The Journal Entries

Aldea, Virta 04, 01322

Wishing Well: Going Home

Wish awoke to find Wren still sleeping next to her, her brown form splayed over the bed as if trying to fill the space left by Katrina's body. She smiled and gave the small girl the softest of kisses, trying not to rouse her as she climbed out of bed and made her way downstairs.

Katrina was at her desk, clattering away. "Writing about us?" Wish said.

"Mmm, hmm," Katrina said. "Leaving out all of the kinky parts. Well, not really. Implying them, really. Want to see?" She turned her monitor around so Wish could see it.

Wish read it. If that was "implying," she cringed to think what Katrina thought would be "explicit." "You left out the part about meeting Anlestin."

"Isn't important." Wish looked up, and Katrina smiled. "I mean, it's important to you and me and Anlestin, but my audience wouldn't react well to it, so I leave it out. I do that a lot. They want to know what I'm going through, what Wren and I do. And yeah, I tell them about the pee thing."

"I should subscribe."

"You should!" Katrina said. "Do you want me to change your name? Not tell them at all?"

Wish shrugged. "Ken does the same thing. I don't mind people knowing."

"But Ken releases his Journals five centuries out of date, so people won't have any idea what he's like now. Looking at the eight hundred years worth already published, you get a good clue that he's not going to be anything like the guy he was five hundred years ago. I release mine only a week behind my actual life. It makes me wonder if people tried to find the park where I did Wren behind the bushes." She paused a moment, then turned back to her keyboard. "I'm going to ask."

Wish waited patiently until Katrina was done. "Come on. You need to get to your flight, and I need to wake Wren up so she can go with us." Her eyes flitted over Wish's naked body. "I wish we had time for one more."

"Me, too." Wish leaned over and kissed Katrina, and her sister replied with a gentleness Wish hadn't known she had until after they were released from the biowiring. "I still need a shower."

"We have time for that," Katrina said.

"Why don't we all take one together?"

"You've become devious."

"No, just practical," Wish said. But she grinned as she said it. Katrina grinned back as they walked back up the stairs. Wish knew that she smelled of stale sex and was sure that Katrina did as well under the white robe she wore. When she stepped back into the bedroom, the smell soaked into the sheets was everywhere. She inhaled deeply.

Katrina shook Wren gently. "C'mon, sleepyhead. Wake up."

Wren blinked and looked around. "Mmm," she sighed. "'morning."

"It is," Katrina said. "And we all need to shower and get dressed before we take Wish here to the starport."

Wren nodded and crawled out of bed, still blinking and working her mouth as if working on the flavor of the night before, and tottered towards the bathroom. Katrina tossed off her robe, and Wish found herself again admiring Katrina's beautiful body, her small but symmetrical breasts, her mass of dark blond hair, her sculpted belly and legs, her well-trimmed pubic bush. It was a great contrast to the once-pudgy, now-muscular Wren, her body toned by exercise, her broad, accepting face inviting admiring looks from those around her. Wish saw herself in the mirror and wondered what she was missing, what others saw in her. Was it some quality like those she saw in Wren or Katrina? Or their other sister Freya, with her large breasts and dark brown skin, her flowing black hair and determined, shockingly bright smile?

The water started running as Wish joined Wren in the big stall, and then Katrina came in behind them. "I couldn't live with a small shower," Katrina sighed. "Room for three. Or me and a centaur." She grinned. "Not that I've tried that."

"I can't think of a single fur I fucked while we were with Whatshisname," Wren said.

"I can't either," Wish agreed. "Was it always just plain old humans? Maybe it was just Terrans?"

"You might be right," Katrina said. "In fact, I'm sure you are. I don't know why that might be, but I can't think of anyone who wasn't human. Mostly guys, one or two women, but no furs."

Wish shrugged and handed Katrina the soap. Katrina took it and for a moment looked disoriented. "What is it?"

"I have to pee," Katrina said. "Normally, I'd just go. It rinses down and the shower is self-cleaning. Wren and I don't shower together all the time. And I don't know if she's in the mood, but... " She looked up.

"If she's in the mood, I'd watch," Wish said.

Wren smiled and walked over to Katrina. "What about it, lover? Shall we show our sister what it looks like from the outside?"

Katrina smiled. "You two are... wonderful." She closed her eyes and reached down between her legs, playing with her pubic hair, prying it apart to expose the full, pink lips underneath. Wish felt her air pause midbreath, and her hands crept down between her own thighs to find her pussy and then, her clit. She rarely masturbated; she had plenty enough lovers at the Villa to fulfill her needs almost always and almost always immediately, and it was usually a weak second-best compared to the satisfaction of being fucked.

She watched in the steam-filled room as Wren kissed Katrina's mouth, and then, legs bending beneath her, Wren dropped downward, passing Katrina's nipples and navel to browse at her pubes, her mouth open in benediction, waiting for her communion with Katrina. Wren's hands, too, were playing with her pussy. Wish knew this was the most obscene and most wonderful moment of her life, three women in a shower waiting for one golden moment.

And then Katrina moaned, and Wish smelled it before she saw it, saw the flood on Wren's face, saw Wren accept it into her mouth even as it dribbled down her chin. Wren let loose her own flood to strike the floor with a loud extended splat. Wish gasped as a small climax flitted through her, and then she let go with her own body-full of urine, letting it run down her legs to mingle in golden whirlpools with her sisters' before it all flowed down the drain, neat, clean.

Wren's satisfied moan and Katrina's loud, high-pitched whimper of excitement told Wish that it was over as quickly as it had begun. Their smiles told her that every moment had been worth it. Katrina reached up for the showerhead and played it over Wren's face, rinsing her clean it, then passing it to Wish. "Hot?"

"Very," Wish said. "Now I don't want to go home."

"Yes, you do," Wren said. Wish nodded. Yes, she did want to go home. She wanted to be home. But she loved her sisters and desired them, too. She wanted them to come with her. She knew they wouldn't. Couldn't. They had other places to go and other things to see and do.

The rest of their bath was straightforward and ordinary. Wish enjoyed helping her sisters wash and tried to record every second of her hands on Wren's and Katrina's bodies somewhere in her memory, somewhere precious. She knew that she might never see them again, and she wanted them to be fresh and real in her mind forever. She loved them too much to let them go so easily. As she washed Katrina's shoulders, sliding her hands across the taller girl's back and down to her ass, she wondered how she could ever find a compromise, the right desire between wanting home and wanting her sisters to be with her always.

They dressed and headed out. Wish wore a full-length sun-dress in blue with a fluffy blue vest and a broad-brimmed hat that kept the sun out of her eyes for the brief times she was actually under it. Duffel over one shoulder, she led the three of them to the starport before pausing to pick up something to eat at a stand. It was predictable fast fare, but passable. Ken would have sneered, and then eaten it all anyway. Wish knew him that well, at least.

Thinking of Ken made her smile. "What's the smile for?"

Wish sighed. "I want... to walk out of my back door into the courtyard on an early morning, when the sun is overhead but it's still cold and the mist is falling apart, with a mug of warm tea in my hand, and take a deep breath. That, Katrina, is home." She smiled wider. "Especially if there's a sleepheaded, well-fucked Shardik of one kind or another in my bed."

Wren gave her a hug. "We'll send you on your way soon enough."

"I love you," Wish said to her. She turned in Wren's arms and held her. "I love you, Wren. I love you more than I can really express. I love you and... I have to go home."

"I love you too," Wren said. "And I'll miss you. We'll visit. We will! You'll be on our itinerary next time. You and Freya, okay?"

"Okay," Wish said.

A voice spoke overhead, and Katrina said, "That's your boarding call. Hugs!" Wish let herself be enveloped in the larger, stronger girl's grip. "Be safe. I love you, too."

Wish grinned. "I'll always love you, sister. Mom."

Katrina laughed. "Go on, you."



Wish boarded the TRV Festive and made her way to the high berth cabin she had reserved for the trip home. After her last creepy encounter on the way out she had decided that she would much rather have her own room to herself. Her cabin was tiny-- barely room for a fold-down bunk and a desk underneath it-- but it was entirely hers and she was glad to have it that way.

She found a message for her on the ship's comm panel when she settled in. It was from Captain Rike. "Welcome back aboard, Miss Shardik. Feel free to share our table tonight at 14:00. You're a guest of the Captain."

She declined the invitation. She had had enough of interacting with other people. She wanted time by herself. She wanted to practice the skills for which she was justifiably known-- her patience and her focus.

As she set out her inks and brushes and pulled out the paper, she heard the comm chime. She looked up, then pushed the button. "Yes?"

"Hi, Wish!" Tristi Rike, the Festive's executive officer, smiled at her from the comm screen. "I got your note. Any reason? I promise we'll do everything we can to keep loudmouth boors like that one man from last time away from the table."

Wish shrugged. "I just didn't want to be a bother to you, and I'm a little tired of being a controversy."

"You're always going to be one."

"But I don't always have to listen to people telling me about it."

Tristi's eyes narrowed. "Was it that bad, visiting your sisters?"

"You remember?"

"It's my job to remember these things," Tristi said.

"No, it wasn't that bad. Not with them. It was the other things, the kind of life they're leading, knowing that I was a single AI's choices away from being exposed to the media, having other people peeking into my life and the choices I make." She sighed. "When I was with them, I didn't feel it. Now that I'm apart from them..."

"Del and I were both looking forward to seeing you again. It was something we really enjoyed last time."

Wish nodded, remembering the events six days ago. There had been the five nights in between: Katrina and Wren, just sleep, Wren, Katrina, Katrina and Wren, the entire panoply of herself and her sisters, learning about Wren's kink and the way Katrina and she had incorporated that into their love life, the way her sisters had taken care of her particularly favorite kink and pushed her into her favorite state of mind. But the feel of fucking a centaur and what that had been like was still fresh in her mind and she desired yet more of that.

"I'll be there at dinner," Wish said. "If you promise to treat me as well as you did last time."

"Oh, better!" Tristi said. "We promise you that! Or I'm not the entertainment director on this trip!" She grinned at Wish, and Wish returned the grin with a smile of her own. She appreciated happy people. There weren't enough of them in this millenia, she reflected. "Anyway, you enjoy your day. I'm afraid that you live on Castle time, and we're going to be arriving at Pendor when the Castle is late into the nighttime, but there's nothing we can do about that." Wish nodded. "I have other duties, but I did want to contact you again. You were fun company last time."

"Thank you," Wish said with all sincerity. "You and your coimelin were as well."

"I'll see you at dinner."

"I'll be there." The screen went dark. Wish turned her attention back to her drawings and her paints. When next she looked up, the entire day had gone past, her stomach was grumbling, and it was still an hour until dinner.

She blinked. She'd always been bad about remembering to eat. It wasn't quite a feeding disorder, she thought; it was simple absent-mindedness. Katrina had been the one who kept the harem running along, made sure everyone ate, bathed, took care of themselves. Even now, when she went to bed, it was Katrina's voice in her head that reminded her to take care of her teeth.

She wished she had told Katrina that.

She carefully cleaned her brushes and capped her inks. Looking at the comm, it revealed that they had now been in flight for nearly eight hours already, with four hours of ship "day" left, then fifteen hours of darkness. She noticed three ship-sponsored events in the night time: two dances and a gambling party. She hadn't looked that closely at the schedule the last time, and she did not much care for what was offered this time, but at least she had read through them. She wondered what Del and Tristi would want. The skin on her arms and shoulders seemed to flush with warmth and she recognized the signs of her own desire.

She spent her hour dressing for dinner. She wanted to be more suggestive than last time, more distracting. She didn't know if she could pull it off, but she made the effort, tying her straight, black hair behind her head in a bun and fixing it in place with a pair of red sticks. Some black eyeliner, very fine, emphasized the lifted corners around her eyes and enhanced what P'nyssa called "the ready to take flight look." She chose a black, straight-bodied dress that, she thought sadly, needed those shoulder pads to make her look at all sexy. On the other hand, she thought, she didn't need to look sexy all that often. Everyone at the Villa knew she was. She smiled at her reflection. Just thinking about where she would be thirty hours from now made her happy.

Dinner was pleasant enough. Tristi had indeed made an effort to find a nice crowd this time, and while the conversation was lively enough there were no personal attacks. Wish was grateful. She didn't want to have another session of defending herself against others. She existed; that was not her fault. She smiled and raised her glass and flirted shamelessly (if a bit awkwardly) with a male mustel named Sawel to her left-- "But I'd bet you're just my size"-- and found her body feeling warm and ready at the very idea that she would be bedded that night by someone. The mel to her right, if everything went right. She leaned over to Captain Rdeloff and whispered, "Del, I want you tonight."

Del seemed to vibrate on his chair and turned to look at her. He leaned down and said, "And I want you."

Dessert couldn't come fast enough. Afterward, Tristi and Del said their goodbyes with all the calm and professionalism they could muster, and Wish did nothing to penetrate that aura. They had other guests and it wouldn't do to annoy the people she was hoping would make her happy in just a few hours.

She walked back to her room, sometimes taking a skip, feeling so energized she was ready to dance. She hadn't danced in a while, and she was good at dancing.

She lay on her bunk, still in her dress, and waited. The call came soon enough. "Wish?"

"Del?" She curled out of bed and looked at the monitor.

"Hello! Tristi's going to be busy this evening with some minor crisis. She probably won't be able to join us, but I'm still hoping that we can get together for my sleep shift?"

"Oh, I'd love to!"

"Good. Do you remember the way, or should I send someone to fetch you?"

"I think I can find it."

"Why don't you come up, then?" he said. "I would love to have your company again."

She ran down the hallways, took stairs two at a time, and came to a slower pace only meters from his door to give herself a moment to catch breath. She checked her dress and then herself. She knocked.

Del opened the door. He wore his uniform, but the tie and cap had gone, his jacket off, his collar left open. He looked every inch the relaxed professional. Standing straight, he was twice as tall as Wish and peered down at her. "I'm so glad you decided to come back on the Festive."

"Because it's good for business?" Wish said.

"Mmm. And because you were so good last time." He looked up at the door. "I'm sorry that Tristi couldn't join us today."

Wish's head was just a little above where his naval would have been if he had had a naval. But the green-furred fox-centaurs known as Ritan didn't have navels there. Oddly, it was in their back, between the shoulder blades, and by adulthood almost completely imperceptible under the thick ruffle of fur that ran across there. She reached up and spread her hands across his stomach. "I'm kinda glad she isn't. I want you for myself."

"I think she'd say the same thing."

"Probably." Wish smiled at him. She was comfortable with Del, and she appreciated that sensation. It told her that she was safe around him. She began to open his shirt. Working her way up. She knew that she would have to ask him to undo the top button, as she would never be able to reach it.

"You just want to get right down to business, don't you?"

"Mmm, pleasure," Wish said, giving him her best smile.

"Why don't you take that beautiful dress off, then?" he said as he did that one button and tossed his shirt aside. He wore nothing underneath it. By the time she had finished draping her dress over the back of a chair, he had taken off the modesty kilt that associating with the llerkin and the Sendar demanded of his professionalism. Naked now, she took him by the hand and pulled him into the bedroom. "God," she whispered, "I've needed something like you for a week."

"Sex?" he asked.

"A male," she said. "I spent a lot of time with Wren and Katrina, but now I need... male attention."

"I imagine you'll be getting a lot of that when you get home."

"I can't wait, and you've made a wonderful invitation." She led him to the bed and guided him down to it, curling up beside him. She wanted him to take control, to lead, to do to her whatever he wanted. But she sensed that he would need some guidance of his own. She kissed him.

He was better this time. Perhaps she just knew better how to lead him. His tongue was against her teeth, and she kissed back, flickering tongues creating an improvisational ballet as passion seeped into Wish slow like honey, thick and hot and ready to take. "Del," she whispered. "Eat me."

He pushed her back to the bed, his body stretched out lengthwise. She watched his eyes stare down at her barely-furred pussy, taking in the folds and colors, and then he dove in, his muzzle pressed against her flushed and swollen lips, his tongue between her labia licking her clitoris. "Oh, yes," she groaned. "Yes, like that. Harder? Please?"

He did as she asked and the pleasure soared through her. It was different from what Katrina and Wren had wrested from her, it was something only a man could do, she thought, it had a power behind it, a deliberation that women couldn't muster. Women had knowledge and empathy instead. She felt each stab of pleasure as a defiant exploration of her alien territory by an alien tongue and she treasured every moment. It was what she was built for.

She groaned as her legs tensed. Her orgasm seemed to begin in her extremities, in her thighs and shoulders, then coalesced hot and wonderful in her clit before it exploded throughout her body, making her cry out "Oh, yes! God yes! Oh, Del!"

Del looked up. Spit and her juices filled the fur under his chin, and she curled and turned and kissed him and cleaned him. "Thank you," she whispered. "God, I needed that, Del."

"It was wonderful for me. You taste good."

She smiled. "Do you?"

"You know already."

"I do. And I skipped dessert at dinner."

"So you did." He rolled onto his side, placing his hard cock within her reach. She lunged for it, crossed the territory of his body like an explorer going over the familiar first steps in a journey to go further this time. She found his cock and lowered her head to it, took the head into her mouth and sucked it down. He groaned. "Yeah," he sighed. "Suck me. Just like that."

She could barely fit the head and a few centimeters into her mouth, but she was able to lather the length of its beauty with her tongue and lips while her hands filled in where her tongue could not go. Del groaned, his body tense. She was resting on his lower half and she felt his insides churning, his lower belly tensing with need, his heartbeat odd and powerful against her thighs. She wanted that cock in her pussy-- maybe even in her ass. She knew she could take both.

His body was trembling, and she let go. "Wha?" he gasped.

"I don't want you to come," she said. "Not like that. I want you to fuck me."

He smiled. "Like last time?"

"No, not like last time," she said. "I want to be on the bottom this time, on my back, looking up." She lowered her voice. "I want to feel you above me, fucking me. I want your weight on me."

"I could crush you."

"No," she said. "You couldn't." She played with his chest, finding no nipples underneath but still sending obvious waves of pleasure through him. "You could pin me down. I think that would be hot."

He growled softly. "You're serious."


He turned over onto all fours to take up a sphynx-like pose, his hands on the headboard of his low, broad bed. She slipped underneath him, her legs spread wide about his thick torso, to come up and slip into the hollows of his pelvis where his rear legs curled when he lay down. But he wouldn't be laying down today. She grabbed a pillow and thrust it under her hips to expose herself even more to him, and then wriggled her way down until the head of his cock touched her pussy. Then, a bit more, until it pressed its way in. She felt her pussy open up to him, felt herself desire more until his cock was halfway inside her. She knew from last time that all of it would fit.

"Oh, fah," Del groaned. "You are hot inside."

"Mmm," she said. "Fuck me hotter."

Del pumped his way deeper into her, gently, experimentally. All Wish could see was his broad lower chest, his heavy forelegs. She knew above the curve she could see, his upper torso was leaned against the wall, his arms gripped the wooden headboard. She knew his eyes were closed. It was time to concentrate just on her pussy. On his cock. They did that together, her hands and legs wrapped about his torso as he fucked her. He was a beast, he was what she wanted. His massive cock filled her, fucked her, thrust her forward. She put her hands over her head to keep from slipping up with each thrust. Together, the reached for ecstasy, and together, in a single scream of release, they found it. Wish could feel her climax rise and billow within her even as his thrusts reached a crescendo and his muscles tensed and relaxed with each final thrust of seed into her body. She accepted his desired offering, her body sagging with the effort, her chest and belly accepting his weight even as the two of them sank into the mattress. Together. As one.

Del seemed to remember that there was a slightly undersized human being underneath him and rolled off, giving Wish room to breathe and recover. She felt a little dazed, not in the way she had when her climax was so powerful she "went away," but just with effort and perhaps a little lack of air. She recovered enough to turn over onto her knees and embrace the upper half of his massive body, hold his head, kiss his muzzle. "You were great," she said.

"I was? You were fantastic!" He kissed her back, his coordination a bit off but his enthusiasm for her clearly not dimmed. "I was afraid to be so hard, but you seemed to like it."

"I did!" She giggled. "Oh, I did, Del. Believe me." She caressed his furred chest while his guss hovered about her to read her.

A soft chime went off, two chimes repeating three times. "Fah, is it really that late?" He looked over. "Three rings. I'm fifteen minutes late for bed."

"Then I'll leave you to get cleaned up," she said. "Can I grab your shower quick?"

"Be my guest," he sighed. He let her go, holding her hand as long as possible as she detached from him, grabbed her purse. She found the shower readily enough-- it was 'taur sized, of course, but all she needed was the portable head. It was on a hose, she noted with amusement, but a long enough hose. She pulled a large tablet out of her her purse, broke the seal about it, and pressed it up into her vagina. She counted to ten, then took the shower and washed herself out. She didn't bother too much with the rest of her body. She wanted to smell like that. Just a rinse for the stickiness.

She walked back out. Del was lying on the bed on his side, his eyes open. She sat next him on the bed. "Thank you," she whispered. "I needed that."

"I like it too," he said. "Next trip?"

"It'll be a while."

"I'll still probably be plying the spaceways," he said.

"I'll see what I can do." She kissed the side of his muzzle gently, then pulled her dress over her body and stepped out of his cabin. The door shut behind her. She straightened her hair briefly, then paged the ship's steward. "Yes?"

"Can you tell me where a passenger known as Sawel could be found?"

"Passenger Sawel is currently in the forward lounge."

"Thank you." She made her way through the ship until she found something called "the forward lounge," and she spotted the small, red-furred marten she had spoken to at dinner, sitting at a table. He had something in front of him; she recognized it as a book.

She took a deep breath and walked up to the table. "Hi," she said.

He looked up, surprised. His ears set back against his head. "Um, hello... Wish, was it?"

She nodded. "I asked the steward where you were. I wanted to find you and apologize for my behavior at dinner this evening. I made you uncomfortable, I know. I was flirting, but I'm bad at it, and I think I went too far in... suggesting things."

He smiled. "I'm not very good at it, either. I never know what to say. Especially since you made it seem as if you were flirting with intent."

"Oh, I was," she said quickly. "I mean, I was hoping... that there were other people on board who were as lonely as I was. Just for the trip."

He looked at her. "You were serious, then?"

She lowered her eyes to his chest, then back to his face. He had a classic marten face, handsome and red, with a short muzzle, big eyes, and the cutest ears she'd seen in quite a while. Under the casual marten tank she could see the splash of white fur on his chest. "Very."

He seemed completely unsure about what to do next, so she said, "I have my own cabin. All I want is for you to come back with me and bed me. In the morning, we'll both go to our separate homes."

"But you're ..."


"So young."

"I'm sixty-two years old. Old enough to decide these things for myself." She reached over for the book. It seemed to be made of honest paper. She closed it. "You can find your place again tomorrow."

"I don't think I can turn down that kind of offer." He took her hand and allowed her to lead him back to her cabin.

Once inside, she pulled his tank off. It fluttered to the ground like a bit of cloud. Underneath was the supple, small but long body of a marten, the short legs reaching the ground. His hands grabbed her dress and repeated the motion until she was naked. "You smell..."


"Good." He leaned down and kissed her neck, her shoulders, his mouth slipping down her chest to her tiny nipples. She whimpered, her body already wanting him. She could feel juices collecting between her thighs. For a brief moment, she wanted nothing more than to hold him, to mount him right there and then. But she wanted him to take the lead, to take from her whatever he wanted. He hadn't known, a half hour before, that he wanted anything from her. But as his blunt, furred fingers probed her hairless slit she knew that he was quickly making a list. For a moment, she wondered if her ass could be on that list.

"The bed's right there," she said.

"Let's go." They slipped in together and she felt his hard cock against her thigh. That touch alone told her that it was fairly ordinary in size. Size didn't matter to her. She wanted it just the way it was.

His furred body was above hers, on top of her, holding her down. But this time, she could see his face. She could reach up and touch his cheeks, caress his shoulders. She felt him maneuver between her legs, his cock looking for her opening. "Shouldn't we..." he said.

"Only if you want to," she said. "I'm here for just one thing."

He smiled. "Well, then." His cock found her opening and slipped inside her. It felt different from Del's, friendlier, better in a way. His body was sized to hers, his cock the right shape for her cunt. She raised her legs up and gave him as much depth as she could, and he took it, pulling out and then pushing all the way in, trying to touch bottom if he could, pushing his way down into her. His belly caressed hers with every stroke as his cock slipped passed her wet cunt lips. His fur petted her bare labia with each stroke. It was wonderful, Wish thought, just to lie there, to be taken, to be held by a man who wanted her for what she was, to use her as she was made, to be appreciated for what she had.

He slowed for a moment, looking at her, and she smiled back. "You're wonderful," she said. The words had their expected effect; his smiled glowed with appreciation.

He was taking his time with slow, measured strokes. He wasn't as innocent or incompetent as his original demeanor might have suggested. He may have been bad at flirting, but oh, he did know what to do with her once he had her where she wanted him. "Is there... anything I can do for you?"

"You're doing what I wanted you to." She said, "But if you'd like to do more... " She reached up and pulled him down until their bodies were pressed completely together, his cock still buried inside her pussy. "I want you to fuck my ass."

He slipped out of her completely, his erection flying up to point at the ceiling. She pulled her legs up further, bringing her asshole in easy reach. He looked down, then with his hand gathered up the wetness from her pussy and spread it downwards. His cock was coated with her juices. "You won't need anything more," she said. "Trust me."

He pressed his cock against her anus, and she pushed outward for a moment, felt the pressure of his cock against her hole, felt herself surrender to it, felt his cock make its way into the deep, precious vault of her body. "Oh, yes," she cried out, the joy of his penetration impossible to contain. She had needed this for a week. She could have waited until tomorrow, when Ken would gladly give her this, but there was no harm in having it now, having it with this sweet stranger, whose cock gently pistoned back and forth within her, fucking her ass the way she needed it to happen, the way she wanted it to happen.

His eyes were open and he smiled. "Does that... does that feel good?"

"What do you think?" she said, her voice so deep and hungry it surprised her.

"You like it, I think." He pressed the full length of his cock into her ass and she gasped. It still reached the depths, still made her want even more, but made her satisfied with what he gave her.

"I do," she said. "I love it."

"I don't think I've ever met anyone like you," he said.

"Probably not. There aren't many girls like me," she said. "Are you going to come?"

"Too soon," he said. "I think."

"You can do that harder if it'll help." She grabbed her own legs and pulled up, giving him better leverage.

"You mean, like this?" He thrust into her ass, hard, and her back channel accepted it with a thrill.

"Oh, yes, like that!" she said, pressing her shoulders down against the bed, lifting her ass to him, offering her butt up to him.

"Then..." He began to fuck her like he meant it, the way she wanted him to fuck her. She set her head back against the pillow and just let the force of his fuck thrum through her, every pounding motion reaching deep inside her and making her want more of it. She wanted him to come. She would be satisfied now, knowing that he got off on her, found her desirable enough, trustworthy enough.

He was trembling now, with the need to come or with the need to stop, she could not tell. And then, in one brief gasping moment, he cried out "Wish!" and came, gushing his semen inside her ass. She imagined it like a flood, welcomed it like a honored guest inside her body. "Oh, fah," he whispered, his head bowed, his body spent.

His cock shrank quickly, slipping out of her with a small dribble of semen following it. She giggled and offered him a small hand towel she had stashed next to the bed, grabbing another one for her butt. "That was good!" she said.

"Was it what you wanted?"

"It was more than I wanted, thank you. It was everything I could have dreamed, and more. I can't... Thank you, Sawel, for visiting me this evening."

He grinned. "What would I do? Actually turn you down?"

"You could have," she said, snuggling up to him. He really was cute, in that marten way, his eyes so big and glittery, his teeth so white and pretty. "I might have scared you off with my clumsiness."

He shook his head. "I don't think that's very likely," he said.

"It has happened before," she said, thinking of a few of the mels she'd met at Shardik Castle who thought she came on just "a little bit strong," even for someone at the Castle, even for her reputation, and had declined her invitation. She kissed his cheek. He turned his head and for the first time that evening they kissed in full, mouths open. She liked the way he kissed. It was reassured.

"Would you like me to spend here tonight? I've actually already slept, getting my schedule back to Pendor time. I'm not very sleepy."

"I am," Wish yawned. "I think I'm still on llerkin time. Twenty-four hours and change, with no naps in mid-day."

"I should probably leave you, then. You'll end up asleep, and I won't."

"Mmm," she sighed. "That's too bad, but you're right. I need sleep." She caressed her own chest and belly with her hands. "My body likes you."

"I'm glad it did." He kissed her cheek.

"You're every cent a gentlemel," she said. "Thanks."

He recovered his tank and shoes. "You're welcome. Will I ever see you again?"

She shrugged. "Probably not. Does it matter?"

"No, I guess it doesn't." He smiled, but it was a little sad. She had given him a taste of sweetness. He wanted more of it. She understood. She also knew it was impractical. "But I'll remember this."

"So will I," she promised. "Bye, Sawel."

"Bye, Wish." The door closed behind him.

She waited a few more minutes, savoring the feel of her body as lust and delight diffused out of her, leaving her merely satisfied and happy. She sighed softly, staring at the ceiling. "I'm good," she whispered. "I like being me." She smiled for no one but herself then.

After a few more minutes in the shower, she shuffled off to bed. She could feel the consequences of Sawel's cock in her ass, the dull, pleasant ache in her deep belly and bottom where he had treated her as she had asked. By morning, all would be well again, like always. She was unconcerned.

And by the next evening, if she could arrange it, she would have Ken, and Nance, and Sune, all do it to her-- all at the same time, maybe, if it could be arranged.