From today's WIP:

The story is called Last Will, but I've got it in mind as Jessinica and Gwo, after the two main characters:

"But... how will I get back to my sarcophagus?""You can hire a guide, if you need one.  They're much cheaper than lawyers, I assure you.  Good day."  With that, a tophat materialized in vir hand.  Vi placed it on vir head and walked down the empty passageway, disappearing around the corner, leaving Jess alone in the airlock cylinder, facing away from a circular door above which read Xajan (TRPV).

"Stick your linear navigator onto an analog scope and suck it!"  she shouted at vir retreating back.  "Glider spaz!  R-Pento!  Barberpole! Block!" She angrily turned to face the airlock.  "Fine," she said,taking a deep breath.  "Let's see what mother left for me.

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