The Journal Entries

Anar, Lothess 20, 00544

Affirmation By Experience

I sighed and cracked my knuckles sequentially, feeling each one pop individually as I tried, not for the first time, to figure out what the Hell was wrong with the genetic sequence I was trying to decipher. Dogs have the most complicated genecode sequences I've ever seen in my entire life, the result of breeding pressures. I was trying to adopt that valid-breeding code to another species and it just wasn't working. I leaned back in my chair and rapped my knuckles on the desk, irritated.

I was pleasantly distracted by Aaden, who walked in from the living room, a puzzled expression on his face. "What's wrong, hon?" I asked as he entered.

"You know Perian?"

I thought for a moment. "Yeah... Isn't she one of Jahn's friends? Complete entalie', really young? Short femFel, with a funky cut to her fur?"

He nodded. "That's her. That was her on the tele. She asked me for a favor. One that involves you."


"Well, she's going to the party tomorrow. And she said she wants to watch us make love."

I blinked. "Is that how she worded it?"

He grinned. "Actually, what she said is 'I want to watch some dick going into some ass.'"

I stared for a second. "Well, that's one way of wording it!" I laughed. "What did you tell her?"

"I told her we'd think about it. I know you don't like actually having sex in public, but this'll just be for her and her coimelin, and I don't think you'll have any trouble with it."

"Aaden," I said gently, "this is the first Rhysh event we've gone to since you moved in. It's been nearly fifteen years since we played at the Castle. Are you sure you want to throw in something as unpredictable as that into the whole morass?"

He padded around the desk and hugged me over the chair, his claws sinking slightly into my skin. "I think it'll be okay. What about you?"

I thought about it. "It's almost a shame Perian's entalie'. She's adorable."

He nodded. "I thought you'd like the idea. What about it?"

"I'll do it."

"I thought you would."


"I'll see you guys later!" she shouted back from the bedroom. I sighed and turned back to Aaden, who merely shrugged. I would have expected at least a hug good-bye.

"You ready to go?" I asked. You look great, by the way," I said, looking him over. He did, with his black satin blouse pants and shirt. He looked like a pirate, especially with the four huge silver rings hanging from his left ear. I had given him those rings, and the holes to go with them.

"You do too," he observed. "Although I prefer you naked. Let's go." We walked down to the SDisk and said "Castle Rhysh."

"I know that. We'll get you there, too, you know."

We appeared inside the castle, at reception. A femCentaur stood behind the desk, confirming names and making appointments. "Kennet and Aaden Shardik." She smiled. "It's great you guys are back."

"Do I know you?" I asked, looking her over.

"Probably not. My name's Wendy. If you want, Niera here will show you around, since we recently refurbished the place and Pamela informs me that there you two don't know where the new showers and localized play spaces are."

Niera, it turned out, was an Uncia with her fur dyed entirely coal black. The reason for the black became very clear when I spotted two large rings, one through each nipple, made of silver. The effect was quite striking. "Would you like me to show you around?" she purred.

"I would," I said.

"Then follow me," she said, leading us down the corridor and up a flight of stairs that hadn't been there fifteen years ago. At the top, the stairs opened up onto the balcony that overlooked the Castle front foyer. "As you can see, we added some space to the back by knocking out the original power plant and substituting one off-site, leaving us with room for a swimming pool." She smiled. "If you come by later, you can watch Doc do a drowning scene with me."

"A drowning scene?" Aaden asked, looking over the balcony.

"You'll have to watch," she insisted. "It's not as bad as it sounds."

"Uh-huh," he said quietly. One thing I had learned about Aaden in recent years is that he had, or seemed to have, a fear of asphyxiation. He didn't like swimming, or space travel, or anything else that might suggest a lack of air.

Niera led us around the corner and said, "From here, you can see the entire length of the hall. The swimming pool occupies this half, and down there is the dungeon. We opened the space up a little further, and called in the tileworkers to do the design work around the swimming pool. There was some debate as to whether or not to put a version of Terra's Sistine Chapel scene on the floor of the pool with you and Paul in it, Kennet."

I scowled. "I'm glad you didn't."

"I'm pleased that we made the correct decision, then."

As we walked down the wide balcony, we passed Perian. "Aaden! Ken!"

"Perian," Aaden said cheerfully.

"Well?" She asked, bouncing up and down gently.

"We'll do it," he said.


"Well," I said, "We have to get our stuff stowed, and I'd like a little time to get into the dungeon mood beforehand if I may. We've got twelve hours, y'know."

She nodded. "Make sure you call me!"

I laughed. "We will, Perian. Give it time."

"Okay. Bye! I've gotta find Menissa." We waved as she found the spiral staircase that now led down to the swimming pool.

"This way, gentlemels," Niera said. She led us again, off the balcony and down a short hallway. The space opened up onto a large octagonal room with a firepit, surrounded with cushions. There were several passageways leading off. To my left was a large bathroom space, enough for fifty people. "There are the cubbyholes, if you wish to divest yourself of your clothing."

Which I did, seeing as I couldn't think of a good reason to keep wearing them all. Aaden stripped down as well, and the two of us wandered out into the main hall.

I walked down the nearer of the two staircases, and as we reached the bottom Aaden gripped my shoulder. "Ken," he whispered.

I turned around. "Yeah?"

"This is going to sound crazy, but do you think you could get Tana to whip me?" He nodded in the direction of the dungeon, in which I could clearly see Tana working someone over.

"Only if she doesn't have tops' shoulder. Do you want just her to do it, or both of us?"

"Both of you. Please?" he asked.

"So many requests! My dance card is filling up fast. When am I going to get my beating?" I asked, mock-frustrated.

He laughed and said "Don't worry, lover. We'll make sure you get what you deserve." He tapped me on the shoulder a few times.

I laughed. "Okay."

He glanced behind me, at a scene that was going on in one room directly off of, and open to, the pool area. "Oh, look... a fur dyeing. I'll be right back," he said, walking over there and leaving me alone, standing there. Sigh. It's okay... I'm that impetuous too, sometimes.

Then I realized that Tana had released her last 'victim' as was standing by the side of the pool, drinking from a large bottle. I walked over to her. "Tana."

"Ken!" she said, suddenly hugging me. "How are you? I heard you were coming to the party, but I didn't know when or if you were bringing that beautiful lover of yours."


She nodded. "I've seen him around here before, but I understand he only plays with boys."

"Well, see, that's part of the reason I came looking for one of my favorite sadists. He wants you to whip him."

She looked surprised. "Me?"

"Yeah, you," I said. "I mean, unless you don't want to."

"No, no, I do! I do!" she said loudly. "I just... I didn't think he ever played with females."

"It's a strange request," I admitted. "He wants us both to do him."

She chuckled. "I think we can accommodate him."

As we stood there, I turned to look in the direction of the airbrushing room, where a tall Tindal was getting his fur bleached in preparation for a semi-permanent fur dyeing. Aaden stood watching as the first bases of paint started going over the Tindal's stomach. He glanced in our direction, and I caught his attention with a wave. He walked over. "What have you decided?"

"I'm going to go get something to eat, first," Tana announced. "But I think topping you would be a great idea, Aaden. Get yourself ready."

"Better yet," I smiled, walking around behind him. With a biocybe command one of the several things I had left on my work-SDisk back home appeared in my hands. "Don't move."

I put the collar around his neck, locking in place and attaching a leash that was barely 75cm in length. "Much prettier."

"Hey!" Aaden complained. "You don't expect me to wear this all night, do you?"

I pulled him close from behind and hugged him, running my fingers through his fur and pressing my crotch against his buttocks. "Oh, come on, lover, you know you enjoy every moment." I nuzzled him softly. He's so sexy, even when he's being plaintive and pouty.

"I don't like wearing a collar!" He whined.

"Hush, lover. Let's go." I tugged on it gently. He smiled and came along, following Tana and I into the buffet room and grabbing small bits of finger food.

While we were eating, we met Tarrette', who was there with an incredibly beautiful human girl who was very tall and heavyset. The first thing she said to me was "His leash is too short."

"Oh, I don't know," I said, smiling back and tugging on it again. He was standing behind me, and a quick yank had him pressed up against my back. "I live having him this close."

"It's good to see you two again," Tarrette' smiled. "Especially as a couple. Did P'nyssa come tonight?"

"No, she didn't. You know this isn't her event."

She nodded. "Still, I wish I could see her here."

"Maybe someday. It's a slow process, Tarrette', and for most it never comes."

"But you can see it in her. I think I can."

"She's accepting, Tarrette. Encouraging, even. She understands and approves of what we do here, she's just not part of it."

Tarrette nodded. "So, what's going on with you two."

"We're going to whip this poor boy here," Tana said, pointing to Aaden, "until he cries for mercy."

Aaden let out a small "Eep!"

I laughed. "Oh, you're just a big baby."

"Uh-huh," Aaden said, smiling. "Infantilism games are not my scene."

"Come on," Tana said. "I'm ready. You go tie him down while I get my toolbag."

"Sounds good. You ready?"

Aaden inhaled, then let out a deep sigh. "Ready as I'll ever be."

I led him into the main dungeon room and pointed to one of the racks specifically made for males. "Over there, spread your legs."

"Yes sir," he said, smiling. As he walked away his smile hovered in my imagination and I thought it wasn't as pronounced as it usually was. I wrapped leather cuffs around his wrists and fixed them with short strands of rope to the rack, then knelt down on the floor and did the same thing for his ankles, finishing by attaching a leather ringbuckle to his tail and pulling down to the floor, tying it to the rack as well. As I stood up I looked into his eyes. "Are you okay?"

He nodded. There was something there, something that bothered me. "Aaden... what are you afraid of?"

He smiled, again without as much strength as I was familiar with. "Maybe I'll tell you afterwards."

Tana showed up just then with her toybox. Before I left him, I reached up and touched his hand, clasping it gently before releasing him.

I walked over to Tana and knelt down beside her. "So," I said, low, "How do you want to do this?"

"First I have to ask him something," she said, standing and leaving me. I followed her.

"Aaden." He turned around. "What's your safeword?"

"Ken and I don't usually play with one."

Tana looked at me. I shrugged. She turned back to Aaden and said, "I think you need one. I recommend you use 'Vahbeth.'"

He nodded. The standard safeword. "I'll remember. Tana... Ken knows me better than anybody. Trust his decisions."

"I will, Aaden." She turned back to me. "Come here." I followed her back to her toybox, where we knelt on the floor again as she sorted paddles, whips, floggers, ect. "What do I have to know about him?"

"The most obvious sign is his legs... they start to shake really hard when he's going into shock. That's a warning sign- but don't stop playing unless I say so. We've played beyond that."

She looked at me. "Set... you guys play hard."

"Sometimes," I nodded. "If his eyes start to glaze or fade, stop playing, right there. Check his nose... if it goes gray, he's about to pass out."

She nodded. "Should I start?"

"If you would?" I asked.

She nodded, taking out a light flogger. "Okay, Aaden, we're going to start light."

He nodded and turned his face towards the rack, as the first strike came down, softly and easily. She followed it with a second, and he seemed to just float away that fast, without any real impetus. I could feel it happening to him... he was still there, on the rack, but what he was changed before my eyes, under the lash.

She started to build, getting harder, building until his body shook with each impact, building fast until he roared and flung himself away from the rack as far as the restraints would allow, shaking.

She dropped the whip and slammed her body hard up against his, holding him tightly. I could see her Felinzi claws digging into his chest. "Doing good, Aaden. Doing it hard."

He gasped. She bit him on the back of the neck, hard, and I could see his body fight this new source of pain, before she dropped him completely. "Your coimelin will do the rest." She pointed to another, heavier whip.

I picked it up, appreciating its heft, weight and balance. It was a white leather, 18-tailed thing about 60cm long. I swung it carefully before draping it over my shoulder. I reached out and caressed his back, feeling the heat emanating even through his beautiful fur. I stepped back and took a swing, gently. He shuddered. I took another, harder, and more, never quite building to the level of intensity Tana had reached when she had finally pushed him too far for his immediate condition.

I began to swing harder, pushing him further and further into his pain. I began to build further, and each impact left a deep, hot stripe where the strands came together against his fur. I slowed down, taking each one slower, watching his reactions as he shuddered against the rack. He legs were starting to tremble, visibly. I walked forward and ran my hands along the insides of his thighs, stopping as the back of my hand brushed his balls. "How you doing, Aaden?"

His eyes opened, fluttering against his will. "I... I love you," he gasped. He was starting to fade from us, his eyes glazing over.

"Five more, from each of us?"

"As hard as you can," he whispered, begging.

I nodded, smiling reassuringly. "You'll get what you want." I stepped back and handed the whip to Tana. "Five, 'as hard as you can.'" I emphasized his words.

She nodded and stepped back, taking careful aim before taking her shot, striking him hard. He screamed, but didn't move. She took her second. Again. Again. And her fifth stroke, a burning slash against his back that left him shuddering and moaning as he seemed to collapse against the rack.

She handed me the whip. I stepped back and said, "One." It came down hard against his back as I put my arm into it, hitting him harder than she had. He screamed again, and shuddered. "Two." The slash came down over his left shoulder, and he screamed louder, throwing his head back. "Three." Again, he howled. "Four." Again. "Five!" I snarled, coming down just to the right of his spine, over his shoulder, as hard as I could. He just groaned and laid against the rack, gasping.

I pulled my arm back, and did everything I could. I stepped into the blow, putting arm, shoulder, and back into "SIX!"

He screamed so loud they must have heard him in the banquet hall! He turned and snarled at me, his eyes wide with anger, fear, disbelief. And then they paled, as he recovered, and he looked at me, and he smiled. Then, he laughed.

I walked up to him, noting the bits of shredded fur that were scattered about the floor around his body. I put my hand on his back, softly, feeling the heat coming through. "Are you okay?"

"I love you," he gasped, softly, as I touched him.

"Tana," I said, switching into my 'toppish' mode, "Undo his hands; I'll get his feet."

She nodded, untying him as quickly as she could, while I did the same. He sagged against us as he came loose, and we both caught him and led him over to one of the benches, sitting him down quickly.

"Aaden?" I asked, looking up into his face. His nose was pink, but his eyes were still a little hazy. "You okay?"

"I will be," he gasped softly. "Ken?"

"Hmm?" I asked. Kneeling as I was, I was looking up into his eyes.

"I love you," he said again.

I smiled and rose, kissing his muzzle gently. "I love you too."

We smiled and laughed, and then he leaned over, grabbed Tana, and hugged her too. "Thank you, Tana," he said softly.

"My privilege, Aaden."

We sat together like that for a few minutes, then Aaden announced, "I'm thirsty."

"Me, too," Tana added. "Let's get something to drink."

I offered to clean up the toys and bag then, and Tana and Aaden nodded. "I'll catch up."

While I was putting the cuffs away, I looked up to find myself staring at a very masculine pair of boots. A feline tail wrapped around them, but I looked up into the very human face of the Satryl those boots supported. "Ken."

"Lue," I said softly, greeting one of the true Old Guard of Rhysh. Although I had never been under her peculiar 'tutelage,' I was told that she was quite good at what she did. "What can I do for you?"

She glanced at her watch and said, "I need a favor."

"Oh? Of me in particular?"

"Of all the males in the dungeon, or as many as I can muster." I waited. "Do you see that slave over there?" She pointed.

I followed the line of her arm and found myself looking at a Tindal, sex indeterminate, wrapped completely from head to toe in a seamless, gleaming black latex outfit. It was complete with a hood that covered and hid the Tindal's eyes from me... all I could see was the mouth, and that through a rather narrow slit. The tentacles were strapped down in back, buckles of shining silver and laces of strap black the only interruptions in that otherwise black body, reflecting the red lights and heat from above. My first thought was how hot it must be in that outfit. I turned back to Lue and said, "Yes?"

"At the 8th chime, will you be available for a piss scene?"

I thought about it and said, "I don't see why not. If I'm mid-scene, I won't interrupt it, but I'm not averse to it."

"That's all I ask," she replied. "Thank you."

"You're welcome." I watched as she walked over to the Tindal and attached a short leash, also black, to a small loop of rope attached to the wide, reinforced collar that made up the neck of the latex bodysuit, and led the slave away. As the Tindal walked, I pegged her as female, if only because of wide hips and chest and smaller waist, and the shape of the buttocks.

I packed up my toys and wandered back to where Aaden and Tana were standing by the pool. Tana handed me a glass of what tasted like pink lemonade and looked like tomato soup. She drank from her own glass and pointed with one finger across the pool. "The drowning scene Doc said he was going to do."

I turned to see Doc, a tall Felinzi and another of the Old Masters of Rhysh, tying Niera, the Uncia female who had first shown us around, into a harness with thick strands of rope. The strands went over and under both shoulders and across her back, high and low, but did not cross the neck in front. I was impressed. Doc tied her hands together behind her back, then tied her ankles together as well. He tied her wrists to her ankles so that, standing straight up, she still had a lot of slack in the rope. The last rope he tied was at the 'X' formed by the rope harness between those two beautiful silver rings.

During all of this, he was chatting amiably with Wendy, the Centaur we had met earlier, and with Niera as well. Although I couldn't hear what was being said, I knew that what he was doing was checking to make sure they were both of the right mind to go through with the scene. To my left I saw Borodir standing by the staircase, watching intently, playing Dungeon Monitor.

I turned back to the scene unfolding before us. Doc and Niera stood at one end of the pool, and with characteristic roughness he pushed her in, sending a large splash of water that struck his legs. He ignored the water and watched Niera closely. Wendy walked around to the edge of the pool Niera was closest too, soft paddle in hand to slap Niera's fingers if she tried to hold on. She struggled in the clear water of the swimming pool, trying to stay with her head above water, trying to reach the edge of the pool. Doc and Wendy fought with her, he pulling her away from an edge if she got close, Wendy slapping at her fingers if she succeeded. She was constantly being pulled laterally back into the water, and I could see in her face panic rising. She was getting weaker, and there was nothing she could do about it.

She struggled for a few minutes... she was tough, and even though these two people were visibly trying to drown her, she refused to give up. Finally, though, the struggle was too much and she went under. She sank to the bottom and kicked off, rising to the surface for a gasp of air. She tried this a second time. And a third.

She weakened even further, her fourth kick barely taking her to the surface. I don't think she got a breath of air as she sank beneath the water one last time, sinking to the bottom, squirming on the end of the rope. I looked up at Doc. He held the rope attached to her harness with his left hand. With his right he ticked off one-two-three-four- five and then pulled on the harness, hauling Niera to the surface. When she broke air she gasped, screaming. She coughed water and tears came from her eyes. He pulled her over to the edge and four people jumped to his assistance, pulling her out and lying her down on the tiles. She grabbed hold of Doc and held him close, crying loudly and incessantly, coughing with the effort of catching her breath. Doc held her close, his arms wrapped around her to hold her tightly. "It's okay," I could hear him saying, "It's okay..."

I heard Aaden finally let out his breath. "Wow," he whispered softly. "That was heavy."

I nodded. "More than I ever want to do. C'mon, let's go see if we can find Perian."

He nodded, still staring at Doc and Niera as they cuddled and comforted each other. And I could believe Doc needed comforting, too, after that. I tugged on Aaden's fur softly and he followed me obediently, still staring.

We walked back up the stairs until we were in a quiet space. "Pam? Where's Perian?"

"Perian and Menissa are currently in the social room."

I looked at Aaden, who shrugged. We headed down the hallway to the large, octagonal room with the firepit in the middle. There we found Perian and her girlfriend. Her girlfriend, as it turned out, was a gently overweight Human, with dark hair and brown eyes. "Ready?" I asked Perian as I came up behind her.

"Where do you want to do it?"

"Well, there's a private space off of wall eight, over there," I said, pointing towards the back.

"It's not that private," Perian replied. "That whole area back there opens up on all three walls. Not to mention it has windows to the outside."

"Windows don't bother me," I said. "It's people in the room."

She chuckled. "I have four people."

"Including you?"

She nodded. "Why don't you two get ready, and I'll meet you there?"

I looked back at Aaden. He nodded. She smiled and jumped up, enthused, and led Menissa out. Aaden and I wandered back to the not-quite so private space we had decided on earlier. As we looked around, we saw that it was indeed pretty accessible to anyone from the social room. I shrugged and he smiled, pushing down to the floor. The room was covered in a crazy-quilt of multi-colored cushions, most of which were squashed squares of foam. Both light and firm, Aaden and I tossed them around, forming a tier we could recline against. "How do you want to do this?" he asked.

"I want you to fuck me, first," I replied. "Like this," I said, grabbing one of the larger cushions and stacking it in front of me, leaning over and presenting my ass to him. He chuckled evilly and ran his fingers over my buttocks, extending his claws just slightly.

"You'll have to get me hard first," he breathed in my ear. "So get to work."

I turned back to him and grabbed him by the substantial lengths of fur that grew along his collarbone, pulling him close into a kiss, my right hand flying down between his legs, stroking his balls softly. "You're wearing a cockring," I said.

"Guilty," he whispered. We heard noises to one side, and turned to see Perian and three friends assembling themselves about two meters away. I waved and turned my attention back to him, pressing my face to his chest and running down against his fur, feeling it slide past my cheeks in soft waves. I reached his sheath and tongued the opening quickly, tasting his musky sweat as his cock slowly extended outwards. There was no hesitation to our actions; my right hand between his legs stroked his balls and his anus, teasing him with things to come while my mouth suckled his cock, swallowing as much as I could handle easily and without preparation. He put a hand under my chin and pulled me up. "I'm ready."

I turned and leaned over against the cushions as we had arranged them, my ass once again in the air. I heard him shift for a second; with his knees he pushed my legs apart as he slid in behind me and pressed his cock to my asshole.

With a gentle push, he buried himself into me. I turned back to look at him, and he gave me a final hard shove, making my insides twinge. I turned back and snarled at him, then lay my head down on the pillow, panting.

There must be a switch at the top of my rectum, because when Aaden fucks me I tend to go almost completely submissive. Not limp; the last thing I want is for someone to accuse me of being a boring fuck. But I tend to whimper; tears drop from my eyes. This was no exception. Aaden began to fuck me slowly, pushing himself into me deeply with every thrust, and I pushed back, hard, as he ground his hips against my butt, his beautiful cock filling every centimeter of my asshole. I sighed, and opened my eyes.

"He tends to get very submissive," I heard him tell the gang of four, clinically, "when he's being fucked. I like him like this." His hand stroked my back slowly as his cock pounded my ass hard. I sighed, feeling, knowing, imagining the part of my body made just to his dimensions, fit for him.

"Can I..." I heard Perian. "Can we get closer?" If I wasn't so lost in the incredible pleasure I was feeling, I would have laughed.

"Of course," Aaden said. "I don't mind. You don't either, do you?"

"No, sir," I breathed softly. "Gods, Aaden, fuck me more."

"I will," he said, his cock stroking back and forth within me. After a while he said, "I want to turn you over."


"Right now," he assured me. I felt him leave me, and I whimpered, wanting more of him. We tossed the cushion aside as I turned over and he slid a smaller one underneath my hips. I smiled up at him as I spread my legs and pulled them close to my chest, exposing my asshole for him. He smiled and leaned against me, sliding his cock into me again; the angle was different this time, and the sensations were stronger than before; I was whimpering, gasping with every thrust. "Complaining, little boy?" he mocked me lovingly.

"No sir... don't know how much more I can take, sir..."

"Oh, you're so weak sometimes, Ken," he teased softly. He kept fucking my asshole relentlessly. "But I guess I'll be nice to you," he said aloud, adding with a whisper, "because I don't think I can come with them watching me."

I looked up into his face, his body thrusting against mine. I nodded. He stopped and I held him close, his cock deep inside me for a few minutes, then he pulled out. I held him against me, whispering "I love you," over and over. I turned to look at the lesbians watching and said, "Sorry it wasn't more exciting."

"No, no!" Perian insisted, her eyes alight. "That was hot!" Aaden got up as I lay there, resting. I lay there with my eyes closed until I suddenly felt Aaden slide a finger into me. "What are you doing?"

"I don't think you had enough," he chuckled gently. The sensation of his finger teasing about inside my hole confirmed his suspicions. "I haven't," I replied.

"I didn't think so," he said, grabbing a bottle of lubricant and pouring it freely over his paw. I felt him slide two fingers in as I lay back and relaxed further. I heard a sound from the entalie' contingent and saw that Perian was strapping on a dildo with an impressive black harness. I was intent on her, watching as she got behind her girlfriend and started thrusting, at first softly. Then I noticed that one of the four women was missing. "Where did... ?" I asked Perian quietly.

"She didn't find it interesting," she shrugged. "Her loss." She grinned wide at me.

"Fah, Ken, you are so loose," Aaden said, returning my attention to the here and now.

"How much do you have in?" I asked quietly.

"Almost over the thumb," he replied. It didn't feel like that... I couldn't believe how relaxed, how wonderfully out of it I was.

"Then why did you stop?" I asked. "Do you have a glove on?"

"No," he said, smiling up at me.

"Then I guess we get to discover just how wash'n'wear you really are." He laughed gently and slid his hand all the way into me, to nestle up at the top of my rectal column. I sighed and closed my eyes and just went mindless with a kind of pleasure I always find so hard to convey. It was just so impossibly wonderful to feel his hand within me, toying with my body, my life.

"Oh. My. Fah." I opened my eyes to see Perian leaning completely over her lover, staring at me, at Aaden, at his arm entering my body. "I don't believe it."

Aaden twisted his hand slowly within me, pressing forward against my prostate and more delicately against the S-colon, sending signals up nerves to my brain, signals that my brain knew only as pleasure. The overload became too much for me as I felt my legs begin to tremble, shudder. "Aaden... "

"I see it," he said gently, sliding his hand out of me. He wrapped it in a white towel and leaned over me, kissing my cheek softly. "That was great."

"I was so ready for you," I said. We cuddled together while we watched Perian fuck Menissa so hard that Menissa screamed out as she came, again and again.

I counted seven orgasms before Perian pulled out and tossed the harness aside, throwing Menissa over onto her back. "Come back!" Perian demanded of Menissa as she knelt over Menissa chest, staring into her eyes. She pulled her hand back and slapped Menissa, HARD, across the face. "Come back to me," Perian insisted. Menissa's eyes fluttered open and she looked up at Perian. "That's a good girl," Perian said, leaning over and kissing Menissa's face softly. "That's a good girl."

Menissa leaned up and hugged Perian back. Perian slowly straightened up into a sitting position again, holding Menissa's head to her body as the length if it slid past her nose. "Eat me, slut," Perian insisted.

Menissa enthusiastically dug into Perian's cunt, licking her hard and fast; I could hear sloshing sounds.

Aaden leaned over and whispered, "I'm going to go wash my hands. Be right back." He straightened up and walked out quietly, leaving me to watch Perian and Menissa make love while the third lesbian, whose name I did not know, leaned against the wall of the room and masturbated with a vibrator so large it looked like a piece of industrial equipment.

Perian held onto Menissa's head as she slowly toppled over to one side, ending up on the bottom with Menissa's head between her legs. There was one problem with this plan. I was in the way.

At least, I had assumed it would be a problem. Perian nonchalantly placed her head in my lap and let me get a dyke's-eye view of the proceedings. "You okay?" I asked.

"I'm fine!" she insisted quietly. "I know, I know, it's so incorrect." She giggled like a little girl and held Menissa's head tight between her thighs. "That's it, little girl," she said, "eat me." She looked up at me and said, "With Aaden gone I'd like to ask you something. I think it would be really hot to watch her get fucked by a man."

I looked up at Menissa, whose butt was still high in the air. I doubt even if she heard Perian's offer. I thought about it for a second. I could just slide a cushion under Perian's head and get behind her. She was Perian's bottom, and Perian could order her to endure anything she felt like ordering. "Uhm, Perian, I don't think I'm in the right... headspace... for that kind of thing."

"That's cool," she shrugged. "No pressure, Ken. We can always get together and do this again some other time."

"Uh-huh!" I insisted.

Perian tapped Menissa on the head. "That's enough," she said, then pointed at the third female. "Get her."

Perian and Menissa simultaneously pounced on the third femHuman, who looked rather stunned as she was pulled into a crouching position with her butt in the air. "So, Sereth," Perian said gently. "What do you want?"

"Your hand, Mistress Perian," Sereth replied, gasping softly.

"Such a little slut," Perian said gently as she slid two fingers into Sereth's cunt. "Nothing fits that chasm of yours like a hand or two, huh?"

"No, Mistress. Nothing."

I watched as Perian slid in three, then four fingers, then pushed her thumb up against her palm and slid her whole hand into Sereth. She looked down at her hand and muttered, "Damn monitor." She stripped the watch off her wrist and tossed it aside, pressing her hand further into Sereth's cunt. Sereth howled softly. "Like that, don't you."

"Yes, Mistress," Sereth whispered softly. Aaden joined me as I leaned against the wall and watched Perian ravish Sereth.

"I'm impressed," I whispered to Perian when she flashed as smile at me.

"You took his!" Perian said, nodding to Aaden. "Yours isn't built to pass a baby, Ken!" She held up her left hand and held her thumb and forefinger about a cent apart. "We have a real little toy we use when do anal play. I'm impressed."

Aaden chuckled.

Perian slid her hand slowly out of Sereth, and Sereth groaned "No!" like she was losing her soul.

"'No'?" Perian replied. "Gods, you are a slut!"

"Yes, Mistress," Sereth replied.

"Fine," Perian replied, sliding her hand back in, "Have more."

"Thank you, Mistress," Sereth replied, gasping. "Thank you so much!"

Perian chuckled as Sereth rode her fist over what must have been her fifth orgasm before Perian slid her hand out and hugged Sereth tightly. Aaden and I smiled in unison to them as they waved to us. "Thank you," Perian said quietly.

"Thank you, too," Aaden said with emphasis. "I enjoyed being your show."

"Aaden, would you like to do this again? Say, the party next year?"

"I don't see why not."

"Great!" she said, wandering off with Sereth and Menissa, both of whom appeared to still be dazed. Aaden chuckled. I glanced down at my watch. "Perfect timing."


"It's four till eight, and I promise Lue that at eight she could use me for a piss scene with her bottom."

"Then I suggest we get going," he said. We walked rapidly back into the main room and forward into the dungeon. We arrived to find a rather intriguing scene, of Lue standing over the Tindal slave girl, who was restrained into a harness that forced her to remain in a bent-over position with her head on a bar that kept her face forward. Lue had her boot against the Tindal's face, and a long, pink tongue was stuck out of the thin slit, licking it diligently. "You made it," she said to me and Aaden as we watched the show. Others began to filter in, a total, by my count, of nearly forty males standing about the Tindal.

"Now then, gentlemen, the object is to keep the streams up for as long as possible. I don't think we have to form a line... I just want her hot and covered in piss. I think we can manage. If you want, there's plenty to drink before hand."

There was a quick crowding around the Tindal, and the scene began; that pink tongue was quickly out and catching streams as they hit her face, her body; the smell of urine was strong in the air as forty males released their bladders onto the Tindal, who squirmed and shuddered in her latex suit, which shined with a different, filtered light.

The streams slowed down, and finally stopped. Even that short, sudden scene made me shudder, made me feel alive with a strange energy. I watched Lue walk over to her bottom and hug her. "You did very well, for your first time. Very well." She looked up. "Ken, come here and help me loosen these cuffs."

I stepped over and began undoing the ankle cuffs holding the Tindal down. After a few seconds we had her free and helped her into a standing position. Lue hugged her tightly and then said, "Do you want out? Just nod.. yes or no."

The Tindal held stock still for a moment, then nodded, slowly. "You're sure?" A firmer nod this time. "Okay. Ken, unlace the back, would you?"

I reached up and began unlacing the outfit at the neck, slowly tugging downwards, pulling it out of the holes. It must be a hell of a ritual, lacing the bottom into this furnace of a body suit one pair of holes at a time. As the suit came free down the back, Lue unlaced the straps up the hood, freeing the bottom's head. As I crouched down, avoiding kneeling because there was still copious amounts of urine on the floor, I could hear Lue talking to her. "You want to tell him?" A pause. "Ken," Lue said, "stand here for a minute."

I stood up, staring at the back of the Tindal's head; Lue was being very careful to keep her face from eyes. But just looking at her head, I had a hunch. Lue grabbed her by the shoulders and turned her around. "Hi, sweetheart."

Aaden tells me this was the first time he'd actually seen anyone so completely stunned their jaw fell completely open. I started into P'nyssa's face, completely boggled. "Uh... Uh... "

She smiled and stripped the top of the suit off, freeing her arms. She caressed my face. "What did you think?"

"How long have you been here?"

"I got here the moment Wendy signaled me that you were clear of the foyer."

"What... Why?"

She smiled at me. "I wanted to see what one of these things were like without you hovering over me, worrying about me."

"P'nyssa... I'd never do anything like that. You should know quite the opposite would happen." I dodged to avoid one of the cleaning 'bots circulating the floor.

"No, you'd be inattentive as long as you knew I wasn't involved in something. The second you saw me bottoming, you would be watching like a AI."

I chuckled. "Probably." I reached up and stroked her face in return, letting my hand trace down to her breasts. "Did you like it?"

She licked at the taste in her mouth. "The piss was okay. I liked the bondage and anonymity more. I liked the fact that nobody knew who I was!"

I smiled and leaned over to kiss her, trying not to brush against the piss-slick latex suit. "Go clean up," I whispered.

"Will do." She turned around and she and Lue walked to the showers immediately off the dungeon.

"Wow," I said to Aaden as he sidled up next to me.

"Wow is right," Aaden said. "I didn't think she had it in her."

"I did." He nodded. "I just didn't expect her to be so dramatic about her coming out. I did peg her right as a bondage bottom, as opposed to an s/m type."

He smiled. "Would you like your turn on the rack? I see one that's free."

"Huh?" I glanced over at a visibly free space, then back into his gorgeous face. "Now? Sure!" I laughed, then stopped. "Wait till Nyss gets back. I want her there. In fact, I want you to let her take a few shots."

"You're sure?"

"Absolutely. I want Nyss to watch."

"Okay. C'mon, you need to wash your hands before you go handling the toys."


A few minutes later, Aaden and I reconvened in the dungeon space, collecting up our toys. He strapped the light-brown leather cuffs to my wrists and ankles. I suppose we could have dyed them or had them dyed black, but dramatic image was not their purpose... restraint was, and I preferred the idea of natural animal skin against my wrists when I'm in the middle of a very sweaty and demanding scene.

They're well-made cuffs, heavy leather with a strap around a basic swatch. The main D-ring, made of drop-forged steel, is right next to the buckle, so that if I should want to pull against it, the back of my wrist puts pressure against leather and leather only... no rivets, stitches or straps in the way. There's a secondary D-ring a little further around the strap, so that it's convenient to restrain my hands together and have a ring free to tie me to something else, as well.

Aaden led me over to the rack and we discussed, for the first time really, how I react to severe whippings. I catalogued all my previous reactions to him, not that he hadn't heard them before. As we talked P'nyssa walked over. "You're here," Aaden observed.

"Of course," she said, smiling wide.

I pulled her close and hugged her tightly. "I love you."

"I love both of you," she said softly. "You're both so important to me. Thank you for being understanding about me doing this alone."

I smiled. "Your choice... you live with us, you knew what you were getting into. You knew the language."

She nodded. "So, you gonna do a whipping?"

"Yep. We waited for you. I want you to take a few shots with the flogger."

"Me?" She asked, startled. "But I'm not... I mean, I don't think I can."

"Why not?"

"I mean, what if my aim is bad? What if I hit too hard?"

I smiled and cuddled her close. "You won't hit too hard. If your aim is bad, at worst I'll have some interesting marks in the morning. Just remember to hit high."

She nodded. "I'll do it, then."

"Good!" I turned to Aaden. "Ready, lover?"

He nodded. We walked over to the rack and he tied me down. He seemed to be having a little trouble with the knots, so he turned to an obvious top next to us who was watching and asked for help.

The top turned around and I was surprised to recognize him. "Mikhail!"

"Hello, Ken. How have you been?"

"Not bad, not bad at all. Having fun?"

"Worlds," he confessed, smiling. "Have fun."

"I will." Mikhail stepped back and let Aaden have the room necessary for his swings. Aaden took careful measure of the short flogger and slowly took aim, hitting my back gently. He began striking harder, and the pain level went up quickly. Despite that, I was very much ready for it, after all I had done and witnessed that night, and I could feel myself soaring into the sensation, enjoying every strike.

"Nyss?" I heard Aaden say. "Your turn."

There was a pause as P'nyssa walked behind me and touched my back. "I'll be gentle," she said.

"Don't bother," I whispered, turning to wink at her.

She smiled and walked back to where Aaden had been standing. She did a few careful tosses with the whip, getting used to the feeling of a flexible weapon at the end of her equally flexible tentacle. Then she said, "Okay, Ken."

The whip fell again, and she was right... her aim was terrible. She kept them in the safety range, but just barely. I could hear Aaden giving her tips on aim and speed, and she got better, her blows becoming more sure and more accurate. My head started to spin with the ecstasy that comes of pain, as I willed myself to let go and let drift into that wonderful place where sometimes even angels don't tread.

Aaden's hand was at my back. "How you doing?" he asked softly.

"Pretty good," I giggled. "Pretty good."

"Want more?"

"Yeah!" I chuckled. "I love you."

"I love you, too." He stepped back and took a solid, hard swing. Then he followed it up with a softer swing, a hard one, a soft one, another soft one. This went on for a while as he drove me further into that agony, that power. And something began to change.

I can't describe what happened, this time. But when he stood next to me I was as giggly and wired as I ever was, the next second I looked up at him, gasping as my I felt my heart change. "Aaden," I whispered. "Take me down."


"Take me down!" I snarled. He reached up and tugged on the rope, freeing my right hand. I grabbed him and held him close and the floodgates opened. I started crying.

I held him close as the tears came, flowing down my cheeks. I sobbed against his chest, crying my heart out like I hadn't cried in probably a century. "Where's... where's Nyss?"

"I'm right here," she said, standing next to Aaden. I felt my left hand come free (Mikhail?) and grabbed her, pulling her into the embrace, holding her close. "I love you both, so much," I blurted softly as I held between them, crying freely there in the dungeon center, giving it all my soul.

Aaden slowly helped me into a sitting position on the floor, crosslegged. He sat right in front of me and watched me, paw on my shoulder. "Are you going to be okay?"

I looked up at him. His face was smiling, but concerned. P'nyssa's, in the other hand, was nearly panicked. I chuckled through the tears and put my hand on her shoulder. "It's okay, sweetheart. I'm okay." I grabbed the towel Mikhail offered me and wiped the tears from my eyes as the crying subsided slowly. "Gods, that was weird."

"Tell me about it," Aaden said, concerned for his friend and mate.

"I don't... I can't, Aaden. All I know was that I suddenly felt it, in here," I touched my chest, "that I was going to cry, and it felt so good to cry, Aaden. It felt so very special to cry. And I think it happened because of you."

"Because of me?"

"Nobody who's every whipped me before has loved me, Aaden, not like you and I love each other, trust each other, give to each other. I love you, Aaden. And you, Nyss... I'm so glad both of you were here."

"I'm glad I was here to see it," P'nyssa said softly. She turned around and sat down in my lap, putting her tentacles around me. "I just... I didn't know what to think when you started crying. Are you sure you're okay?"

"Oh, Nyss... I'm more than okay. I'm perfect. And I love you."

"I love you too," she said, tightening her hug around me. "Do you want to go home now?"

I looked up at Aaden. He nodded. "I've had enough."

"Me, too," I agreed. "Let's go."

I was still so endorphined they had to help me to my feet. But once I was vertical, I was also incredibly hyper. I began spinning around freely, skipping without a care in the ring around the pool, realizing suddenly that if a puddle of water had been splashed onto the tile I was going to crack my damnfool head open. I slowed down as I reached the buffet table and grabbed a cola and stick of celery, wolfing both down quickly and going for another drink.

"Come on," Aaden said. "Let's get you home."

"'Kay!" I said. As we walked (or rather, I was led) back to the cubicles to pick up our stuff, we passed Perian, who waved dreamily from the sling she was lying in as another woman applied needles to her nipples. We chuckled and walked on.

Eventually we did get home. "I had fun tonight!" I said as I skipped into the living room.

"Too much, apparently," Aaden said, chuckling.

"Come on," I said to the two of them. "Let's get some sleep."

"All three of us?" P'nyssa said. Whether it was a suggestion or a request, I couldn't tell.

"Sure!" I said. "Sounds cozy."

"Always is," Aaden said quietly. We headed down towards the huge bed and went to sleep, the three of us, in each other's arms. My head was barely on the pillow when I was out, sleeping the sleep of the content.