[Review] The Outside, by Ada Hoffman

Ada Hoffman’s The Outside is a fine debut novel that throws together several different popular modern tropes into a lovely stew of a novel, but it also suffers from the big problem faced by all writers in this space, myself included. [Warning, there be spoilers!]

Reading “The Boys From Brazil”

I recently read Ira Levin’s 1974 thriller, The Boys from Brazil, mostly because I had a silly idea for the Bastet universe that has since grown into something else entirely. The one thing I was hoping for, and the one thing The Boys from Brazil is emphatically not, is a technothriller. It is, instead, a […]

Effie Calvin’s “Daughter of the Sun”

I just loved Effie Calvin’s new Inyatha book, Daughter of the Sun. It’s light, fluffy, silly-and-knows-it, D&D-inflected PG lesbian romance, which is totally a thing, and my thing, and I can’t help but hope that Effie Calvin puts out another one soon. Poor, utterly clueless Orsina is a young paladin with magical evil-detecting tattoos on […]

Kit Rocha’s “Beyond Shame”

Kit Rocha’s Beyond Shame is a very sexy, very hot introduction into a series about… well, that’s still much in the air. You see, there is a City, filled with technological and educational wonders, ruled by a stringent moralist council straight out of 1984. There are clans within the city, and strict rules about who […]

Review: The Queen of Ieflaria

The Queen of Ieflaria by Effie Calvin is definitely in my wheelhouse: casual fantasy setting, quick read, adorable same-sex romance. Very PG, but still I liked it for much the same reasons I liked Lady of Thornes: the romance felt natural. The characters felt real. The premise is simple: Princess Esofi of Rho Diane has […]

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