The Formula of a Romance Story

The writers of Rick and Morty have a formula for their show that works pretty well in the context of the show, precisely because of the nature of the characters they’re trying to lampoon. The formula is: The character is in a place of comfort. They want something. In trying to get it, they end […]

We treat our future selves as strangers to protect our free will.

I was writing the other night when I had a bit of dialogue that made me understand, suddenly, why we treat our future selves not only as strangers, but as worse than strangers: we literally try to give push assignments onto them that we, ourselves, in this moment, do not want to do. We procrastinate, […]

Review: Jen Calonita’s “Conceal, Don’t Feel”

Conceal, Don’t Feel by Jen Calonita is sub-par Frozen fanfiction. The fact that it was authorized by Disney and published in hardcover under a Disney label doesn’t make that any less true. If anything, that makes its existence an embarrassment. I love fanfiction stories. I’ve even written a few. Fanfiction is hard because usually it’s […]

Romance Is Science Fiction

Speculative fiction of the science fiction and fantasy sort has a classical problem: how do you “show, not tell” when it comes to a thing no one has ever seen and likely will never see? Here’s the thing though; I also love reading romance novels, especially ones that make an effort to be fair to […]

Frozen Is a Romance

I still maintain that Frozen, at the very least the first film, is a romantic film, and that the plot at the core of Frozen was lifted lock, stock and barrel from the classic formula for a romantic story. The modern definition of a romance story isn’t about sex. It’s a love story between two […]

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