I'm gonna send her a memo, I really am...

"Muse, no."

"But I've got it. Really, I do! See, Gabriel's supposed to be the next Adam, a kind of posthuman Adam. It would work, wouldn't it? Remember Lucifer's promise at the end of Repentance? It would work. See, Gabriel's supposed to progenitate-- is that a word? It is now!-- "

"Muse, please!" I'm wailing at her.

"You said you wanted an ending, didn't you? Anyway, Gabriel, who thinks he's in love with Jill, is supposed to progenitate-- oooh, I love that word!-- with Elitia, right? That was the idea. Only, only, see, he gets set up by watching Mahazioth die at the flaming swords of the other angels, just so you can write the fight scene, which is something you need practice doing by the way, and at the last second he's whisked to safety by some on Mahazioth's side, including Hushai--"

"Wait, I thought Hushai was a demon. From Hell."

"She is!"

"You're giving me a massive headache, Muse, really you are."

"Anyway, Hushai gives Gabriel and Elitia the room they need, but... but! Gabe refuses to go along until someone, you know, the Guy In Charge™ does something to right the wrong of Mahazioth, because it's really Mahazioth that Gabriel's in love with."

"And then what?" I said.

"Well, then you write the love scene that gives Gabriel what he wants."

"What does he want?"

"You're the writer. You figure it out!"


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