The Journal Entries

Erwer, Hiss 17, 00622

Kathy And The Sphere

We were in orbit around Stinz IV, primarily a Centaur colony of Pendor established about sixty years ago. Colonies don't bother me, as such, although why people brought up on a ringworld would want to live on a planet has always confused me. But then, according to Liffip most of the kids brought up here move to Pendor, and a majority of the population of Stinz are still Pendor- born. I guess it's a sense of adventure; the parents all know the homeworld's a paradise, while space is where the excitement is, but the kids all want to go home. Oh, well. It happens.

Still, there is a sense of... something... when I visit Pendorian colonies. I guess its a sadness that the kids are up and moving out.

But such thoughts weren't bothering me right now. I was in a much more mischievous mood. Because I had made a date with my beloved slave, the Captain of Engineering, Katherine Hawkwind.

She arrived at the appointed place directly on schedule. I was pleased to see she was wearing a very simple white blouse and skirt that looked like it would come apart very easily. I was also pleased that she hadn't changed the color of her hair; it was still blonde, and it was still long.

I paused for a moment and said "You look lovely, Kathy."

"Thank you, Master," she said quietly.

I took a black leather collar with a slight 'V' shape at the front and slid it around her throat. It contrasted nicely with her outfit and skin. "Come with me."

She followed me down the hallway towards a SDisk room, and walked in. SDisks require both a transmitter and a receiver, and SDisks that aren't connected by hardware (as they are aboard ship, or on Pendor) require a lot more interfacing hardware. So the ship has specific centers for teleporting down to a planet or to other ships.

The technician inside was someone I trusted, and I nodded to him to get ready. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a blindfold, tying it around Kathy's head. She accepted it with only a slight whimper. She hates being blindfolded. I leaned over to her ear and said "It's only for a few minutes, slave." She nodded.

"Ken?" the Tindal behind the panel said, "I have a lock on the SDisk you wanted."

"Thank you, Jilliam." I directed Kathy onto the SDisk, stepped on myself, and said "At your leisure, Jill."

He nodded one head as the other worked the panel. We vanished...

... and found ourselves tumbling in zero-g. There was one small light which Kathy couldn't see, so I grabbed her by the blouse and steadied her. She whimpered again. "Are you all right, slave?" I asked.

"I'm fine, sir," she said with a slight shortness of breath. "Just surprised."

"Good," I said. I bounced off the wall I had a hold of and grabbed one of the four leather restraints, bouncing back to Kathy and securing one wrist. Then the other wrist, and then each ankle. I don't usually like suspension bondage, but with no gravity, I wasn't worried. I took the four ropes and tied them with a knot to the cleat on the wall behind her back.

She was now completely spread eagled, hung in zero-g. Since she was the only fixed item in the room, she now defined the 'top' and 'bottom.' I smiled at the thought, and descended to the bottom of the room, turning out the light. For a while the only sound was that of her breathing. I was waiting for my eyes to adjust, and for Kathy to get a little anxious.

She whimpered slightly every once in a while. After a while I could see her clearly by the only remaining light, that of the stars. I carefully maneuvered my way up until I was in front of her, holding onto her shoulders to stay in place. I reached behind her and gently pulled off her blindfold, casting it aside and letting it drift about. She looked up and said, "Wha...?"

We were in a sphere barely three meters across, made of completely clear ceramic with a very low index of refraction. It was effectively invisible, and the light of the stars, especially that of Stinz, was all that illuminated us. I lied when I said Kathy was the only thing for orientation. There was the cleat, and the life support module next to it, affixed to the wall behind her in a place she couldn't turn her head far enough to see.

I reached down for the pair of scissors on my belt, and with a few judicious snips her clothes came free. Bouncing freely about the room, I tied them in place next to the cleat. From the cleat I could reach out easily and stroke her buttocks; she moaned loudly.

"Slave," I said, prompting her.

"Yes sir?" she said, a tone of desperation in her voice.

"I'm going to leave you alone for a little while. Make yourself... comfortable." I actually didn't go anywhere, but instead descended to the bottom of the sphere, slightly behind her. I settled down, removed my clothes, and tried to breath quietly.

Katherine hung there, suspended, spread eagled and alone, with nothing apparent between her and the entire universe, the stars shining in on her in a blacker than black background. I imagined the loneliness, and the trust she must have felt. The room was comfortably warm, and the life-support was silent. The sensory deprivation must have been getting to her as well.

I waited, occasionally glancing at my watch, which illuminated with a soft red color. I waited two full hours, meditating almost. Occasionally she would moan and fight her restraints. She must have known I was there; I would never have left her alone in her present state, and she knew it. But she would subside, sometimes sobbing gently

I rose quietly from my position, grabbing hold with my toes of one of the many recessed holds along the inside surface of the sphere. My eyes had long adjusted to the light, and even at five AU's out Stinz was a very bright star, and I could see her clearly. I held myself fixed directly below her, and with one finger I slowly traced along the line of her cunt from her clit down along the trace and back up her ass, adding more fingers as I scratched over her buttock to leave dim, red lines in her skin. She shook with response, her groan loud and intense. I smiled.

I moved to a different position, giving me better access to her ass, and grabbed the hard leather paddle I had brought along. Fixing myself with on hand and both feet into place, I swung the paddle.

It made a resounding 'THWAK!' when it hit her ass, and I had miscalculated my grip; I repositioned my feet, and swung again. She groaned aloud. Another, and another. Again. I counted ten before I stopped.

Settled back down to the bottom again, and left her there, sobbing and moaning. I waited, again.

Half an hour passed. I rose again, and floated the short distance across the sphere, stopping my forward momentum by grabbing hold of her hips. I have reasonably long toes, and rotated myself until my feet had a good hold of the ropes securing her feet. I was directly behind her, my body pressed against her, my arms now tight around her waist. She moaned in response.

We hung there, pressed together, and my fingers traced down her sides. She moaned and shuddered, and I began to lightly run my fingers up and down her sides. I pressed a little harder, tickling her. She let out a giggle, and I tickled her some more. "No!" she cried out. "Oh, please no!" I laughed and kept tickling her mercilessly. She cried and screamed as I tickled her sides. I bent my knees, pulling me down and let myself fall to the bottom of the sphere. From there I could easily reach her feet.

"Noooooo!" she screamed louder. Her laughs were shot with sobs as I switched back and forth between her feet, and she screamed and fought against the ropes securing her.

This went on for fifteen minutes, and her screams grew louder and more desperate. Then, I stopped, and settled back to the floor again. Her giggles subsided.

After another half hour, I again rose, this time towards her front. Because the sphere was so small, I had to crouch against the part facing her to be face-to-face with her, and looked her in the eye. "Slave?"


"Would you like to come?" I asked.

"Yes, sir, oh please sir."

I clambered over to her right hand and released it; she was still affixed in place by her left arm and right leg, her left leg providing stability. I floated back down and freed the small spherical vibrator I'd brought along, placing it in her free hand. She let out a small laugh.

"What's so funny, slave?" I asked, curious.

"May I tell you afterwards, sir?"

I thought about it. "Yes," I replied. It was only curiosity that made me ask in the first place, so I figured I could find out later. I settled back against the floor and said, "Whenever you wish, slave."

I heard the quiet but powerful buzz of the vibrator, and heard the slight drop of resistance as she applied it to her cunt, her moan rolling through the sphere. I casually fingered the remote control in my hand. Her moans grew louder, and with a nasty grin slid the switch down.

Her groan of frustration was immediate and gratifying. It occurred to me that she couldn't let go of the vibrator to masturbate with her fingers; it would float away. Nor could she hold it in her teeth (too smooth), under her chin (collar in the way) or between her legs. She whimpered for a while, and I slid the switch back into the 'on' position. The buzz returned, and I heard her moans rise as she again attacked her clitoris.




On. Her moans grew in intensity. I secured the remote control and grabbed hold of her leg and pulled myself up behind her. She moaned as I did so, but she seemed more intense on the vibrator. My erection grew at the evil thoughts running through my mind, and with my hands firmly grasping her thighs, I slid into her cunt from behind. She screamed "Yes, sir!" as I did. I smiled.

Making love in zero-g is a lesson in physics. I could feel the vibrations from the buzzer coursing through her body to my cock, and her wet cunt accepted me easily, but getting a good grip and actually fucking her took a lot of effort. With both arms and legs I pulled and pushed myself into and out of her. She screamed as her orgasm came, but I was far from coming myself.

She didn't stop with the vibrator, but instead went on. Her second orgasm came much quicker, and my cock was starting to feel that tingling sensation. I was reaching the edge, and I was going to come soon.

She came again, her body shaking, and I came with her, groaning aloud as I released my seed into her. She still didn't stop, but came again, and again, and my cock softened to the point where her next orgasm pushed me out. I settled to the floor to just watch and listen to her masturbate. I refused to count the number of time she came, but just listened to her screams.

Finally, she snapped the thing off. I looked up and could hear her breathing so very hard. I untied her ankle restraints and said "You may untie your arm." She did so gratefully and hung there in zero-g. "You okay?" I asked.

"Am I okay?" she said with an unbelieving tone. "Oh, I'm fine." There was a pause. "Just lemme catch my breath."

I laughed. "You sound okay to me. So, tell me, what was so funny?

She laughed back and said, "Oh, that. When you placed the vibrator in my hand, I noticed the velcro on the back to hold it in place. It's common-sense little touches like that that make you such a great master, I think."

"Well, I'm glad you liked it."

"LIKED it? I LOVED IT! Your sense of timing is perfect. Thank you."

"And thank you, Kathy. You make the whole effort worthwhile." I floated over to her and kissed her. "Here," I said.

"What's this?"

"A cape. Your last outfit's in no condition to be worn."

"Oh well." She floated about the sphere, looking at the detail. "When did you have this made?"

"A few weeks ago. It's been in cargo hold seventeen waiting for a chance to use it. I figured I'd have it broken down..."



"Save it. That floor pad you've got there to fix things to is a good idea, but as a novelty, this is a great place to hold picnics." She mused for a moment, "Or orgies, if they're good friends."

"A centaur could never fit in here," I said.

"Amanda could."

"You, my dear, have a dirty mind."

"And that's why you love me. Are we going home?"

"We could. Or we could sleep here, and then go home."

"I'm hungry," she said.

"Then let's head home." I picked up the small communicator and said, "Shardik to 'Elen."

"Pellaeon Elen here, Commander." It was Jill.

"I am ready to return from an expeditionary SDisk."

"Affirmative." There was the familiar blip and...

...ugh. Gravity returned with full force. "So," Jilliam said as we stepped off. "You two have fun?"

"You have no idea how much," I said. Kathy smiled along.

"Say," Jill said, "Isn't that a different outfit from the one you left with?"

"Jill, just log the present coordinates of the SDisk. I get the feeling it's going to get some use before we leave Stinz."

He smiled. "Yes, sir."

"P'nyssa! We're home!" She came out from the second room we had managed to finagle out of ship's roster. Seems the studio I'd been given was a little small, especially considering the status of my roommate. Head of Life Science's didn't rate nearly as well as Assistant Chief Medical Officer. I'd thought that had been kinda strange.

"Who's we?" she said. She came out dressed in bluejeans and a green shirt that hung loosely off the left shoulder. She spotted Kathy and I and said "Oh, hi!"

"Hello P'nyssa," Kathy replied. "How have you been?"

"Well, not much has changed since last time I saw you." They made small chit-chat, and Kathy asked to be excused to use the bathroom. Seems she'd been tied up for the past four hours or so and had to piss bad.

"So," P'nyssa said after the bathroom door closed, "You two have fun?"

"Sure did," I said. She smiled. There's very little jealousy between P'nyssa and I. It's good to feel that she shares my sense of adventure in that respect.

Kathy came out and groaned, arching her back. "You okay?" I asked.

"I'm a little stiff," she said.

"I wonder why," I said.

"Would you like a rub?" P'nyssa asked. My eyebrow arched.

"I'd love one," Kathy said. P'nyssa motioned for her to lie down on the couch and remove the robe. I walked to the kitchen and poured myself a glass of apple juice, sat down on one of the barstools against the countertop and watched.

P'nyssa began calmly enough, starting at the shoulders and working her way Kathy's spine. It was pleasing watching two of my favorite lovers touch one another like that.

P'nyssa's firm mittens stroked Kathy's legs, then back up to her butt, stroking firmly. Kathy cooed under P'nyssa's touch, and I smiled at the sound. P'nyssa returned up to Kathy's shoulders and began firmly massaging them, working her way along the biceps. "Kathy?" she said.

"Hmmm?" That was a very pleased "Hmmm" I heard!

"What did you two do that got you so stiff?"

"Oh, Ken left me tied spread-eagled in zero-g for a few hours and tickled me every once in a while."

"He did that?"

"Mmm-hmm." P'nyssa shook her head and kept massaging, working her way down to the hands and fingers, then back up to rub her thumbs and mittens into Kathy's hair. Then she tapped lightly and said "Turn over."

Kathy obeyed, and Nyss rubbed her chest and belly. Kathy raised her hand and placed it on P'nyssa's leg. I watched this all with great interest.

P'nyssa pretended not to notice as Kathy began to stroke her through the material of her jeans, just her legs, but she was getting closer and closer to P'nyssa's crotch. She reached up and without much warning she undid the clasp of Nyss's pants. I saw a smile cross my mate's lips, and she leaned down to whisper something into Kathy's ear.

Kathy nodded, and turned her head to me, saying, "Master?"

"Yes, Slave?"

"Permission to return the compliment to your love?"

I thought about it, and said "Granted."

I sat and watched, then idly turned to the control panel on the countertop and turned down the lights, just enough so I could see.

Kathy pulled down Nyss's zipper and P'nyssa stepped up to slide out of them. Her blue fur looked ruffled even in the dim light, but Kathy didn't make a comment. In the back of mind I thought she had better not. The thought made me smile more.

Nyss took off her top and again straddled Kathy on the couch. Kathy took the initiative, sliding down the couch until her head was under Nyss. She reached up and pulled Nyss down onto her, and Nyss settled down onto Kathy's mouth, leaning over slightly and holding on to the edge of the couch.

Kathy apparently wasn't much for foreplay. Or maybe the backrub had been foreplay. I heard soft liquid sounds coming from them, little gasps escaping from Nyss every once in a while. The sight was astounding; my blue-furred lover with a handful of Kathy's hair in her mitten, holding Kathy's face against her cunt, holding herself up with the other ten so as not to smother Kathy.

"Don't stop," P'nyssa said, and the tone was one of command. Kathy moaned aloud in response and P'nyssa moaned back as Kathy doubled her efforts. I was surprised by the apparent intensity; I'd've thought she'd've been tired out after our little tete-a-te' out in space.

On the other hand, I felt no inclination to join them. I was satisfied to watch, and I felt somehow, to orchestrate. I sipped my iced tea and watched two of my favorite loves go at each other with a heat and a passion I'd rarely seen.

"That's it. Good girl. Don't stop... Just a little more... More... Harder... Little higher... Yes, Yes! Ohhhhhh...." Nyss moaned loudly and then screamed "Yeah...." A long breath escaped her. She took a moment to catch her breath and then moved back a little go give Kathy some air. I heard Kathy gasp for breath, cough, gasp again, and Nyss leaned over her, lay on top of her, hugging her close.

P'nyssa turned her head to me and winked. That one gesture made me nearly die laughing, and I realized that the three of us were going to do okay together.

P'nyssa rose and pulled her shirt back on, leaving her pants on the floor. Kathy lay there, naked, breathing raggedly, and I walked over to her and knelt on the floor next to the couch. She turned to me and said, "Did I do okay, Master?"

"That's up to Nyss to decide." I kissed her. She wrapped her arms around me, and I felt P'nyssa kneel on the floor behind me and hug me as well, her head upon my shoulder. She reached out a mitten and placed it on Kathy's head, tousling her hair.

"You did real well, Kathy," she said. Then she rose and said, "I'm ready for a shower."

"Me, too," I said. "Want to join us, Kathy?"

"May I?" she asked with all the excitement of a little girl.

"Of course. Come on." I helped her up and we walked over to the shower.

It may be disappointing to know that nothing sexual occurred in the shower, but for them most part I think Kathy and I had had enough for one day, and if P'nyssa was still felling randy, she didn't say so. I then sent Kathy home to bed. Tomorrow was going to come soon, and all three of us have serious jobs on the Pellaeon Elen.