The Journal Entries

Seren, Cerim 13, 00966

The Wolves

I hate these games. I hate the idea of them, I hate the planning of them, I hate the reality of them. I hate the fear the create. I still haven't figured out why I ask for them. Although I have plenty of good ideas why Rupi loves to act them out for me.

The air here is cold, frightfully cold. That's just my impression, I know. It can't be colder than 68, maybe 65. But Rupi has dropped me into the forest buck naked, and when I'm alone and uncovered and it's early morning with clouds overhead and the fog is covering everything, it feels as if I'm freezing to death. I should keep moving. That'll keep me warm.

So I start walking. And then jogging, feeling my tail bouncing behind me. It keeps me warm, and thanks to Rupi, I've got enough stamina to do it for hours. I hope. Besides, if the day warms and the fog lifts the insects will get very nasty. So I move. I wonder what Rupi has planned for me today, what evils will befall me before he captures me and abuses me and gives me the releases I'm looking for.

And as I walk I hear a sound before me, and it reminds me in the most uncomfortable way possible that there are wolves in the forest north of Rhysh. Wild, untamed wolves. I'm just a cityboy! I get around on SDisks and never stray too far from the network and I always know where I am and an AI is always looking over me. And the sound of wolves howling is something I know only from watching videos. "This isn't fair, Rupi!"

He might have heard that. He might not. But I hear the sound of that wolfcry echoed, nearly the same distance, slightly off at an angle, by more wolf voices crying into the morning fog, and I decided it's a good time to turn around and head the other way.

But the howls get closer. At first I walk, but with that sound growing louder in my sensitive ears I decide that maybe a job would be better. So I start picking my feet up, making the leaves crunch loudly as I jog through the heavily wooded but rather flat terrain of the North Rhysh Valley.

The howls come again, louder now, closer now. Fear makes my fur stand on end, and it also makes my cock stand at attention. Why do I react this way? What is it within me that makes me so hard and ready at the feeling of fear?

The howls come again, now so loud, for the wolves don't need to raise volume to communicate with one another, for they're all close, and they're closing in on me. Then the sounds of running footpads, falling on the forest floor, thumping lightly with sure, agile steps, as the distance between them and me contracts to nothing.

The sound of animals on the move makes me turn my head, and I look to see the grey shape of a wolf in motion dodging behind the trees. If I weren't naked, if I weren't unarmed, they would be beautiful. Instead, they make my heart stop and my vision freeze in total terror.

My legs, however, did not stop. If anything they, picked up speed and I ran blindly, barely aware of the trees I was dodging back and forth, trying to avoid the grey monsters who ran as if the trees didn't exist, dodging and weaving in the lands they were born to. And there were many of them, their running a rumble of thudding footsteps, the mind-numbing sound of carnivores on the hunt.

My scrambling feet didn't help. A wolf ran before me, snarling, teeth bared. I screamed, and lost my footing-- going down, I fell to the moss-covered forest floor.

I pushed up with my hands, spitting dirt and leaves from my mouth. When I opened my eyes, the huge grey wolf was staring at me, his eyes closed to staring slits and his thin, black lips drawn back in an angry snarl. Beside him, a wolf of darker colors, more brown than grey, stood watching as others joined in the circle, surrounding me, their victim, preparing for the success of their hunt. And as the circle closed in, I saw a shifting, shuffling mass of black, grey, and white-furred, long-fanged, angry, lupine eyes. My breath quickened in my mouth as I looked around, looking for a way out, wishing for a safeword. But you can't safeword wild animals.

I waited for them to dig in finally. But they didn't. They were waiting. I don't know what for. I started to get angry. After all the terror they had put me through, they were going to drag it out a little longer? "Come on!" I shouted to them. "Let's get this over with!"

One, the brown one who had accompanied the apparent leader of the hunt, stepped forward to give me my wish. As he did so, the big grey one walked away, almost disdainfully, and then my sight of him was blocked by the body of his brown-furred lieutenant, who stepped up to my head, then over it with his forepaws, and slowly enclosed my neck with his jaw. I felt the tips of his teeth touch my skin, and then stop. I whimpered. Small droplets of his slaver dripped downwards, over my fur, soaking me. I started to struggle, but he growled a warning, and I stopped.

The wolves around me shuffled and shifted and I heard the sounds of their feet and I could even feel them brushing against my fur. My senses, heightened to near animal sensitivity by my fear, even registered the feeling of their warm breath over my naked body, and occasionally a pair of growls or whimpers would break out as they communicated with one another.

And then, to my shock, one touched me on the buttocks with his cold, wet nose. I concentrated, hearing him sniffing and probing. He pushed his way between my cheeks, extending his tongue deftly and running it over my asshole, tasting, licking. I squirmed in unwillful ecstasy, my heart still pounding, the teeth of another still closed around the back of my neck. My hips had thoughts of their own as the wolf's tongue slid around my tight anus. My head went light as I felt his tongue press hard against the hole, digging in. My own cock had grown hard with my arousal and my fear and pressed against the rough dirt. It hurt, but in my pleasure I hardly noticed. This wolf was giving me pleasure and my body wanted more.

The one over me growled slightly, and another kicked me in the hips. I wondered if they wanted me to do something, but I couldn't tell. Then, I felt paws walking up my body, stepping onto my back, and the big alpha-wolf was lowering his cock to my asshole. I didn't know what to do, or to say, but to take it.

I felt the slimy tip of a wet cock press between my cheeks, but it was shaped like no cock I had ever felt before. Instead of being rounded, the head of his cock was shaped like a cone or bullet, and it slid between my asscheeks easily, pressing up against my asshole, trying to find its way in. I relaxed slightly as the wolf pressed down with his hard cock, taking a deep breath and willing him into me. It was that easy. Instantly, he was inside my hole, and I felt that thick rod of his probing deeper into my guts. His hips came down to mine, and he had me.

The other wolves shuffled nervously, with anticipation. The big male-- and believe me, he was big in all ways-- began to fuck me. His hips took their action against my buttocks, and he pounded me. I've never been fucked quite like that before... his cock was larger than almost any sentient's I'd ever seen, Centaurs excluded of course, and it found every nook and cranny of my rectum to abuse and bruise.

But if they were going to kill me when they were done, I was damned going to enjoy my going out. I rose slowly onto my knees. The one around my throat growled loud and threatening, but the other one snapped at him briefly and they let me rise onto my knees. The big one within me never lost his position. "Come on," I growled. "Come on, you bastard."

The wolf sensed my readiness and fucked me harder. Rougher. His claws, just against my arms, flexed and scratched and drew blood. I gasped at the pain as he thrust himself with vicious slams into me, trying to hurt me. I laughed as I felt my own cock rise and throb with the excitement of the wolves. They began to move about me quickly, taking up positions, then moving, almost as if they were dancing. The only ones not in the dance were the two engaged in my rape, the one holding my throat and the other possessing my ass.

As the grey one fucked me, his cock grew within me. I can't explain it any better than that, but somewhere along the way his strokes got shorter and I felt this huge ball in his cock pounding inside me. It felt like he was threatening to rip my asshole open if I didn't let go, but I just didn't have anything to let go with. He pounded the short distance of my rectum with that huge knot in his cock, pumping me. I thought he was setting up a hydraulic ram inside me, sucking and pushing on my guts with every thrust.

He began to whimper slightly, his breath in short whining gasps as he approached closer to orgasm, and his cock pumped within the tunnel of my asshole, striking the most unlikely places within me. Oh, it hurt, and I wanted him to get it over with, but not so soon. I was feeling my own ecstasy rise with the force of the wolves. His thrusts took on a final, unmatchable urgency, and then he howled! Oh, he howled and I felt his semen flooding me inside, turning my guts instantly into a mixing bowl of fear and come, and my mind blitzed as I came, too, my hard cock shooting my come onto the forest floor.

I collapsed to the forest floor, onto my own small puddle of sperm, and the big wolf slipped out of me. The other released my neck, and in a flurry of paws thudding on the ground, they were suddenly gone. They were all gone.

I lay there, panting, trying to recover my breath. My guts were churning so much I felt nauseous and ill, and I felt dizzy too. I looked up once to make sure there weren't any more wolves around. And then I passed out.

I woke up in Rhysh infirmary, Rupi hanging over me, looking worried. "G'rann?"

"You asshole," I said. "Nice droids. Where'd you get them?"

"What droids? I sent to Uncia to catch you and, well, do a scene. Instead, they found you passed out on the forest floor with huge, gaping scratches on your arms and blood on your ass. What happened to you?"

"You know exactly what happened to me," I said, smiling.

"No, seriously, I don't. We were really worried about you."


"G'rann. Please, just tell me what happened to you. The doctors say it looks like prolonged rape, but they can't find any chemical evidence that anyone was ever, well, inside you. It's like you were raped with a dildo or something."

"I was. By your ringdamned droids!"


"All right. I was raped by wolves."


I sighed. "Are you hard of hearing? I was raped by wolves." I recounted the whole story as well as I could remember. And I could remember a lot. That wasn't something I was likely to forget for a long time. I told it all from the beginning, watching my Mephit's lover's face grow long and concerned as he listened.

"And that's it?" another voice asked as I finished. The voice sounded familiar, but I couldn't place it.

"Yes, that's it," I said. "Rupi, you really didn't send them?"

"No, I really didn't." He looked up. "What do you think?"

"I don't know," the other voice said, walking into view. If Rupi wanted me to be concerned, he had it now. I was starting to believe him. Ken Shardik doesn't show up just to do scenes with people he doesn't know very well, although I've been told he's very personable in real life. "Several people have reported strange occurrences recently. I don't really know quite what to make of it." He placed his hand on my shoulder. "You get some sleep now, G'rann. We'll talk more later."

"Yes, sir," I replied, not feeling sleepy at all. But I fell asleep anyway.