The Journal Entries

Erwer, Narquel -7, 00543

Come From Behind

My eyes opened slowly, light painfully filtering in from the huge bay window to my left. Not for the first time I wondered why I seemed to have the horrible misfortune of mating myself to morning people. I groaned and rolled over.

"Good morning," P'nyssa said brightly. I groaned and gave her my most malevolent look. "Come on, Kenny, out of bed."

Kenny? I turned over and looked at her with disbelief. "Do you know just how evil it is to be as cheerful as you are this early in the morning?"

"It's almost one," she said. "Come on, get up. Aaden's in the shower right now."

I sighed, rolled over again and pulled myself into a sitting position as she pushed off with one foot and rose through the g-tube to the living room. Watching her beautiful ass disappear through the hole in my ceiling convinced me, however, that there are reasons to get up in the morning.

So get up I did, fully intending to chase after her. The sounds of running water reminded me that I would probably be better off taking a shower and brushing my teeth first. I walked into the bathroom and found the shower stall completely steamed. That was no surprise. I knocked on the door.

Aaden poked his furry, wet head out and said "Good morning." I was relieved to see that he, at least, wasn't as cheerful as P'nyssa.

I kissed him softly, and he returned it just as sweetly. "Good morning. Nice to see someone less cheerful than Nyss."

"Disgusting, isn't it?" he replied, reaching out with a paw to drag me into the shower. "So, how do you feel this morning?"

I ignored his comment for a moment and hugged him, getting soaking wet in the process. "I feel fine."

"Yes, you do," he replied. I laughed gently and caressed him, loving the soft sensation of his fur and strong muscles. "And I guess I must feel fine to you."

"Yeah." He picked up the soap and spread some over my chest, sudsing my skin with the palm of his paw. I sighed and leaned into his strength. "That feels wonderful."

"Good," he replied, gently reaching down and stroking my cock with his soapy paw.

It grew under his touch and I groaned. "Stop that."


I thought for a second. Indeed, why. I was becoming unrepentantly horny under his touch, though, and I wondered how much of it I could take in my present state of mind. I decided to get back at him by repaying in kind, reaching out to stroke his cock through his thick sheath. He groaned softly and said "You keep that up and I'll have to find someplace to put it."

"Something... more appropriate to sheath it in?" I teased him.

He growled. "Yeah, something like that." He suddenly grabbed me and whirled me around, shoving me into the corner of the shower right next to the showerhead; fortunately me the walls of this of shower are padded right along with the floor. He was behind me, pressing his warm body against mine, his left paw against my ass, his fingers probing. "You'd like me to sheath it in you, wouldn't you?"

I thought for less than a second. "Yes, sir," I gasped gently. I felt one of his fingers pressing into me, loosening my sphincter muscle gently.

"I'm going to fuck you, Ken, until I'm done. And guess what?"

"What, sir?"

"I haven't pissed yet this morning."

Inwardly, I nearly panicked. Aaden had trouble coming on a full bladder; several times in our years together we've had to stop making love because he couldn't come for that reason. "I understand."

"Do you?" he said. I heard him groping in the showerstand to my left. I heard the plastic-on-plastic sound of his flipping the bottletop open on the lubricant, and then felt it's cold touch against my asshole. I pushed back against his fingers, as one and then another slid into me. "You seem to be ready."

"Yes, sir," I replied. I felt the thick, blunt head of his cock press against my hole, and then with a sudden giving way all of him slid his full twenty-one centimeters into me. I gasped and pressed myself against the wall, stroking my own cock with abandon.

He started slowly, holding onto my hips; I leaned over further, gasping onto the handholds on the wall (for slippery floors, right, sure) and pushed my buttocks out further for him.

He began fucking me relentlessly. It felt like he had become part animal and part machine in his ravishing of my asshole. I groaned and held on, my head gone light from the pleasure and the agony of being Aaden's fucktoy once again.

He never let up his pounding my guts with his shaft, but he hissed "Let go of your cock."

"Sir?" I said, the word coming out as one plaintive moan.

"Let go of it. Stop it."

I followed his order and placed my hands together on the handhold. His fingers dug into my hips and his ravishment continued. My hard cock flagged uselessly in the steamy air, and it was all I could to hold on. If it was possible, he began to pound harder, and I could feel the head of his cock swelling within me, the difference in size between it and the shaft making a point of reference within my tortured guts, a point moving back and forth. And that's when I began to feel it.

My body began to respond to his piston-like attack with a tensing of its own; it felt almost like an oncoming orgasm, but it was all in the wrong place; it was all happening inside my body, not at my cock.

Aaden shifted his angle just barely and went at me again; this time his attack slid along the plate of my prostate with every stroke, and I grunted and groaned with each one. It hurt so very wonderfully, and there was nothing to convince me to let up.

And then I began to feel something at the tip of my penis; I was dribbling, small pulses with every stroke. It couldn't be precome, nobody makes that much! But that was all it could be, as the tensing in my body continued, growing stronger, like being attacked by snake, coiling around me and squeezing. I began to pant in pain, with need of release, and suddenly my whole body quaked and shook and I came, feeling my cock flow freely with semen as I did.

But Aaden didn't stop. He just kept ravishing me more, his hard, furry body pummeling my butt, and I could feel that same weird orgasm happening again, and I came again. And he kept on. And again. And again. It was so... so strange, and so fascinating, but I couldn't stop him, or it, and finally he began to make little panting noises of his own, sure signs that he was about to come, and when he did he roared, shaking the echoing glass walls of the showerstall.

We froze like that, in the hot shower, our bodies joined together. I had just come, five times, and he once, in that frantic first-thing- in-the-morning fuck. I could barely hold on; the muscles in my legs trembled. Aaden hugged me close and said, "Don't move."


"Just don't move, lover. Take."

He wrapped his arms around me as his cock began to soften, and then I felt it... a warmth spreading within my gut. He was pissing into me!

I started to complain, and he just put a hand over my mouth. "Easy, easy," he said. "Just let it..." I closed my eyes and moaned. Normally, I don't like enemas and things like that, but after a few seconds the sensations within me started feeling incredibly erotic. It was all I could do to stand there, my legs trembling after five orgasms, my head laying against my outstretched arms, as his piss filled me.

We stood there, joined together, my body shaking, my guts ready to explode. "I'm going to take it out," he said.

"Okay," I gasped. He slid out of me. I couldn't move; every muscle in my body had tensed solid. I felt his arms wrap around my chest and he pulled. "Upsy-daisy, lover."

My body went into rebellion, trying to hold all that liquid. Suddenly, I felt it let go, his piss running out of my body and down my legs. I felt him turn the showerhead on me, rinsing me off as I expelled his urine from within me. My body shook more.

And then it was over. The water splashed over my body a few more times and then he again wrapped his arms around a few times. "That was good," he said.

"You... I don't believe you did that."

"You were clean, Ken. My idea worked."

"Which idea?" I asked.

"Remember what we had for dinner last night?"

"Yeah... your pizza. So?"

"Dense whole-wheat crust... lots of fiber-rich vegetables..."

It dawned on me, and he saw it dawn on me. "You fed me a natural constipator just so you could rape me in the morning?" I asked, incredulous.

"You seemed to have liked it."

"I did... I'm not sure I like the 'natural enema' bit--" He laughed-- "But I came five times from your fucking me!"

"Oooh... multiply anally orgasmic. Aren't you lucky." He smiled and leaned over, kissing me. My response would have been complete and utter lust had it not been for the total physical exhaustion I also felt right then. I hugged him tight and caressed his body as best I could.

"I love you," I said gently.

"I love you, too," he replied. Sometimes I worry that give-and-take will become too ritualistic, but no such worries got to me today. Just the pleasure of being his, and his being mine.