New engine installed…

In my “real life,” I’m a programmer with a taste for Python and Django.  For years, the narrator engine that’s run most of my story site has been a hacked-up set of CGI programs, and most recently it was a collection of eruby scripts. I’ve finally decided to bite the bullet, and convert all of […]

Getting caught up.

For folks posting to Pendorwright: I would like to apologize if you’ve made a comment in the past six weeks or so and not heard from me in response.  The mail setup for Pendorwright was broken, and I barely noticed, and when I did two weeks ago, I didn’t have time to get it fixed […]

Bubble, bubble: What to do when there’s no chemistry?

Damn. So, I had what I thought was a great idea for a story, salvaged out of the back of my brain with no real thought for the characters involved. It seemed simple enough, inspired by the absolutely ridiculous PS2 game Interceptor Robot Hoi-Hoi San: what happens when an archaic sex ‘droid awakens to find […]

Defining Deviancy Up: The Red Rose Conviction

I write erotica. Sure, I write science fiction and fantasy and pirate romances and now I’m writing contemporary alt history, but all of those are frames for the picture, and in the picture are two (well, usually two) people having sex. I tend to enjoy huge, ornate, justifying frames, sometimes to the point of having […]

More updates!

Hah! I’ve added an RSS feed of my new stories collection. It took about ten minutes to write, going from idea to implementation. The MySQL stuff was already in another program, and the RSS implementation in Ruby is surprisingly easy. I also fixed the CSS a lot, tightening up lists and so forth, and edited […]

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