The painter’s house is never painted, the cobbler’s children go without shoes

I have completely revamped the story sites (do people still call them minisites?), and completely done away with the Django-based application that drove them. There are no new stories in the Journal Entries or anything else yet, although I have included a bit of fanfic I wrote a few years back and only put up […]

Just a quick check-in.

After about a year of working at my new job, I’ve finally found the bandwidth to start writing again. I made a few starts and hated them, so I decided to revive my skills by “writing something easy:” fanfiction. Hah. And I say again, Hah. Fanfiction isn’t easy. It’s harder even that writing traditional fiction, […]

The simple truth: I’m swamped

I got an email today asking me if and when I was going to fix the Yowlers series so it was at least readable.  The answer is “Yes, I will, but…” Ever since the great layoffs of 2008, I’ve been in one of two states: either fully employed with a wife and two teenage daughters […]

Pendor Wiki deleted.

Sadly, I’ve had to delete the Pendor wiki.  I can’t afford a huge server, and this one was crashing because spammers were beating up the wiki code looking for weaknesses.  I appreciate all the work people put into it, and I’ve archived the content for the time being.  Maybe someday it’ll make sense to resurrect […]

Obviously, I can’t read a calendar

Today is Thursday, October 1st, which means the posting engine posted the first Yowler story today.  For some reason, I was fixated on the idea that Friday was October 1st.  Ah, well, it’s really nice to see that the story engine worked as advertised (although there was a bug in the display handler for the […]

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