The Journal Entries

Anar, Cerim 02, 01026

Planetfall: Comfort From The Cold

"The arctic caps of this planet are so tiny, it's almost a surprise there's any ice at all here," Olivia said, carefully slicing through an ice core where she'd found a bug buried. She extracted the sample with tongs and slid the tray into a melting chamber set at 1 above zero and no gravity extant. "But they hold more than a few surprises."

"This planet is slowing down," I pointed out. "That's what's causing Battia's panic, and she's right. The core of Battia II is going to solidify; this planet is virtually outside the solar temperate zone that we normally assume is indicative of sentient life. Without that solar radiation, the systems that keep this planet going are freezing up much faster than then would on, say, llerkin or Terra."

"What keeps it going?" Lindsay sat on the floor of the tent, examining details on a PADD.

"That should be obvious," I said. "It spins so fast the friction between fluids moving at different speeds within the core generate tons of heat. But this place is going cold quick."

Visiting a south pole is not my idea of a holiday, but a coring team had found a strange pocket of thousands of insects-- excuse me, bugs-- and bugs are Olivia's specialty. She had invited me along. Lindsay, keeping with her self-appointed crash-education in things Pendorian, especially Shardiks, had asked to come along.

Olivia removed a sample she had begun thawing a few hours earlier and slid it under the microscope. Watching on the big screen while she ran the mouse to various bodily characteristics, labeled them and demanded search and match routines, she seemed completely wrapped up in her work.

I stretched and rose from my chair, walking to a terminal on the other side of the room and asking for weather and other security reports. Weather: cold, cold, and more cold. Security risks: What security risks? The bugs weren't even a threat out here. I occupied my time by examining my mail and reading news. Lindsay eased up and sat down on the floor, leaning her back against one of the sample cabinets. She wore a silly cap with the Inquiry logo on it to restrain her lovely, silly long hair while she stuffed some jerked meat into her mouth. I looked down at her and smiled, shaking my head. "Ken?" she asked, gesturing for me to lean over.

"Yeah?" I asked, lowering my voice as she apparently wanted.

"She doesn't like me, does she?"

"I don't know. To be honest, that's not something I'm really good at noticing. So I wouldn't know unless she told me."

"I get this sense that she's not happy to see me sometimes. I mean... it's obvious you and she have some sort of friendship, and knowing you that extends to the bedroom, but I'm not here to get in the way."

I nodded. "You want me to ask her about it?"

"Could you? I mean, don't make it sound like I asked, but... ask her?"

"I'll do my best."

My opportunity to ask didn't come until later that night. Olivia had been working obsessively for the past nine hours while Lindsay and I went over Pendor's history lessons. I guided her through some of the basic material, showing her where the writings of Terrans and llerkindi could be found so she could read the opinions of the other side. Several members of the scouting team wandered through, and at one point a handsome Uncia brought us all something to eat, for which I was grateful. "How's the weather?" I asked.

"Not bad," he replied. "Cold. Glad to have a pilot around, especially one with medical skill."

I smiled and shrugged. "That's what I'm here for. To patch up the minor injuries and fly the major ones home. It's good that we haven't had any."


Motion to my right caught my eye as he walked out the airlock again, and I turned just in time to see Olivia shaking her head and yawning wide. I walked over to her and placed my hands on her shoulders. "You should get some sleep, sweetheart."

"But, these are..."

"I know. They're significant and important. Let the waldoes finish the storage, and you can do the classifications later."

She nodded. "Okay."

"O? Do you want some company?"

She looked at me with some surprise. "You want to sleep with me?"

"You're the reason I took this shift on the godsforsaken buttside of Battia, Olivia. Of course I want to sleep with you."

"But--" She cast a glance at Lindsay. "What about your friend?"

"She understands that I came down here for you. She came down here to be with me, and we talked about it. As long as I'm here, you have priority."

Olivia's eyes widened a little and then she gave me a small smile. "I want your company, Ken."

"Then you have it. Lindsay, you know where your bedding is, right?"

She nodded, grinning. "Go get some sleep. Ken, if something comes up I'll wake you."

"Do that." I scooted Olivia towards the sleeping quarters and closed the door behind us. As she slumped down onto the sleeping pad, she said, "Ken... I'm sorry."

"Sorry? For what?"

"I don't even know her, but... I'm frightened of her."

I grinned. "Well, I'm glad for one thing. When I first met you, you dealt with our friendship and our lovemaking better than most people. I couldn't imagine getting jealous now, unless maybe you'd come to expect my attention."

"There's a little of that," she admitted. "But it's..." She sighed and clasped her hands together. "Ken, I'm small for my species, and my species is the smallest on all of Pendor. I have a big brain, I accept that," she grinned. "I'm one of those people who actually does something and not sit around all day absorbing media created by other people to occupy time. But... I hate feeling intimidated by someone I really want to like."

"Does she really frighten you that much?"

"Look at her hands, Ken! Just look at her hands once. She could wrap one of those hands completely around my midsection and just... squeeze, and I'd be done for! She's a giant. And I'm afraid that, unlike Centaurs and the like, her kind's not used to looking down and not stepping on us Mustela." She also lowered her voice. "The other thing is that I really want to like her, and, well, if I liked her the way I really wanted to, I'm afraid I'd never be able to satisfy her."

"We could find out."

She froze, staring at the bed, then snapped her head in my direction. "You mean that?"

"Sure, why not?" I asked, spreading my arms wide. "We can always ask. There's no harm in asking, is there?"

"What if she says no?"

"If she says no there are 36 other Han to ask, and more on the way," I laughed, standing and walking towards the door. "You want I should... ?"

"Wait," she said. "What are you going to do?"

"I'm going to go ask her if she would come in and talk to you. We're going to talk about sex. If we can't agree on sex, we'll negotiate at least getting some rest together, all three of us. We'll see if we can't work something out."

Olivia stuck her pointer finger into her muzzle and gnawed on her clawtip for a moment. "Okay," she nodded. "Go ask."

I crept back into the main room; Lindsay was sitting and reading a book. I tried to look at her from Olivia's angle, and I really understood what my friend was telling me. Lindsay doesn't intimidate me because I know I can handle her size; there are Centaurs and Ssphynxes who outmass her by a good bit. But from Olivia's perspective, Lindsay truly was gigantic. I shivered just to think of it.

She must have heard something because she turned around to notice me. "Hi. I thought you were going to bed."

I pushed off the doorframe I was leaning against and took a seat at her table. "I talked to Olivia."


"I think she lusts after you."

"WHAT?" Lindsay's face reflected sheer disbelief.

"We were talking. She... she really wants to like you, and I think part of her adventurous soul is dying to know what you're like as a lover, but she's frightened of you."


"Why? Could it be that she weighs around 40 kilograms and you weigh, what? 240?"

"235," Lindsay corrected me.

"Five kilos is twelve percent of her bodyweight," I pointed out. I smiled to myself, appreciating just how fast I'd done that calculation without AI assistance. I'd always been a lightning calculator. "Regardless, you still weight nearly six times her weight. And you're scaled up everywhere, Lindsay, compared to her, no matter how short other Han think you are. Not to mention being magnificently hung even for your own species. Where did a nice little girl like you get such a big dick?"

She shrugged and smiled. "I guess all my growth went to... other things."

"I guess," I chuckled. "So, do you want to join Olivia and I, and we can just talk?"

"That's all?"

"We'll talk first. If we come to some sort of agreement, then we can talk about having sex."

She smiled. "I never imagined myself in this position."

"Nobody does," I said, grinning. "Come on." We stood up, and again I tried to see things from Olivia's point of view; I came up to about Lindsay's navel; Olivia came up to just above mine. From that point of view, Olivia was kissing Lindsay's kneecaps. I shook my head and tried to figure how this night was to turn out. We walked back to the bedroom, where Olivia had turned up the heat to keep the room warm enough to strip comfortably. She was lying under the covers, waiting for us to return. Or at least for me to return. "Olivia?" I asked.


"Come sit. I brought Lindsay, and we're going to talk." Lindsay sat on the edge of the bed, and Olivia pulled herself out from under the covers to sit cross-legged across from her. "First, say 'Hello.'"

"Hi," Lindsay said softly.

"Hi," Olivia replied. "I'm sorry for being so cold to you earlier."

Lindsay shook her head, her eyes closed. "That's okay. Ken, I don't know if this is going to work. She might be right; I can't imagine the two of us making love, and..."

"And nothing," I interrupted. "I can imagine you two making love. I can even direct, but I'd rather not. There should be nothing that a little ingenuity can't cure to keep two sentients from loving one another and giving each other pleasure. You two aren't lovers, but Olivia here at least expressed curiosity, saying she wanted to like you."

Lindsay smiled. "I like that. You want to like me?"

Olivia nodded. "I do. You're very likeable. It's hard to describe, but... when I first met you this morning, I got the impression that you were looking for something, but you couldn't really say what it was. I wanted to be protective of you. Isn't that silly? Me, protective of you?"

"You're a lot older than I am," Lindsay replied. "I know enough to defer to people who've been around a lot more than I have. Besides, you know the Pendorian Way better than I do, too."

Olivia laughed. "As if there were one."

"Well," I said, "You two seem to be getting along well. Should I give you two time to talk this out?"

"Absolutely not," Olivia said. "You started this, you're going to stay around and watch what happens. Some scientist you are! Don't you even know you're supposed to test your hypotheses? Besides, we might need you for some of those hints."

Lindsay suddenly reached down and scooped Olivia up into her arms, depositing the small reddish-brown weaselmorph into her lap. "See?" Olivia asked. "I told you she could just scoop me up and have her way with me. I bet you could do that with one hand," she said to Lindsay.

"Probably," Lindsay agreed.

"Spoken like a true penisbearer," I said. "Taking the initiative."

"You want initiative?" Olivia asked. She turned around in Lindsay's lap, stood up (which put her about even with Lindsay's lovely breasts), pulled on the collar of Lindsay's shirt until the taller fem (I absolutely refuse to call Han 'herms') leaned over, and then kissed hard. Lindsay seemed a bit surprised, but she also warmed to Olivia's kiss pretty quickly. Their size differences meant little to the two of them that way, except that Lindsay was probably a lot sloppier than Olivia had anticipated. "How's that for initiative?"

Lindsay gasped softly. "It'll do." She reached down underneath Olivia and 'adjusted' herself.

I chuckled. "Getting a little aroused, Lindsay-love?"

She nodded. "Yeah, I am." She pulled Olivia close and hugged her. "And it's all your fault."

"My fault?" Olivia said. "Well, if I'm to blame already, then I've got nothing to lose by making it worse, have I?" Her hands slid down the outside of Lindsay's cloth-covered crotch, but when her hands found what she was looking for, her eyes widened. "My Fah!"

"I had nothing to do with that!" I insisted.

"Unbelievable," Olivia said. "Maybe I agreed to this experiment a little too quickly."

"Now, now," I said. "Just because she's bigger than most Centaurs doesn't mean you should reconsider, Olivia. There's a lot more to lovemaking than someone's dick."

Lindsay nodded, again scooping Olivia into her hands and slowly laying her down on the bed, her head against the pillow. The gesture she used was one she would be using several months later, as a mother. Olivia was right; in Lindsay's hands she was little more than a toy, physically. "There's loving someone's pussy," Lindsay said. Her muzzle pressed to Olivia's bellyfur, and Olivia gasped softly. "Olivia, you'll have to forgive me if I'm no good at this. But I've never made love to someone with a clitoris before."

Olivia looked down the length of her body and into Lindsay's eyes, then nodded. "Just... just do your best."

Lindsay grinned and slid her massive head between Olivia's diminutive thighs, extending her long and sinuous tongue up against Olivia's exposed sex. Olivia gasped and spread her legs wider.

Lindsay stretched out the length of the bed, which fortunately was big enough that only her shins and feet hung over the edge. She pressed her rounded muzzle against Olivia's crotch. I could see her tongue flickering like a snake over Olivia's mound, searching and seeking.

Lindsay turned her head to me. "Ken? This is embarrassing, but could you show me where everything is?"

"I, I could do that," Olivia gasped.

"I want Ken to," Lindsay insisted. I uncurled from my perch on the edge of the bed and slithered over to where the two beautiful but so very different fems lay together.

"Hold her open, Lindsay," I said. "Two fingers, right up there. Right." Olivia was squirming, rubbing her furry butt against the rough material of the blanket and whimpering. "You'll get more in a minute." I started at the bottom, pointing out to Lindsay where the parts she was familiar with were, then starting over the small flap of the inner labia I pointed out Olivia's urethra, clit and hood. "Feel this?" I said, cupping my hands over her mons veneris. "That pad is there to protect the pubic bone."

Lindsay nodded. I giggled, feeling a little like a coach. "That's it," I said, "Lick around the hood. Right." Olivia's hands were tearing at the sheets with a combination of lust and frustration, and when she finally came her shouts echoed against the plastic walls of our inflatable shelter.

"Sounds like someone had fun," I observed.

"Yes!" Olivia gasped. "Yes, I did."

Lindsay's face was plastered with Olivia's sweet juices, and I pulled Lindsay closer to me and licked them off. She sighed gently at the touch of my tongue.

"You two are still wearing clothes!" the little Mustel said. "Get them off, get them off!"

"Initiative," I said, wiggling my eyebrows at Lindsay. She giggled.

"This is initiative," Olivia said, lunging for my body and pulling off my sweater. I struggled for the clasp of my pants, tossing them and their powerpack aside. I hate cold-weather clothing. My cock sprang free, bouncing up against my belly. Olivia's eyes widened. "You're ready," she said.

"Guess so," I said, flicking at the head of my cock with my fingers.

Olivia turned her head towards Lindsay, and shook her head. "I can't believe I'm thinking of this."

"Thinking of what?" Lindsay said.

"I want you to get inside me, Lindsay."

"What?" Both Lindsay and I said that in tandem.

Olivia nodded. "I want you to fuck me, Lindsay. But first," she turned to me. "You're going to warm me up!"

"My work is never-ending," I chuckled. "How?"

Olivia said, "I want you to take me on my knees."

"A difficult assignment," I laughed, relishing the idea of taking my favorite Mustel on the whole planet in my favorite position. I pushed Olivia to the bed, kissing her muzzle, licking her cheeks. She kissed back, her kisses filled with impassioned moans as my hand cupped her mound and squeezed gently.

I rolled her over onto her stomach and pulled her hips into a kneeling position. With one easy push my cock slid into her sopping, hungry cunt. She gasped softly, and then I began fucking her earnestly. "Lindsay," I said. "Get in front of her. Show her your cock; let her know what she's getting herself into."

The giant Han scuttled around the bed until she was in front of Olivia. "Look up, my little friend," she said.

Olivia had already started into her first cycle of orgasms, coming with almost every deep thrust into her. Her body was shuddering, but she managed to look up-- directly at Lindsay's monster penis. "My Fah!" she gasped, leaning forward with her mouth open. Her tiny hands could barely handle it as Lindsay scooted her hips a little closer, allowing Olivia to at least kiss her cock. But Olivia wasn't satisfied with just kisses. She couldn't even get the head into her mouth, but in her orgasmic and lust-driven moans she was doing her best.

I grabbed her about her waist and thrust my cock into her over and over. She was completely lost to the ecstasy of lovemaking with two cocks at her disposal, and I could hardly blame her, having been there myself once in a while. Her cunt was gripping my cock, massaging it with muscle spasms each time she came, each and every thrust. Her lusty whimpers slid out from between her lips and Lindsay's cock. I have trouble holding back where Olivia is concerned just because she's so wonderful, and when I came I yelled loud enough I hoped the guys in the tent next door didn't hear.

"Lindsay," I said. "Now."

Lindsay rose up and took my position. "Ken," she whispered. "This isn't going to work."

I tossed a pillow onto the floor at the foot of the bed. "Sure it is." I seized the still-trembling Olivia by her ankles and pulled her to the edge of the bed until her legs were dangling over the edge. "Lindsay, get on the floor."

Lindsay figured out what I meant quickly. Kneeling on the pillow, her cock was just a cent lower than Olivia's already wet cunny. After handing Lindsay a bottle of lubricant, I lay down on the bed, my head near Olivia's, and hooked my hands under Olivia's arms to keep her from sliding off the bed. "Are you ready, sweetheart?"

She didn't even look at me. Her head just nodded. I nodded to Lindsay, and said "O, when you say stop, everything stops instantly."

"I know. Lindsay," she gasped, "Do it."

Lindsay was stroking her huge shaft, slathering it with lube until I could see the stuff dripping off her fingers and her cock and onto the floor. I watched as her cock disappeared out of sight below the curve of Olivia's buttocks, and then I felt Olivia jump slightly. Lindsay aimed with her left hand, her right hand around Olivia's waist, and she pushed in. Olivia trembled harder, and then began whipping her head back and forth against the bed. I gave a "little more" gesture with my hand, and Lindsay applied a little more pressure. Olivia whimpered softly, again, and then suddenly she let out an ear-splitting "Oh-My-FAaaaiiieee!" as Lindsay visibly sank into her. "Oh, Fah, Oh, Fah, I'm being SPLIT IN HALF!"

Lindsay started to slide, but I shook my head. "That wasn't a stop, Lindsay."

"NO!" Olivia said. "No, don't stop. Oh, please, Lindsay, just give me a minute. Don't take it out!"

"Are you okay?" Lindsay sounded earnestly worried.

"I hope so," Olivia replied, making me smile. "Okay," she said. "Go slow."

Lindsay went very slow, sliding out until the head was tugging at the mouth of Olivia's cunt, then slowly pushed back in. "You can take almost all of me!" Lindsay gasped, amazed.

"That's good," Olivia said. "More."

Lindsay reached down and grabbed the base of her cock, measuring how much depth Olivia could take. She began to slowly, easily make love to Olivia, taking her time and allowing Olivia to loosen up and take more of her. Her breasts wobbled in time with her thrusts. And, not for the first time, I wondered why I'd never created a hermaphrodite species, since these examples were so very beautiful. Then again, maybe fate meant for these beautiful Han, and especially the lovely Lindsay, to come my way.

Lindsay's thrusts were working their way into Olivia's pattern, and soon she was moaning. "Ken!" Olivia groaned between thrusts, her hands twisting to point past me. "Give me that pillow!" I gave it to her, and she slid it under her head. I wondered why she wanted it, and then she gave me her answer. She began pushing off the edge of her bed with her knees, meeting Lindsay's solid thrusts with her own, and her whimpers grew to moans and finally full- fledged screams of pleasure muffled only by the pillow. Her hands pounded and punched at the bed, and only my holding her under the arms kept her from flying away. My own cock, already well-treated by her beautiful body, was resurging to its full length. Too bad I had my hands full.

Lindsay's thrusts were powerful and direct, and I smiled up into her heavenly, golden eyes. She smiled at me, and then her face contorted with final pleasure as she gasped "Yes!" and climaxed inside Olivia's sweet, clasping cunt.

As she slid out, I slowly pulled Olivia onto the bed; fortunately, she was very light. I eased her between my legs, taking her drool-sodden pillow and placing it under her back, resting her head against my shoulders. Her eyes were rolled into the back of her head and her breathing was ragged. I let her come down slowly as Lindsay sat down next to me and reached out to stroke the back of Olivia's head. Olivia's jaw moved slowly, forming words, and I leaned over to hear her say "Oh, fah, oh, fah, so good, so good..." I gave Lindsay a thumbs-up and she beamed back at me.

Slowly her eyelids stopped spasming and her eyes refocused on the real world. "Olivia?" I said.

"Huh?" She lifted her head, said, "Oh my Fah," and collapsed back against my shoulder. "Oh, fah," she sighed, and suddenly tears flowed from her eyes. Lindsay gave me a concerned glance, and I shrugged my shoulders to say I didn't know.

Olivia lifted her head again, casting about. When she found Lindsay, she turned in my arms and crawled to Lindsay, grasping her by the thick fur about her collarbone and holding her. "Oh, Lindsay. Oh, Lindsay. If I can do that with you..." she sighed. "Anything is possible."

Lindsay hugged Olivia gently, and I reached over and hugged both of them, sandwiching Olivia between our two larger bodies. She moaned and kissed my cheek, since I was in range. "Thank both of you," she sighed.

"You're very welcome."

"Ken?" Olivia asked. "Is that your hard-on poking me in the rear?"

I chuckled. "Yeah. Just watching you two got me going again."

"I... I don't think I could take more," she said.

"I'm not asking you to."

"But I felt like I could go on forever."

I kissed her throat. "Ah, the war between reason and desire goes on forever. Maybe someday, sweetheart, we'll line up a dozen people bearing penises, real or not, and see where your limits really lie."

Olivia looked at me with her eyes full of desire. "Only... Only if I get to pick the dozen people."

"Deal. Any ideas?"

"You, Lindsay, Niaro, Prio..." She stopped. "Those Ssphynx you know, Dao and Tri... Trianna." Her fingers ticked off some names I didn't know. "But definitely you two."

Lindsay stroked Olivia's fur and said, "I'd be honored."

Leaning back and stretching my aching back, I said "We need new pillows."

"How so?"

"This one is covered in Mustela drool, the one on the floor with Mustela juices, Han semen, Human semen, and lubricant. Biohazards for sure. I've got one in my quarters. How about you?"

Lindsay nodded. "I've got a spare in my bedroom. Should I get them?"

I nodded. Lindsay slowly eased Olivia down to the bed, then climbed out of bed, cursing softly. "Stiff muscles?" I asked.

She nodded, and I chuckled. "That happens." I rose from the bed and retrieved towels while Lindsay left to get her pillow. I handed one to Olivia, who cleaned herself as well as she could, considering that two people had come inside her. And this was while Lindsay's semen production was at an all time-low! I was amazed.

Lindsay returned, and the three of us crawled into bed together. I turned down the heat while Olivia got the lights. We curled up like three spoons in a drawer, Olivia on the inside, me in the middle, and Lindsay wrapping herself around us like a warm, friendly, and very beautiful comforter.