The Journal Entries

Noren, Urim 21, 00695

Cooler Carroll

I stretched out in the fading summer sunlight of Pandora, enjoying the evening rays as they faded towards sunset. Back on Pendor, night would be falling just as fast over the Castle. It's one of the reasons this little island is ours- it's exactly concurrent with the day/night cycle as it occurs over Shardik Castle.

Despite Pin's slow pace towards its eventual disappearing act over the horizon, it was still beastly hot, and I decided to get something to drink. Being the nice guy that I am, I loudly announced, "I'm going to the shack to get a drink. Anybody else want something?"

Much to my regret, I was immediately besieged by over a dozen requests from an equal number of people for a bewildering array of beverages. "Hey, I don't do mixed drinks," I pointed out jokingly, but none of the orders changed. Desperate, I jammed all the audio into biocybe RAM and let my personal computer back at the Castle take the load. "Dave," I said to the clouds, "sort this mess."

Sometimes I wonder about how I use all the cutting-edge technology I've got my hands on. Teleporters as water hoses, t-static fields as food preservation hardware, and biocybe as a waiter's ticket. Well, if you've got it, use it.

A few seconds later I had the answer, written in flaming letters across the sky. Well, I perceived them as flaming letters; actually, they were just biocybe projections over my perceived visual input. It's all in mine and Dave's heads.

"I'll help," a voice said to my left. "If you'll let me."

"Well, I haven't got a dozen hands," I said. "I appreciate it, Carroll." We headed down towards the shack together.

It's the only bit of local architecture visible from sea. A small storage shack that I must have put here nearly five centuries ago, when I'd been annoyed that we'd had nothing cold to drink here. It was pretty easy to get six fitted sheets of insulation, a raddiv refrigeration unit, and then cover the thing with bamboo. Sometimes I'm impetuous, but sometimes it's the little things like this that get used, while the technology we think of as "really important" gets left behind.

I opened the door; the shack is big enough to hold several Centaurs, and right now it was only half-stocked. I walked into the back; the oppressive heat of the day prickled off my skin as the cold wrapped itself around me. I had my back to her and was sorting through bottles looking for whatever it was that people had asked for when the door closed behind me, closing me in with the darkness.

"What?" I asked, turning around. A small light glowed in one corner; Carroll had ignited a small glowglobe. She was standing right behind me; as I turned she grabbed both my arms and pinned me to the wall.

"Hello, Ken," she said, gently. "I owe you something."

"Carroll?" I asked, bewildered.

She didn't answer me as she lowered her head to mine and kissed me hard. In the frigid temperatures of the cooler my nipples had gotten hard a long time ago, and my cock was following suit. We stood there as she literally seemed to suck the breath out of me.

We broke. "What... what was that for?" I asked.

"Sit there," she said, indicating a towel that she'd thrown over a three-high stack of crates.


"Sit, Ken. Now."

I smiled. Part of me was pleased to see Carroll being assertive again, and part of me just naturally responded to my personal inclination to follow orders like that. I jumped up on the crates and settled.

It was COLD! The temperature of the wood and cloth wasn't so low that I immediately froze to them, but I would if I kept this up, especially with so much sweat on my body. And it wasn't even freezing in here... about 4.5 degrees above, if I recall.

Now I was actually a head above her. She smiled at me, her perfect teeth dazzling in her face. Gods, I remember designing that face. Sometimes when I look at a Tleil, especially one I live with, I can't escape the TGACCTGAAGGTTTTCAGTA... that starts running through my head.

She kissed my chest, looked up at me and crooked a finger in my direction. "Come here," she said, huskily.

I leaned over and she grabbed my head, kissing me harder than before, exploring my mouth with hers. "I've been planning this for a long time... since that night at Michael's all those years ago."

"Carroll, I'm freezing."

"So?" she said, smiling. She kissed my neck and then let me go, kissing my chest. "I want you, and I'm going to have you."

I shivered as her tongue trailed down my side, and then my thigh. I sighed gently.

She chuckled, apparently completely enjoying her control over me. She reached down to my cut-offs and unzipped them. "Up," she commanded, and as I raised my butt from the towel she nearly tore my shorts off. She spread my legs apart with her hands and leaned in, kissing my balls. She took one into her mouth, then the other. I sighed as the heat of her mouth took the chill off, then squealed as the wet of her saliva chilled me even more effectively than before.

"Heh. I like that," she said. I was hard as a rock, and she grabbed my cock and began to stroke me gently. "I've always wanted to watch you come."

"It's not a pretty picture," I joked, feeling more than a little strange at this conversation.

"We'll see," she smiled, leaning over and swallowing my cock. I sucked in a deep breath, and felt a shock as the cold air hit my lungs.

Her mouth was hot, though, and with every stroke I was amazed at the temperature difference between her mouth and the air of the dark cooler.

She kept stroking, her hand playing with my testicles, pulling them down gently. I groaned. She laughed; I heard her laugh and I felt it in her throat.

"Sheesh, Carroll." I was starting to shiver, but even that was being overwhelmed by the desire to come. I was groaning softly, shifting on the towel uncomfortably as she stroked me further. I could feel her saliva streaming down the sides of my cock and around my balls; parts of my groin were so very cold. I was breathing harder, my head spinning as she stroked me with everything she could.

Then she stopped and stood up straight, taking my cock in her left hand and pumping me. "I want to see your face," she said, "when you shoot."

"Carroll," I moaned. "You're so unfair!"

"Come for me, Ken."

"Urrr," I moaned.

She smiled as I looked into her eyes, my orgasm getting closer. Her beautiful grey eyes. She just kept stroking away, and I glanced down as she licked the index finger of her free hand, and I knew I was in trouble. The smile grew a little more evil as she slid that digit between my legs and up into my asshole. I groaned loudly at the sudden intrusion. She sped up her hand, pounding me, and with one push of the invading finger against my prostate made me come, shouting. I shot spurt after spurt into the air; some of it splattered her chest.

"Wow," I said. "That was good."

"Did you really like it?"

"I loved it." I leaned over and said, "Thank you. Is there anything I can do for you?"

"We can get out of here.. I'm freezing," she replied.

I realized I was too. I jumped off the towel, took it and headed out of the cooler.

The outside world was dark, but lit enough by Pindam that I could see my semen on her breasts. I laughed and wiped it off with the towel. She pouted. "We missed the green flash."

"If it happened," I pointed out. The green flash is an unusual phenomenon of light that only happens at sunset. It's very rare. There's a moment just before the sun dips below the horizon when the light shifts into green. It usually lasts about half a second, although on Earth, Juneau, Alaska once recorded a flash of nineteen seconds.

"Weather conditions were perfect for it."

"Oh, well. What happened to the bottles I handed you?"

"Right here," she said, re-opening the cooler and handing me a box. They were all there.

As we wandered back to the beach, I said, "Carroll?"


"I love you."

She smiled and reached down to touch my shoulder. "I know. I love you too, Ken."

"I mean, not just because you're my firstborn daughter."

"I know what you mean," she said.

We got back to where everybody was still lazing around... it was still beastly hot. "Where's Voll?" I asked, asking the Pamthreat to my left for the location of my favorite robot.

"In the water. A few kids are still swimming," Karen said.

"Oh. Did we miss a flash?"


"Damn." Oh, well, I had had more important things to enjoy.