Gone to my happy place.

I got completely and totally bored with writing more in the fetish-y fantasy novel that doesn't have enough sex in it, so I decided to write a "Ken and Aaden fuck" story, entitled Audience. Pure porn. 2000 words in less than an hour.

"When he was fucking you... do you really like that? Like that, I mean?"

"Wish, when you're getting fucked in the ass, what does it feel like for you?"

"Like a promise," she said. Her eyes misted over. "Like I'm going to get everything I want. Like it's just before dawn on Christmas morning and the best present of all is just a sunrise away. I'm happy when you fuck me, either way. My ass is just a special cherry on top." I smiled at her enthusiasm. "But that's not what I saw. Your eyes were all scrunched up in pain, and you were drooling and biting at the mattress, and your hands were..." She made clawing motions in the air, her hands clenching repeatedly.

"It doesn't matter what it looks like from the outside. Although, I have to say, when I've fucked you either way, the little breathy gasps you make, the way it catches in your throat, is hot. You smile and toss your hair and it's so obvious you're having a good time."

"Do guys not care about that?" she said. "Having a good time?"

"Guys understand," Aaden said.

I reached out and closed my hand on her thigh. She shivered at the suggestion, although we both knew it would be an hour or two before I was ready for anything more. I grinned at said, "I have never felt more... useful... as I do when I'm getting fucked. I know there are a million billion ways for one person to be useful to another, but in that moment, my soul, my instincts, are just stupid and there is nothing so satisfying as knowing, in that moment, that I'm useful to a man who needs the kind of pleasure only fucking will deliver."

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