Do your characters ever masturbate?

I write a lot of erotica shorts, and after a while there are only so many ways to insert tabs a through g into slots 1 through 6.  Hey, much of it’s science fantasy, I can make up as many insertables and orifices as I like.   And after writing the inevitable threesomes, moresomes, complicated […]

Can Alain de Botton even read?

Can Alain de Botton even read? I ask because this de Botton has out-parodied himself again by announcing that he was launching a porn website free of “stupidity, brutishness, earnestness and exploitation.” The real problem with current pornography is that it’s so far removed from all the other concerns which a reasonably sensible, moral, kind and […]

Only erotica and George Lucas have celebration scenes

I was at an erotica writing workshop recently, and one of the women running the panel on characterization said that one of the scenes she likes to write is the “celebration” scene. That’s what she called it. The whole “We’ve been through a terrible time and survived. Let’s celebrate… by fucking!” I asked her about […]

When will it be okay to write gay villains again?

I was re-reading Diane Wynne Jones The Tough Guide to Fantasyland shortly after reading a forgettable spy novel from the mid 1960’s in which the villain was quite fey and enjoyed threatening the hero with sodomy before death and all that. Jones asserts that many fantasy parties have a gay wizard (paging Lynn Flewelling), who […]

New Story: Journal Entry 129 / 1694, “Gabriel”

Ladies and Gentlemen, a new Journal Entry, all for you! This story is M/M, man/dragon, and falls into the not-quite-a-story, more-of-an-anecdote category. Meaning there’s no plot, just some set-up to have some hard-core porn. But it also falls into the vaguely-resembles-a-real-life-incident category. Gabriel. This is a beta release.  I checked it for typos and have spell-checked it once, but […]

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