The Journal Entries

Noren, Sulim 15, 01029

Frustration is a 13 year old girl

We had decided to take the weekly mission review in Alpha's Garden One, a large and lovely structure buried deep in Pindam's underground, well-stocked with a variety of plants, all on terraces organized in a conical shape with a path corkscrewing down in one direction and a slow-trickling stream going the other.

I started to notice when about half of them were gone. As each division chief dropped a team report, he and whoever of the staff had joined this walking review would leave. Eventually, it was down to just me, Tylia, Londa and T'Seffer. Then, just Tylia and I remained. As usual, I realized that my crew had, in their fashion, conspired to lead in me in the direction of my promises. "Did you know they were gonna do this?" I asked.

She nodded, grinning, and sat down on the grass, leaning against a rock. The breeze had died, leaving the air a little warm. She arched her back playfully, reaching up to her throat and pulling down the zipper on her jumpsuit.

Watching her do that, the way her legs moved and her chest pushed out made my heart beat faster. I had one of those surprising, intense rushes of lust that are so rare at my age. I don't think I'm becoming jaded, but still... Every once in a while Nyss or Aaden do that for me when they want to. But others, hardly ever.

And then... I laughed. Her expression was so right, but only if she had a mature body. At barely thirteen, though, her hips hadn't changed, her breasts were barely starting to show at all, just an extra layer or two of fat where that had been none six months earlier. I shook my head. "Are you that anxious?"

She nodded, her lower jaw pushed forward into a pout. My heart was beating loud in my chest as I walked over to her, took the tab of her zipper in hand, and pulled it... up. The pout became more anxious. "In my time, okay?" I asked.

"But, Ken..."

"No 'buts,' Tylia. You're here to learn."

"And you said you'd teach me."

"I will. But not today." And then I walked back up the path toward the door.

I stormed out of the SDisk and down the hallway, ignoring people as I walked, brushing past those who might have been in my way. I was in no mood to talk to anyone and the head-first, eyes-front charge certainly kept some people at a distance.

When I got home, however, I found that my retreat wasn't to be. Aaden was already home, lying on the big, fluffy couch he had found and installed recently, flipping through the pages of a book. "Hi!" he said.

I stopped in my tracks long enough to hear the door close behind me with a sighing sound. I looked across at him, then muttered, "What the Hell." I walked over, grabbed him by the collar of the robe he was wearing, and tried to hoist him up. "You."

"Me?" he asked.

I pulled him onto the floor, face down. "Stay," I growled.

"Whatever you say, sir," he said, his voice at once amused yet shifting into that slightly submissive tone he uses when he knows we're in for a ride.

I pulled my shirt off from over my head and tossed it onto the floor, then pounced on him. Despite the rage I felt inside the pounce was practiced, evolved after five centuries of living together. I crashed onto his backside, my legs straddling his butt. "I haven't seen you in nearly a week and I'm going to have my way with you."

"Yes... yes sir." His eyes were already alight with lust and anticipation.

He wore nothing under the robe. I tore off my own pants and threw them where the shirt had landed.

I was naked. He was nearly so but for the robe which didn't cover or hide a damned thing. It just got in the way. He tried to turn over, but I grabbed for his shoulder and slammed him back down onto his belly. "Ooof!" he said. "I see six days in low gravity hasn't had much effect on your strength."

"No," I agreed. "It hasn't." On his belly like that, his butt in the air, he looked so delicious, so vulnerable. He anticipated what I wanted with his tail in the air, arching over his back and slightly to the left to stay out of our way. His tight ass, a mass of muscle with barely a layer of padding to keep me from bruising, hovered in the air, anxiously awaiting my attentions. That was fine with me.

I kicked his legs apart and fondled his balls with my hand, caressing the, squeezing them, twisting them in unfair ways. "I'm gonna have you, Aaden." He whimpered, probably more from my abuse of his testicles than from my threat, but either way it was effective. It made me feel in control. I hadn't felt in control like this in a week.

I plunged my face down between his cheeks. I released his balls to allow my hands to grab his ass and pull those cheeks apart, exposing his hole. He hadn't bathed yet-- I had caught him just in time. Like most furred species, Aaden only sweats in times of extreme need, but there are parts of his anatomy where it collects and ferments. In the autumn as it is now, he's in the garden a lot, harvesting what he can, saving the flowers and bulbs he treasures so much, preparing the beds for the winter. And then he sweats. The scent of him, the masculine, testosterone-laced whiff of his body as I inhaled deeply of him sent warm shivers through me. I tongued at his hole and his body shuddered in answer.

His sphincter opened up to my insistent probing at it. I could feel it twitch and flex as I thrust my tongue into him. He groaned in that voice that tells me I've got him in the palm of my hand, that he's in my control because he knows that obeying me will get him what he wants. His fur caressed the cheeks of my face and his tail stood in the air before my eyes, quavering with desire. This was no polite tea-time intercourse; I fucked his asshole with my tongue and pried his cheeks apart with the bridge of my nose. He was going to get used because that was what I wanted. That he might want it too was incidental.

I pushed away from his, both to get a breath and to get my bearings. It had been so long since my last breath my head was swimming. I didn't want to lose control. I wanted to fuck him. Take him.

I crawled up the length of his body, feeling it underneath me, the fur of his back caressing my bare chest and belly. My cock met with his backside; my mouth hovered over one small, twitching ear. "You're gonna get fucked, Aaden. You wanna get fucked?"

"Yeah," he growled. "Yeah."

"Good," I said. With my saliva as the only lubricant easing our way, I slid my cock up between his cheeks. He tilted his pelvis just a little, just enough to let my cock find its way into him. "You're making this too easy." He didn't reply. I pressed in, found what I was looking for, the giving resistance of his hole. "Now." I rammed it home.

The result was wonderful. He arched his back and whimpered hard, his arms clawing at the carpet underneath his head. I drilled into him. The grip of his anus wrapped tightly around the shaft of my cock. The heat of his body caressed my flesh. I held still for just a heartbeat or two, then slid out until the head of my cock was all that remained within, then slid back in. He shook under me as the head of my cock swiped past his prostate.

I propped myself up on my arms and looked down at him. His strong, beautiful black-furred back, with the uneven Mephitis white stripes running down to his tail looked so good. His broad shoulders, the nape of his neck, and flickering of his ears. He looked up at me, and I smiled down at him. I began to thrust my hips against his rhythmically, fucking him, making his asshole my own little pleasure palace. He crossed his arms and relaxed, groans coming from him now and then.

I didn't hold back. He tensed to meet my demands, thrusting his hips back with every shove, pushing against me as I slammed into him. It had been too long and today's frustrations had made it even worse, yet I felt like I could have fucked him forever. I needed him, and I took from him from what I needed, plundering his asshole for all it was worth. The sheer power of it seemed to hold my climax back, but it could not last forever.

I felt the first waves of the coming explosion ripple through us and I knew it was time to end this. I placed my hands on his arms, held him down, held myself up, and took my rampage on his ass, fucking him with all the force my body could muster against him. The moans from him were glorious, loud, stripped of all decency or self-control. We were two beasts. We were two men. My hips pounded against the solid flesh of his ass; my cock repeatedly claimed him for my own. I came in a screaming frenzy of raw sodomy.

We lay there, collapsed together like some old buildings recently demolished by a passing tornado. He was breathing as hard as I was, and I looked at him with a smile and a laugh. Eventually, my cock shrunk as cocks always do and slid out of him. I eased myself off to one side of him, landing on the rug with a thud, one arm and leg still wrapped around him, still holding him. I buried my face against his shoulder, holding back tears that for reasons I could not fathom threatened to erupt.

Aaden raised his head and looked at me. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, just... working out some frustrations. I didn't hurt..."

"No, you didn't hurt me. After five hundred years you should know--"

"I do know. Just, sometimes, I let go and I get worried."

He chuckled. "Well, you don't have to worry about me." He leaned forward and kissed my nose. "But I do appreciate how caring you are."

That brought back memories of the issue at hand. "Yeah," I said, rolling over onto my back. "I hope so."

"What do you mean, 'you hope so?'" he asked as he stripped off the terrycloth robe and gave to me. "Here, a towel. Is it that kid?"

"Yeah, it's 'that kid.' And you know her name, Aaden."

"Her name is Tylia and you like her very much. And she's only thirteen years old. And that's why you're worried. Because you love her and she wants to fuck you."

"Yeah, I guess. I guess that's it in a nutshell," I chuckled.

He propped himself up on one arm. "In the registers up here," he said, pointing at his head, "You have done everything right. You haven't pursued her so your motives aren't in question. You've told her parents. You have explicitly told everyone who'll listen that her apprenticeship is based on her merit and not on whether or not she'll fuck you. You've put her off until you've felt comfortable. It's been two months since you got back and eight since you agreed to this. I don't know what happened between you and her that got you out of your mourning sadness, but whatever it was, I'm glad for it but it seems to have made you feel uncomfortable about getting intimate with her. I've seen how she acts around you. She is crawling all over you. If a mel was doing to me what she is doing to you, I don't know that I would still be resisting. No, in fact, in your position I would not be resisting. So what is it with you?"

His hand glided over my chest, caressing me and causing me to wiggle and moan softly with pleasure that bordered on the pain of a tickle. "So," he said, "How sexy is she?"

"Erff!" I groaned. "She's frustratingly sexy. That's the other problem."

"Is she? I like Felinzi but I don't see in them what you must. After all, you made them third."

"They were easy to make."

"It must be more than that!" he insisted. "You said I was easy to make."

"No, dear, you're easy to take."

He chuckled. "Anyway, if it's fucking her that's bothering her, do something else. She wants you, Ken, your attention, your hands on her. You and I know what it means to have someone put his hands on your body. Someone you trust versus someone you don't. I know you're good with your mouth with me, and you're apparently good at it with P'nyssa-- although I wouldn't know anything about that-- I think you have no excuse."

"I have a great excuse. She's thirteen years old."

"You have no excuse," he repeated. "There is no reason for you to be avoiding her. Look at me. Compared to you my cock is pretty big. You're not average, either, all your protests to the contrary. You're a little bigger than average, but me, I'm much bigger than average. You know I've had a few kids Tylia's age throw themselves at me. We can't fuck under those conditions. They don't want me to be their first fuck, they want me to be the first adult who tells them they're welcome in the adult world as a friend and a lover.

"Listen to me. The first thing you should do is take her to bed and cuddle her. That at least might hold her off for a while. Eventually, move to kissing her, licking her, eating her. Get to fucking her later. Get comfortable with her motives and hold off on what you commit to until later. Her education is not at risk; we'll all see to that, won't we David?"

"Indeed," the AI agreed.

"Her well-being is not at risk either. She will always have a place to sleep and a way to eat. Pendor cares for its own. Besides, if you hurt her, not only would all of Pendor never forgive you, I doubt you would ever forgive yourself. She wants what only you can give her-- your experience and your respect."

I mulled over what he said. I laced my fingers under my head and stared up at the ceiling. I thought about it some more. Finally, I sighed. "You're right."

"See? It makes sense. If you want my advice, it can be in two words. Fuck her."

I looked at him with a laugh. "Aaden?" I said. "Fuck you."

"You did that."

I rolled to him and held him tight. "Yeah, I guess I did that. Want your turn?"

He thought about it for a moment. "Yeah," he said. "I guess I do."

"Good," I said, my hand reaching down to stroke his already apparent erection. "Seems to me like parts of you have the right idea." I eased myself down the length of his body until I was licking the silky head of his pale cock, tasting the masculine scent again. I opened my mouth and took as much of him into my mouth as possible, licking my way along the heavy pole. I pulsed against my lips in time with his heart. He was already solid when I started sucking him, and a few minutes of that and his cock was harder than hullmetal.

I sucked on his pole, coaxing it into the back of my throat, but today my throat just wouldn't give. Sometimes I can take him all the way, bury my nose against his belly, but today it wasn't going to happen. I caressed his balls with my free left hand, tugging on them delicately, almost weighing them in my hand, feeling them roll around inside his sac. He moaned loudly. "Enough," he said.

I lifted my head and turned to flash him a smile. He tossed me off of him and onto my back. "Missionary," I said. "How quaint."

"It isn't go to be quaint when you feel this," he said with a grin as he lubed up his cock with one hand with a bottle that seemed to have materialized out of thin air. It probably had. I pulled my legs into the air, hooking my hands in the bends of my knees. "Easy or hard?"

"Up to you, lover," I said.

"Medium, then." He grinned as he positioned his cock with one hand, holding my leg with the other so that both met up on a relatively simple and familiar docking position. He pressed inward. I felt my asshole open to allow him entry. A shudder and he was inside me and with a single, long shove he buried himself to the base.

"Come here," I said, freeing one hand long enough to crook a finger at him. He smiled and pitched forward, his cock angling within me as he did so. He caught himself, and we were soon one beast again, my arms around him, his arms around me, my legs about his torso. He kissed me hard as his cock began its duty within me, pistoning me, stroking my guts. I grunted with every deep penetration as he hit the top of my rectum. I wanted to hold him forever, but he pushed himself up on his arms to look down at me. I understood. It gave him better leverage.

He fucked me with a comfortable rhythm and powerful thrusts, just the way we both like it. I tried to tighten my hole for him but it probably didn't matter. He fucked me hard, pounding me to a steady beat, giving us both what we really wanted. His glittery eyes were unfocused and his breath loud and hoarse. I'm sure mine was no better, but I wasn't paying attention to me. My guts were warmed with his strong dick, so familiar, so blissfully wonderful.

I didn't know how long he could last, and I guess neither did he because suddenly, without warning he tensed up and let loose a long, low groan of pleasure. I could feel his cock pulse inside me, releasing his come within my body. I looked up into those beautiful black eyes again, eyes which now had me in their sights. "Welcome back," he said.

"It's good to be home."

"Don't forget that," he said.