The Journal Entries

Erwer, Virta 05, 00623

Pannel's Picnic

I threw Krrain the 'chip Kathy had given me and stepped on the SDisk platform, nodding. He inserted the 'chip into the control panel and threw a switch. From my point of view, he vanished.

And was replaced by a small, hilly meadow. The air was warm, and small insects buzzed about busily, given sound and color to the air. The grass and trees were green, a welcome change from the last world we'd stopped at, where the oppressive black had gotten on my nerves. In the background a large mountain ridge rose, naked rock towering to the heavens. Funny how I still use that word.

I scanned the meadow for Kathy, and found someone else instead. Down the hill and to my left I saw a large, grey-furred figure sitting on what clearly was a picnic blanket, accompanied by a wicker basket. He waved to me, and I walked down towards him, wondering where Kathy was.

He stood in that slow, easy manner that comes with being centuries old. He was an Uncia, the largest of the feline races on Pendor, but even beyond that he was muscular. His body was well-proportioned, and I thought he must have spent hours daily to keep himself that way. He had strong thighs and I could just barely detect washboard abs under his fur. His fur wasn't the usual grey of Uncia, but was well-groomed and sun-tinted to the point where is was a magnificent, shiny steel-blue. His face was the least of his features; his muzzle was short and wide, his forehead low. Oh, well, can't have everything, but his ears were large and sharp and pointed straight up. He was wearing nothing but a pair of loose gym shorts imprinted with the Ring-and-Star of the Pendor Fleet, the words 'Engineering / Security' and three gold rings. That's not a bad rank, and to have two official positions like that is impressive. I could do it, but it would run me ragged.

He held out his hand and said "Hi. You must be Kennet. My name is Thr'pan." What? I thought. No "Pleased to meet you, Fathers?" I like him already. And his speech pattern was weird... He spoke slowly, as if he had thought about every word before letting it past his teeth. His voice was deep and there was a beautiful growl under it that was apparent with every syllable.

I shook his hand and smiled. "Pleased to meet you, as well. Kathy said she had a new friend. Guess you're it."

"Aye," he said. "Please, sit down." He gestured wide. "Would you like something to eat?"

"What've you got?" I asked, dropping down to the blanket. He handed me a variety of sandwiches, most of which were very typical for picnics: tuna, egg, ham, stuff like that. I settled on roast beef, eating with gusto.

I kept stealing glances at Kathy's friend. "Thr'Pan..." I said.

"Please, please, call me Pan."

"Okay... Pan. You didn't act surprised when I showed up. People usually act a little weird around me."

He thought for a few seconds, said "Well I kind of figured you were a little tired of that. One of my parents was a Tleil, but I didn't come here early to discuss that. I arranged this so that we could talk about Kathy."

I think I'm in love. I found myself watching him move about with his feline assuredness. I had to restrain myself. He was sitting cross-legged eating as well, and I wanted to touch him, somewhere, anywhere.

But the funny thing was, despite the intense lust I was feeling, I managed to keep my mind on the subject. We discussed Kathy, her introduction into D&S how that accompanied and in fact complimented her education as an engineer, the logic behind her piercings and her brand, her safeword. We sat, talking one top to another, regarding a bottom we had in common. And I wanted to bottom out to him.

And finally my break came. I had a chance to correct him; our conversation had drifted away from Kathy and onto the community in general. I placed my had on his leg.

The moment was sheer electricity. Like a shock running up my arm and into my head. I looked up into his eyes.

He smiled, and he raised his hand and crooked one finger in my direction; come hither. I rose and moved closer to him, closing the distance and sitting next to him. "What?" I asked.

He chuckled, a deep, purring sound, and we kissed, my lips against his wide slash of a muzzle. His rough tongue entered my mouth, probing against my teeth. One of my hands held me up; the other roamed about his chest, finding his nipples and tweaking them gently. He growled, and his claw pressed against my chest, the sharp tips just protruding from his fingers against me. I felt reassured, comfortable. Anyone Kathy trusted this much, I had to as well.

We grappled slowly, not actually proceeding anywhere, just playing against each other, contained violence, when I distinctly heard someone clearing her voice. "A-Hem."

Pan and I broke. "Kathy!" he said cheerfully, not at all disturbed at her interruption. "Come, sit down. We were getting aquatinted."

"Yeah, I saw how you two were getting aquatinted," she laughed, crawling over the blanket to Pan and draping herself against him. She turned to me and said "Isn't he wonderful."

I took a deep breath before answering. "Where did you find him?"

"You don't know who he is?"

"Should I?"

"Kathy..." Pan said in a warning tone.

"Oh come on, Sir," she said. "Ken, this is Pannel Throden."

"Waitaminute. You're the guy who did all those martial-arts films, aren't you?"

Pan blushed. "That was a long time ago."

"Hey, you were great," I said. "My coimelin thinks you've got a great ass." We all laughed.

He picked up his glass and swirled the juice in it before taking a drink. "Since then I've decided to do something more important."

I shrugged. Kathy snuggled herself closer to him, her left hand stroking him through the cloth of his gym shorts. I could see his erection standing up through the shorts; my immediate assessment was that Pan was built just a big all over. Either that or he had a nunchukau growing in his shorts.

He growled playfully said, "You're being very impertinent, slave."

"I know," she said.

"Then I suggest you decide how this scene is going to go, before you go any further."

I lay back on the blanket, laughed and said, "Safeword!"

Pan echoed my laugh and said "Agreed." His paw reached out and grabbed me by the collar of my jacket, pulling me up towards him. I turned over, knowing what he wanted, and he pulled me to his face. "Or maybe you should decide."

"I'd love to go down on you, Sir," I said.

He smiled and said, "Convince me."

My hand roamed down over his crotch, feeling his bludgeon of a cock throb under the thin nylon. "I want you, Pan. I want to suck on your cock, Sir, I want to feel it in my throat. I can do a good job, Sir, please Sir."

He laughed and "Good enough." I dove down to his crotch, already panting for him. I pulled his shorts off, and I heard Kathy complain. His cock popped out, large and throbbing. I licked my lips and took the head into my mouth, sucking down, feeling it against my. I sucked down further, until my chin pressed against his belly and I could smell the sweet sweat of his balls. He growled, a paw in my hair as I sucked down all of him. I'd long been able to take cock deep into my throat, but my opportunities to display that little skill were so rare; I loved this chance to show off, especially to Kathy's new Master.

He groaned loudly, and I was grateful that he didn't buck his hips to get deeper; I was taking him all the way. His cock was magnificent, loose skin sliding over firm flesh. But his other paw did seek out my crotch and stroke me through the material of my uniform. As his paw caressed my ass I groaned and shook against him. His growling laugh returned. "You like that?" he said. Despite the tone, I didn't think it was a question, but I managed an "mm-hmm" around his cock.

"Kathy, does your old Master enjoy taking it as well as you do?" I heard him say. Apparently I was getting to him because I could distinctly hear him gritting his teeth around his words.

"If I recall, he was a regular gamer at Pit."

His paw grabbed under my throat and lifted me off of his cock. I moaned, my eyes tearing. I wanted him, I wanted more of him. Please.

"So, would you like to be fucked, Ken?"

I looked at him and said, "Yes, sir." And I did want to be fucked, by him.

He leapt up, as smooth as always but with a lot of enthusiasm. He grabbed me by the collar of my jacket and stood me up, turned me around and leaned me against a tree. "I hope you have a spare uniform," he growled as his claws seized the seat of my pants and shredded it easily. "Kathy," he said, "get him ready for me." His paw wrapped around the back of my neck held me against the tree while I felt Kathy's two small hands part the cheeks of my ass. Her tongue probed deeply between the cheeks of my ass and when she licked over my hole I swooned. Held in place by such strong hands and caressed by such sweet licks, I was losing my mind, and it was such a nice feeling.

"That's enough," Pan growled. She withdrew slowly, and I felt him take place behind me. I felt him position his cock against my ass, and pressed against my anus.

I felt the flesh of my asshole bow inward, gripping his cock, and then it began to give way, his firmness slipping past me, going into me. The sensation ran up my spine straight into the pleasure centers of my brain as he pressed into me, his chest against my back, my cheek against the smooth bark of the tree. His cock filled me utterly, pressed far into me.

"You're very good," he said with a voice that was complete control.

"Thank you, sir," I breathed. He laughed again and began to fuck me, stroking in and out. I could feel my guts trying to hold onto his cock, to move with him as he ravished me slowly.

"Slave," he said. "amuse your former master." He stopped fucking me for a moment, and I felt Kathy scoot between our legs. She opened my pants, and as she did so he began fucking me again, slowly and surely. She took my cock in her mouth, and she did indeed distract me. It was hard enough, anyway. I closed my eyes, and Pan's paws grabbed me about the waist and he began to pound into me. It became hard to breath as he did so; I just wanted him to keep fucking me, I wanted him to come. My cock was still hardening in Kathy's mouth as he thrust deeper, harder, and suddenly he stopped.

He paused for a few seconds, then began to stroke into me, slowly, and I heard him say "Here I come," and then a loud animal roar escaped him. I could actually feel his cock throbbing inside me as he came, shuddering along with the rest of his body. He panted, growling, animal, and then he said, "Would you like to come, Ken?"

I could see his face out of the corner of my eye, and I said "That's not... necessary, sir."

He pulled away, his substantial manhood sliding out of me, and I shuddered one last time in response to being emptied. "Very well. Cease, Kathy." She did so, sitting down and rebuckling my pants. I laughed at the gesture.

"That's not going to do much good, I think," I said. Pan laughed. We settled down to the blanket again, and I shifted uncomfortably.

"Are you okay?" Pan asked me.

"Fine, fine. So," I said. "Now that introductions are over, what's new with you two?"

They both died laughing.