The Journal Entries

Noren, Nenim 15, 00778

Making Records

"You must think I'm silly. Or crazy."

"No, not really," I said, tossing the book aside and removing the reading glasses I was wearing. "Come sit on the bed."

Karen glanced around for a moment, then hopped up onto the bed, lying her heavy bulk next to mine. Mindy, my housecat companion, decided now was a good time to leave, so she did. I stroked Karen's back with my hand, scratching her behind the ears. "But what I'm asking seems so wild for little quiet Karen, but for you and Aaden I'm sure it must seem like a little thing."

I looked down at her sweet face. Karen is a Pamthreat, one of the few Pendorian races that is completely inhuman. She looks like a Terran panther or llerkindi kwositem, except her rear pelvis is an elongated 'cage' from which she has four paws rather than two, one pair in front of the other. She's also much heavier and more muscular than either native animal. Her fur is a black so deep and gleaming it almost shone purple in the lights overhead. Her eyes are green.

"So?" I asked, looking around for Mindy. "Just because you're new to the idea doesn't mean I look down at you any less, Karen. I never put down a new person just because they're new."

She smiled and nuzzled her head against my side. "Thank you, Ken. I appreciate that."

"Good," I smiled. "Because I mean it. I like you a lot, Karen... you're very important to me, you know." She purred softly, not speaking. "Karen?"


"Would you like to spend the night with me?"

"And do what?"

"Just sleep. Well, cuddle, too. I know you like cuddling."

She nodded her head slowly. "I'd like that. I was wondering if you were feeling lonely."

"Because P'nyssa and Aaden don't join me when I go to space?" I asked. "Yeah, I do feel a little lonely. I do wish they'd come with me, because I do miss them while I'm gone."

She nodded. "I guess I'm not a very good substitute, huh?"

"Karen, don't you dare say anything like that. You're not a substitute for them at all. You're Karen, my best Pamthreat friend, not some cheap attempt at an Aaden or Nyss substitute. What a concept, as if anyone could replace them. I want you because I want you, Karen, not because I miss them."

She purred softly, a strange kind of sigh, and cuddled up close to me. "Still, you must be used to sleeping with someone, and to be suddenly alone... you'd want someone with you."

I nodded. "That's fair. But I want you, and specifically you, tonight, because I care for you. And because you made this fascinating request of me."

She looked up me, her jaw open in a smile. "Thanks," she said, licking my chin. I pulled open the covers and slid under them; she roused herself long enough to slide under with me.

"Czrain," I called out, running along the curving corridor until I caught up with the retreating Mephit. "Hold up for a moment."

"Commander?" he asked, stopping to turn. "What can I help you with?"

"Not commander. This is a social request. I was looking at the list for the Alan-club for a... friend, and your name came up as a strong possibility."

The Spilogale Mephit looked me over cautiously. "My name?" he asked. "I take it you're not going to be topping this scene?"

I held up my hand and smiled. "It's not a topping scene at all. But several of your listed interests match well with hers."

He eased at the use of the feminine pronoun. I guess that bothered me a little, but I fought to ignore it. "I see. Just a sexual scene then, since I don't bottom."

I nodded and consulted the uPADD I held in my palm. "Where were you headed, Czrain? I don't wish to hold you up."

"Sensor deck A. I have some work to complete there."

"Then let's go. There's a SDisk just down the hallway." He nodded and we continued walking. "You work well in public scenes, you tend to be top or at least active partner, you like sexual scenes and you only work with females."

He nodded. "That's pretty much my bio," he said.

"Not all of it. Under fantasies you write that you've never had sex with a Pamthreat, but you'd like to."

Czrain blinked, his tail stiffening like the smile across his muzzle. "Yes, sir. If you've got such an arrangement, I'm a volunteer!"

I laughed as we blipped from the main engineering deck into the forward sensor array. We were alone. He stepped purposefully over to one of the panels and snapped the latches, pushing it open. "So you are interested?" I asked.

"Oh, yes. What's the scene?" he asked.

"Well, it's still a safeword scene. You know Karen Walton?"

He turned slowly to stare at me, the smile on his face even wider than before. "Our Chief of Security?"

"I take it I just stepped on a big fantasy of yours."

"Ohhh... yeah."

"Good!" I said, not bothering to hide my smile. "I hope you're not adverse to sharing her." He shook his head. "Okay, here's the scene. She's never had anal sex. She wants to. She wants to be pushed, too, so what she asked me for is three men at once."

He grinned wide. "I take you get to take her?"

"No," I said. "I want to be the one at her mouth."

"Then you're going to let me be the one?"

"That's entirely up to her. I know which role I want to attend to, but that's just me. She may well want me to be the one." I shrugged. "We all have to meet over dinner for this."

"Who's your third choice?" He asked, turning back to the sensor array he was taking apart, panel by panel.

"I was looking either at Faradi or Marcus."

"Go for Marcus," he suggested suddenly. "Not that I don't get along with Faradi, but I think Marcus would be better."


"Simple. Marcus is yolie', and he doesn't like anal from either direction. If I'm going to get what I want out of this--"

"Fucking Karen Walton up the ass," I interrupted.

"Exactly," he said, an amused chuckled escaping the workspace he had managed to wedge his head into. "Anyway, Marcus would be best on the bottom, because Karen's actually a little shorter than most Pamthreats and if you're going to be at her front, if someone's going to be watching your balls, better Marcus than Faradi."

I watched him dig his way further into the guts of the sensor array. I sighed inwardly, considering it a shame that he was so damned erolie'. He is quite attractive. "A little manipulative," I commented, "but you're right. And I'm not averse to Marcus, either. It just has to work."

"I can work with Marcus," Czrain said, his voice muffled. "When is this supposed to happen?"

"Well, reviewing your public schedule, you seem to be free at 1600 hours."

"Dinner at 1700, then?" he laughed.

"That's perfect," I replied. "Tonight, then?"

"See you there. Your place, I assume?"


"Then I'll be there," Czrain replied.

Marcus is a tall, distinguished-looking Felinzi. His fur is completely grey but for a small triangular patch of white as his throat, for which tonight he wore appropriately-cut clothing. The grey of his fur is a smoky, hazy kind of color... when he removed his jacket and walked about my cabin wearing only a pair of white blouse pants I found myself becoming hypnotized by the ebb and flow of his fur. He is also quite muscular.

"So this is the young lady in question?" he asked as Karen came padding out, accompanied by a pair of Pamthreat Hands, two black gloves that seemed to float in the air of their own violition.

"I would seem to be," Karen said, her muzzle lighting up. "Hello, Marcus."

Marcus sat down at one corner of the low table I had set up in one corner, sipping carefully at the cup of warm tea I had poured for him. "Dinner," I announced, "Will be stir fry duck. When Czrain gets here."

We waited quietly, exchanging small talk. I found Marcus to be attractive; I had no doubt I could function well with him in bed, but the essential chemistry that makes me just lose control around Aaden or even Jahn just wasn't there for him. I smiled as I reached my conclusions; at least it meant I wouldn't have to worry about failing Karen tonight. She, at least, turned me on.

Czrain arrived and I returned to the kitchen, pulling out dinner in question and turning up the heat. In a short while, I had our meals prepared, and carefully doling out heavier portions of meat to Karen than to myself or the others, I returned with plates and utensils. Karen opted for her Hands and forks, as did Czrain. Marcus and I were more traditional, eating with chopsticks.

We talked quietly through dinner, but when the time came for coffee and tea I sat back against the cushions I had laying about the floor and said, "So. Karen, have you decided?"

She tossed her head casually and came to a stare in my direction. "I think so. Czrain," she said, turning over to look at the Mephit, "You get your wish."

He laughed softly and crawled over to her, hugging her closely. "Thank you, Karen."

She nuzzled his neck with her nose. "You've only been chasing me since we got on board the Calma Ea."

"You can't blame me for trying," he smiled. "Marcus?"

He gave a small smile. "I know my position in this whole thing," he said quietly, siding up against me. I wrapped my arm around him and gave him a hug.

I looked over; Karen and Czrain were in a deep and animalistic kiss. Watching them kiss made my erection stand up completely against my skirt. It was time to remove it. I reached down to undo the clasp, but Marcus stopped me. "Let me," he said, smiling.

I pulled my hand back. He reached for the clasp and opened it, opening the wrap around my waist and exposing my erection. He lowered his head around my cock and sucked me in; I gasped at the sharp feeling of his Felinzi catteeth against my sensitive skin.

We were at angles to one another, and the tie holding his pants up was within easy reach, so I tugged at it. It came loose easily, and he made it easy for me to pull his pants down to around his ankles, but the rest was out of reach, and with the marvelous sucking he was doing, I was quickly losing the will to keep trying. He kicked them off anyway.

I squirmed on the floor until I was close to underneath him, his cock easily within eyesight. I reached up with my hands and stroked it; he was already hard. His balls were tucked up against his body; he had a very small scrotum, and running my hands along it made him laugh. "You're ticklish."

"Mmm-hmm," he replied, stopping to look up at me. "We're ignoring the supposed reason for our congregation," he said, looking up at me then nodding in Karen and Czrain's direction.

"Hmmm," I smiled. "Should we go join them?"

"Sounds like a good idea," he smiled. We rose from where we had been lying or kneeling and walked over to where Czrain and Karen were rolling about on the cushioned floor, apparently more into their own tickle fight than anything else.

Karen was first to notice us. "Hi!" she said, giving us both a dubious look through wild eyes. "You two seem ready for something."

"Ready for anything, my lady," Marcus replied. "And yourself?"

"I think I'm ready," she replied. Marcus sat down next to her and Czrain, crosslegged. She stood up to walk over to him; she stood nearly a meter at the shoulder, and was face to face with him now. She licked at his face, and he licked back. Their muzzles met, open-mouthed, tongues wrestling. She slowly pushed him onto his back, and his legs unfolded out as she did so. I smiled; I'm more flexible than that, I can lie down with a straight spine and still keep my legs folded.

As they kissed, she lowered herself on top of him, rubbing her vulva openly against his erection. "You'll have to aim," she growled to Marcus in Felin.

He smiled and lunged upwards to kiss her throat, reaching down meanwhile to hold his cock up against her vulva. A moment of maneuvering reigned, and then I watched as his cock disappeared into her cunt. She growled deeply, her forelegs trembling and threatening to collapse under her as he slid completely into her. Czrain and I watched quietly as Marcus pushed his hips upward and the two of them made love before us, his grey fur blending with her black.

She turned her head to us. "Ken, come here," she gasped.

I smiled and crawled over, kneeling before her, kneeling over Marcus' head. He craned his neck up to give my balls a playful lick before she lowered her muzzle to my belly, kissing my navel before sliding down to kiss the root of my cock, her soft tongue trailing along the top of my semihard cock, then enveloping it inside her muzzle. I gasped softly.

The three of us joined in a lively but somewhat broken rhythm as she suckled my cock and small growls escaped her, caused by Marcus' thrusting. I gestured to Czrain to move in behind her. He nodded, smiling, his tail as erect and ready for action as his penis.

"Karen?" I asked, looking down at the closed-eyed Pamthreat who was enthusiastically sucking my cock. "Are you ready?"

"Mmm-hmm," she moaned, the tone of her voice trailing away. I smiled and reached down to touch Marcus' shoulder. "Stop," I whispered to him, settling back down on my haunches, his head between my legs. I smiled down at him, then at Karen. She waited, her body trembling as Czrain slowly applied a thick lubricant to his shaft, then to her anus. "Go slow," she whimpered.

"I'll be very gentle," Czrain said softly. "Just ease into it. Push back... " I could only see his hand now, holding his shaft and aiming down into her. "That's it," he said, "Just relax." I was surprised at how careful he was being. Maybe I shouldn't have been.

A small whimper of pain came from her again, and I reached down to cup her muzzle in my hand. "It's so big," she moaned.

"I know," I said, smiling. "Just do as he says and relax."

"I'm trying," she growled softly, "But I don't... rrrah!" she gasped, her eyes suddenly wide.

"I'm in, Karen," Czrain said softly, running his hands along her back. "I'm in just a little bit." I could see Marcus also stroking her along her belly. I added my touch to the others', holding her chin in one hand and petting the top of her head with the other. She whimpered again, small mewling sounds escaping her as she trembled in place.

"Are you okay, Karen?" Czrain asked softly.

"I... think so. It's so... so incredible."

"Incredible good, or incredible bad?" I asked.

"I... I don't know. I guess that's a good sign, huh?" She looked up at me, both pain and trust in her eyes.

"It can be," I said. "Do you want more?"

She nodded. "Yes. Czrain... more."

"Gladly, Karen," he sighed, reaching down to grab hold of her hips and push deeper into her. She trembled and whimpered as he slid the length of his cock deeper into her asshole. "That's all, Karen. I'm as deep as I'm going to go."

"Fah," she sighed softly. "It does feel good."

"Good," I smiled, scratching between her ears with my hand. "I'm glad it does."

She smiled up at me, then looked down my body. "Aww," she said, "Your hard-on went away."

"You can get it back," I replied.

"Let me try then." I smiled and rose again to my knees, presenting my soft cock to her muzzle again. Looking down and watching this huge beast, the killer among the Pendorian big cats, take my malehood completely into her muzzle... well, it just made my blood roar. Czrain began a slow and gentle stroking, Marcus returning the favor from underneath. Slowly, the four of us reached a consensus on rhythm, making love with a gentle, burning ferocity that surprised me as I began stroking myself in and out of her mouth. Her eyes were closed, and she would often mewl softly with pleasure.

I felt my own climax approaching, no thanks to Marcus' earlier ministrations. "I"m close, Karen," I whispered softly, and when my climax hit me it hit me slowly, washing over me like a wave; I could almost watch it peak and fall away.

I sat back and watched the three of them make love without me now. "Harder, Marcus," Karen growled, loud. "Harder, both of you!"

Czrain grabbed her between her first and second pair of rearlegs, slamming downwards into her so hard she moaned close to pain. "Again!" she snarled, and Marcus seemed to be giving her everything he had, pressing up against her. The three of them were like a machine, the two males stroking powerfully against this black, violent female sandwiched between them.

Her eyes shut tight as they made love, the three of them, and suddenly she let loose with an enormous roar, loud enough I'm sure it was heard out in the hallway no matter how well soundproofed the rooms on this ship are supposed to be.

Marcus followed right on her scream, letting out a soft moan of his own and jabbing his hips upwards into her. Czrain managed to hold off for a few seconds, but he too succumbed to the collective pleasure and came, his shout as he climaxed almost as loud as Karen's.

Karen seemed to hold still for a moment, her eyes opened wide again, then she teetered to her right and fell over onto the padded floor. Both males slipped out of her in the process.

I chuckled softly and tossed Czrain a towel. The three of us circled around her, waiting for her eyes to open. When they did, she raised her head and said, "What are you looking at?"

"A very beautiful and adventurous female," Marcus replied evenly, leaning down to give her a kiss. "Thank you, Karen."

She murred softly and turned to kiss him back. "Come here, all three of you." We gathered around her, cuddling her close. "Ken, do you have blankets for this space?"

"Yes I do," I sing-songed, getting up and coming back with four huge blankets which I opened and allowed to flutter about in haphazard fashion. I crawled under with them and pulled Marcus towards me, whispering, "Czrain isn't comfortable with mels."

Marcus murred softly in my ear and replied, "Sleeping with you is more than acceptable." I laughed gently and kissed his cheek. "She is wonderful though, and I will admit to being jealous of the Meph."

"Yeah," I said, looking over his shoulder at the other generic lump of blanket under which Czrain and Karen slept. "Me too."