I have been remiss… New Stories!

I have been remiss in keeping those of you who don’t use the new stories feed up-to-date on the latest and greatest offerings from the Pendorwright website. Appliance Dreams is a short story about a few Pendorians living in and busily restoring a derelict starship. They’ve awakened the AI, but they have no idea where […]

Ack! New stories!

I have been so neglectful recently. There are three stories in the pipeline right now, part of the Meigi arc, which contains one of my favorite lines of all time (and you won’t get to see that line until next week). It started out as a riff on The Black Hole (anyone remember that movie?) […]

New Story, “Razing Castles!”

Ah, my Engine of Doom has posted another story to the website. Razing Castles goes back a long ways, back to near the end of the First Millenia, when I was mixing things up and starting to think about the long future of the Journal Entries. The last gasps of magic are still present in […]

New Story: Kaede & Eshi, Connected Together

The new story has now gone up. Kaede & Eshi return to Alphaville and it’s Eshi’s turn to freak out over her inability to reconcile Kaede and her mother. Fun and Angst for the Whole Family! I’d like to apologize for it not going live earlier than this; I found a small bug in my […]

New stories: A dweam within a dweam!

As you may have noticed, suddenly there’s an entry on the “Coming Soon!” portion ofthe sidebar.  Yes, there are new stories coming soon, every two weeks on Monday.  The current queue is deep until January 5, 2009, at which point I’d better have something new to post or y’all are gonna be mad at me.  […]

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