The Journal Entries

Seren, Narrin 19, 01027

Planetfall: Dependence

I adjusted the collar of my uniform. "Not for the first time-- I feel like a parent."

Kathy grinned at me as I ran my hand over the command panel to Trianna's bedroom. A familiar "b-deep-b-deep" issued from the overhead speaker. "Just a second!" Trianna's voice came from within.

The door opened and Trianna stood there, still rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. She had swirled a white robe over her top and was in the middle of an incredible yawn, finally ending with a "Whoof!"

"Good morning, sweetheart."

"Daddy!" she cried, hugging Kathy tightly. "Thank you so much!"

"For what?"

"For everything!" she replied.

I chuckled and scratched the back of Trianna's head gently. "I take it your date went well?"

She nodded, looking up at me. "It was great. He took me to the gardens, he cooked me dinner, we..."

"Why don't you come and tell us about it?"

"Okay." She padded over to a 'Taur bench and sat down, yawning again. "I'm still tired."

"Tell us the story."


I met Vic'Tahr just a few weeks before we were ready to pack the tents and leave. He was a tall, handsome Uncia with soft facial features, a wide nose and big eyes. He made me laugh because his ears never stopped moving.

Anyway, he and I ended up assigned to the same station aboard ship, down in Sensor Engineering. The same place I met you, Unca' Ken. He introduced himself and said "Hi, I'm Vic'Tahr." I tried to be friendly to him, practicing all those difficult things you're both trying to teach me, and... I don't know. He was very funny, Vic. Full of jokes. And his eyes were so pretty, I just couldn't contain myself and said "Vic, could we, like, go on a date?"

"A date?" I remember him asking me. He seemed so surprised, like it wasn't something I was supposed to ask for. Then he said, "Aren't you a... alanailen?"

I nodded and said, "I am to Kathy Hawkwind. But that's different. I just want to spend some time with you, off-duty. Can we do that?"

He was a little confused about our relationship, Daddy. "Don't I have to ask permission or something?"

"That's my job," I told him.

He thought for a long time. "I don't know, Trianna. It sounds very complicated to me. And, to be honest, a little weird." And he let it drop at that.

But the next day, he came back and said, "Trianna, I think I would like that date with you. But I want to know what this means to your... mistress?"

I didn't correct him and tell him I called you "Daddy." That would only have confused him more. "My reasons for being in Kathy's control mean a lot to me. Kathy's not really my friend or lover-- it's something else. Something much deeper and more important than that. But I want friends too, Vic. I want you to be one of them."

"But... if she calls..."

"Then I'll probably acceded to her wishes. That's why she and I are... attached in this way. You have to accept that, Vic. You're not the person most important to me, and the one who is, is a little demanding. And I accept that. Can you?"

He thought for a little while. "Why don't we just try it once?"

That night I went to you and got your permission, asking for the time Vic had said he could give me. And you agreed.

Three days later, he took me out. You both were wonderful in getting me dressed and ready, because he couldn't stop complimenting me on my beauty--

"Trianna," I interrupted her tale. "You are very beautiful. Kathy and I just dragged it out of you. But we started doing that a long time ago."

She nodded. "I still don't believe it."

"Well, learn to, child," Kathy said, sliding off the couch and kissing Trianna's cheek.

He told me I was beautiful, that my fur was lovely and my eyes and my clothes and all. I giggled and blushed and tried not to take it too seriously; I felt really strange. I had never, ever been out on my own before, and here I was with this handsome man complimenting me.

We walked to the ship's garden's where he pointed out birds that I had never known had names and we stopped by the stream's edge and talked for a long time. I tried so hard to make him understand why I had given you so much control over my life, and why it was so important to me. I think he understands, at least a little, why I love you so much, and why I needed to spend some time with him as well.

He told me all about his life. He's been a spacer for many years, he said, and nothing very much exciting ever happened to him. But he told me about places he had been to and wanted to return to, to see beautiful sights and wild sports and the like. Even if he didn't think it was exciting, I did. He said he was going to hook up with an explorer again on his next outward bound mission and try to see new places and new peoples. I might stay on Pendor for a while next time and, well, become sociable.

We walked back to his quarters, where he asked me what I liked to eat. I told him my usual diet and restrictions, and he laughed and said "I can make almost anything for you and you'll eat it, then!" I pretty much agreed with him.

I sat down in his living room. He said, "Make yourself comfortable. This will take about an hour. Read, watch media, do whatever you like."

I did as he suggested. I spent some time reading the news and catching up on a short serial that I had been ignoring. I was surprised when he said "Trianna? Dinner's ready."

I sat with him on the floor. He had no furniture, Ken, a lot like your space. Dinner was sliced and fried poultry with a collection of spiced vegetables. It was kinda hot but really good, and he poured soured cream over his and I tried that. It was good too.

We sat really close together while we ate. I didn't notice his hand until he had touched my face, but I felt it there and looked up. "Trianna, you really are beautiful," he said.

I didn't know what to do, and apparently neither did he. We fumbled for a moment and I felt like I was supposed to kiss him. The moment rose and then died away. And then I decided, to Hell with it, and kissed him anyway.

Did he seem surprised! He actually jerked away from me. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," he said. "I just... didn't think you wanted me to do that."

"I didn't think you wanted me to, either," I said. "I... I'm sorry. I'm confused."

"So am I," he replied. He said he didn't know what he was allowed to do with me that wouldn't make you mad. I told him, "Anything that doesn't leave permanent marks, which you don't have MY permission to do anyway!"

He laughed at that and, leaving our dinners behind, led me into the bedroom. As the door closed, he pulled me close and kissed me again. "Am I allowed to do that?"

"Yes, and much more," I said. He smiled as I kissed him back. Then I realized I had to tell him something. "Vic, I have some strange jewelry."

"Like what?" he asked me.

I stripped off my shirt and showed him my nipple rings. At first he flinched and I thought I had ruined the evening. But then he looked close. "Do they hurt?" he asked.

"Actually, they feel really good now that they're healed."

He seemed to accept that. We stripped the rest of our clothes off and walked onto his bed together. Like the rest of his quarters, it was set into the floor and raised just a few cents above it. We kissed as he slowly dropped to his knees, pulling me down. He couldn't keep his hands off my breasts and the rings, which I really liked, which kinda bothered me--

"Why?" Kathy asked.

"I don't know," Trianna replied. "I mean, I know that some fems get really tired of the attention of mels putting their hands all over their breasts, or just staring at them, but I really liked it and I was wondering if something was wrong with me. I mean, his hands felt good, and he was paying me attention, and I just kept shivering and wondering if there was something wrong with me."

"Because you liked being touched?"

"Because I liked the attention he was giving my tits. Does that make any sense?"

"A little, in a twisted way," I said. "Trianna, you enjoy what you want to enjoy. If you liked the sensation of someone's hands all over your breasts, then that's your right. Enjoy it."

He tugged with the rings, looking at me, and when he realized that I was enjoying that he got such an eager, little-boy smile as he lowered his head and took one of them into his mouth. My heart was beating loud; I wondered if I should tell him he would be the second mel ever to do this to me. I decided not to; it wasn't important and it wouldn't make it any better or worse and it might worry him.

He slipped away from me lay down on the bed, patting the covers. I joined him and we embraced again. He caressed my back with his hands. It tickled and I squirmed. But he wasn't deliberately trying to tickle me, you know, and it felt good in a strange way.

He slid around my body and slipped down between my legs. I knew what was coming next and I couldn't wait for it; I wanted him to eat me until shipsdawn. He didn't quite go that long, but what he did was wonderful. He would bury his muzzle in my cunt and shake it back and forth, pressing his nose against my clit and his tongue into my vagina. The slurping noises he made would have been funny if they didn't feel just oh, so good.

I looked down my body and saw his cock sticking out at me, so I grabbed it. It was about the same size as yours, Ken, although it looked very different, all veined and glistening. I shifted my weight so that he could keep licking while I bent down to get it into my mouth.

It tasted good, too! A little salty taste was leaking from his tip and that was just an addition. I took it all into my muzzle and sucked on it while he buried his face between my thighs. It was all so wonderful I couldn't imagine stopping. But I did want to feel him inside me, to let him in and to take me. And I told him so.

And he did, too. I hadn't come from his licking, but I've noticed that it takes me a long time to come from licking. He instead slid around behind me as I eased over onto my fours and leaned my head up against the wall. "Ready?" he asked me.

I decided to tell him. "Vic? I hope you know you'll be the second mel to ever get inside me."

"Really?" he said. "Then, do you want me to be, you know, more gentle?"

"Do what you like," I said. "I just have to have you in me, now."

He pressed his cock against my vulva and into me. I shuddered softly and gasped as it slid all the way. "How's that?" he asked.

"Better than perfect," I told him. I wanted him to be strong with me, like you are, Ken. And I told him what I wanted. "Vic, I want to feel you moving inside me."

"Then I will," he told me as he began to slid in and out. Oh, he was good. He took a long time and it felt wonderful as his cock went back and forth, and every time it went in I felt his hips press against me and push me forward a little. He never tired and never slowed down, and I felt his hands on my shoulders so I reached up and held his hands until he finally jabbed deep and came inside me. I could really feel his cock shooting into me.

After we had rested for a while, he let me up and we went back into his living room, where we had dessert and talked a little more. I explained to him that I wasn't allowed to spend that night.

He said he wanted to see me again sometime. And he also said this: "Trianna, I'm not sure how I'm supposed to feel about your relationship with Kathy, but if it's important to you, then I'll respect it for as long as I know you."

I hugged him and thanked him. And after we cleaned up the mess we'd made of dinner and cake, I came back home and went to bed until you two woke me up.

I nodded. "He sounds like a decent enough fellow," I said.

"Agreed," Kathy said. "I just hope he's being honest. What do you think, Trianna?"

"I don't think Vic is the sort of mel who needs to lie to have sex," she said.

"Then," I said, raising a glass of juice in a toast, "Here's to Vic."

"To Vic," Kathy agreed. Trianna just grinned and drank her juice down.