoon and Aaden's original garden. She had a book in her hands. Further to the right as I faced the cliff wall, P'nyssa and Diana were watching over a pair of steel-lined pits in which nearly two hundred kilos of charcoal was being put to good use, roasting three freshly slaughtered pigs. The crowd for the monthly picnic was fairly large, almost forty people this time.

"He's almost here," I said to her.

Wish nodded. "I've known you for three hundred years. You've told me about every one of your lovers. But you never mentioned this one."

I shrugged. "I don't think I've told you about every single one."

"But this one," she started. "This one was special. I could see it in your eyes. Who is he?"

I no longer needed my biocybe to tell me where he was. I could see him, flying low over the water. His massive wings pushed casually. He didn't need them to stay up, just to stay moving. On Pendor, there was plenty of power he could use to neutralize the effects of the ring's constant spin. Sadly, that meant he couldn't go anywhere else. "He's coming." I pointed. "Come with me." I led her halfway toward the water.

The wings resolved into the bulk of a massive dragon. He flew fast and, at just the last moment, reared up, lazily sweeping his wings in a broad catch of air to brake just shy of the beach, then drifted over the sand with a flutter. His feet sank 20 centimeters into the sand when he landed.

Wish stepped back. Gabriel was probably one of the largest beings she'd ever been near, and that was cause for concern. He was not a machine. He did not have the precision that Pendorians depend on from their machines. He was not restrained from stepping on her. Most Pendorians would trust a machine but an organic, meaty brain at that scale not so much and therefore I could understand her apprehension.

Gabriel craned down his huge, green neck and leaned over. "Ken!" he said cheerfully in that bassoprofundo that reached deep into my groin and did things to me. "Thank you for the invitation." He turned to look at the smaller figure standing next to me. "So," he said, "You are Wish."

Wish gulped. "Yeee-ah." Other people were gathering at the edge of the water to greet the new visitor.

I quickly stepped in. "Yes, Gabriel, this is Wish. Wish, this is Gabriel. Gabriel is an old friend of mine."

"She's very small, Ken. I read that she was small. You made that comment. But my goodness. She's quite possibly smaller than your average Mustela." He cocked one eye toward me. "Very different tastes you have these days."

I chuckled knowingly and said, "No, my tastes haven't changed. They've always been that big, broad, wide."

Gabriel gave a "Hmph" and peered down at her. "Why, I could probably eat her with one bite."

"Yeah, but don't," I said. "I like her." Aaden's new boyfriend, Irasium, was eyeing Gabriel with a strange expression on his face that contained at least some dislike. I wondered why. P'nyssa and Nance stayed a comfortable distance away, while Diana ignored the proceedings and attended to the food, ensuring there was enough for everyone, including one dragon. That was why I'd ordered three pigs. Skii had come, and he was goggling.

Why don't more people know a dragon or two? The ring's full of 'em.

After dinner and introductions all around, Wish, Gabriel, Aaden and I were allowed to be alone at the edge of the beach. Night was flickering in. Within an hour it would be full dark. Gabriel lay belly-down on the warm sand, his tail in the water swishing back and forth with vaguely feline detachment. His eyes were closed, but I knew he wasn't asleep. "Tell your coimelin that the barbecue sauce was wonderful," he said. "I haven't had barbecue that good in a very long time."

"Oh, good, she'll be pleased to hear that," Aaden said. "But I suspect Diana made the sauce."

"Then thank her, too."

I said, "Wish, you wondered who Gabriel was. We met shortly after the Ritacha incident but before the family all vanished into the aether for a century and discovered that the universe didn't actually need us, which was very reassuring. You two have something in common, though."

Gabriel chuckled again, knowingly. Wish glanced between us. "Yes," I said. "You've both fucked me."

Wish, who had had a few hours to absorb the idea, still could not quite grasp the obvious. "You've had sex with him? You've been fucked by a dragon?"

"You say that like it's a surprise. I've had sex with just about everything. Categorically, not literally."

"But he's huge!"

"In more ways than one," I said. "It would be probably be more precise to say we've had sex with each other. Gabriel was something of a--" I rooted for the words. "Egotistical challenge, shall we say?"

"Mmm," Gabriel said. "You wanted to say you'd been fucked by a large dragon. And I wanted to be able to say I fucked Ken Shardik. I know the latter is not exactly an honor."

I laughed. "Oh, dear. Gabriel, you haven't changed."

"Nor have you."

"Yeah, I've been told."

He turned his head toward Wish. "When you're a dragon, sex is one of those things you discover you humanoids are desperate to try." Gabriel glanced my way. "You weren't like that, were you?"

"Oh, I was," I said. "Absolutely I was. What are you talking about? Of course I wanted to have sex with a dragon. Who wouldn't?"

"Yes, well, unlike most people you were, how do I put this? Prepared for it?"

"Maybe. I don't think I was prepared for sex with a dragon. I will say, however, that you were the most well-behaved example of a dragon that I could have had sex with. You didn't kill me. In fact, you just kinda laid there and let me do all the work."

"I thought that would be safer."

"How big is he?" Wish finally blurted.

Since we could both see how big he was in the main, I guessed she meant that one part of him in question. "Um, he's bigger than Aaden's fist, but not by much. And about as long as my forearm, but not quite. And that's basically how we warmed up. Aaden and I did some handballing for a few weeks ahead of time, and I would do muscle exercises to maintain the muscle control. Do you mind if I show her?"

"Oh, do."

I gestured to my left and a model of Gabriel's penis appeared in the air between us. It glistened, as it does in real life, almost 40cm long and 10cm thick in the middle, with a gentle kink about halfway down, getting progressively thicker closer to the base. There's a gathering of flesh at the bottom as it rises out of its recess. There's no discernible head, just a blunt, rounded top, slightly elliptical is shape. It's mostly a very light green, a few shades brighter than Gabriel's normal hide.

As I looked at it-- as I stared at it-- I said, "What is it about your cock that made it so perfect?"

Gabriel snorted. "It's not perfect."

"It was for me! Gabriel, I have lovers with hands smaller than your cock who have more trouble getting into me than you did. I've never been able to figure it out. With them, it's difficult. With you, it was easy. Always. Your cock just slid right into me."

"After some work," he insisted.

"That thing is huge!" Wish said. She reached forward and measured it against her small hands. "How could you get that thing inside you? It would never fit in me, never, ever, ever!"

"You're much smaller than I am."

"Not half of that could fit. How did you do it?"

"Well, it was mostly Aaden who helped. It's very much like a high-end sport. It isn't intimate sex. It's more like we both wanted to prove we could do this. I wanted to prove that I could take dragon cock up my ass, and Gabriel wanted a reputation as a dragon who'd had sex with Ken Shardik. And it worked out. It was kinda fun. And grief, he is big. You have no idea, he's huge, monstrous..." I was getting transported away by the memories.

"How did you do it?" Wish said.

"You tell it," Gabriel said. "Speaking is taxing."

"Mmm," I agreed.

Well, we were at the airshow. It's the History of Military Ordinance Society's decennial event. We get together and show off the ancient military hardware we collect. Aaden and I had gone there with two civilian police choppers that we take care. And we'd built a third one, new, with a centaur bench for the pilot so the Ritachan named Sandahl could fly it.

One of the odd things they have is a Dragon beauty contest. It's a really strange event, but I kinda enjoyed it. You go there and you get to see all of these dragons, and they have been buffed, and polished, and they are wearing the most unlikely pieces of beaten brass and silver outfits that are outlandish and ridiculous and wonderful, and they're gleaming in the sunlight with skullcaps and decorative filigree chains along their wings.

There weren't just dragons at the front. There are dragon judges. There are dragons in the audience. If you're a huge fanatic of dragons, it's the sort of thing where you go and take deep breaths, then try to save that memory away forever.

I'm not a huge dragon fanatic. It was just where I ended up.

I was sitting in a lawn chair, watching the event and drinking from one of those big fluted glasses that only ever contain alcohol and a little umbrella. A big, green dragon lumbered up and lay down in an available patch of grass nearby. I thought he had come to watch the event, but his eyes were struggling to stay open.

"Bored?" I asked him.

"Not particularly," he said. "It's hot."

"That it is. I'd offer you my drink, but I don't think this much alcohol would do you any favors."

He regarded me with one glittery eye. "No, probably not." He was such a beautiful beast, and even then I could see how classically built he was, with his long neck and powerful body. "But I could use something."

He closed his eyes and ordered something, because in a few minutes a serving platform delivered a large, rectangular crate with a dragon-sized straw hanging out one side. Little wisps of frost came off the crate. "What's your name?"

"Ken," I told him.

"Your parents must have had high hopes for you."

"Me?" I said. "I don't know what hopes my parents had for me. I expect they hoped I would grow up and have a happy life."

"Are you?"

"For the most part," I assured him.

"Still, for you to be named after Vatare, it must be a burden."

"Oh, that," I said. Dragons are far-sighted. I might have been just a blur to him. "That's not a burden. That's just what I am."

I remember he laughed at that. And then Aaden showed up. "Ken!" he said, "Here you are! Ally and I have been looking for you everywhere."

"You could just ask Yuri."

"I did." He looked over my shoulder at the dragon who was eyeing us with surprise. "A friend?"

"I just met. I don't even know eir name. Aaden, I'd like you to meet..."

"Ah... Gabriel." His voice, oh, Gabriel, your voice. I remember the way he said his name that day. It reverberated.

"Gabriel," I said. "Male, then?"

"Yes," Gabriel said. "Very."

I chuckled at that. "Anyway, lover, what did you want?"

"Ally wants me to remind you that the small arms show is tonight, and you're not supposed to miss it. Normally, I'd just stick it in your calendar queue, but you've been off-line for most of the morning."

"I'm enjoying the quiet."

Aaden smiled. Gods, he's so beautiful, too. I felt a warm glow and faint twitch down in my belly. "So I understand. Anyway, give it some contingencies, okay?"

"We're on vacation!"

"But you still have places you've said you want to be, and things you want to do."

I leaned forward and whispered, "I'd like to do you."

"I think Ally is hoping for a second chance," Aaden said softly.

"Since when are you arranging for me to get together with my girlfriends?"

"Since you became a workaholic. If I don't return you back to Tylia in one piece, she'll kill both of us."

"And since when were you not complaining about the women in my life exhausting me too much?"

"I didn't say I would stop complaining."

I laughed, hugged and kissed him, and let him be on his way. I turned to find Gabriel staring at me. "Vatare, I... I'm ... I... "

I felt my mouth twist. "I liked it better when you didn't know who I was."

"I've heard that you do," he said. "But... " Gabriel did a good job of gathering himself together, a beautiful display on a dragon face, and said, "I'm sorry. You're right. You deserve your peace."

We talked for a time after that, but it wasn't until a few years after that, when I went to visit Kitty Moran and ran into Gabriel again. I'd actually asked her about him, and she led me right to him.

I found him curled around a rock by the side of a lake. Gabriel had taken up the nativer lifestyle, but he was still all there, brain-wise. He asked me why I'd come looking for him, and I'd said I wanted to renew our relationship.

Gabriel said, "You've been known to take lovers from every species, but as far as I know, you've never had a dragon. Maybe I should apply for the position."

"I had somewhat thought that myself." This wasn't entirely true. In fact, Kitty and Dave had been conspiring to suggest it to me. I'm not entirely sure why, other than that it seemed to be a gap in my life that called out for fulfillment. The one thing they couldn't tell me was just how much of a challenge you'd be. Physically.

Gabriel took almost a minute to recover from the shock. "You're not joking, then?"

"Oh, no," I said. "Your friends tell me you'd be perfect for me."

Gabriel paused to sip water from the lake, then said, "Give me time to think about this. That's enough. Let's see what we can make work."

There was a certain arrogance to our arrangement. Once we'd settled that it was going to happen, we called Aaden into it. He was more than willing to give it a go.

It was late summer when we finally agreed to get together. In a lot of ways, it was more like an S&M outing than lovemaking, and one of those sessions more about ego than love. Very male. We had picked a glade far enough from the Dragon mountain ranges near Backwater that we probably wouldn't be seen from the air and set up camp outdoors. It was near late-evening when we tried. The sky was so pretty that day, all blue with the bright sun.

Aaden definitely enjoyed his role. We'd brought a portable sling, the corners held up by grav hooks about the size of tennis balls. We'd also brought a high pavilion roof to hover overhead. There'd be no fun in getting a sunburn, and I didn't relish staring up into the sun while Aaden did his job.

He just said, "We're going to go slow, okay?"

"I suppose," I told him. I lay back in the sling. We were all three of us naked-- well, Gabriel doesn't wear much more than earrings, if he wears anything at all.

Aaden took out his cock. It's so familiar to me that we figured it was a good starting point. He lubed it up, pressed it up against my asshole and slid in with barely any resistance. I was completely clean-- had to be for something like this-- and after three or four minutes of gently fucking me, pulled out. He had this big grin on his face. "I like your hole," he said.

"Will you like it after Gabriel's stretched it all out of proportion?"

"Oh, like this doesn't?" he said, and then put three fingers into me. It shocked me, a little. Fingers aren't like cock, fingers are solid and have hard points at the knuckles. He wore a glove, and that helped the slipperiness. I think he went through half the squeeze bottle of lubricant he had just for this part.

I looked over at Gabriel. His eyes were all lit up. He wanted to see if he could follow what Aaden was up to. It took a long time for Aaden to loosen me up enough. His thumb hit the perineum, and then he was turning and twisting gently, most of his hand inside my ass. I was floating. I love getting fisted, it's so different, that strange, alien sensation of something not you moving around inside your delicate, sacred spaces. He folded his thumb against his palm and began that slow turning, looking for the most forgiving alignment of sphincter muscles, the ones that will allow the proximate phalanx of his thumb to pass inside me.

He rocked his hand back and forth, gently seducing my hole to open further. With a sudden flood of pleasure and that odd relief that comes from the sphincter relaxing against a wrist, he was inside, turning gently. "Oh, yes."

"Yes?" Aaden said.

"Yes," I agreed. Goosebumps rose on my skin despite the heat of the day. It felt wonderful. I had such an erection. I wanted to come right there, but I knew I had a bigger task ahead of me.

After maybe ten minutes, Aaden said, "I think it's time you went over and tried it with Gabriel."

"Okay." I giggled. I was stoned on the bizarre things we'd been doing to my body, not an unusual reaction, and still there was more. Aaden helped me up, not bothering to wipe down me or himself, and walked me over to Gabriel. I walked right up to his head and kissed him on the nose. "Ready?"

"You appear to be. So I am."

"Good," I said. He rolled over onto his back, his wings tucked up. Aaden gave me a hand, helping me climb up Gabriel from back by his tail, between those huge rear legs, past the gigantic, earth-grabbing claws, and then to the hollow center-line where his cock rested in that flat recess. It was beautiful, so huge. I touched his hide around it, gently stroking until I got close. "Aaden, toss me up the bag."

He threw the canvas bag up to me, and I caught it. "Gabriel, ready?"

"Yes, yes..."

I suppose Gabriel was sensitive right then. I barely touched his cock and it elevated up to an almost upright angle, more like seventy-five degrees or so. Inside the canvas bag Aaden had provided a half-dozen half-liter squeeze bottles filled with more of that stringy lube he likes for this kind of thing. Gabriel didn't move much when I dribbled some on his cock, but when I touched it and stroked it, his whole body flexed. When you're resting on someone who weighs almost nine metric tons of muscle, bone, and nanochine, even a small muscular movement feels like an earthquake. Gabriel trembled.

I can't close one hand around Gabriel's cock. It took both of them just to stroke him, and down about two-thirds of the length he gets thicker to the point where I couldn't encompass all of his cock with both hands.

But it was fun to touch and play with such a huge tool, something even bigger than the average centaur. Dragons are underhung for their size; they don't have to have proportionate penises. I mean, can you imagine if Gabriel's penis were scaled to his twelve meters of length? It would be so much larger.

Gabriel interrupted my stroking. "Ken, if you don't start now, I'm going to come from your hands."

"Then let's try this." I knelt above his cock and settled down onto the head. The knob at the top found the hollow of my asshole, closed back up but only slightly, still more relaxed than it had been before Aaden had worked his magic. I gave Aaden a thumbs-up and then eased down.

It was unlike fisting. It was just insistent pressure-- mine. "How does it feel?" I asked Gabriel.

"Like I'm trying to squeeze into the smallest space I've ever been in."

"Does it hurt?" I asked.

"No! You?"

"No," I said. That's what this was about. We weren't even worried about pleasuring each other; we had to be worried about not hurting each other instead. But that didn't seem to be a problem. I rocked my hips around, and the blunt head of his cock slithered back and forth across the stretched tissues of my asshole. It burned, a little, but mostly there was this pressure, and this pleasure at facing the challenge.

When the head slipped in, it did so in stages-- past the first ring of muscle, then past the second, and then into my body properly. I slid down as far as I could, down to the first gentle bulge, then down a little further. At most, I got about twenty-five centimeters into me and no more. It was enough.

I was trembling. My whole body was shaking with the effort, flooded with various endorphins and whatnot from the incredible invasion that was going on down in my pelvic region. Things were crowded down there, but it wasn't anything that I couldn't handle.

Goddess, but his cock felt good. There's something about Gabriel's cock and my asshole that just go together. Within a minute I was pounding myself on his cock. I was unable to go deeper than that two-thirds part, and not because it widens there. P'nyssa tells me I have a mesentary-- my sigmoid is attached to the back wall of my abdomen, making it impossible for me to make a straight path of cock-swallowing flesh all the way up into my colon. Pity, that.

But Gabriel's body was heaving. I remember hearing him shout, "I'm close!" when I grabbed my own cock and started stroking. I wanted him to come when I did, or before, but I wanted to be close behind.

Gabriel did come before me, with a roar and a flood of warmth on my insides that would have been alarming if it had been anything else. It felt weird, but good in a way, and then he shouted "Off, off, too much!" As I slid off his huge shaft I came myself, spreading come all over the green hide of his belly.

I lay there, unable to move, my body shaking and juddering the way yours does, Wish, when you come one too many times. A swamp of dragon come dribbled out my backside.

I was too stunned to move for some minutes, but soon I did pick myself up, and crawl along the length of Gabriel's body, sliding off when I reached his shoulders. I found his head, put my hands on his jaw, and sagged against him. "That was... amazing."

"Mmmm," he growled. "It was. Let's do it again. Soon."

"We did do it a few times again after than, quickly reaching the point where I didn't need Aaden to open me up. And then we tapered off."

"Well," Gabriel said, "We had proved the point. You had been fucked by a Dragon. I had fucked Ken Shardik. Although I will say that contraption you came up with for our last time was quite marvelous."

"Yeah," I said, recalling. "We came up with a way for Gabriel to literally fuck me. With the sling, mostly, in a bay like the ones used to work under vehicles. I let him do all the work and just took it. The sling was rigged to move just enough so that he couldn't hurt me, but more or less pushed the both of us to our limits. It was fun."

Wish's eyes were completely goggled by now. She shook her head and said, "I knew you were crazy about sex. I'm glad I know just how crazy." She paused for a moment, then said, "But now that I do know, you think maybe you could have Aaden teach me how to fistfuck you?"

"Why Ken," Gabriel said, "I believe you have something new to try."

"Put your hands together. Like this." I said, lacing my fingers together to make one large two-handed shaft. Wish complied. With my fingers for calipers, I compared her to the still-hovering image of Gabriel's cock. "I think that would be a wonderful idea."

"I love you, you know," Wish said. "Pervert."

Gabriel and I both said at the same time, "That's a compliment." I added, "But I love you, too."

"I had no idea I was considered well-hung for a dragon."

"Ken likes everything extreme," Wish said.

"Yes, I know," Gabriel said.