The Journal Entries

Anar, Narnya 14, 00152

The Second Kittenin'

I was tired, and in desperate need of a bath. Having just finished a game of Powered Armor Soccer, an awful game in which even the ball shoots back, I was desperate for a long, soothing bath in my own tub, preferably alone; A time where I could pick up a book and fall asleep and not have to worry about anything.

So of course, the moment I walk into my own home, "Hi Dave, any news for me?"

"Of course, Ken. Do you want the good news or the bad news?" the thing asked me. Set, Dave, I don't need this now, I'm tired.

Sorry, Ken. He switched back to verbal, "You might want to take a bath and a nap, then. The bad news, other than the news-news, is that P'nyssa won't be home for a while."

"Trouble?" I asked. Having a doctor for a lover can be worrisome.


"May I ask who?"

"You may, and I will answer. It's Tarrete'."

Oh, ho. Fascinating. "Okay, and what's the good news?"

"At about twelve lome' Ember wants you to meet her at the Arc dining hall for dinner. Tomorrow's her hundredth birthday, you know. She asked me not to tell you that, but you asked me to remind you of important birthdays. Tomorrow's also Beth's birthday, and Ricarn Settng's, both of whom are on your list of want-to-knows."

"Oh, okay, thanks."



"Your bath is ready." Goddamn. Does everybody know my personal habits by now? Well, it does kind of figure Dave would know, he does see my every move. Notice, also, he didn't ask for an RSVP on M'Bawr's invitation? There is no way I was going to miss this, and he knew it.

Twelve lome'. I was as grateful as always that The Castle and D'Tangent Arc were on the same schedule, since I hate position-lag. I navigated among the green plants and white chairs of the enormous dining hall, admiring the incredible array of ferns and leafy plants hanging from the matrix of hydroponics tubes on the ceiling. I could see the stars beyond them, and the night air was cool with just a hint of a rainstorm recently passing. I scanned the room, trying to pick out an off-white and black shaped Felinzi among the all the white and shadow. Despite the lowered lighting of nighttime operations, I found her. Of course, other than a party of three centaurs in a quiet corner, she was the only person in the place, and she waved me over.

I walked towards her, and as I approached she rose and smiled. "Hi," I said, and returned her smile.

"Hi to you, too, father." She helped me with my chair, and then sat down herself.

"This is kind of odd, isn't it?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, usually it's me who asks the birthday...uhm...'victim'...out to dinner, and help her with her chair, and such. What's with the special treatment? And why so late at night?"

"Oh, I dunno. I just wanted to see you. Tomorrow's a special day."

"Is it?"

"Well, it is my hundredth birthday."

"I'll drink to that, but in that case I need to order a drink." At which point, almost on cue, a Tindal came striding over and said "Hi Ember, Hello Shardik, can I get y'all anything, or do you just want to sit and talk for a while?" This person was unfamiliar to me, but Josh, the Arc AI, identified him as M'Arden, and said he was an excellent cook. Of course he recognized me, but apparently he knew Ember as well.

"I'll have my usual, sweetheart," Ember said.

"And I'd like whatever you think is good, and two glasses of Orange Juice and Champagne, it's almost breakfast time," I said. An old friend had introduced me to OJ-and-Champagne and I found I rather liked it.

"Okay, I'll send out a domo with the drinks, and I'll bring breakfast around in a few minutes." He strode off.

I turned to Ember. "Who is he?"

"M'Arden? He's just the late-night cook for the Arc. He's the only night-owl around here who's willing to try and cook for this place. Of course, the only ones who come here are me, those three quiet drinkers, and a couple of flyboys who are out practicing late-night drills. No big deal."

"No other staff?"

"Why bother? Like he said, Josh'll run out most of the extras, and this place is great this late at night. Deserted and quiet. I come here often."

"You stay up this late often?" I asked, incredulously.

"Sure, why not? After all, when I'm up all night working on a new program, you know how it lose all track of time. I usually end up here."

"I'd think you'd teleport to some daytime pub and get some action."

"Why? By then, I'm tired. I just want a quiet meal and to return to The Castle and crash out."

I shrugged. "I suppose." A TDisk floated over and we took our drinks off of it. She sipped hers, at first dubiously, then in a full draught. "This is good."

"Like it? Dane taught me that."

"Dane? Who's she?"

"Just a friend. Sister of another old friend." I smiled.

She caught the smile and said, "Oh, THAT kind of friend."

"Yeah, that kind of friend." I grinned. She returned the grin. We sat sipping our drinks and staring at each other over our glasses, then began giggling uncontrollably. I looked into her slitted eyes, and she returned the look, then leaned over kissed my cheek. "I love you, you know," she said.

"I hope so," I said. "I'd be crushed if you didn't." I paused for a moment. "Ember, I love you. I know that after Donna was born I began treating a lot of people like they were less important, and when she... died, I was a real jerk for a while. I just wanted to let you know that I'm sorry for that, and that I love you very much."

She sighed, a little, and said, "Thanks. I needed to hear that. You don't say that very often, and I sometimes wonder why."

"It's just me. I don't give my heart so quickly, sometimes."

M'Arden again appeared out of nowhere, and dropped a pair of omelets on our table, one for each of us. "There you go, try this. It's your granddaughter's favorite." He walked off before I could even say "Thanks."

"What is it with him?" I asked Ember. "Does he have a SDisk in his kitchen, or what?"

"No, he just likes to cook. I dunno about the rest." She dug into her food with her fork. I did the same, and found the food to be an incredibly fluffy omelet with just the right touches of garlic and jalapeno', but it wasn't hot to the tongue. In fact, it was wonderful.

Very little was said as we ate, and when we were done one of Josh's peripherals floated down and cleared the table, while scurriers cleaned up the floor around us, as if I'd dropped anything on the floor. Ember rose, and took my hand. "Father, come with me," she implored.

I followed and she led me to a stepping disk, and when we stepped onto it I found myself on a beach. No, turning around, I realized I was in a desert, as there was no ocean. A magnificent silk tarpaulin was erected, with a soft, thick cloth under it, lain with pillows and candles. A warming wind passed over the sand, and a moon was overhead. "Ember, what are we doing on Pandora?"

"You don't like it?"

"No, no, I do, I do, believe me, it's just... why?"

She smiled a small smile, and said, "Well, I just wanted to celebrate with you, and I thought you might like a quiet, romantic setting like this." She walked onto the cloth under the tent, undid the clasp about her shirt so it was open, sat down, and reclined against the pillows. "Come here, Father. Make love to me."

I smiled, and crossed the sands towards her. She was right about the setting; It was romantic, warm, with just a zephyr of wind. I settled down next to her, reached an arm around her and kissed her soft feline muzzle. She responded warmly, her mouth opening to meet me and her rough, soft tongue against mine. My hands caressed her back, my nails scratching along under her wonderful soft fur, the scent of soap embedded lightly on her. I rubbed her back slowly while I nipped her jawline, my fingers seeking her spine while my teeth sought her throat, and as I shifted my weight to reach the back of her neck slight, subdued growl escaped her. As I pressed against her neck, those spots where I knew my granddaughter was most vulnerable (in a nice way), her voice rose in response, her body shuddering.

I grinned. I love feeling my Ember respond to me, like I do many people. I love showing my affections physically. My hand caressed her sides lightly, tickling her fur, small tufts of fur caught in my teeth as I nipped along her shoulders, my teeth against my lip, her flesh between. Her growls became loud mewls of pleasure, and finally she pushed herself forward away from me and said "Enough! You're going to drive me crazy, you know what that does to me."

I smiled back. "Yes I do." And lunged for her.

She dodged, and as I went sprawling across the cloth she slid over on top of me, and put her paws gently but firmly on my biceps, effectively holding me down. I watched intently as her eyes shone in the moonlight, and she alit her teeth gently against my nipple, tugging at it, her tongue abusing me utterly. I was agonized by the detail she spent on a single nipple, the sensations making me wild, the pleasure so strong I had trouble breathing. She lifted her head and looked at me, her feline eyes moist and soft, but no hint of finality in them. I panted, my breath returning, and gasped "That's... that's damned unfair!"

She smiled again, "I know what to do to you, too, father, We've only made love, what, a thousand times or so?"

"Something like that." My hands caressed her legs at the knees, which was about as far as I could reach. She released my arms, but I continued to gently play with her fur about her knees, up her legs and against her belly, avoiding the dark furrow of feline-gray fur between her legs, and she sighed in warm pleasure at the hints I gave. I continued my soft caresses over familiar warmth, and my fingers slowly trailed between her legs and then out, teasing, not yet through the delicate fur of her cunt. Her breathing was an easy susurrus, and I loved listening to it, looking at that face, the closed eyes, her ears still cavorting about like radar. That always made me smile, but didn't break my concentration.

My fingers sought her lips, and parted them, her inner lips already moist, her clitoris not yet fully exposed to the moonlight. My fingers gently ran along the sides of her cunt between her inner and outer lips, not yet ready to touch her sensitive core. She whimpered aloud. In the years I'd known Ember, she'd become a loud, passionate lover, not so reserved and quiet as when I'd taken her kittenhood.

I became bolder, and I slowly slid out from under her, trying not to jostle her as I caressed her. My other hand, once free from the effort, slowly pushed her back down until she was again resting against the pillows, her legs opened, her cunt glistening pink. I kneeled at her feet like a supplicant, and kissed the small mound above her cunt, and began to gently kiss around her cunt, working my way down until I'd kissed the small eye of her anus and the base of her tail, then worked my way back up. I ran my tongue along the inner lips where my fingers had gone, and inched my way towards her clit, tasting the changing flesh from soft pink to engorged white and back again. There was a slight musky scent I recognized at once, and I smiled; her menstrual cycle had just ended, and what I tasted was blood. That's okay, I like the taste.

Her mewls were working their way towards howls, and occasional "Oh, Fathers" escaped her when she managed sentience. I licked her clitoris, now incessantly, and as I did so I slid a finger into her cunt to press against the soft ridge of her inner flesh, where I knew there was more sensitivity. She growled, and her cunt clamped down against my finger and her hips bucked as her first orgasm washed over her.

I pulled back, letting her settle down, my tongue lapping her lips and around her clit, which I knew was too sensitive after she'd come, but in a short time I was again barreling against her clit, pushing her on towards her second orgasm. Ember's pleasure rises, each orgasm coming more quickly then the last until she's almost continually coming, and I wanted to see that.

I kept on, and her second orgasm rose over her, both harder and softer than the first, and kept on, my tongue lighter over her abused clit, not to hurt her but to push her further, and her third orgasm rose quickly. Tiny muscles along my jaw that I rarely heard from started jangling achingly but I ignored them, continuing. Her climaxes were coming, faster and faster, and she writhed and wauled in pleasure, until finally she pushed me away, covering her cunt with her hand. After a few seconds that I spent smiling, she opened her eyes, and, panting, said, "No more... please... that's.... enough," as she gasped for air.

I sat back on my heels and waited for her to recover. She rested a few minutes, and then, slowly, she rose to a sitting position, and with her paw she reached for my shoulder and pulled me towards her. I bent for a kiss, but instead she began to lick my face clean of her juices. I sat still and waited for her to finish, enjoying the eroticism of her tasting herself.

Her muzzle covered my mouth, and the kiss we played out then was hot and wonderful, much like Ember herself. She leaned into the kiss, pushing me off balance until I fell backwards. She gently coerced me into a lying position with her paws, and she eased herself into a straddle over me, my semi-erect cock directly below her cunt. She smiled, and said "I bet you'd like to put this somewhere," as she stroked my sex into full hardness.

"You'd win." I smiled, and she pointed my cock into her and lowered herself down onto it. I felt her cunt surround my cock, and she sighed as her hips met mine. She stroked herself up and down on my hardness, and the pleasure of each stroke sent little shocks along my body, my mind full of a friendly kind of lust for my granddaughter, no longer so little or so innocent, but still mine. "Ember..."

"Hmmm?" Her voice was a purr, animalian.

"Love you."

She grinned, and with that tantalizing slowness continued. On one stroke, though, she pulled all the way off of me, and her paw grabbed my cock. She leaned forward, supporting her weight with one arm while with the other she aimed my cock... back?

"Ember?" I asked.

"Shhh..." she implored me. I waited, and looked at her face. Her eyes were closed, and slowly, my cock slick with her juices, she lowered herself onto my cock. I felt like I pressing against a wall, and slowly I felt her give way, her anus taking me in, slowly. A small mewl of... pain?... pleasure?... couldn't tell, escaped her, and she lowered herself onto me. My erection almost felt like it was going down, in worry for her, but she slowly slid down until I was all the way in, then, pausing, her eyes still closed, she began to pull away, stroking my cock with her ass. I was worried for her. Her body shuddered.

She stroked my cock slowly, the tight ring of her backside constricting me painfully, but what wonderful pain. Her eyes opened, and she seemed to be easing. "Fatherrrr?" Her Felinzi accent returned, in full.

"Yeah?" I breathed.

"Do you rememberrr what tomorrrrow is?"


"Do you rememberrr what we did on my sixteenth birrrthday?"

"Yeah?" I urged her on.

"Do you know what you just did?"

I smiled. "I think I do. Do you like it?" I asked.

"Urrr...It's fine," her voice trailed off, apparently in pleasure. She began to stroke in a wonderful rhythmic play that sent shivers up my spine, that made my teeth ache and my cock too. Her ass was tighter, hotter than anything I've ever felt. There was something there that sent heat into me faster than anything, on man or woman, I've ever felt. It almost hurt, it was so intense, and she sped up, slowly. "Fatherr...come forrrr meeee..."

I began to respond, pushing my hips up slightly as she came down, our bodies beginning to come together in utter passion, slamming together, the speed becoming blinding, and we were moaning in pleasure. I was only vaguely aware of her tail tickling my legs, and the sun rising to meet her birthday, and the sex we were having went on, faster, faster, the need in me stronger, until I came, shooting my semen into that incredible dark heat. I screamed.

And subsided. She was looking down at me, her eyes concerned. "Fatherrr? Arre you alrright?"

I panted. I wasn't back yet. I waited, quietly, dizzy, for reality to assert itself, and the world stabilized into my lovely Ember's face, the sunlight just coming over the horizon striking her from the side, lighting up her black-and-white fur pattern, and somewhere inside me I wished for a camera, or a paintbrush. She was smiling, and I realized that she'd gotten off from on top of me and was just sitting there, kneeling, waiting.

After a while, I said, gasping, "I think... I'm fine..." Then another long pause of gasping and wheezing. "Ember... I... Oh, Gods, Ember, I love you... you didn't have to do that."

She smiled. "But I did. I waited this long, I just figured it was... right."

"You are... you are a wonder, sweetheart. Thank you, that was... that was incredible. Bless you. Happy Hundredth, beloved."

She hugged me to her, and we lay in the rising sun and the warming sand, and waited until we felt the time was right and the day growing to hot, and we returned home, bathed together, and went to sleep in each other's arms in my bed.