The Journal Entries

Seren, Virta 01, 01322

Wishing Well: The Queen

Wish awoke the next morning and swore softly. She had fallen asleep. She never fell asleep during sex, and she was embarrassed that she had fallen asleep on Wren like that.

She turned over and spotted Wren next to her. Wren stirred at the motion and picked up her head, then crawled close to Wish and kissed her. The stale smell of sex the night before hovered about her cheeks. "Good morning, sister."

"I'm so sorry," Wish said.

"Don't be," Wren said. "I think Katrina's already up. And it's okay, Wish. I was so happy last night just making you come like that. And it was neat, seeing just how much difference your ass does make to you. You came like a supernova when I was fingering you like that."

Wish blushed, a sensation she was not used to feeling. She liked the sensation, which she thought was weird by itself.

"Ah," said Katrina as she walked in. "Reeds told me you two lovebirds were awake." She stood in the room and took a deep breath. "It smells like someone was having sex in here."

Wish giggled. "It's all her fault," she said, pointing at Wren.

"Mine?" Wren said. "Hey!"

"Why don't you two go take a shower. I already have. I'll have breakfast ready for you when you get down. One of Wish's favorite-- plum-sweetened rice."

"Mmm," Wish sighed.

"Go bathe, first. I'm not having you smelly critters down at my breakfast table!"

"Yes, Mom," Wren said without rancor.

Katrina grinned and sat down, kissing Wren on the cheek. "Have fun?"

"A lot," Wren said. "I made her come lots and lots."

Wish pouted. "I didn't get to her. I fell asleep!"

"I made you walk around last night and then she made you come more than once. I'm surprised you're awake as early as you are." Katrina leaned over and kissed Wish's cheek. "Go take a shower."

"Mmm," Wish said. She stood up and stretched, knowing that her sisters were watching and taking extra time to get it right. Wren followed, and Wish admired her body openly.

Katrina blew the two of them a kiss and said, "If you want her to come, Wish, here's your chance."

"Mmm-Hm." Wish followed Wren into the bathroom. She'd mastered the shower controls two days earlier and started the shower up when she stepped in.

She turned around as Wren tackled her and pushed her up against the side of the shower. "Wish," she whispered. "Beloved sister."

Wish felt Wren's grasp on her ass and sighed. It felt so good to be what her sister wanted. For a moment, she reflected on the way her love of the sensual, her patience, and her willingness to be whatever was asked of her by those who wanted her and loved her made her both content and vulnerable, happy and in need of a protector. She was so glad she had that in Ken and Aaden, and that Katrina and Wren were willing to take on that role' for the short time she was in their care.

"Wren?" The water was streaming down their bodies, giving them both a glistening, slick appearance as it slid down their bellies and backs.

"I would..." Wren held her close. "I promised myself I wouldn't beg."

"Don't," Wish said, understanding Wren completely.

Wren looked up and said, "Then you will?" Wish nodded. "I bet you have to pee pretty badly."

"I guess I do."

Wren's hands slid down between her own legs, and Wish watched, entranced, as Wren played with her own clit, her fingers sliding in and out between her wet lower lips. She closed her eyes, worshipfully, and dropped to her knees, pressing her mouth to Wish's mound with all the pressure of a butterfly. Wish bent her knees slightly, parting her legs, and reached down to hold Wren's head in her hands. "Yes," she moaned as Wren's tongue reached between her lips. Although some played with it when they ate her, she had never thought of her urethral opening as a real toy. But Wren knew it as well as Wish knew her own asshole and played with its delicate exposure, caressing it, drawing down Wish's lifetime of habits of holding it in.

Wish felt the pee drop down slightly in her bladder and then she managed, just barely, to push out a few droplets. Wren's moan of acceptance told Wish that she had just done what Wren really wanted. Wren's little mouth seemed to pulse against her swollen mound in rhythm with the hand between her legs. Her other hand was on Wish's bottom, holding herself in place, her mouth against Wish's pussy.

Wish finally felt her will overcome those years of habit and she let loose, the pee flowing out of her hole, filling Wren's mouth. Wren's body bucked as she came, her mouth pulsing as Wish filled it and Wren swallowed, swallowed, swallowed. The intimacy of it, the sheer abandon of all civilized illusions, pushed Wish over the edge and she held onto Wren's head, holding her sister in place as she pissed into Wren's mouth and filled her belly. She felt Wren convulse and climax with the combination of Wish's piss on her tongue and her own hands between her legs

Wish heard a thud right behind her, then her hands were empty and the mouth on her pussy was gone. She nearly lost her balance, but the wall holding her up was still there and still working. She opened her eyes, blinking against the spray that had collected on her eyebrows, and looked around. Wren was curled up in one corner of the bathtub, her back to Wish.

Wish knelt down. "Wren?"

"I'm sorry," Wren said, and her voice was full of sorrow. "I'm sorry. I know you didn't want to. I know I shouldn't have asked. Shouldn't have... I'm sorry."

"Wren?" Wish took her sister's wrists in her own and turned the smaller girl around. "Wren, it's okay."

"But I, but I..."

"Wren," Wish said. "If I hadn't wanted you to, I wouldn't have let you."

"But I... " She looked away. "I feel like I manipulated you. By begging for it."

Wish said, "You didn't. You asked for it. And I could always say no." She looked down into the smaller girl's eyes. "I love you, beloved Wren." She took Wren's face is her hands and guided their mouths together.

She ignored the flavor of her own piss on Wren's mouth, kissing her sister with every passion she could muster. Their tongues slid and caressed and learned more about each other in that moment than Wish had known in the decades they had lived together under Whatshisname's geas.

When she let go, she said, "I love you."

Wren smiled. "I love you, too."

Wish wrinkled her nose, then rubbed her mouth with her hand. "Not my flavor, not ever. But, Wren, if you want to do that again in the future I'll gladly let you. It's exciting watching you do that!"

Wren reached for her, hugged her hard. "Thank you, Wish."

"What are sisters for?" Wish said, embracing her tightly. "So, how does Katrina like it?"

"Are you kidding? Katrina thinks it's the most thrilling thing we do together. We did it once in a park, did she tell you that? She wore a skirt, then pulled me into some trees and asked me to do it right there. I couldn't say no." Wren giggled. "We got all messed up and I got her pee all over my skirt. I reeked so bad we snuck around to a fountain and I pretended to trip into it, face first." Her gaze tried to convey an understanding words didn't have. "I wish I could explain it. I just really, really like it. The taste. The smell. The feelings in my body when she does it."

"And when I do it?" Wish said.

"Not like her. It's different. She doesn't need to be convinced. She wants to do it. She kisses me afterward and I think she likes the taste, or at least the little taste that's left, as long as it's on me."

There was a knock on the door. "Are you kids gonna be in there all day? Someone has to pay for that hot water, y'know!"

"Yeah, like me!" Wren shouted at the door. "Be right out!" Wish helped her to her feet and they took turns soaping each other down, washing off the residue of their loving games, and then headed out to get dressed.

"So, did you two have fun?" Katrina asked as she dropped two small bowls, each with a perfectly formed sphere of rice stained purple. Wish tried hers with a fork and found it perfect, the gluey texture of overnight rice blended with the strained plums into a sweet concoction that satisfied her almost as much as sex.

"Gotta run," Wren said, grabbing a jacket and heading out the door. She kissed Wish and Katrina goodbye and then disappeared out the front door.

"So, did you two... ?"

"She asked me to pee in her mouth. I did."

Katrina paused for a moment to nibble on her lower lip. "Did you like it?"

"Not as much as other things. I think I'll leave that one up to you two. But I'm glad I was able to do it at least once for her. She seemed so happy when I did. Like I was when she fingered my ass last night. I really needed that."

Katrina nodded, then smiled. "I'm sorta glad it isn't your kink, Wish. I'd like something that we keep, y'know, to ourselves."

"She really loves you," Wish said.

"And I really love her," Katrina agreed. "I wish I could make more sense than that, but that's really all there is. Sometimes I worry I'm becoming like Whatshisname, making her into a... " She scrunched up her face.

"Katrina, you couldn't be Whatshisname. She doesn't have the geas biowiring and she likes it that way. You like it that way. She's her own person."

"It wasn't like this when we started. It was me who was desperate. To get out, to be free. She wanted to come along because she thought I needed someone else to be there, someone who didn't need me, but... she wanted me. And then we... she seduced me in the shower to pissing on her, and it was so exciting. I wanted to do it again, and she wanted to do it again. We've been doing it ever since, and it's just made us closer and closer."

Wish sipped at her glass of juice, washing other flavors out of her mouth conscientiously, then said, "I have to leave tomorrow morning."

"Wren gets off rehearsal early today so we can go out and then come home for, well, a goodbye." Katrina smiled, and Wish did too, already feeling the anticipation between her thighs. Katrina knew all too well how to keep her on edge for hours with just a word or two. "I hadn't actually planned on anything today. Was there something you wanted to do on llerkin while we're here?"

Wish looked about. "Visit the Palace."

Katrina grinned. "The Palace?" She placed one finger against her cheek and took on a mien of thoughtfulness. "I haven't seen it either yet. Sure, why not?"

The weather had turned gray over Tiole', so they dressed appropriately and took umbrellas. It was still quite warm out, though, and the weather in The Capitol at New Fhan was supposed to be both warm and sunny. They hurried along the streets, standing out with their umbrellas. Wish had been in the city six days and had actually seen-- or rather, paid much attention to-- very few of the llerkin. Today, though, they were everywhere despite the drizzle and she enjoyed looking at them. At one point they came across a clutch of them in a park playing some kind of ball game in tthe rain. It looked much like football, she thought, although the ball was entirely white rather than the Terran speckled appearance. She watched one beautiful young mel, his body lean and wiry, kick the ball deftly past several opponents and right to another mel. His front was pale white, his back, arms, and legs dark green, his thigh muscles sharply defined by exercise. Only his face, with its flat feline nose and bright golden eyes, gave her any pause.

At a break, she smiled at him and he smiled back unsurely. "Are you flirting with the natives?" Katrina asked.

"Just staying in practice," Wish said.

"Come on. You'll have plenty of chances. Besides, I want you hot and ready tonight, since Wren and I will probably break out the heavy-duty toys and have our way with you."

Wish trembled. "Stop that, Katrina. I'm horny enough as it is."

Katrina grinned and kissed Wish on the cheek. "Just trying to keep your attention."

"You have that," Wish said.

"C'mon. The SDisk complex is right around the corner." They walked to it and waited in line. SDisks on llerkin had developed a reputation for delays unlike any other place in the galaxy. It took anywhere between several seconds and several minutes for an SDisk pair to make a lock and effect transfer, and nobody seemed to know why. It was as if the hyperspace line-of-sight fracture needed to make transfer possible drifted uncontrollably and unpredictably on llerkin.

Once a lock-on was done, the transfer happened effectively and in the six centuries that llerkin had been using the technology no one had suffered a mishap as a result of the problem. It did mean that micro-SDisk applications were less popular and many medical devices that were based on mSD systems simply didn't work on llerkin.

The SDisk wait wasn't long at all, and they were in New Fahn well before lunch. They walked the streets before taking a tour bus to the Palace itself. Katrina and Wish sat together in a pair of seats near the front.

A llerkin mel across the aisle held out his hand, palm up, and said, "Hi, are you from Terra?"

"Pendor," Wish said.

"Oh," he said. "Sorry."

"I don't mind. Actually, I was born on Mars, but lived most of my life on Ganymede."

He furrowed his brow. "Where's that?"

"It's a moon of Jupiter, Sol's biggest gas giant." He still looked puzzled. "Sol is the name of Terra's star."

"Oh! Sorry, I didn't know that. I wonder if our star has a name."

"Xhal," Wish offered.

"Really? I'm an atheist. It makes sense that I wouldn't know that." Wish bit back a comment about the difference between atheism and ignorance. She grinned, recognizing her own survival instincts kicking in, the ones that worked to retain the interest of another. He took the grin to mean something else. "Hi. Uh, my name's Yasu."

"Mine's Wish," she said. "And this is my companion, Katrina."

"Oh," he said, his voice falling. "Are you and she, you know, partners?"

"Sisters," Wish said.

"Oh!" He cheered up instantly. Wish could almost imagine the switch being thrown in his mind: from no possibilities to two in one word. "What are you doing on llerkin?"

Katrina said, "I'm here on an educational visa. She's here to visit me."

"So you're not in town for long?"

"I leave tomorrow," Wish said.

"Oh. Too bad."

Wish agreed with him for the most part. He was attractive and she had yet to sleep with a llerkin mel. The opportunity Yasu represented almost made her reconsider spending the night with Katrina and Wren. After all, she had done that three times already. But she wanted to spend one more, had promised herself that she would, and looked forward to getting both of them one last time before heading home. "It is, isn't it?" she said. "Yasu, do you have a reminder?"

"Sure. Doesn't everyone?" He reached out and pulled out a padd. It was one of the stylish new ones, bright yellow border and oddly tapered edges.

Wish touched the screen. "There," she said. "If you're ever on Pendor, look me up. I'll probably have more time. Right now, I'd like to spend my time with my sisters. I don't get to see them often."

"Sisters? Plural? You have more on llerkin?"

"One other. She's working."

"Wow. How about you?" he said, turning to Katrina.

She smiled at him. "I'd love to, but... I'm committed."

"Oh. I don't suppose you'd be willing to give me the name of your other sister?"

"She's gay."

"Damn," he said. "I am just having no luck today."

Wish giggled. "Try harder," she said. "With someone else."

"I will. And if I ever get to Pendor, I'll be sure to look you up."

Wish leaned over to Katrina. "See? It's not me flirting with them. It's them flirting with me."

"Uh-huh," Katrina said. "Wish, you may not think you're pretty, but you give off 'fuck me' radiation just standing still."

"I do?"

"You do," Katrina said. "And it looks wonderful on you."

Wish blushed, pleased with her sister's opinion. The bus trundled down the road to the Palace. As it approached, the roof became transparent, revealing the complete structure. It was as she remembered it from the brochures, a trio of squared ziggurats set in a line, the middle one taller than its companions, made of a yellow stone that seemed to glow with the sunlight of the day. The building was huge by any standards and as the tour bus pulled up into the main circle Wish became aware of just how small she felt. These were the people who ran the universe, or at least their little corner of it. From this building matters of import and value flowed. Whether they were actually good or not was something only history could judge; the people inside were only doing their best.

Katrina led her off the bus, offering a hand which Wish accepted gratefully. It was a peculiar gesture because their "closeness" during their time with Whathisname had been artificial, enforced, and an aspect of what he had wanted, not what they had wanted. Now it was their commonality as sisters and the love they had discovered for one another that made holding hands with her seem so honest and original.

They became separated eventually. Each had something different they wanted to look at as they wandered through the hallways with the rest of the tour. They stopped to take a look at the Parliament room; it was mostly empty this day, although there were a few llerkin and even one Terran on the floor. A llerkin fem was standing at a podium, talking in the llerkin accent Wish recognized but could not interpret. Guards with the blank of boredom on their faces watched the tour go past. They moved on, taking an elevator up to the skybridge. The tourguide, a pretty and tall mellerkin, said, "We are now going to visit the throne room. The doors you see are reconstructions of the original War Doors which covered the entranceway to the First llerkin Palace before the Sinox invasion."

Wish was about to move forward when a hand touched her shoulder. "Excuse me, are you Wish?"

Startled, Wish turned around to find herself facing a very handsome mellerkin in the formal uniform of the Queen's Own Guard. The uniform was completely black but for a silver insignia on the collar. They even wore black gloves, she noted. Too surprised to speak for a moment, she nodded. The guard turned and said, "Then you must be Katrina."

"Is something wrong?" Katrina managed to say.

"No, nothing is wrong," the guard said. "But if you two would come with me?"

To the very curious looks of the rest of the tour, Wish and Katrina were led away by the guard, who was joined at the periphery of their little cloud of tourists by another, through the throne room to the area behind the throne, past a black curtain, and through a door to a portion of the palace Wish was certain tourists were never taken. "I'm sorry about the mystery," the guard said, and he smiled as if to try and convince them both to relax. "My name's Akalamas. Queen Anlestin was informed by Reeds that you were in the building and she asked if she could invite you up for a brief visit."

"The Queen?" Katrina said.

"You've been to her Aerie, I believe," Akalamas said. "Oh, yes, we are kept informed of all of that. The security of the Queen requires that we be kept abreast of all such details. You have knowledge of the layout of the Aerie, now, and we are interested in keeping that detail as obscure as possible. The less an assassin knows about the inner layout of the Queen's residences, the better."

Wish nodded. Akalamas led them down another long hallway, the floor inset wood and the walls equally apportioned, with windows to their right allowing sunlight to stream in at regular intervals. Each beam made a clear splash of sun of the floor. Wish remembered that the principle religion of the llerkin was sun-worshipful, and their architecture made the most of that.

He led them around the corner to a large, almost square wooden door. He rapped on the door casually, and a femlerkin opened it and peered around. "Her majesty will see you," she said. The door opened further. She watched with some apprehension as it revealed a pretty but otherwise unremarkable femllerkin standing behind a large wooden desk that curved around her body and seemed to close her in a kind of bureaucratic cocoon.

Wish stepped forward and bowed cautiously but precisely. Katrina followed suit. "There are members of parliament who cannot make that step without looking ridiculous," the fem said, "and yet a pair of civilian strangers from Pendor can do it as if they were born to the gold." She smiled and came out from around the desk. She reached out a hand and offered it to Wish, who held it briefly then released. "You must be Wish cuShardik Shardik. And you are Katrina cuWren Shardik."

Wish found her voice and looked up. "Yes, your Highness."

"I am so sorry if this is difficult for you. It was an impulse to invite you up here when Reeds informed me that you were about. I wanted to see you, especially," she said, looking directly at Wish. "I wanted to see what it was exactly that Ken finds so delectable in you that he cannot stop raving about you ten years after you met him. Few lovers in his past have obsessed him so, or satisfied him."

She took a step toward Wish, then held out her hand. Wish reached out her own, cautiously, and they clasped. "Thank you," the queen said gently.

"For... what?"

"For satisfying something in him that I am not free to."

"He has P'nyssa and Aaden," Wish said.

"True. Maybe I am reading something else into it. He does love them, and lusts after them. But you seem to be something else entirely, a... I so hate to say this, but a hobby that he is not responsible for."

Wish smiled. "I'm so glad you put it that way. I would gladly be Ken's hobby, so long as I'm one he pays attention to."

"That is what I mean. He wants to pay attention to you. And it does not seem to have happened to the detriment of his relationship with Aaden and P'nyssa. A balance I suspect nobody else could have met." She turned to Katrina. "I am very pleased to have met you as well, Katrina Shardik. Do you realize that the press has been looking for you both for several weeks? If it were not for Reeds's constant misdirection and general refusal to assist in any violations of your privacy, you should have been inundated with interview requests almost since the day you arrived."

"Then I'm grateful to Reeds for his interference."

"But now your partner, Wren cuKatrina, has stepped into the public eye with her very public decision to join a... pop dance troupe. I don't know that Reeds can hold off the hordes for much longer. I shall advise him to try."

"Why would the press be after us?"

"The Pendorian press and the llerkin press see things very differently, as you may imagine. The llerkin press, especially, would like to know why it was such a big deal that Ken should have chosen to save your lives. To the people here-- other than that contingent that would take any argument that makes Ken look poor-- saving your life was the only thing he could have done. So naturally they would like to interview as many of you as possible and discover what your take on the issue would be."

"I think if they interviewed just the two of us, they would get two different answers," Katrina said.

Wish nodded. "We have different opinions on it. My sister believes that Ken did the right thing, that she was illicitly enslaved before our depurposing, and that she is free now." Katrina nodded. "On the other hand, I think the question is meaningless. I was not... I was not the Wish I am now. I am a different person. My brain, my personality, has been changed. Ken's actions were neither right nor wrong."

"The Pendorian argument is that he applied those actions to someone who may not have wanted them."

"Unfuck the Pendorian argument," Wish said. "Pardon my language. What I meant is, the Pendorian argument applies only to the living, not the dead. I was dead from the moment Mal disowned me."

"It is not me to whom you have to make these arguments, but to whatever press you choose to tell." She looked up at the ceiling, her face a mix of emotions. "I wish you could stay longer. I so rarely get visitors, and I am so overloaded with work today. I understand that your vessel is leaving tomorrow, Wish, but Katrina, if you would contact Reeds and make the proper arrangements, I would much like to hear your and your partner's stories in more detail."

"I will do that, your Highness."

"Excellent. And now... Akokal, if you would be so kind as to let these two young women join their party?"

Another guard led them away, back along the same path. "I'm allowing you to join a different party with the explanation that you became lost. No harm done, here you go, that sort of thing." He had a peculiar accent that Wish could not place. And indeed, his explanation was taken at face value by their new tour leader, they boarded a different bus and found a different SDisk center by which to teleport back to Tiole'.

By the time they had returned home Wren had already arrived from her job. She was lying on the couch asleep, and Wish thought she looked delectable like that. Her muscularity was even more pronounced now with the slight sheen of stale sweat, muscularity that looked honestly won and kept. She was still in some kind of shiny exercise uniform that barely covered her body and left exposed her arms and legs.

"I wonder if I should..." Katrina said.

"Wake her up?"

"No, silly. I have to wake her up. I was wondering if I should do it the way I do when you're not here."

"Pretend I'm not here," Wish said.

Katrina grinned and knelt near Wren's hips. She gently pried Wren's legs apart and exposed the thin sheet of material that covered her pussy. With one hand she pushed it aside and exposed the closed lips, then leaned down and kissed Wren's mound gently. She kissed and nuzzled, and soon Wish could hear slurping noises. Wren visibly shuddered. Her hands rose and found Katrina's hair, then wrapped around to hold Katrina's head in place. "Oh, god, you've come home," Wren gasped, her eyes fluttering open. "Wish?"

"Over here," Wish said, leaning against the dining table, her arms crossed. She could feel a wetness between her own legs, a warm desire to come herself building.

"Come here," Wren said, gesturing with one hand. "Oh, god..."

Wish knelt next to Katrina, then kissed Wren's mouth hard. Wren's soft moan made Wish feel hot. She rose up and pulled up her skirt, pulling aside the material of her white panties to expose her own hairless cunt. Wren nodded and Wish straddled her head. "Lick me, sister. Lick me hard."

Wren's mouth closed about her cunt and her tongue found Wish's clitoris and her lust drove Wish's need into a kind of overload. Wish knew that she would be glad to see Ken in just two more days but by all that was holy she needed Wren's mouth on her cunt right then. She needed that pleasure, that ecstasy of her sister's attention on her body. She had both hands on the arms of the couch and was trying to hold herself up, but she also wanted to just drop, to grind her cunt against Wren's mouth, to feel Wren's lips and tongue and even teeth against her flesh. Wren was doing everything she could to keep up, but Katrina kept distracting her with her own impending explosion.

Wren's cry of release was only barely muffled by Wish's cunt, and then Wren's hands were grasping Wish's hips, pulling her down, asking for what Wish had seconds before desired. They became locked in their intimate desire. Wish could feel Katrina's arms on her clothed back, felt Wren under her dress licking her harder and harder, and finally Wish came, her hand against her mouth to keep the scream from being heard a block away.

Wish pushed herself away from Wren to give the smaller woman air. Wren gasped as the dress uncovered her head, her face red with the exertion. "I was taking a nap!"

"And now it's time for dinner," Katrina said. "Besides, if you sleep any more, you'll never get to bed on time tonight and you'll never be ready for work tomorrow."

Wren sighed, smiling. "I love both of you."

Wish's pussy was still warm and soaking, and she wanted more. But she took a breath. "I'm going to go clean up, because if I don't get out of this room and that smell, I'm going to drag both of you onto the floor and we'll never get food!"

"And we need food," Katrina said as she retreated. "Because you need your strength for tonight!"

Wish grinned and ran up the stairs to the guest room. She tore off her wet panties and replaced them with a clean pair, found her dark-green blazer in her clothing, and tied up her hair into a bun. She looked at herself in the floor-length mirror, then touched the hem of her skirt and lowered it another four centimeters. Now she looked the conservative, quiet librarian she wished to seem. She took out her contacts, reached into her pack for her eye-wear PADD and put them on over her nose. The look was complete. She smiled at herself in the mirror.

When she got downstairs, Wren and Katrina had also changed clothes, and now both wore similar clothing. Both wore black pants of some stretchy material that glistened when they moved, tight over their thighs, loose and blousy below the knees. Both wore big, almost clunky heeled boots. Up top, both wore loose tunics that threatened every second to show more skin than was tasteful. Katrina's shirt was a pastel orange with black lettering that read "Goddess." Wren's was green and read "Baby." Wish saw that along the outside seam of their pants each had a repeating pattern of roses starting at the hip and going all the way to the cuff. Katrina's roses were orange, and Wren's were green.

She shook her head. "You went and dug out those old clothes?"

"Not really. Notice anything different?" Wren asked.

Wish looked. "The words are in Quen."

"Yep. We had them re-made just for occasions like this. We're together, Wish, and we still want to dress like we're part of a family, even if the nature of that family has changed a lot since we were last together." Wren stepped closer to her. She was almost as tall as Wish. "We hope you don't mind."

"I think you look wonderful," Wish said.

"And that look..." Katrina assessed Wish carefully. "That must be something Ken likes. I saw at least one other girl at the Villa who wore that."

Wish nodded. "Tylia wore it, but it was a costume to her. It's funny how right this feels on me." She laughed. "A little bundle of fuckityfuck gliding secretly through society, ready to blow up at a moment's notice."

Wren giggled. "Come on. We're taking you to a very nice restaurant."

Their walk attracted only minimal stares from the llerkin, most of whom would have to be much more informed than seemed likely to have any clue what their appearance on the streets would mean. The restaurant was as nice as Wren had said, although quite crowded and a bit noisy. She had a soup bowl of something very spicy and quite filling, with noodles and meat and leaves. "I'm going to be unable to move after this," she said as she pushed the bowl away from her.

"Good," Katrina said, her eyes raised in mischievous ways. "Because it's our night to burn some calories on your behalf, not the other way around."

Wren leaned close to her and whispered, "But we'll make sure that you do."

Wish looked back and forth at the two of them, and for a brief moment she understood what it was Mal had been trying to achieve by owning them. She was at the center of attention, and there were two beautiful women vying to satisfy her every sexual need. And, Wish thought with sudden clarity, she was rare in that she admitted that she had sexual needs independent of anything else.

Wren's hands on her thighs throughout dessert were more than she could stand. "I'm going to be soaked through even before we reach home," she whispered.

"Good," Wren said. "Because you're the flavor of the night."

Wish moaned with her own desire. She could barely stand to be in the presence of these two women, much less listen to their naked desire for her. She thought that if they didn't get home soon she was going to drag one of them into the restroom and make her get her off before she attacked a waiter.

Katrina elevated her frustration further by ordering dessert and making them wait. She watched as Katrina licked at her dessert, her short, broad tongue pulling off large swaths of some frosty concoction vaguely like sherbet. Katrina winked at her. Wish had her hand under the table and sliding up the glossy material of Wren's slacks. She was ready to toss decorum and slide her hand down Wren's pants when Katrina said, "Let's go home."

Each took one of Wish's arms and the three of them headed home. Her sisters buzzed about her teasingly like bees with a particularly luscious flower, and Wish understood the passive role flowers must play when courted by bees.

They reached home and even before Katrina had clicked the door shut behind them Wren had Wish up against the wall, which rattled while Wish remembered that the wall behind the front door was also the kitchen pantry. Wren's full lips were pressed to Wish's, hard, her hands inside Wish's blouse and stroking her sides, fingers firmly gripping her under the arms and holding her in place.

Katrina pressed herself against Wish from the side, her lips kissing Wish's cheek, her tongue teasing Wish's ear. "You two..."

"Yeah, we two," Wren said, grinning.

Katrina grabbed Wish by the hand and led her up the stairs to the bedroom. She and Wren descended on Wish, pulling at her shoes, her socks. They pulled off her skirt in one full motion, then Wren opened her button-down blouse while Katrina eased off her panties. She smiled at Wren, then held them to her nose and inhaled. "Mmm. I should save these. But why should I when the source is right here?" Katrina's finger slid along the puffy slit of Wish's already wet pussy, and Wish gasped and wished her sister would do more.

"Now, you were mean to Wren, so I think Wren should be mean to you."

"Mmm," Wren said with a grin. She kicked off her own pants, leaving everything else on as she straddled Wish's head and lowered her pussy before Wish's adoring eyes. Wish had only a second to stare at the tininess of it, the way her lips parted easily to reveal the prominence of her clitoris, the dribbling moisture of her desire, before those lips were pressed to her mouth, the taste on her tongue, her tongue finding that clit and licking it. "Oh, yeah, Wish, eat me. Eat me now."

Wish grabbed Wren's ass in her hands while she dedicated her mouth to licking and kissing Wren's sweet pussy, to making the girl squirm and groan as their desire peaked and Wren came with a small gush of fluids. It was not the bitterness of Wren's hobby and Wish swallowed what she got gratefully.

Even as Wren slipped forwards in a deliberate act of spreading her fluids over Wish's face, marking her, Katrina's mouth found Wish's pussy. Wish gasped as her sister's mouth performed a magic similar to what she had just done to Wren, but now Wren just hovered above her, as if the sensations coming from between her legs were meant to be emphasized by a sight of heaven, a woman's horny pussy, flushed dark pink with recent satiation and new desire. She grabbed Wren's ass and guided her mouth to Wren's asshole, licking and kissing it even as Katrina's mouth pushed her closer to her second climax of the night. Katrina's fingers slipped into her pussy and she moaned even as her tongue dug deeper between Wren's asscheeks. She needed both of them, wanted both of them.

"Eat me, sister." Wren's voice reached her. "Eat my ass. I know you like it. I know you love to eat it. Eat it. Make her come, Katrina. I want her to come with her tongue up my ass."

Wish pressed her face against Wren's delectable ass, felt the curve of those pliant, smooth buttocks against her cheeks and the wells of her eyes, felt Katrina's mouth on her pussy licking and nibbling and pulling at her clit. Katrina's free hand reached across her belly and caressed her chest while Wren bore down on her face to cut off any other stimuli she could have found. It was more than her soul could withstand and she she fell over the edge of restraint into a powerful climax, her voice muffled by the fullness of Wren's ass.

Wren and Katrina both slid off of her to allow her to lay there, gasping for air, gasping for thought. When she finally raised her head she found Katrina and Wren in their own little circle, heads firmly attached to mounds, Katrina on top, Wren grasping for the bigger girl's pussy as she licked and kissed. Wish pushed herself up against the headboard and idly stroked her heated pussy, playing with the lips and her own overly sensitive clitoris, as she watched two women she loved suck and stroke each other to another pair of explosions.

Watching them, Wish knew what she missed: being in love. She was in love, she thought, with the Villa. With the whole place, with having a sense of place, a sense of belonging that was hers and wholly hers. Wren and Katrina were so much in love, so supportive of one another, that she would have envied them if she did not have roots of her own and a place to put them.

The two women lay next to one another, exhausted for the moment, then Katrina looked up and grinned. Wish said, "I've had two, Wren's had three, I'm glad you got at least one."

"Oh, there'll be more before the night is through," Katrina said. She slid over to Wish. "Would you like to give me one?"

"Oh, I'd love to."

"Here," Wren said. "Use this while you're at it." She handed Wish the big dildo Katrina had used on her earlier. Wish remembered that it wasn't Wren's toy, but Katrina's, and she smiled.

She turned to Katrina, then held it up and licked at the head. "Is this what you want? Do you want this big cock in your pussy?"

Katrina leaned forward, her voice husky. "You know I do."

"Your pretty pussy?"

"Fuck me, Wish," Katrina said. "Now. And eat me while you're at it."

Wish lunged forward and pushed Katrina down, her mouth seeking out Katrina's for the kiss she suddenly wanted. The kiss was hard and wet. She dropped the dildo conveniently between Katrina's legs so she could fondle her with one hand, touching the spit-and-girlfluid soaked matt of dark blond pubes, probing between it for the lips of Katrina's cunt and finding her way inside. Katrina's body bucked with hunger. "Yeah, Wish, get inside me. I want you to eat me, fuck me."

Wish lay on top of her sister, the heat of their bodies merging into some great desire. She withdrew her hand and found the dildo, pressing it up against Katrina's opening. "Open for me."

"I am," Katrina said. "Just do it."

Wish nodded and pushed inward with the dildo. Katrina tossed her hair back as the blunt head slipped into her pussy. Wish pushed the rest of its length into Katrina's body and then let it rest there for a moment, then began stroking it back and forth. She tried not to lose rhythm as she slipped down Katrina's body to where the massive black shaft entered her sister's body. She found Katrina's clit, first with her eyes, then with her tongue, gently thrusting with the dildo all the while. The smell coming off her sister was indescribably delicious, better than any dessert that restaurant might have had. She let her tongue press against the textured shaft of the dildo as it slipped in and out of her sister, sucking up whatever amazing flavors flowed out of her sister's fountain.

Katrina gasped when she came, rolling on the bed, twisting as if trying to get away from Wish's gentle thrusts and insistent tongue. She lay on the bed, looking up at the ceiling. "Oh, wow. You're still as good at that as you have ever been."

"And now," Wren said, coming up behind her, "We have a surprise for you."

"For me?" Wish said as Katrina turned over and slipped out of the bed.

"Uh huh." Wren's hands played along her ass. She felt her body shiver all the way up to her shoulders. Her ass always had been her strongest erogenous zone, the sweet spot on her body. Hands on her ass was a way to get her attention and hold it forever. "Don't turn around. Just let me." Wish was still face-down from her licking Katrina's pussy, and now she felt Wren's mouth on her asscheek again, kissing and licking. She moaned. She wanted more. She wanted whatever Wren would give her. She couldn't imagine what more she could get from these two, but she knew it would be wonderful. "Close your eyes," Wren whispered, then went back to covering the whole of Wish's rounded butt with kisses.

She heard a door, and footsteps. She recognized Katrina mostly by scent, felt her drop down on the bed. "Keep your eyes closed," Katrina said. Wren's kisses stopped. "Turn over."

Wish did as she was told. She felt firm hands on her legs, just under her knees, pull her open. Fingers probed at her pussy for a moment. "You're so wet," Katrina said. "I hope you're ready for more."

"Always," Wish said.

"Don't you ever get sore?" Wren said.

"It goes away," Wish said. She felt Katrina scoot between her legs, then felt the girl fall forward. She felt something warm and hard between her legs. Something like a cock. She felt Katrina pushing forward and there were other fingers, Wren's fingers, guiding that cock into her pussy. As Katrina's cock slipped into her, she felt the gentle scrape of straps on Katrina's thighs against her own skin and knew. "Can I open my eyes?"

"If you want."

Wish looked up to find herself looking into Katrina's eyes, Katrina's straight hair falling about them, creating a tiny room in which only their eyes met. Her pussy was being filled with the cock Katrina wore. "You always did like getting fucked."

"You never fucked me."

"I never had the chance. Now I do," Katrina whispered. She pulled out a bit and then thrust back in, and Wish groaned with the pleasure of Katrina's firm invasion. Her body demanded, more than anything else at that moment, to get fucked. To get fucked without mercy. In her pussy. Katrina pushed her legs up into the air, and Wish complied by holding herself open to Katrina's invasion and taking as much of that cock inside her as Katrina had to give.

She closed her eyes and let Katrina thrust into her. Over and over, slowly, surely. That hard cock was a powerful, invasive force inside her body, a sure point of pleasure, a moving thing that occupied her and demanded her attention. She gasped as her first climax swept over her. Katrina held onto her, closed the gap between them until they were kissing, licking, making out, Katrina's rubber cock inside her holding her down to the bed. Another small climax hit her. And another.

Katrina stopped, breathing heavily. "That's work," she gasped. "My hips are tired."

"Then slow down," Wish said.

"I've got a better idea." Katrina grabbed Wish by the shoulder and slowly, carefully, she pulled the two of them over onto one side, and then the two of them rolled over completely until Katrina was on her back, Wish above her. They lay together, Wish atop Katrina, her pussy still full of dildo, their bodies pressed together. The heat between them was impossible to bear. One corner of the bed's bottom sheet had come loose in the frenzy of their lovemaking.

And then there were hands on her ass again. Wren's slim, tiny hands. "Shhh," Wren whispered. "I think you'll like this." Wish felt Wren's fingers probe at her asshole, tickling about the brown, wrinkled skin. She felt the pour of something warm and viscous about those fingers and she knew that Wren had pulled out some kind of lubricant. Slowly, one finger worked its way past her guardian sphincters, slipped into her insides and filled her ass with hints of great things to come. "You're so hot inside, Wish."

"Oh, Wren," Wish said, and she felt tears in her eyes. "I... I need you to do that. I need..."

"More, I know." Wren leaned close to whisper to Wish, and Wish felt something against her thigh. "We own more than one harness."

Wish closed her eyes, her mouth open in silent benediction.

Wren slipped a second finger up into Wish's ass. This was no invasion; Wish invited Wren's fingers into her like the long-awaited lover Wren was meant to be. Wish lay against Katrina's warm body, felt the girl underneath her caressing her arms and back, felt Wren's hand on her ass and the other hand's fingers in her ass, and she began to shift, gently at first, against Katrina's dildo and Wren's fingers. She wanted motion, action, heat. She wanted to lose herself in the love and trust that these women made her feel, the complete vulnerability they allowed her. She wanted one more.

Wren's fingers left her ass and she felt Wren move into position behind her, between her legs and over Katrina's. She felt the head of something solid between her asscheeks, against her well-lubed rear opening, and she waited. She knew better than to hold her breath, however much she may have wanted, but she also craved the feeling of that cock within her asshole, up into the dark and final frontiers of her very fuckable body.

Wren pushed, and Wish pushed back, asking for that cock with actions. Words were no longer available to her. She moaned as she felt the pressure build about her asshole and then the muscles relaxed, gave way, let Wren's artificial cock fill every available centimeter of her experienced insides. She came almost immediately, but it was a different kind of climax, not the headrushing force of someone fucking her but a deeper, more contenting climax that found its home deep within.

She lay on Katrina, using her big sister as a bed. Her little sister behind her pressed her hips to her ass. The dildo wasn't large, but it was enough. It was wonderful. Her body was full, being used as it was meant to be used, a thing of pleasure for people who wanted it, wanted her, wanted to use her and keep her and use her again and again. Her sisters, who loved her. "Fuck me," she gasped. "Fuck me hard."

Wren's hands found her hips, grabbed those convenient handholds, and began thrusting. "Yes!" Wish gasped. "Oh, yes!" Wren's cock up her ass and Katrina's in her cunt were overwhelming her, taking her over, stripping off the last layers of civilization that was Wish and leaving only a hungry, horny, desperate core of desire. She felt herself dissolving into that beautiful, monstrous thing, the thing she was when stripped and without shame. "Fuck Wish!" she gasped. "Fuck Wish's ass hard, harder, harder!" Tears were flowing from her eyes as climax after climax flared inside her, a flood of pleasure so utterly wonderful that, even as she treasured it she knew it had to end. She surrendered to it only for the moment, her body aflame, her soul plunged into fiery ecstasy. "Fuck Wish," she gasped. "Love Wish." The flames grew higher. Wren's chest pressed to her back. Katrina's arms grasped hers. A kiss on her lips.

Wish exploded. For all she knew there was shrapnel.

For seconds, she hung there, her body silent, her soul bathed in the utter fulfillment that must have inspired visions of life after death in others, and then she felt the last waves of pleasure pulse through her, over and over, the physical sensations of coming catching up with her mind and the rapture she had just gone through. Her body twitched, her will incapable of willing anything. She heard a moan and thought it might be her own, felt Katrina shift under her, felt Wren's dildo slip out of her ass and then the other out of her cunt as she was rolled over onto her side and allowed to curl into a little ball. Slowly, her sense of herself seeped back into her as her two beloved sisters curled up next to her. "It'll be okay," she heard Wren coo gently. "It'll be okay."

"Wish, I mean, I... " Wish licked her lips. Her mouth was dry. "I love you both. Oh, god, that was more than... more that I thought I could ever handle." Her eyes still closed, she groped forward blindly, head first, until her mouth found flesh and kissed. She recognized Katrinas's forehead, then sought out a mouth, kissed Katrina there. Both women sighed.

Wish ordered her arms and legs to move and was surprised when they obeyed. Even her eyes opened. She turned over to face Wren, and kissed the other girl on the nose, then the lips, their tongues again meeting and dancing for a long time, but this time it was less the passionate making out of foreplay and more the post-coital affirmation of love and desire.

Wish knew that even after something like that, she would want her sisters. She loved them. They loved her. "Sleep with us tonight," Wren said softly. "We will miss your warmth when you're gone."

Wish nodded. She heard the metallic ring of buckles behind her, heard the thump of Katrina's harness hitting the floor. Wren's followed in close measure. Katrina held out a box of moistened napkins, and Wish took three to clean up. Wren and Katrina did as well, and then all three collapsed, exhausted, onto the big bed. "Reeds, Lights," Katrina mumbled. They dimmed slowly away. So did Wish's wakefulness.