The Journal Entries

Erwer, Narnya 23, 01025

Planetfall: Never See Me Like This

I was lying in bed, barely conscious after a long day of climbing about in the foothills, when I heard her enter the tent. I squirmed slightly against the sheets; I've never been "too tired" for lovemaking, especially not with Etta, and just the mere thought that I was in bed and she was home and it was night made my melhood stiffen underneath me.

My ears, more sensitive I'm told than hers (or most peoples, for that matter), listened as she rummaged about in the living room. I heard zippers and I heard cloth as she undressed. I waited in bed, waited for my wonderfully strong and loving Etta to join me, to cuddle up next to me.

Eventually, the flap separating the living room from the bedroom opened and she entered; a moment's creaking and she joined me on the bed. We slept coverless; Battia is far too hot a place for sheets and blankets, except in the winter and even then only in the deepest of nights.

I felt her slide against, her sleek body pressed up to mine. My lust grew insistent as I felt her lips against the back of my neck. She was nuzzling me. I growled softly, letting her know I was awake.

"Hello," she murred, her voice deep and sensual. I closed my eyes just to run the memory of that word through my mind again, listening closely. Tasting it almost.

I purred my reply as her fingers stroked down the sides of my body, coming to rest on my hips. "You're driving me crazy," I growled at her.

"How can I do that?" she whispered. "I've only been here for a minute or so."

"You always drive me crazy, Etta," I replied, growling again. "So, do you want to?"

She purred softly herself, a well-practiced sound for someone so human. It sounded hot. "I don't know...I'm so tired."

"Tired?" I said, shifting and turning over. "How could you ever be tired?" I licked at her throat playfully, and she laughed as she always does. "I love you, Etta."

"I love you too, Niaro," she whispered

I licked her under the chin. "I've never been too tired," I said. "How can you be?"

She raised her chin to give me better reach, and I kissed her throat. "Did I say I was too tired?"

"You said you were 'sooo tired,'" I teased her, tasting her skin along her collar and then down to her breasts. She moaned; it sounded almost like a whine or complaint, but it was too deep, too throaty. "So, are you?"

"Am I what?" she asked, teasing me back.

"Too tired?" I asked as my muzzle closed down about one of her nipples. She's always liked that, and her back arched up suddenly as she hissed. She didn't answer, so I craned my head further and pressed my cold nose to her mons veneris. She giggled softly, but parted her legs. I took that as a "no," she wasn't "too tired." I shifted around; unlike humanoid species, we Pamthreats aren't really built to "give and take" at the same time. Our necks don't bend so far and our muzzles aren't really built for it.

I have often wanted a photograph of me going down on Etta, because I think between the two of us it would be one of the prettiest photographs in the world. Her hard and rounded human body, lying on the bed with her legs slightly bent, her hands covering her small breasts, her eyes closed and her mouth open, would contrast just beautifully against my black animal self, especially with my muzzle pressed between her legs, up against her soft and vulnerable womanhood.

She moaned as I licked against her labia, brushing the fur aside with my tongue. I think every Pamthreat on the planet must have the variable tongue nanotech by now. I tasted her, as I had tasted her a hundred times before. And like every time before, she was sweet, delicious. I pushed aside her large inner lips, licking and tasting her sweet nectar as it flowed from her cunt. She tasted like candy to me, as I ran my tongue over her beautiful, pink pussy.

She moaned, parting her legs further. Her hands came down and she held her cunt open, pulling up on her hood and exposing her tiny white clit to me. I licked at it softly, first around it, then against it directly, feeling her legs tremble with every lick, every caress of my tongue.

I love her. And at times like this, our incredible differences don't matter. Just the fact that I love her and want her. She came suddenly as I applied just a little more pressure, not enough to even be a strain. She gasped and her cunt seemed to flare under my eyes. I guess it's that I see into the infrared, and the heat of her blood was apparent to me. I could watch it slowly spread over her skin, starting from between her thighs like hot reddish fire.

She gasped again as her climax continued; Etta doesn't have many, but sometimes we can draw them out and they last up to a minute at a time.

I smiled as I watched her come under my tongue. Finally she stopped and pushed my head away. "Enough, Niaro! Enough!"

I purred innocently. She laughed and said "Okay, I'm not too tired, you!" She rose up from the bed and pulled me towards her. That's the one thing about Etta that's surprised me all these years, her strength. She's able to push me around, which is unusual considering I weigh nearly 150 kilos. Her hands pressed against my sides, and soon I found myself on my side. "Whoopsie!" she said, giggling. "Do unto others as they have done unto you, right, Niaro?"

"If you like," I said, smiling. I watched with interest as she reached between my legs and closed on my sheath. I purred softly and closed my eyes. There's something threatening about letting someone put their hand around my cock, but in Etta's case that sense of danger is only an added spice, even after the past forty years together. I rolled over onto my back as my cock slowly slid out of the sheath. Her eyes lit up. Oral sex is too much like sweets between us, and right now my beloved Etta, once Captain of the largest starship in the Pendorian fleet, looked like nothing more than a little girl offered a lollipop. She descended on my cock, and I growled as she swallowed the entire exposed length in one easy gulp, closing her lips about me and pressing her tongue against the shaft.

"Oh, yes," I growled as she worked up and down, slowly. Her warm body rested against mine, and I could feel, along with everything else, the weight of her against me. I wanted to stop with all this teasing and fuck her, hard. But that was apparently not part of her plan.

Her mouth was soft and her tongue was talented. I was coming closer to orgasm with every push, and I could feel her throat trying, coaxing my climax out of me. "Etta... don't..." I moaned. I wanted to save it for something else.

But she wanted me this way, and finally I exploded in her mouth, coming hard and shooting my come down her throat. She gagged a little on it (I tend to come a lot) but she managed to swallow it all without difficulty.

"Etta," I growled again when she was done, "I wanted to save that."

"Don't worry," she said, snuggling up close to me. "You'll get your chance." Her hand reached down between my four legs and stroked my sheath, encouraging me to stay hard. "Or are you really getting to be the old man you keep claiming to be?"

"Ur-hur!" I growled softly. "I'm not that old. Give me a few minutes."

"A few minutes," she agreed. Her hand remained wrapped around the base of my sheet, her fingertips tickling my balls. I squirmed slightly under her touch as she encouraged me back to hardness. She wanted me to come again, only this time she wanted to be sure that I was a little tired out, so it would last much longer.

After a few minutes, as we had agreed, she murmured, "I think you're hard enough, Niaro."

"Err?" I said, looking up. I hadn't even noticed that I was hard once again, but she was right; I was definitely rock solid. I nudged her shoulder with my broad muzzle, and she turned over onto her stomach, slowly bending her legs underneath her and thrusting her buttocks up into the air.

There's something about seeing her in that position that just drives me crazy. Her cunt, already warmed from our exertions earlier, seemed to glow at me; I could see small droplets of her dew clinging to the blond strands of fleece that encircled her openness. I stepped forward with my nose and licked at her cunt softly. "Niaro," she complained.

"Take your time, Etta, take your time." I nuzzled her cunny, then leapt up over her, covering her back with my body, my paws straddling her shoulders. "Ready?"

"Always," she said, reaching back and grabbing my cock, aiming me into her cunt. I thrust into her with one rough push, and she groaned aloud. I smiled as I felt her body shudder under the force of my thrust. I could feel her legs reacting, compensating, for my weight, could imagine it like hydraulic rams pushing up against great weight. I smiled and began thrusting into her.

She moaned, and I could feel her fingers back under her legs, playing again with her clit as I made love to her; there's nothing egalitarian about our lovemaking. I do the work, and she takes what I give her. Fortunately, for both of us, that's just the right formula for our pleasure.

Her cunt was warm and tight, familiar and friendly, and I adored the feeling of pressing up against her cervix with every thrust. She whimpered and moaned. For a fleeting second I wondered if she was biting the pillow again. Then I was lost in that strong, final push towards climax. Still minutes away from orgasm, I could feel the need to work for it now, to push towards it. I began a rhythmic thrusting against her hips, my cock burrowing deep into her body, into her cunt. "Yes, Niaro!" she gasped as I shoved harder. I was losing control; guttural growls, snarls and hisses came from within me as my orgasm rushed towards me like a meteor from heaven.

Sometimes, when I'm fucking her, I feel like my body is a glove that the beast that is me-- a Pamthreat, most dangerous land mammal on all of Pendor-- slides into, filling my limbs down to my paws and my claws, and possesses me and takes me over. And sometimes when the beast is powerful, I fight and resist, because I, the sentient "I," has no wish to hurt her. I want so much to tell her about this part of me. And yet, inside, I feel I must never let her see me like this, know about this beast that I am, inside.

I came, snarling and growling within her, letting out a soft roar that I only managed to stifle a little bit in the desperate and hopeless of hopes to not wake the neighbors. I think we're going to have to move the tent someday soon.

She collapsed underneath me, her hips giving way and her body falling to the mattress with a whumph! "Hey," I said. "Don't you fall asleep on me now."

"You wore me out," she complained.

"I wore you out?" I growled a laugh. "Etta, I'm lucky if I'm going to have the strength to get any work done tomorrow. You wore me out, lover, with that two-in-a-row bit."

She giggled and turned over, her hands caressing along the length of her body. "Mmmm... but it was worth it, wasn't it?"

"Yeah, it was," I said, lying up close to her, feeling the animal slowly recede into the background. I sighed, licking the side of her neck and chin. "Etta?" I said.


"When are you going to have children?"

I felt her body tense beside mine, and heard her groan. "Niaro, please don't bring that up again."

"Etta, it's important to me."

"And I'm not ready to have children. Not physically, not emotionally. Please...."


"Drop it, Niaro. Please."

"Just... just tell me this. Is it that you're not ready to raise them, or is it the having that bothers you?"

She raised her head to look at me and smiled. "It's the having that scares me. I don't know if I could." She rolled over onto her side. "We can talk about it later, okay?"

I sighed. "Can I cuddle?"

I heard her laugh gently. "Of course you can. You can always cuddle me, Niaro. Goodnight, lover."

"Goodnight, beloved Etta."