“I’ve always loved dogs.”

So, there’s this scene in Jupiter Ascending where Jupiter and Caine are talking, and Caine reveals that he has more in common with a dog than with exalted bioroyalty like Jupiter, and Jupiter responds with “I’ve always loved dogs.”  Caine, distraught by her willingness to engage in what he perceives as bestial, leaves, and Jupiter stands there, […]

Every romance story involves a threesome…

As I mentioned before, I’ve been writing fanfiction as a refresher on writing in general, and most fanfiction is romantic in nature: OTP (One True Pairs), ships and crack ships are the catnip of the fanfiction writer. And as I’ve been writing them, I’ve come to appreciate something a romance writer told me a long […]

Disney vs. the Beat Sheet

It occurred to me the other day that of the three Disney films I’ve seen recently, only Wreck-It Ralph really follows the beat sheet, the much maligned guide to writing movies that came out about ten years ago. In Wreck-it Ralph there’s the opening scene that sets tone, the debate (which really is a debate!), […]

Why I love fanfic writers…

I love fanfic writers. Fanfic writers break the rules. Fanfic writers let their characters say “I don’t know.” A lot. Fanfic writers let the plot take forever to get to the point, there’s none of this wham “get the story moving in the first 100 words” bullshit. Characters have no relationship at all to their […]

Fighting my addiction to Brain Crack…

I stand in a cold, basement room painted that most banal of industrial beige-yellow with brown faux wainscotting, the institutional-quality rug thin and worn from years of feet, the brown, unupholstered folding chairs arranged in a circle with an opening toward the door. “Uh, hi. I’m Elf Sternberg. And, uh, um, I’m here because I […]

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