The Journal Entries

Aldea, Virta 22, 01024

Planetfall: The First Man

"Check," I said, without any confidence at all.

Katherine frowned and examined the chess table, apparently not at all confident either. The stakes in this game were high... the winner got to top the loser. If I won, I would get to have Katherine for the night. If I lost, Kathy would use me in any way she felt sure. On the sidelines, Trianna watched anxiously, wondering what role she would play in tonight's games.

If I won, I felt sure that I would have to dismiss her to her own room for the night; I had no desire for her to watch her "daddy" bottom to someone else and be revealed in a moment of weakness, and I didn't have Katherine's permission to involve Trianna in anything I did anyway. If I lost...

I hadn't yet figured out of I was playing to win or not.

Kathy's puzzled expression shifted to a grin and she reached up, slid her black bishop down the board. "Defended."

I sighed and withdrew the threatening rook. She grinned even wider, saying, "You give up too easily, Ken." She positioned her bishop again. "Check. And mate."

"Mate? How?"

"The only defensive move you can make is to block with that rook. I can take that with my queen and that still leaves you in check. After that you have no defense."

I sighed. "Your game, I guess. Lance?"

"Miss Hawkwind is right; you're screwed, Ken."

I punched the END button and sighed. The game dissolved. "Oh, well."

She grinned and rose from her chair, walking around behind me and grabbing my hair just at the base. "You know what this means, don't you?" she asked.

"Yes, yes Katherine," I gasped. I love when people pull my hair in just the right way, and Katherine certainly knew what "just the right way" was. She pulled me down out of the chair and onto my knees easily.

"You're wearing far too much clothing, Ken," she chided. "We have to remove some of this." She stood back. "Do it. Now."

Blushing, but grinning inwardly, I reached up and pulled down on the zipper that held my jumpsuit closed. I pulled down all the way to my crotch, fumbled for the catch, then pulled the rest of the way down my right leg. I fell backwards onto my butt just long enough to pull my clothing off while leaving the boots on, then returned to my kneeling position.

She stepped forward slowly, reaching down to lift my chin. "Very good," she cooed. "You even left your boots on, which is good." She turned slightly. "Trianna, heel!"

Trianna padded around the table slowly and settled down to Kathy's left, stretching her forepaws out in front of her and curling her haunches up behind her. Kathy scratched her playfully behind the ears and said "Remember what you asked me for two weeks ago?"


"Do you remember?" Kathy repeated.

"Yes, I think so, Daddy."

"What was it?"

"I said that I wanted to know what it felt like to make love with a man, Daddy. It was on the list of things I should learn about."

Kathy's hand stroked down Trianna's back, disappearing out of my sight. "That's right, lovely Trianna. Let me ask you... would you like Kennet Shardik to be the first man to make love to you?"

"Daddy?" Trianna's voice caught in her throat even as she tried to say the words. She couldn't believe what Kathy was offering her. I couldn't believe what Kathy was offering her either, because in doing so Kathy was offering me something too. I felt blood rush into my cock, my erection growing under the imminent promise of being allowed to make love to Trianna. Right on the heels of that excitement, however, was the anxiety of making love to a virgin, of not knowing the consequences, of being worried for Trianna.

"Come, both of you. Ken, you get to crawl. Into the bedroom with both of you!" Her voice would brook no disagreement, and both Trianna and I jumped at the command. I crawled along the floor on my hands and knees, much the same way I frequently made Katherine do. From this perspective the world looked a little unusual, which is why I like this sort of thing. I felt my balls swinging back and forth between my legs, striking the sides of my thighs. My stiff cock hung down between my legs, and Kathy took her pleasure from fondling me as I crawled. Trianna walked slowly beside her as the three of us made our way across the living room floor.

"Onto the bed, both of you," she ordered after the door had closed behind us. "I want you both comfortable." We both jumped up onto the bed and knelt, facing the foot of the bed where Kathy stood. She hadn't changed clothing or picked up a riding crop or any other implement that registered as "top." It was all attitude, and Katherine had learned how to wield attitude like a sword.

She sat down in a large, round chair that looked very comfortable for humanoid or centauroid, put her hands together and touched them to her lips. "Ken, Trianna, I don't want this to come across as sounding imperious." She smiled slightly. "Both of you have expressed an interest in fucking one another, and both of you have been cautious about it because of your relationships with me. Now I want to assure you that if you two make love it will not affect your relationship with me in any way. I want you two to enjoy yourselves. And I want to watch." With that she leaned back into the chair; the indirect lighting diffused from a bar over and behind the head of her chair, and as the lights dropped down to half their current intensity the shadows seemed to swallow her up and make her disappear.

I looked at Trianna curiously. She tilted her head with that quizzical look of which all the feline races seem so enamored. "So," I said, grinning, "Where shall we start?"

"Why not with a kiss?" Kathy's voice called out from the chair.

"Trianna?" I asked.

Her eyes closed, then opened again. "I think I'd like that, sir."

"I'll only kiss you if you stop calling me sir," I chided her gently.

"I'd like a kiss from you, Ken," she corrected her statement.

I slid closer to her on the bed, looking into her eyes. A small smile tugged at the corners of her muzzle, and as I pressed my lips to her muzzle she released a long breath through her nostrils. We kissed, awkwardly, then slowly gained in confidence. Her breathing became slower, deeper as I caressed her thin lower lip with my lips and tongue. I felt her muzzle part at my suggestive pulling until she extended her tongue to meet mine. Her tongue felt warm and fleshy against my own, and we made soft squishing noises, slathering each other's chins with saliva.

Finally I pulled away and smiled, shaking my head. "You're going to be a great kisser someday, Trianna." She pouted, wiping away the small droplet of spit that had collected under her lower lip. I reached forward and kissed her cheek. "You just need practice."

"Ken, would you lie down?" she asked.

I looked at her curiously, then lay down on the bed as she asked. "On your back," she included. I pulled a pillow under my head waited.

She positioned her centauroid body next to me and reached down to touch my chest with her hands. Her fingers made such gentle contact with my skin that I shivered in response. I wondered what she was up to. Her hands caressed over my skin, exploring each inch, her eyes peering at the trail her fingers were taking, her expression so serious.

Her hands slid down over my chest, caressing my nipples momentarily. I gasped as she pinched at one playfully. "Do you like that?"

"It depends," I told her, "on who does it, how they do it, and when."

"I feel the same way," she said. As her hands glided over my skin, I would squirm when she would hit a particularly ticklish spot.

I reached up and held my hand a few cents from her breasts. "If I touched you that way right now, would that be a good thing or a bad thing?"

Trianna halted for a second, looking at my hand. "Try," she said.

I closed the distance, my hand closing on one of her breasts. Her nipple nestled between my first and second fingers, and I closed my hand slowly, pinching her in much the same way she had pinched me. Her back arched slightly, and as I closed my fingers on the flesh of her small and beautiful breasts, I was rewarded with a gentle "Oooo... that feels good."

I smiled as I caressed her furry breasts, touching them with my fingertips and measuring their firmness, their elasticity. I actually get off on thinking in those terms, yes. She grinned as her hands caressed downwards, along my belly, until she reached my already very erect cock.

Cautiously, as if she were afraid she was going to break something, her hands explored the length of my haft, touching the exposed underside, playing with the head of it, reaching downwards to the base. She was giving me the mildest of touches. I spread my legs a little further, pressing the right up against the warmth of her feline body, and her fingers took the hint, sliding down to caress the fur and skin of my testicles. I squirmed in pleasure.

"They look so delicate," she said, her hand caressing my balls gently.

"They are delicate," I said. "You can do things to them, though; they're supposed to hang outside the body, so they had also better be pretty tough."

She nodded. "I don't know what to do."

"Do what you want," I said. "You're keeping my interest going."

"Am I?" she asked. "I'm so afraid I'll be boring. I don't know anything."

"You're doing fine," I said, my fingers tracing slow circles around her breasts. "You are a very beautiful fem, Trianna."

"You keep saying that."

"That's because it's true!" I insisted. "I don't lie to my friends." I sat up and took her hands in mine. "I want to make love to you, Trianna, because I trust you. You've been very good to Kathy and she's been good to you." I took one of her hands to my mouth and caressed her fingers with my lips, finally taking one into my mouth. She gasped as my tongue played over the clawsheath, probing gently around the exposed black pads of her fingertips and matted down the fur along the finger's top. Her breathing grew a little faster as I suckled on her fingers one after another. Finally, I let her have her hand back. While she was looking at it, I bent my head down and reached out with my tongue to lick her nipple.

She panted softly as I closed my mouth about the nipple, measuring its every dimension with my tongue, becoming intimately familiar with every soft bump and ridge and fold of pink skin. It was as if I wanted to remember what Trianna's teat tasted like for the rest of my life, and I was determined to get the details right.

I slid across to the other nipple, my hand reaching up to make sure the first didn't feel abandoned. Her arms wrapped around my naked back as if to hold me in place with I tasted and teased her breasts with my lips, teeth and tongue. She moaned as I closed on it with upper teeth and lower lip, biting playfully.

Finally, I looked up at her and pulled her head down, kissing her again. This time we did better, kissing smoothly and passionately, our tongues teasing and playing with one another.

We rolled over onto our sides on the bed. I extricated myself from her arms and slid down, nuzzling her belly and then over the rigid forward girdle of her body, down her soft lower belly. I felt completely taken in by her beauty. Her constant insistence that she was "fat" would have to go... if she lost weight, she would cease to be quite so beautiful or so wonderful to play with. Besides, some of her dimensions she couldn't help; her ribcages were very broad, giving her wide shoulders and forehips, and unless she wanted to break a few bones there was nothing to be done for that. The soft padding of her lower belly only accentuated her beauty, and with each kiss along the way I realized that I adored the softness I explored.

I reached between her rear legs, my fingers probing forward. My cock was easily in reach of her hands, and then I learned to appreciate just how supple the Ssphynx body is as she bent down and I felt her warm breath over my crotch and I knew her eyes were exploring my cock with interest. I slid my fingers up until I felt the starting curve of her cunny. Her body went rigid as my fingers slid a little further until I had cupped the whole of her sex in my hands. A thin fluid already coated her labia, and I slid one finger between those lips to collect up a layer on my fingertip, then carried that back to my mouth.

I slid a little further, burrowing up between her legs to get to her very rear. Her swelling pussy hovered before my eyes and I reached forward, kissing it gently. Trianna moaned. "Yes, Ken. Oh, I like that."

I took that as encouragement and kissed her more firmly, extending my tongue between her lips. She moaned again, and I buried my face into her warm, wet cunt, tasting and licking. Her clitoris pouted out at me and I paid it special attention. The sound she made was wonderful, a trilling, purring noise that was simultaneously feline and feminine.

I felt her body shuddering and pitching, the sound she made rising and falling. As it dipped downwards once, I slid away from her and was rewarded with a plaintive moan wishing for more. But as she lay on her side, I rose up beside her and said, "I think it's time."

Her eyes went wide with anticipation and finally, she nodded. "Tell me, Trianna, have you ever had anything in here?"

"Katherine's fingers," she said softly. "And my doctor has examined me in there a couple of times."

"But nothing else?"

She shook her head. "Nothing else."

I nodded, reaching down and caressing her tail with my hand, reaching all the way up and touching, teasing her cunt with my fingertips. "I want you, Trianna."

"Then... do it, Ken."

I slid into place behind her. "Raise your butt a little," I said, sliding a pillow under her knees. She settled down onto the pillow and I measure the height of her cunt as I knelt against her. My erection throbbed eagerly as I pressed my hips against her haunches as I reached forward for her shoulders and pulled her back against her lower body. Resting down, I could look into her eyes, although the two of us were upside down to one another. The geometry of loving a Ssphynx can be a little disorienting sometimes. "Are you ready?"

She nodded. I reached down with my left hand and pressed my cock against her lips, feeling the wetness coating the head. Her legs parted further to let me in, and I glided into her with one firm stroke. My hips pressed up against her buttocks, the root of her tail against my belly. Her mouth fell open and released a blissful breath of air. "How's that feel?"

Her hips rocked back and forth momentarily with me still inside her. "Good... " she sighed. "Big." Her grin was very wide as I began to slowly slid in and out of her, taking the soft measure of her cunt. She could take all of its length and seemed to be enjoying the thickness of it. Although I'm not well-hung by any stretch of the imagination, I was probably putting into Trianna the largest thing she'd ever felt. I wanted to ease her into lovemaking.

And she let me. Her hands reached up and clasped my forearms, holding me as I began to make love to her with unhurried strokes. She smiled up at me and I reached down, smiling back with joy at her acceptance. We rubbed noses, giggled, and traded kisses while my hips pushed against her buttocks over and again. Her foreclaws gave away a different pleasure she was feeling as they flexed and pawed at the bedspread. Her hands clasping my arms tensed and relaxed, tensed and relaxed with every stroke. Her eyes were bright and lovely.

I released her forebody and reached down for her hips, giving myself a bit more leverage. I could feel her pussy tightening around my cock as both of us came closer to our orgasms. Her eyes closed and her body went rigid; I felt her cunt contract around me. I didn't stop making love to her, however, thrusting in and out of her, waiting for my turn. Her fists beat down harmlessly against her forebody as I continued, fucking her firmly. My own body tightened like hers and then my climax over took me, quietly, peacefully.


My body shuddered as the involuntary reflexes pumped her sex full of my semen, and I shivered again and again as I reveled in the pleasure of ejaculating into her no longer virgin body. Then it ended.

I slid out of her, my cock already shrinking after my climax, and crawled up the length of her body to wrap my arms around her torso and hug her close. "Oh, Trianna, you were wonderful."

She murred softly and I held her, and her hands caressed my arms where they gripped her. "I've never felt anything like that."

"That goes without saying," I said, grinning. "What did you think?"

"I want to do it again. Is that a good enough thing to say?"

"That's fine." I looked up at the chair. "So, Katherine, what did you think?"

She emerged from the shadows and leaned forward, propping her chin on her hand. "You two are so beautiful together."

"Nah, that's just Trianna's beauty overwhelming your sense."

"Ken!" Trianna looked away from both of us, blushing.

Kathy rose and reached for Trianna's muzzle. "Get used to it, Trianna. Ken and I are going to compliment your beauty every day of this trip until you believe us."

She nodded. "I still don't think so."

"Well, we do." She reached down and petted my head, reminding me that I was still hers for the night. "Both of you are very beautiful, and both of you should know it. I'm all out of ideas and tempted to sleep. How about you two?"

I nodded. Trianna finally did as well, although I think if she could have talked me into it she would have liked another round. I think she could have talked me into another, too, but not with Kathy being so sleepy. She was yawning even as she said it. "Come on, Trianna, let's put you to bed."

Since Trianna was Kathy's "child," as far as the relationship went, she had her own, smaller bedroom off of Kathy's cabin. It was a good arrangement. While they were gone, I attended to my toilet and crawled into bed. Kathy joined me a few minutes later. "Ken?" she said softly. "You were lovely with her. And very gentle."

"My specialty," I said. She reached up and turned down the lights.