The Journal Entries

Seren, Lothess 13, 00674

Teasing Ramsey

"Good afternoon, Sir. May I sit here?" I asked, tray in hand.

Borodir looked up at me, an expression that at first seemed amused and then slid towards confused. He recovered his usual demeanor, nodded, and said "By all means, Ken. Have a chair."

I took a seat opposite him at the cafeteria table, surrounded by the hundreds of people who live and work at the Arc, the ground-based facility for our military and space forces. "Thank you."

"Not at all. You seem unusually self-contained today, Ken. I take this is a social call?"

"Sort of," I said, becoming hypnotized by his wonderfully deep and soulful voice. I shook my head. I was not here to play with him tonight.

"Sort of," he repeated.

"Yes. I want your help."

"My help," he said. "And what do you need my help for?"

"To use your own phrase, Milord, we have a mutual... friend, and I would like your help in setting up a scene with him."

Borodir looked even more confused now than he had when I'd first approached him. "You don't mean Aaden, I take it?"

"No, Sir. I would rather we discussed our four-legged friend."

"Ah," he said. "Ramsey."

"Yes, Sir."

"Tell me what you have planned."

I sat down and laid it out on the table for him, and after a few minutes he nodded. There are times when I have trouble believing it's me talking about these most outrageous of things in a crowded, sunlit diner with nearly a thousand people around me.

"You will not hurt him." That was an order.

"I have no intention of hurting him. Think of it as an apology."

Borodir laughed, a long and deep laugh. "That's an interesting way of looking at it," he admitted. "You have my help."

"Thank you."

"May I tell you something?" Before I could even consider replying, he continued. "The day Lynn came to me and said, 'We have a problem case for you,' I knew something was wrong. Of course, they send me troublesome cases all the time... People who don't understand really why they've come to Rhysh, or wanna-be's who need to be pushed too far the first time, so they'll call out and be sent back into the real world. When they told me who I was doing, I was more terrified than I had been in my entire life.

"You see, you claim not to have made me. I am human, just a few changes here and there to make me... 'tougher.' But my father grew in a tank, Shardik, and so did my mother. You made them, and you made me.

"When I was told who you were, I was concerned, because you were the one person I couldn't push too far, couldn't embarrass."

"That's silly," I protested. "You know as much as I do how much I loved my time at Rhysh!"

"But that's not the point. In the beginning, I didn't know. I didn't know just how... accepting you wanted to be. I worried about being villified by Vatare'. How did you put it once-- 'One wrong move'?"

"You needn't have worried," I said.

"Oh, I know that now," he replied. "But that didn't help then, when I was quaking inside my boots."

"Well, I'm glad you got over it."

"I'm pleased, too," he replied. "You were an admirable slave, Ken."


"Are, if you prefer. Although you put on the collar much less often in these times."

"True, and thank you, Sir," I said, smiling. "Now then, shall we go find Ramsey Cougal?"

We found him standing by a holograph workstation, busily examining the layout of an interlocking molecule I recognized as some sort of SAE. "Hello, Ramsey," I said.

He turned to look at the voice addressing him. "Ken!" he said, straightening up. "And Borodir," he said, with even more pleasure in his voice. "Talk about making my day," he said, "It's been one bear of a day, and I thought I'd go find someone to spend the evening with. So nice to have two of my best friends come by to visit me instead."


"Yeah... I could used something to take my mind off of all this," he replied, gesturing widely about a room strewn with plastic molecule models and flat-image posters of tri-d atomic patterns. Most weren't hung up, just laid flat on tables, over chairs, rolled up on the floor.

"Well then, Ramsey," Borodir said, "Ken and I have just the thing."

"What?" Ramsey said, turning to face Borodir.

"You'll see in just a second," Borodir said. Ramsey never noticed me pull the stunner out of my pocket, aim it at the back of his skull, and press the button.

Borodir and I grabbed him at the shoulders, letting his rear fall to the floor. "Woof," I groaned, "Sure is heavy."

We let him down easy. "Now then," I said, "How do get a full-grown Centaur to a SDisk without attracting suspicion?"

It had taken more than an hour to set the ropes up properly, after getting the fetters and hobbles down right. But in the end, I was satisfied with the webbing.

Ramsey hung in the middle of one of my famous 'bondage spheres,' only this one was eight meters across rather than the usual three. I wanted the feeling of spaciousness, of luxurious extravagance, in our lack of gravity. The sphere was clear, completely so, and being about five AU out from Pin above the plane of the ring I had a lovely view of all of Pendor, that thin ribbon of green and yellow and blue. Pin cast just enough light to illustrate my handiwork.

Ramsey was spread-eagled, arms to the top, forelegs to the bottom, rearlegs to the bottom and further back, making him completely helpless. Borodir had helped me with the knots... he had far more experience than I did in restraining Centaurs.

Surrounding but not touching Ramsey were an additional series of ropes, guides I had criss-crossed the room with to provide me with more than adequate access to the beautiful Centaur male who hung unconscious in the center of it all. I clambered across a few of the ropes and reached up, removing the suspension collar from his neck.

He was already reaching consciousness when I had reached my waiting point, two meters from his front. "Wh.. Wha?" he asked.

"Hello, Ramsey," I said, quietly, slowly.

"Ken?" he asked. "What... What did you do?"

"Forgive me, Ramsey, but thank Daneed Gessler for his perversions of one of our central sciences." I held up the Gessler suspender, a restraining device that basically keeps people unconscious. I let it go and it hung there, in the air, unmoving. Of course, the moment I made any major movement my wake in the air would send it floating away. Rather than see that happen I flicked it away gently.

"How did I get here?"

"Your former master gave you to me." I smiled. "Don't you like it?"

"Damn you, Ken. This isn't the kind of night I had in mind."

I pushed off with the ropes gently, aiming for the two that hung before him but much closer. "Ah, ah," I said. "You're mine for the night anyway. Besides," I said, reaching out with one hand to caress his chest, "I owe you this." His skin is a marvelous chocolate brown, completely hairless, almost creamy. His muscles are well-defined mostly as a result of just being overly physical and not through any daily regimen. I looked up into his dark brown eyes, which seemed to be both pleading with me and plotting against me. "Not, mind you," I said, "that you have much say in the matter." I reached under his long, shiny black hair to grab a good handful, the way I like mine grabbed. "Understand?"

"Go rot, Shardik."

"You had your fun with me enough times, Ramsey. First in the barn, yes, but all those times afterwards when we got together too, remember?"

"I remember."

"And I bet you think you deserved all those times, too," I said, gently caressing his nipples, then pinching them sharply. He hissed, but I could see the pleasure registering on his face. His tail, which I had left free, flicked back and forth rapidly, splayed out in the zero-G. His hair would have done the same if I hadn't tied it back. I pinched his nipples a little harder and he groaned. "One night of teasing gives you the right to abuse me again and again?"

"Damn right," he said through gritted teeth.

"You hate to admit it, don't you, that you like what I'm doing."

"No I don't!"

"Oh, yes you do, Ramsey, because if you didn't you wouldn't be trembling so, would you?" Truth to tell, he wasn't trembling all that much, but it was a pretty image to work on in his mind. I leaned over and took a nipple between my teeth, licking it, then closing my teeth and pulling away, distending it slightly.

"Stop," he groaned.

"I know the word, Ramsey."

He chuckled then, between gasps as I gave him moderately hard nips. "Bastard."

"Heh," I agreed, reaching down along the length of his Centaur ribcage and digging in with my fingernails, scratching. He howled in response, his whole body coming alive. "Like that?"

"Bastard," he repeated.

"We know that already," I said, still slow and even. "What else is new?" Using my toes to catch ropes, I slid under him slowly, scratching as I made my way between his forelegs. "A Centaur in zero-G," I said, "What a marvelous way to spend the evening. All mine to play with."

As I made my way down his ribcage his body trembled all the more. I passed my fingers gently over the opening of his sheath, and the trembling in his rearlegs set up vibrations in the net of ropes. As I ran down the length, I reached where his penis ended and his ballsac began, slowly making my way down to cup his huge balls in my hand. I worried momentarily, with the way his testicles usually sagged low, that the zero-G might be dangerous. But there didn't seem to be anything wrong, and Borodir had been pretty confident in tying him up.

His balls were huge, that is, using myself as a standard. Each one was a large egg in my hand as I caressed them gently, feeling them move within his sack. As I worked my way up towards his anus, his trembling grew even stronger. "Ken," I heard him say quietly.

"You have something to say?"

"Please..." he begged. "Please don't leave me the way you did last time."

I smiled. "I've no intention of doing any such thing," I replied, my fingers running quickly over the surprisingly smooth flesh of his anus, then up along the tail. I grabbed the base in my hand and squeezed gently. "But you are mine."

Slowly floating back up along his body, using the ropes as guides, I lay down along the length of his back and held him close, letting him feel all of me in control of all of him, my small human body in command of his larger, Centaur one. As I eased my way up, I wrapped my legs in place around his torso so I could reach his nipples. I whispered in his ear, "Do you know why I teased you so badly all those years ago?"

He whimpered as I pulled on his nipples, caressing them tightly between thumb and forefinger. "Wh...Why?" he gasped. Every time he seemed about to speak, I was trying to interfere with the process.

"Because I was scared," I admitted. "That day, I didn't even know I liked men. Forget Centaurs." I grabbed his shoulder and spun around his torso, stopping on the other side to face him. "Now I've got you, and you've taught me not to be afraid. Almost too well, Ramsey, because now I'm in control of you as well." I leaned over and kissed his mouth. He replied hotly, straining against the ropes to push against me, his tongue onto mine. The erection I was getting was almost distracting.

I let go of him, easing myself away, floating towards the roof, then towards the back, out of his sight. Although I expected he could hear me, he couldn't see me as I pulled myself hand-over hand along the circumference of the sphere until I came to a stop below and directly behind him. From here, I had a beautiful view of his haunches. He was still not erect.

I removed my clothes, folding them and wrapping them with my belt. The belt I fixed to one of them many loops scattered about the interior of the sphere, loops for the ropes.

With an easy push, I jumped for the ropes which held his legs. I'm sure he felt as I clambered up one of these ropes, coming to a rest at the web of ropes that were criss-crossed under his belly, ropes placed to make my access of him as easy as possible.

I entwined my feet under a few of those ropes, getting secure, then 'lay back' against them, so that my legs stuck out between his spread hindlegs and my head was near where his cock hung loose. With one hand free I began stroking his sheath, feeling it pulse and swell gently as I did so. I chuckled gently, part of my mind still refusing to believe I was doing this.

And as I stroked his cock, watching in amazement as the black, conical head of his penis extruded from the sheath, I reflected on that amazement. I mean, more than once Ramsey and I had had sex, but only under the auspices of Borodir's watchful eyes. Now I had control, why should it be different? Then again, the first time Aaden and I had made love without Borodir around we'd fallen madly in love. Still were.

I shook my head and laughed. I'd distracted myself. As his cock slid out, I opened my lips and kissed it gently, tasting the slightly stale taste of Centaur cock. As it came to full length, a full 43cm in length, it looked imposing and dangerous. And it was. I'd felt Ramsey inside me before. I intended to feel him inside me again tonight. I'd made preparations for just such an event.

It surged, and I felt him flex the muscles in his groin to pull it away from me. That brought it to full hardness, and I held on, being pulled up towards his belly. Fully erect, it was beautifully thick, black, long, with an almost rope-like texture to the pattern of veins across it's surface. The head was a conglomeration of thick skin surrounding the bulb. As I licked at it, I heard him moan in pleasure, running my tongue down to the lower slit, the one from which Centaurs piss, tasting him there gently before rising back up, sliding my tongue fully along it's length, wondering if I had enough saliva to give it even one full coat.

As I licked him I became more than a little tempted to try and get at least the head between my lips, but I passed on the idea. If Ramsey were to become too excited, the head of his cock would thicken even further, making it impossible to extract from behind the curvature of my teeth.

I kissed the entire length, indulging in the heady scent of raw Centaur, kissing the flesh of his flanks, his belly, the coarse hair tickling my nose and cheeks, pressing my cheeks against the weight of his massive cock. I could hear his breathing, deep and ragged.

I reached down to the small net bag I had left attached to one of the ropes, pulling free the jar of lubricant and smearing a healthy helping of it along the head and shaft of his cock. In the back of my mind I knew if he had a complete erection (a condition known as 'pneumopenis') I'd never get it out of my asshole, either, but I didn't really care.

I let go of the ropes with my feet, turning over and exposing my ass to his cock, which hung, still helpless, aimed in my direction. I again threaded my legs between ropes, giving me as secure a platform as I could manage. I reached back between my legs and grabbed his cock just behind the head. I was not gentle, but he didn't give a word to discourage me. I pushed back, holding his cock in place, pulling it towards me. We seemed to hold for a second, then I felt my asshole give way as I deliberately plunged him inside me. I eased back further against the ropes, feeling him make his way further, deeper into my guts. I felt a momentary cramping, which then passed as he made his way further into me.

If this all seems so easy, it's the result of years of experience, will, and practice. I'd spent a few hours earlier masturbating with a spindle, a cone of latex that flares out to a full 11 cm, wider even than the bones of my pelvis. I've no intention of trying to get it all into me, I just use it to prepare myself for games like this.

I was completely in command. I was breathing hard, sucking the air into my lungs with every breath, but I knew that Ramsey had absolutely no control over the situation. I set the speed where I wanted it.

And slowly, I pulled away from him. Then back. I could feel the incredible texture of his cock against my anus, the pressure if his monstrous tool stroking deeper within me, and I felt a new pressure, a pressure I had felt before, but not often.

"Gotcha," I said in a whisper.

"Got you," he replied. He cock was going to full erection. I wouldn't be able to remove it until he came. My guts felt unusually hot, and I knew he was releasing a lot of Centaur pre-come. It made the sex slicker than usual, and we began to stroke back and forth with more urgency. He shuddered and strained at the ropes, but contributed nothing to the delicious friction going on between us. That was all mine.

"I'm going to come," he shouted, his shout echoing oddly in the small sphere.

"No, you're not," I said, stopping.

"Ken," he wailed, "Please!"

"Not yet," I said.

"You can't take me out until I do," he protested.

"Oh, you'll come all right. But not until I say so. And who says I want you out?" I chuckled, a mischievous and maybe a little malicious chuckle. "I like it where your cock is right now, my stallion boy, right up my ass. But I intend to take my time. You've fucked far too fast for me in the past."

I closed my eyes and hung there, just feeling his cock pulse against the walls of my rectum. After maybe a minute, I began stroking again, and he began trembling. A pressure was building inside me. And I wanted to enjoy it.

He came close to orgasm again, and I stopped again. He was shaking, and from the way the ropes shifted I would have guessed he was tossing his head. "Please," I heard him beg once. Once in a while, his tail flicked down between his legs, over the length of his sheath and my butt and sometimes even my cock. I resumed stroking, not stopping, sometimes pulling almost all the way off of him, feeling the huge bulb of his cockhead stuffing me, tugging at the rim of my anus, which refused to let anything that big move.

But Ramsey knows, he knows I've taken two hands before and if I really wanted to, maybe I could get him out. Then again, maybe not. But as I worked at the ropes with my hands and legs, stroking him with all my strength, trying to get him to orgasm this time, really trying, I'm sure he knew better. His legs shook with the force of his need, his entire body was demanding release, and I wanted to give it to him. "Come for me, Ramsey!" I shouted from where I held, fucking him and being the one getting fucked in the process. Providing the energy and being the victim.

"YES, SIR!" he shouted, screaming as he finally came, quaking so hard I swore ropes would snap. I could feel his cock pulse and splash its Centaur semen within my guts, streaming with fluids into me. I groaned and closed my eyes, feeling the final pulses fade away before I pulled myself gently off of him, turning to watch as his black beauty of a cock hung low, looking defeated and satisfied. I smiled.

After a few more seconds, I let go and worked my away out from under him, towards the side. My guts churned with the unusual volume of come, and I knew I was going to need a bathroom in just a few minutes. But first I had to free Ramsey. I floated to the ceiling and undid the ropes to his arm, then down to the floor to the cleat by which both his foreleg ropes and hindleg ropes were affixed. I freed all four.

As he worked his way carefully towards me, there was a look of satisfaction and of pleasure in his eyes. He kissed me on the forehead gently and said, "Thank you."

"Thank you, what?" I chided him.

"Thank you, sir," he replied.

"My pleasure. How're your arms?"

"Not too bad," he said. One of the biggest concerns in Centaur zero-G bondage is that the rear legs generate enough force to dislocate the more human shoulders, and the trick is balance the rear legs against the forelegs. Borodir had done that part. "You need to go somewhere, don't you?" he asked with a smile.

"Happens all the time," I said, feeling my body's demands all the more clearly. "Ready?" He nodded. I picked up the boxy radio I use for these occasions and pushed a few buttons. "Gerry, Parma personal quarters, 1 tenth 'G on arrival, go."

There was a blink, and we were in one of the guest bedrooms on the Starship Facility. I ran for the bathroom.

After a few minutes, when I felt better and had showered, I headed back out for the living room. He was on the floor, his legs folded up under him. I smiled. "Not bad, huh?"

"Not bad at all," he replied.

"Forgive me?"

"You're forgiven."

"Thanks." We chuckled. "Hmmm," I said, trying to put a thoughtful expression to my features.

"What?" he asked. I guess I succeeded.

"Well, I was just thinking. Aaden's going to get back in a few days..."

He laughed aloud and said, "Guess it's time to do your kegels, Ken."

I nodded. "Guess it is. Hungry?"

"After that?" he asked. "Come to think of it, I am. Let's go eat."

"Let's." I said that one word slowly and confidently.