Is the popularity of audiobooks changing the way you write?

Does awareness of the audiobook's popularity change the way you write?

I was reading my own work aloud, as I'm given to doing when proofreading, as it helps locate mistakes, and as I did so I realized that I was adding in prefixed "He said," and "She said," statements, in order to make it clear who was speaking to anyone who might be listening.

I was recasting my book as an audible product, rather than a read one. I tend not to use "saids" much, preferring instead to use beats-- the characters do something, for example, like gesture, move, or express-- and sometimes nothing at all but alternating lines of dialog. I'm doing that less these days. Is anyone else experiencing this? Or is it just because I'm one of the weirdoes who proofs by reading aloud, and hopefully with drama?

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