The Journal Entries

Elenya, Narquel 18, 01352

A Date with Freya

"It's so good to see you again, sis," Wish said as she handed a tall mug of something warm to Freya. I had no idea what it was; I rememebered that Freya was happy with kfi, the llerkin equivalent of tea or coffee, a domesticated stimulant.

"I've been bad," Freya said. She didn't look bad. She looked lovely in her simple outfit, a brown skirt and dun shirt. She wasn't going for the super-sexy look right now, but something more casual something easy to wear and easier to ignore. I liked looking at her. "I should come by more often. But life at Rhysh keeps me busy. Moira and I are... "

"What?" I said.

She shrugged. "In love, I guess? I don't know. Can you be madly in love with an AI?"

"I have been," I said. "It counts." I spoke slowly, trying to get it worded in just the right way. "Some of the AIs have come down to my level, and the rest... went unfulfilled. Somehow, I don't think either is quite true of you and Moira." Freya's embarrassed smile and shake of her head told me everything. I smiled back at her. "So, what's new? What are you doing there at the Castle? Still doing the stunt and demo thing?"

"Mostly. I've started topping, too."

Wish and I exchanged glances, but then Aaden and P'nyssa walked into the room, and my jaw just about fell out of my head. P'nyssa looked ravishing in a way I almost never see: white ballgown with sequins down the side that screamed, "Look at my hips, they're the sexiest hips you've ever laid your eyes on!" Which is utterly true, at least in my opinion. Those are amazing hips. The top was opened to show her large and deliciously blue-furred cleavage and her glistening black hair was coiled into a romanesque topknot held with a silver crown. "Woah. Where are you going dressed like that?" I said.

"I'm going to sit down," Aaden said, finding a chair.

"Not you," I said. "Nyss?"

"I told you," she said. "I'm going to the Tindal decennial ball. Don't you remember anything I ever say?" She said it with a smile, knowing full well that my memory was completely contingent on what Dave knew. It sometimes scares me just how much I don't keep in meat anymore.

"It's so early," I said.

"It starts at noon," she said. "And it'll probably take all night. Sutekinnit is going to be there." Her eyes lit up when she said that. There's something sweet in seeing her so happy, so much in the throes of desire. I don't see it often enough. Her love and devotion to me are as complete as mine to her, but the idea that we could find love elsewhere continues to move us, and bind us in fondness for each other's passions.

She kissed us all goodbye: Me, Aaden, Wish, and even a friendly peck to Freya before stepping out. Aaden grinned over at Freya and said, "Nice to see you again, Freya. What was that I heard when I walked in?"

"Just that I've started topping. I've been learning from Moira and even from Charlene about how."

"Is that what brings you here?" he asked. "Because I believe that Ken could use a little abuse of his own right about now."

"Hey-- " I said.

"No, I just came by to visit Wish," Freya said, but she was regarding me with curiousity. We'd played a lot in the years since I'd saved her life, mostly light stuff, a few times much heavier. We had said "I love you" to one another, and when she needed someone to take her apart and put her back together again, I was her first choice. I wondered what it would be like if I bottomed for her instead.

I winked at her. "Well then, why don't the two of you get refamiliarized? I have a short list of things that I need to take care of." I sighed. "Most of them political." I did not envy P'nyssa right then. I had a feeling most of her evening would be spent discussing politics, despite the presence of her children's fathers and that new interest of hers.

"Need help?" Aaden asked.

"I'd appreciate it," I said. "You can do my voice better than I can."

We reconvened for a late lunch. Freya and Wish seemed aglow with something more than mere sisterly friendship. I smiled at Wish's youthful antics and Freya's measured response. Wish was singing as she put out the plates,

I know you think it odd of me
Just how fond I am of sodomy
But when you put the prod to me
I feel the love of God in me.

"That's a very silly song," I said. She grinned and slipped out a platter of bagels and small metal bowls filled with cheese, meats, and sauces. I had the smoked salmon, Aaden had the roast beef, and the women went through theirs vegetarian. Freya stacked hers with vegetables so high it raised my eyebrows. "I need the slower carbs," she explained. I chuckled.

Aaden sipped at his tea through a silver straw. "Freya, I think you ought to seriously consider topping Ken. It's been months since anyone did. He's been doing topping recently, when he gets a chance to do anything at all. He needs a break"

"I do not," I said, without heat or convinction.

Freya was entertaining the idea again. I could see it in her eyes. "What would it be like, if I did?"

"Depends on what you'd do with him. He's not much into role-playing."


"I love flogging," I said.

"I've heard. I can do that," she said. "I've been practicing."

"He's also a brat," Aaden said to me. I glared at him, and he ignored me. "If you give him what he wants-- thud-- he's a very satisfying target. Good feedback, good sound effects. On the other hand, if you hit him with sting, he's... Either way, he'll try and draw a crowd and make them laugh. He'll crack bad jokes and quote movies you've never heard of, he'll start to sing and he'll even taunt you. Don't let him."

"Would a gag help?" I made a face. She said, "I guess not."

"You're really going to do it?" Wish said. "Can I watch?"

"I want to watch this," Aaden said.

"Bloodthirsty mutants!" I said, and Wish laughed.

"There's an open floor tomorrow, Elenya," Freya said. I nodded. "We could meet then. It would give me time to plan."

"Bring a strap-on," Wish said. "You could fuck him. He likes that." She gave a nod toward Aaden. "Bring a big one."

"Since when are you giving advice to sadists?" I asked her. "I haven't even volunteered yet."

"'I love flogging,'" Wish quoted back at me. "Sounds to me like you've volunteered." She gave me her mischief grin.

"Okay, okay," I said. I reached across the old wooden table and took her hand. "Freya, my friend, would you like to beat me black and blue?"

"I would love to," she said.

The day of our appointment, I made an effort to clean up completely, like I usually do. Inside and out, even though I was desperately out of practice taking anything bigger than Aaden (although believe me, he's big enough for most things).

I had hours before it was time to meet with Freya, so after getting dressed in simple black trousers and a soft percale tunic, I knocked on Wish's door to find out how she was doing. "Come in!" she said.

She was walking around naked. Her olive-brown skin shone with the translucency of her permanently youthful vigor and my eyes adored her in motion. "I was just trying to find something to wear." She turned to face away from me, bending over some clothes laid out on the white-sheeted bed with its candy cane striped pink canopy, and my resistance broke. I stepped up behind and pressed her awkwardly down to the bed. "Ken," she groaned softly.

"You look lovely."

"Mrrr..." Her protest was low and without rancor. "You're supposed to go out with my sister tonight."

"I'm not going to fuck her," I said. "I have to do something with what you do to me. Oh, Wish, you have the most beautiful ass I've ever known." This was unaccountably true. Even P'nyssa agreed with me that Wish's ass was probably one of the most beautiful on the Ring, an eldritch geometry of perfection that never seemed to change despite exercise, diet, and time. Wish was simply beautiful to look at, from the rear. The front was damn good too. "Yes?"

"Yes," she whispered, nodding her head.

I pulled at the buttons on my pants and pulled out my cock. I slid it along that beautiful but tiny asscleft, soaking in the sensation of her small body warming up to my immanent invasion.

I pressed the head of my cock to the her nether lips, pressed in for a moment, then withdrew. "Don't tease me," she whispered.

"No, of course not," I said and slowly slid the entire length into her willing body. She moaned her acceptance and soon we were merged together, my cock deep into her cunt. The light in her bedroom was too bright, suited to playing dress-up and not sex, but we ignored it as I fucked her. The angle was beautiful, too, as I could hold her hips and lean back and admire the length of her trim, ageless body and the way her inner lips seemed to suck at my cock with every withdrawal. Wish held her ass still, but her arms writhed on the bed, looking for purchase. The angle did seem a little awkward for her.

I pushed her all the way down to the bed, my hands flat on her shoulder blades. She groaned with passivity as I made hard jabs into her body, bouncing off her ass, pulling myself back with simple gravity. She was warm inside, wet, perfect.

The sweet pre-orgasmic pitch began somewhere down in my thighs. I pulled out. "Huh?" she said, turning over. I thrust an arm under her ass and pushed her up onto the bed, then joined her there, letting her get on top.

"I wasn't ready to come," I said. I glanced at the clock on her bed. "It's almost five hours before we have to be there."

She kissed me then. I pushed her arms out and away from supporting her. She fell forward and our gentle kiss became something else, something ravenous, souls in defiance of a desert. She slithered on top of me, our bodies quickly becoming covered in sweat, my cock straining to reach the wetness between her thighs that I could smell even from there.

The kisses went on for a long while. They evolved into nibbles, licks along shoulders, necks. I kissed at her chest, nibbling at her tiny nipples, which made her moan louder. She went after mine with smaller nips that made me yelp with surprise. She held my hands down. "Why is it," I said, "That when I'm on top my inclination is to try and give you everything you want, and when I'm down here my inclination is to surrender everything I have?"

Her face lit up as she said, "Because it is always better to give than to receive." We kissed more then, until finally she slipped down and took my cock back inside her. She was only on top for a minute before I turned us over and took control once more. I took her hands and splayed her out, cruciform, while I fucked her hard. "Yes, yes," she groaned. "Fuck me, yes, Ken, oh god you fuck so good!"

I didn't know if that was true all the time, but it seemed to be true between me and Wish. There was something special about her, something about us, together in a room. We became our own little gamma-ray burster of desire, passion seething through us, as unstoppable as a supernova. She pounded her head against the pillow behind her, almost as if trying to stave off the inevitable as I pressed down on top of her, our bodies merged one against the other, trying to get more contact than merely cock and cunt. Hot and sweat-slicked, we beasts writhed together. I crushed my mouth down about hers and our tongues engaged like the rest of us, desperate and hungry. I could feel the desire flay us, lay us open, and demand that there be more contact, more skin, until we were rolled up inside one another. When I came, the universe stopped to listen to us.

So impossibly wasted that we couldn't move, I lay on top of her elfin body and tried to remember how to breathe. "Goddess," I whispered. "How does that happen?"

"My body likes you," she said simply. She kissed the side of my neck. "Fuck, that was good." She looked over at the clock and laughed. "It is not possible that that took an hour."

"Why not?" I said. "We did a lot of kissing. I like making out."

She giggled as I finally rolled off her. "Mmm, maybe." She sighed happily. "We should do that more often."

"We don't do it often enough?"

"I supposed we do. I just always want more. More of you is a good thing, Ken."

"Mmm." I stared up at her ceiling, my head still reeling from all the energy we had just put out. I held her hand and we were just quiet together.

The next time I looked at the clock, another thirty minutes had passed. "Holy cow, I think we fell asleep."

Wish stretched. I felt my breathing stop as I watched her, and when the stretch broke she saw me watching her and said, "What?"

"I just like looking at you. I love you," I said.

"I love you too. I'm hungry, and then we have to get you to your appointment."

"I suppose," I said.

And then I lunged for her crotch, dropping my mouth right over her narrow slit. "Ken!" she said, not quite objecting. "God, I love your mouth on me. I love that, I love you..." She was full of my come, but somehow she was still sweet. I found her clitoris and went after it with all the verve of a fireman attacking a fire. "Yes, yes, Wish likes... I like that." I looked up. I had gotten used to her switching to the third person when she was aroused to the point of near-madness, but it was still disquieting to hear it. She knew it and tried to control it, but I shook my head against her crotch. I doubt she got the message.

She whimpered again. "You're so cruel!" she groaned, and then her body pitched as she held my head and waited for the inevitable moment. It still took a while. I didn't care. The joy of sliding my face all over her sticky, sweet, slippery, hairless pussy more than makes up for the ache in my tongue and the pain in my neck as she came, hard.

And then I turned her over onto her belly, pushed her legs together, and slid my re-awakened cock back into her pussy. "Mean, cruel... I love you." Her voice dropped down to low groans again as I slipped in and out of her, watching the tight waves rippling through her ass as fucked her. I lay down the length of her, fully crushing her to the bed, and nuzzled the top of her head as my cock pistoned within her tight, beautiful chamber.

But I didn't come. I finally just slipped out and lay down next to her. She raised her head, sweat pasting her bautiful black hair to her forehead. "Why did you stop?"

"You came," I said simply. "And I might need more time to recharge. Besides, you wouldn't want me too worn out before you hand me off to your sister, now would you?" I smiled at her. She scowled back. I kissed her mouth and said, "Don't worry. There's more where that came from."

"I like to hear that."

We got up and dressed. I put together a quick dinner with sausage and bread and onions, and then we were down the hall and onto the SDisk. I carried a duffle over my shoulder. "Rhysh Castle, Dave."

We came out into a well-lit but smaller space than the usual big parties. I glanced around and my onboard tallied up the numbers: there were about two hundred people here.

Freya and Aaden found us as we watched a very hot scene involving a femTindal, a melHuman, and a singletail whip. He was going to have quite a few marks after that. It was hot because the femTindal wasn't the uberserious femtop you usually discover but was instead strong enough to be playful and free with her hands and her words. "I would love to be as good as Lidzura someday," Freya said. I nodded understandingly.

"I would too," I said.

"Moira says there's a rack around the periphery, over there, and it's open for both of us."

"Then let's go," I said. The rack was a standard A-frame, not bolted to the floor, sized for humanoids, made of a dark hardwood and laquered to a smooth, skin-friendly finish. I dropped the duffle bag and began to undress, leaving my clothes folded on the floor next to the rack while Freya arranged her tools and weapons on a little wooden stand next to the rack. We were already attracting a crowd. Once naked, I reached into my duffle for the cuffs but Freya grabbed my hand and said, "No ropes. I just want you to hold on."

"Ooh, a challenge," I said.

"What's your safeword?"

"Same as yours," I said, grinning at her. "'Enough'."

She glanced at Aaden. He said, "He's a pig. He'll never say it."

I smiled sweetly at him. "You'll get yours," I said.

"Promises, promises," he said.

"Threats, threats," I said.

"Barricades!" Wish said. Aaden and I looked at her, puzzled. "Wait," she said. "Can't I play?"

"I think you should just sit down and watch," Aaden said.

"Moira," Wish said. "I think I'm going to want some popcorn for this."

Aaden and Wish backed away and left me with Freya, all alone in a room full of kinky people. She kissed me. She is the tallest of her three sisters and it was an easy kiss, her tongue and mine meeting in the middle. "Something to start you," she said. "Now turn around."

"Yes, Ma'am," I agreed.

She started out gently, and it was a strange kind of starting. Usually, when I bottom the thought goes through my mind for the first few minutes, "Why am I doing this to myself?" That did not occur to me this time, and I wondered why. But only for a while as the tips of two gorgeous, heavy floggers struck my back with deep, thudding impact backed up with just the right touch of swing. I swooned at the idea that those were to be her weapon of choice.

I glanced around the room for a moment at the other participants. I saw people standing next to tables filled with ten, fifteen, maybe twenty different floggers, and I admired Freya because she was basically going to do everything she could to me with just those two, one in each hand.

She attacked my ass, too, the leather stingier, snappier down there. She enjoyed attacking my balls from behind, and I willfully parted my legs for her. She was gentle about it. Lazy top time while her arms recovered.

But she also wrapped the tips around my hips from time to time. That hurt; when the leather strand comes around the curve, the tip accelerates suddenly as all of the energy contained by the entire strand is suddenly sent into the last few centimeters. Each tip comes down fast and together they hurt, a lot, and in a stingy, annoying way. She came up to me after one of those and said, "How are you doing?"

"Fine," I said. I nodded downward. "But you're wrapping around my hips, and it's annoying."

"I know," she said. "I'm doing it to annoy you."

"With what?" I snarled. "The sensation, or your technique?"

"Oh, I am so going to hurt you." She chuckled, and I did too.

And she did hurt me. Her arms started to get tired; she switched to a back and forth across my shoulder blades that hit my spine once too often for my comfort, and I signalled to her to come forward. She did, and I told her what I was experiencing. "I tried a different stroke," she said.

"Yah, using different muscles, I know. I do it too."

"I'll go back," she said. "How are you feeling?"

"Stoned," I agreed. "High and happy. Whee! What a predicament." She giggled. "See, Aaden was right. Besides, you so know this is what Tink wanted to do to Pan all those years.""

She looked at me puzzled before Moira gave her some context. "You are stoned. A little more?"

I nodded. "Yes, please."

She gave me more. I passed through the giggles into growls as each thud of black leather sent sharp shocks of pain one after another to blaze across my back. I stamped my feet. She hit me brutally hard across the upper shoulders with both floggers and once. I snarled hard, and then another silly quote came to my lips: "Rrrrrrr! I know what the monster got from you, but what did you get from the monster? Hurrrrrrrrr! Ow!"

"Ow?" Freya said, walking up to me.

"Spine again," I managed to gasp. I was shaking hard, my body battling to keep going with the searing, wonderful pain in my back.

She touched my back gently, sending that bizarre, wonderful sweetness that happens when your back is bruised and leathered raw. I fell forward and moaned against the cool wood. She murmured, "I think it's time you let go." I did, releasing the rack and collapsing to the ground. I landed cross-legged and sat.

"Oh, and don't let him try to get up and 'help'," Aaden said.

"Fuck you," I told him.

"You promised me that later," he said. I smiled sweetly at him. Freya took a seat next to me and gave me a bottle of water. I drank about half of it before looking at her. The whole world was radiant and gorgeous, Freya, sweating, bright smiling in her dark face, eyes ablaze, was the most beautiful creature in the universe right then.

"Flogging you is fun!" she said. "You give such great feedback."

"Have to," I said. I took another huge swig of water, gasped and said, "Don't get what you want if you don't."

She nodded. "A lot of people don't."

We sat for a while, then started to pack up. Wish walked over and said, "Thank you both for letting me watch." She even held a little white wax-paper bag with red stripes on it. She'd gotten the popcorn she'd asked for. She shook her head and said, "Definitely not my thing, but it is so hot watching you two!"

I pulled her down and gave her a kiss, and said, "Your charms require less equipment, beloved Wish."

"Uh-huh!" Freya said, laughing. Aaden had kindly packed the bags while we were chatting, putting away whips and rope that had never been used. The most advanced piece of equipment we'd taken out was the neoprene bondage wrap, which had gone onto the rack head-high as padding in case I bounced my skull off the wood in a flail. I'd never done that in all my years, but a little bit of safety can buy a lot of life.

We stood up and wandered back to the socializing end of the room. I was greeted with familiarity from those who knew me here, and with an unfortunate amount of awe from those who had only heard that I visited but had never before seen me here. Freya stood close to me, checking up to make sure I was well, and if I couldn't keep my hands off her, she gleefully consented to being petted. While we watched a slip of a siberica Mustel do terrible, painful things with a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation unit that made his human girlfriend cry, I leaned over and said, "That was interesting. I almost never get hard while being flogged."

"It was interesting," she agreed. "Do you want to go somewhere more private and do something about that erection?"

"It's not erect now," I pointed out.

Freya smiled. "That doesn't mean it can't be."

I took her hand and led her toward one of the more private rooms. I wasn't as familiar with this set and by coincidence the room we found had both a bed and a sling in it. There was also a small wooden stool. "Me first," she said.

"Hmph," I said. "And your sister even suggested we bring a strap-on."

"Some other time," she said, hopping into the leather platform and draping her legs over the chains that held it up, shoving her sex out into the open air. The pink in its middle was like a beacon against her dark brown skin. "You shaved," I said.

"I like it this way."

"I do too," I said. I leaned over her body, pressing my cock against her crotch as I kissed her. Her breasts were the most ordinary of all her sisters'; she was neither flat like Wish or Katrina, nor cartoonishly excessive like Wren had been when I'd met her. I lavished attention on them, recalling that she liked that a lot.

Her belly fluttered with pleasure, and she whispered, "Ken," as I slid down. I pulled the stool underneath me and sat down, my head now even with her pussy, and kissed the top. "Mmm," she said.

"Mmm, hmm," I echoed as I licked at her. She was, like her sister, a pretty direct and easy-to-please woman. It was in her circuitry, and she had no reason to change it. I kissed and licked at her sweet, pink insides, inhaled her perfumes, and slipped my tongue into her asshole when she wasn't paying too close attention before returning to the more serious duty of giving her one climax, and then another.

I pushed the stool back and leaned over her. She looked up and giggled. "You're incredible," she said.

"How's this, then?" I said and slipped my cock into her.

"You fit pretty good."

"Your sister says I'm perfect."

"I'm not her, but... yeah... you're good." I grabbed the sides of the sling and used my arms to push and pull it while I bucked with my hips. The room was filled with both our moans. She put her arms over her head as if to stifle her moans or to hold in her ecstasy until she came with an almost inaudible "Oh, yes," and still I went at it. Wish had worn me out, I think, or put me in a mode where fucking was more important to coming.

We fucked for almost as long as I had spent kissing her sister. She crested twice more before she put her hand up and said, "I'm... I'm worn out. Stop, please. Goddess, she's right. You are good at that."

I smiled and kissed her, my hard cock finding a home in the cleft of her ass. She wouldn't let me go for a while. "What am I going to do with that?" I said.

"I'll watch," she said.

I grabbed it with my right hand while I played over her body with the left, touching every inch of her I could reach. It didn't take much longer until I exploded.

We necked for a few more minutes before standing up, wiping down ourselves and the equipment, and heading for the socializing room.

In keeping with the dungeon theme, the socializing room was done in flagstones and grey mortarted walls, a crested roof with heavy beams holding it up, and torches on the walls. The floor was spotted with intricately woven rugs. I've always loved Rhysh Castle's decorations. We found Wish and Aaden lounging together, looking like the couple they were not. Aaden held a wineglass in his hand. He waved at me, then said, "She wore you out more? Dammit, when do I get you?"

"You could always top," I suggested. "Some parts of me have gone unmolested."

"And you're all worn out," he said, stroking the underside of his muzzle with a finger. "Hmm. Maybe in the morning." He reached down and briefly held his hand over his pants where his club of a penis rested, visibly patient. I smiled at him, delighted that the erotic haze I was feeling would persist. "Anyway," he said, "I think it's time we all went home. I'm exhausted."

"You haven't done anything," I said.

"That doesn't mean it's not late." He gestured with a pinky around his drink to the far end of the room. The clock there said it was almost eight hours since nightfall. I'd be sleeping past sunrise to make up for the late night.

I gave Freya my honest thanks and blissful goodbye wishes, then Aaden, Wish and I went home. I hopped into the shower without saying much. By the time I was in bed, both P'nyssa and Aaden were already there. "Have fun?" P'nyssa murmurred as I slipped in.

"He did," Aaden said. I managed to give her a kiss before passing out, contented and loved.